The Coming Storm


I grabbed her hand and led it between her thighs. I guided her fingers to toy with her clit and she obeyed with vigor. I grabbed her hips and drove her hard, trying to keep pace with the tearing wind outside. She was building again, climbing quickly and franticly to an even higher peak than I had abandoned her at minutes earlier.

As she climbed, the monster in me grew. I slid my thumb slowly downwards from her tailbone. I began to massage her rosebud. She rocked her hips back farther to grant me access, though she buried her face even deeper into the sheets.

I felt her sphincter relax beneath my pressure even as I continued to pound away with the phallus and she accelerated towards the edge of orgasm.

There was a blinding strike of lightening not far off and the anticipation of the coming crack fed the beast within me. As the building shook and my ears rang, I drove home my strap-on to the hilt and breached her with my thumb.

She screamed.

Her head shot back as she convulsed and cried out in orgasmic abandon. I had to fight to stay standing as she slammed back against me. Her one hand guided my rubber cock violently while the other grabbed my hand and pulled my thumb deeper into her ass.

I continued to thrust into her from behind as the waves crashed over her. Spasms shook her body as the climax crested and she collapsed, utterly spent.

Despite not having come myself, I felt overwhelmingly satisfied. The strength of her orgasm and her submission to me was so gratifying that I didn't need to be finished off. I just needed to complete the roll that she had granted me. However, there was one more little surprise for me.

I tucked Veronica in and curled up next to her. She wasn't at all coherent and was dangling just at the edge of consciousness as the storm finally began to move off. But with each rumble of thunder that rolled through, she would squirm and a tiny moan would escape. I held her close, thinking that she was still afraid, but instead I found her involuntarily touching herself and tugging her nipples instead.

I had forced her to associate the thunder with something completely other than the fear that had gripped her earlier. I kissed her softly as she continued to recall her orgasm with each rumble.
Eventually the storm died away and we were both able to sleep.

I awoke late in the morning, Veronica having left without waking me or saying anything. It was odd but I hoped that she was just letting me sleep after an unexpectedly taxing night.

I was afraid that I'd done something terrible. That I'd hurt her or frightened her away.
I found a note and a fresh coffee counter.

The note read "I don't think I'm afraid of storms anymore. But just in case I'm wrong, I'd like you there next time one rolls through.

- Love Veronica"

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