The Coming


There are two ways to conquer a large powerful enemy. One is from without, using overwhelming warriors and weapons. The other is from within, by creating division through temptation, seduction, and corruption; exploiting their basest desires. That is the mission of a lone alien invader, and this is where it begins.

The strange rock moved across the cold, empty space at incredible speed. It will soon reach its destination with amazing precision.

In the middle of the day, the shapeless rock entered Earth's atmosphere and turned into a big ball of fire that remained almost unseen within the clear sky until it splashed in a small lake, not far from the typical American town of Lakewood.

A few minutes later, a big amoeba-like creature dragged itself silently out of the water. Its fat, rounded body reflected everything around it and this perfect camouflage made it almost invisible as it extended and appendage an "looked" around. The organism quickly identified the different life forms that spread across this peaceful planet. The grass, the trees, a small squirrel that hid scared behind a rock. Then it saw a structure that indicated some sort of intelligence and started moving very slowly towards it. It was Sara's house.


At that same moment, in Lakewood College.

The English teacher, Sara White, intently eyed one of her students, waiting for the perfect opportunity to talk to her. When Natalie and two teammates climbed out of the pool, Sara made her move.

"Natalie, can I talk to you a moment?"

Natalie stood up, water dripping from her luscious firm body, and responded, a little surprised from the unexpected encounter, "Sure, Miss White. What's up?"

"Let's talk in the locker room," Sara said, leading Natalie into the girls' locker area. They were alone.

"I just finished grading your English exam and you didn't do well at all," Sara said.

"What?! No! I can't fail English! They'll kick me off the swim team!" Natalie responded with concern.

"Well I may be able to help you, but...," Sara thought about her next words carefully. She knew she was taking a big chance here with the risk of losing her job or worse.

"Yes, please, Ms. White! You have to help me! What can I do to make this right?" Natalie interrupted with anxiousness.

"Well...," Sara looked at Natalie's eyes and hesitantly leaned forward.

Natalie didn't know what was happening for a second but she quickly realized her teacher was making a move on her; wanted to kiss her!

The sexy student's mind was racing; she thought about her failed English test, her swimming team. Maybe she should play along; she might even enjoy it. Miss White was very beautiful, with an athletic body. Natalie held her breath and closed her eyes. She felt her teacher's soft full lips on hers.

When Natalie felt Sara's arm move around her waist, she decided this was wrong. It was an awful thing to do. Natalie pushed Sara away and stepped back.

"No... What are you doing?!" Natalie balked, "You can't do that! You should be ashamed of yourself!" Then she turned around and ran away.

Sara just stood there, heart beating out of her chest, hands trembling uncontrollably.

"What have I done? I must be crazy to do something like this..."

She covered her face with her hands and started crying.


Joey Andrews was sitting on the school steps waiting for his mother to pick him up. He was angry because his car had broken down and he didn't have enough money to fix it.

A couple of his classmates walked by. Even that they were all eighteen, they still bullied Joey like they have been doing since high school. One of them said,

"Hey look, Andrews is still here."

"I'm waiting for my ride," said Joey. "My car broke down."

"He's waiting for his mommy to pick up her baby!"

"Shut up!" snarled Joey.

"Hey, I've seen his MILF! She can pick me up anytime!"

"Fuck you, assholes!" Joey said a little embarrassed.

As the guys walked away snickering, Joey saw Natalie walking in a hurry towards him. She looked very upset, with tears in her eyes. She was his dream girl, but had never had the nerve to talk to her.

"Hey, Natalie, you okay?" Joey asked almost without thinking.

"None of your business! Just leave me alone!" Natalie responded harshly and walked on.

Joey felt crushed as Natalie ran to the parking lot. Girls like Natalie would never talk to him.

Joey's beautiful but reserved mother Monica showed up, apologizing for being late. "Sorry I'm so late, honey. My spinning class started later than usual."

Monica immediately noticed that Joey was upset. "Are you mad at me?"

"No, I'm not mad. It's just - this girl, Natalie. She blew me off."

"Oh, don't worry about it, honey. I'm sure that she will soon realize what a great catch you are and come around," Monica said.

"You got that right," Joey answered with a weak smile, not really believing it.

On the Euclid College football field, Joey's older sister, Ellen, was practicing with her cheer-leading squad. When she saw her mother and brother approach, Ellen said goodbye to her friends and walked towards the car.

"Hi, what's with the long face, nerd?" Ellen asked her brother playfully.

"Leave him alone," her mother said, "he just had a bad day. Some silly girl insulted him."

"Aww, sorry, Joey," Ellen said sincerely, then brushed his cheek, "It's her loss. If you weren't my brother, I'd eat you alive."

"Ellen! Don't say that," Monica reprehended her daughter.


That night, at Sara's house.

Sara was lying on her bed, still upset and worried about her incident with Natalie.

How could I be such a fool! But she's so pretty and irresistible! And I want her so bad!

After a while of turning back and forth, the tiredness got the better of her and she fall asleep.

The creature entered the house through a window and once inside, it quickly detected Sara's presence. Its skin turned green, its natural color, since the camouflage was no longer needed.

The monster approached Sara's bed silently. It expanded and contracted its spongy body, leaving a trail of semi-transparent goo. It took the amorphous creature much time and effort to climb on the bed but once it got there, the rest was easy.

The extended appendage moved over the woman's body without touching her, analyzing her morphology. The subtle electrical emissions coming from Sara's brain indicated that her head was one of the targets. Four smaller tentacles protruded from the end of the appendage forming some sort of claw.

At the same time, another pinkish tentacle emerged from the opposite end of the creature's main body. It was long, thick and slippery. This new tentacle would serve an important role in the acquiring process.

The first tube curved around Sara's head, opening the four tentacles and closing them around her skull without waking her. The creature got in synch with the millions of electrical signals that traveled across the woman's brain and it immediately learned everything about her body.

The pinkish tentacle shifted to the right and slid between Sara's legs. When it was close to her pussy, it gave the gentlest caress to the woman's clitoris. Sara moaned softly and an image of Natalie popped in her mind...

The lively teen was sitting in her classroom, wearing and skimpy skirt that revealed her perfect legs almost completely. Then she was getting out of the pool, drying her soft skin sexily with her pink towel.

Sara's expression changed to show anxiousness. Meanwhile, the monster was registering everything, Sara's desires and fears, future hopes and past disappointments. Sara tried to shift to her side but she couldn't. Her head was caught in something. Something was not right. She opened her eyes.

Within the dim light that filtered through the window, Sara turned her eyes and saw in terror a strange, breathing bulk lying next to her on the bed. She screamed!

At that instant, the lubricated appendage that lingered between Sara's legs shot forward, forcefully penetrating the woman's body. Sara closed her legs tightly but the fat tentacle had already reached the bottom of her pussy.

Sara couldn't understand what was happening. At first she thought it was a nightmare but it was too real and terrifying. Maybe her mind was unconsciously punishing her for being so mean and forthcoming to Natalie. But it couldn't be. She was awake and that thing was right there on the bed with her.

The rubbery limb began to pulsate within her vaginal cavity and the rhythmic waves traveled across Sara's body, reaching into her brain. The invader began to separate fear from pleasure within her mind, suppressing the first and augmenting the latter.

After a few traumatic seconds of dreadful panic, a strange sensation of tranquility spread through her body. It was like a lullaby song that resounded directly into her head. She was telling herself to relax but it wasn't her voice speaking. It sounded different, ethereal, alien.

Suddenly, she became very aware of the rubbery appendage pulsating in her pussy. It felt good. It felt better than good. Her hips began to gyrate slowly while her hands wrap the bed sheets tightly.

The voice echoed in her head again, "She will be yours..." and at the same time, an image of Natalie appeared in her mind. Sara opened her eyes wider, trying to have a better view of the woman she loved.

Natalie came out the pool and walked straight to Sara, kissing her and wrapping her arms around her. Then Natalie was sitting on Sara's bed saying "...take me..." as she lay backwards on the pillows.

"Serve me and she will be yours," the voice was strong and confident.

The tentacle was now moving back and forth in Sara's pussy, increasing her excitement and easing the creature's way within her mind. Sara moaned loud. She was staring up to the ceiling but her eyes were focused on the inner image of Natalie that became more vivid by the second. She had to have her. There was no other way. He would help her if she served him.

"I'll serve you..." Sara whispered.

"Obey me and she will be yours..." The voice was louder and the tentacle fucked her faster.

Sara was breathing hard and deep. Her whole body was now undulating up and down, following the tentacle's lead. She was so excited. She sensed her orgasm building fast... she couldn't hold back anymore...

"I'll obey you!" Sara said as she arched her back violently before collapsing to the bed shaking and contorting from the blissful spasms of climax. Her state of bliss lasted longer than she could endure...

Moments later, her orgasm faded along with her consciousness.


The amoeba-like creature got off the bed and moved towards the wall opposite to the window. Then it began a radical transformation.

The tentacles retrieved and its body enlarged vertically across the wall until it reached the height of a human body. A subtle seam appeared in the center of the front side and extended across the length of the creature. It then opened to show a hollow space within the main sac, big enough to fit a woman inside. The invader was ready... and waiting.

Moments later, Sara woke from unconsciousness and sat on the bed. Her eyes looked empty and out of focus. Her face showed no emotion. Her brain was in a haze.

She got off the bed and walked hesitantly towards to newly formed cocoon. She stood for a brief moment in front of it, like evaluating the situation. The image a naked Natalie lingered in her mind. She realized that her nipples were hard and her pussy was dripping wet. Sara concluded that there was nothing to evaluate. She had made a promised to obey... and a promise had been made to her. She was ready too.

Sara removed her underwear, turned around and stepped backwards into the alien pod.

The same pinkish tentacle that had penetrated so delightfully before appeared again. It waved upwards from a small formation at the bottom of the cocoon, aiming at her pussy.

The clawed tentacle that had been attached to her head, now descended from the top.

Both tentacles reached their destination at the same time. One around her skull, the other in her pussy. Sara's eyes rolled up while the cocoon closed around her.

Sara's transformation had begun.


Hundreds of miles away, at a NASA research facility, Dr. Timothy Andrews' assistant notified him of a phone call.

"Dr. Andrews, your wife is on the line."

"Thank you, Joan."

Timothy's office reflects the working environment of a brilliant physicist. Even that he loved his job; he missed his lovely wife Monica and his son and daughter, Joey and Ellen.

"Hello, sweetheart."

"Hi, Mon. How's my best girl?"

"Frustrated, with her mad scientist husband so far away."

"You know, darling, by NASA standards, Lakewood and Houston are actually quite close."

"Well why don't you come home through one of your wormholes, or whatever you call those things that you are working on?"

"Funny you should say that. One of "my" wormholes is closer than we thought. I'll have to revise "Heaven's Gate" before its paperback printing. Provided the Pentagon declassifies my recent finding. It's still a military secret."

"Ooh. I'll just have to get it out of you."

"Ha. If anyone could ... I have a meeting, darling. I love you. Pass it on to Ellen and Joey."

"I will. So long, sweetheart."


The next morning, a squelchy sound broke the silence in Sara's house. The alien cocoon slowly opened, letting a few gobs of greenish slime trickle down to the floor. The tentacle retrieved from Sara's body stealing a soft moan.

Sara stepped out of the pod. She felt different. She looked different. Any imperfection of her body was now gone and she looked gorgeous. Her breasts were larger, firmer like the rest of her body. Her waist was slimmer. Every unnecessary cell of fat or dead skin had been disintegrated. Her muscles had gain tone and felt stronger. She was like a goddess of lust and power.

Sara walked to the mirror and admired her new and improved body. She moved her hands over her curves and realized that her skin was more sensitive. She dared to touch her oversensitive pussy and her eyes rolled up from the sudden rush of pleasure.

When she looked back into the mirror, her eyes seemed different. They had the hint of a glow that looked alluring and hypnotic.

She got lost in her own beautiful eyes for a moment until a deep voice took her out of her reverie. The voice echoed directly into her mind and it made every fiber of her body shiver from excitement.

"Sara, my beautiful slave!"

Sara heard these words and her pussy twitched from sheer pleasure. The alien pod had not only changed her body but her mind too. Now she served a purpose greater and more important than herself and it was deeply imprinted in her brain. Now she was a slave.

"Command me, Master!" Sara responded without thinking.

"I come from a very distant place. It took me hundreds of years to get to your planet and I am the first of many. My peers will not take the same path I did. They will come here using a space portal and you will help me find it."

"A space portal?"

"There are billions of space portals across the universe. We will find the closest to your planet."

"Yes, Master"

Sara turned-on her laptop and started searching on the internet. Everything she saw was transmitted telepathically to the creature. Soon, she became a mere puppet, her hands and fingers moving to the alien's will. They quickly found the concept of "wormhole" and from there a link to a book called "Heaven's Gate" that explained everything in precise detail. The book was written by Dr. Timothy Andrews. Sara googled his name and found out Dr. Andrews lived in Lakewood too.

"He must be Joey Andrew's father," Sara said. "We are so lucky."

"You will secure his - cooperation. But first we need more slaves. See to it. Use your new powers and bring them to me."

"Yes, Master" Sara responded, thinking about Natalie.


Later that day, during lunch break, Natalie was sitting alone on a garden bench. She saw her teacher walking towards her, wearing much sexier clothes than usual.

Oh Shit! Here comes Miss White, Natalie thought, trying to look the other way.

Natalie didn't want to talk to her so she got up to walk away.

"Natalie, wait! We need to talk..." Sara said.

Natalie stopped. Maybe it was better to give Sara a chance to apologize. And maybe she could get a better grade in her English test and stay on the swim team.

"Look at me," Sara said softly, standing just behind the teenager.

Natalie turned around and looked at Sara's face. She was ready to give a defiant speech but her words got stuck in her throat. There was something in her teacher's eyes; something irresistible; and her voice sounded so... seductive.

"Look at me, Natalie. Look into my eyes..."

Natalie looked intently at those eyes, trying to discover what was so special about them.

Sara leaned forward very slowly, getting closer and closer until her face was no more than three inches away from Natalie's.

"That's right, just relax. Look deep. You can't resist me."

Natalie forgot about what she was going to say and soon she forgot about everything else. She was trapped within Sara's beautiful stare and there wasn't a better place in the world. Her breathing became deeper and slower. Sara's eyes were so inviting, alluring.

The books she was carrying fell to the ground but she didn't even notice.

Natalie felt Sara grab her hand and lead her towards the parking lot.


A short while later, Natalie stood rigidly in Sara's bedroom, in front of her teacher. Her vacant eyes corroborated that she was still deeply hypnotized.

Sara was standing in front of Natalie looking at her beautiful blue eyes. Those eyes seemed to be staring back at her but Sara knew that Natalie was not looking at anything. The young woman's consciousness had vanished and her mind was empty, waiting for someone, or something, to fill the void.

Sara still found it hard to believe how easy it had been to submit Natalie under her control. She only had to wish it, looking intently at Natalie's eyes, capturing them until the teen's whole face went slack and expressionless.

"Take off your clothes," Sara said.

Natalie removed her clothes slowly, never taking her eyes off her sexy teacher. She slipped off her blouse and her bra. The teen's breasts were as perfect as Sara had imagined. Looking at that perfect nude body was like a dream come true.

Sara removed her own clothes, revealing her new desirable body, extending her arms to Natalie, beckoning her, "Come to me."

Natalie walked with a sexy cadence into Sara's arms. Sara put her arms around the teen's thin waist and said, "Kiss me."

This time there was no rejection. Her Master had fulfilled his promise. They kissed passionately for a long while. Sara wished she could embrace her student even longer but she had a job to do and there was no time to waste. Sara broke the kiss and grabbed the enthralled teen by the hand, leading a few steps forward.

And there it was; the alien cocoon. The seam on the front side was wide open, inviting Natalie to step inside.

Sara pulled Natalie until she was standing just outside the pod. The teen's facial expression changed for a second, showing concern. Some deep part of her mind knew that this was dangerous and she needed to save herself, to run away...

"No..." Natalie whispered softly.

The student's spell weakened and she was able to take one step back, but as she turned her head, Sara was right there with her blue eyes glowing beautifully.

The teen's eyes were immediately captured by Sara's. Natalie felt her heart jolt and her pussy stir while she became fully hypnotized again.

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