tagMatureThe Company Steps

The Company Steps


The following is a true story told to me by someone who I believe very much.


Some years ago, I took a job where I was one of the youngest people at the company. At 24, many of my co-workers were old enough to be my parents. Because of this many of the "older" women used to like to flirt a bit with me as I assume this made them feel good to be flirting with a younger guy. Nothing serious ever took place but I enjoyed making these women feel a bit better about themselves. A quick glance at their legs or a short stare often brought a smile to their faces.

One summer day, I went outside with three co-workers: a male and two females. We left the building through a fire escape in the basement of the building and headed up some steps that led to the ground level. Dave, the first person out the door made it to the top of the steps while the two women, Nancy and Claudia stopped about three steps from the top and after both placed what looked like a hand towel on the step, they sat down. They were all smokers and were outside simply for a break and the opportunity to smoke, while I was just joining them to get outside for a few minutes.

I knew all three of these individuals reasonably well. Dave was the boss of the two women and while I had more interaction with him, I did know both Nancy and Claudia to an extent. Both were interesting, attractive women who I guessed were in their mid-to-late 30s or maybe in their early 40s.

I stayed on the landing area where the door we had exited the building from was located, about a half-dozen steps below the two women and we began to chat as they all got their nicotine fix. Claudia, a red head, was wearing a brown and red dress that was wrapped under her knees tightly and she had her hand holding her dress in place around her legs. I happened to glance at Nancy, a black haired woman dressed in a light green skirt and white blouse. I actually did a double-take when I noticed that from where Nancy was sitting, I could clearly see between her legs. She was wearing white pantyhose with a pair of white panties underneath.

As we all listened to Dave express his views on politics or something, I couldn't help but stare at the area between Nancy's legs. At one point she reached up to place her lighter on the edge of the steps and she casually spread her legs even further apart. By now, I realized my cock was hard and hoped that nobody else noticed it. I could just barely make out the scalloped elastic trim that edged the leg openings on Nancy's panties.

After a period of trying not to stare completely, I glanced up at Nancy and she was looking me right in the eye. There was no doubt that she saw me looking at her crotch region. However, she made no immediate effort to close her legs. After I looked away, I quickly glanced back and while I knew she was watching me closely, her legs remained relaxed and apart. I simply couldn't help myself--I'd never been in a position like this before.

After a few minutes, Nancy stood up and said she would be back but had to make a restroom visit. I assumed my opportunity to view her crotch was over for good. She came down the steps towards me and I avoided any eye contact with her as she went past and reentered the building through the door we had propped open.

When Nancy returned a few minutes later, I watched her rear as she ascended the steps to take her previous position sitting on the towel. Nancy kept her thighs closely together and I was now certain that she had been conscious of my previous voyeuring activities. As we all continued listening to Dave expound upon ways to solve all the world's problems or something like that, I cautiously looked at Nancy. She was staring directly at me. As our eyes were locked onto each other, I could tell she was slowly opening her legs once again. When they assumed the position they were previously at, I casually looked at her crotch once again and instead of seeing her panties, I saw a patch of black hair covered only by the white nylon of her pantyhose. She had removed her panties!

I quickly looked back at Nancy's eyes and saw she had ever so slight a grin on her face. Casual but enough to know that she was very aware of what she was doing. She made no effort to close her legs and I did everything I could to make sure Dave and Claudia didn't notice my gazing. She had a thick growth of black hair between her legs and it made actually viewing her vaginal opening difficult. The white nylon crotch of her pantyhose was reasonably transparent so I could see her vaginal area quite clearly. Nancy acted very casual and focused herself on the discussion with her boss and coworker. Sadly Dave suggested it was time to return to work so we all ended up walking back inside together, with me trying to cover up my crotch until my hard-on subsided.

Late that day, as I worked in my office, Nancy appeared in the doorway. I looked up and she entered the office and silently walked around my desk until she stood next to me. From my left side, as she placed her right hand on my shoulder, I saw her pull her other hand out of her light green jacket pocket and she dropped what turned out to be, upon a closer look, a pair of white panties in my lap. She leaned to my ear and whispered, "Same time, same place tomorrow!" and then walked out immediately.

I quickly took Nancy's panties and put them in the bottom of my briefcase so nobody else would see them. When I got back to my apartment, I pulled them out and checked them closely. They were a high-cut style and I could see the scalloping of the leg openings so there was no doubt that these were the panties Nancy had been wearing earlier in the day. They were obviously worn with a bit of female seepage in the crotch and I managed to find one thin black hair stuck to the cotton crotch. Needless to say, I masturbated with them replaying the events of the day before eventually falling asleep with them in my hand.

* * *

The next day I awoke full of nervous anticipation. I wondered what Nancy had in store for me?

I made certain that I "just happened" into Nancy's department about the same time as the previous day and the four of us went outside once again, taking up basically the same positions from the day before. Nancy was wearing a light blue skirt with a lighter blue blouse while Claudia was once again wearing a dress--although it was cut shorter than the one she had worn the day before. I saw both women had brought a hand towel once again to put on the step before sitting down to prevent dirtying their clothes.

As Dave started into another rambling discourse on something, I looked at Nancy and she slowly opened her legs. The first thing I noticed was she had on stockings instead of pantyhose. I'd never seen a woman with stockings. I noticed the lace near the top of the stocking and continued my gaze further up her thigh. It was then that I saw she was wearing a garter belt to hold up her stockings but once again she was sitting in front of me with no panties on. I could see her naked pussy! The combination of black pubic hair and a thick bush made her pussy lips only somewhat visible but her vaginal area was very visible. I thought I would come in my pants!

Nancy kept herself still as she knew I was gazing at her pussy. I casually glanced at Dave and then shifted my eyes to Claudia to make certain she wasn't noticing my stares at her coworker. I couldn't help but do a double-take at Claudia because I could see clearly up her dress today as well. She was wearing a 'nude' shade of pantyhose but no panties! Claudia had natural red hair and I could see the bright red growth surrounding her pussy through her pantyhose. The crotch itself had a white panel so I wasn't able to see the same level of intimate detail as I had with Nancy the day before. I looked quickly to Claudia's eyes and knew that she was well aware of the view she was providing me. I could also tell she was nervous.

As Dave continued the chat (I have no idea what he said, I wasn't listening), I continued to gaze at the private areas of these two ladies. I had an aching erection and was afraid Dave would see it. I didn't mind if Nancy or Claudia did but I would have been really embarrassed if another guy had noticed it. In any event, he was too engrossed in his cigarettes and talk to notice.

We eventually had to go back inside and as we all got to the hallway inside, Dave broke off and went his own way. Nancy leaned over to me with Claudia within earshot and said, "What are you going to do about your problem?" At first I didn't know what she meant and then it struck me she was talking about the pole in my pants.

I didn't think before replying, "I think a session in the men's room should help me out. Unless you have a better idea."

"As a matter of fact, I do. Come on," was Nancy's answer.

We walked down a long hallway in the basement of the building until reaching a locked door. Claudia opened it with a key and we entered. It was a storage room that I had never known existed. As Claudia turned on a set of lights, we all entered and Nancy locked the door from the inside. I saw there was some sort of a deadbolt that wasn't visible from the outside, which she pushed locked as well.

There were boxes in the room, lots of shelving, some old abandoned furniture and a lot of darkness.

"What is this place?" I asked the two women.

"Just an old storage room that nobody even remembers exists. I used to put boxes in here for storage a long time ago and was given a key. I don't think anyone except Claudia or I have been in this room for years," was Nancy's explanation.

We walked behind a mountain of cardboard boxes to an area with a desk that was behind a number of shelves surrounding it. This area that was reasonably lit. There was an old couch, some old office chairs and a table along with the desk.

As I turned around, Nancy said, "Okay, you saw us so let's see something in return!" with a big smile on her face.

I hesitated for a moment and Claudia pointed to my crotch while winking at me.

Nervously, I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, pulling them down allowing my briefs to come into view. I then pulled the waistband out so I could get it over the top of my penis and then pulled them down to my knees joining my pants.

With my erection pointing straight up, I pulled my shirt up so it didn't cover my cock. I was very nervous because while I'd been with girls before, I'd never exposed myself to two coworkers--and certainly not two married women who for all practical purposes could have been my mother.

Both ladies stood quietly while they looked at my cock. I am seven inches in length when REALLY EXCITED and this was one of those times. My penis is covered with brown pubic hair as I'd never really considered shaving myself.

Claudia said more to Nancy than to me, "I think that's twice as long as my husband's!"

Nancy chimed in, "It's fantastic."

Being the more aggressive of the two women, Nancy reached forward and firmly grasped my hard member with her right hand. She squeezed me gently and stroked me slightly.

Nancy then spoke softly, "We don't have all afternoon folks so if you don't mind Michael, get rid of those clothes" and released my cock from her hand.

As I pulled my shirt up over my head, I saw that both women were in the process of unbuttoning their clothing--Nancy was unzipping her skirt along the side while Claudia's dress was half undone allowing her white bra to be visible to my eyes. It hadn't yet registered what these two women had planned for me.

I removed my shoes and simply stepped out of my pants/underwear without really even bending over. I was engrossed in watching the two women disrobe in front of me. I'd certainly never expected to find myself in this situation when I first took the job!

Claudia had stepped out of her dress before placing it neatly over an office chair nearby and was now wearing only a white bra and the beige pantyhose. Once again her red bush was evident to my eyes through the nylon material. As I shifted my focus to Nancy's unbuttoning of her blouse, Claudia approached me and then turned her back to me. I realized she wanted me to unhook her bra, which I did while Nancy removed her blouse at about the same time.

Claudia took a step forward away from me and I saw her pull the bra down her arms. With her back to me, she put the bra on top of her dress and I saw she started to remove her pantyhose while leaning on an adjacent chair with one arm. As the nylon started down her lower torso, I watched carefully as her bare butt came into my view.

In a flash, Nancy's bra was off and she was left wearing only her white garter belt and stockings, along with her blue shoes. I stared at her breasts, which had signs of some slight sagging but they were very attractive. Each was tipped with a large areola that was dark red in color and an erect nipple. Being the shorter of the two women, Nancy looked a little heavy but I still saw her as very attractive.

Momentarily looking away from Nancy, I saw Claudia was now totally nude other than her glasses. She had very small, pert breasts and her pinkish/red nipples were both erect as well. I looked down to her crotch and could see her pubic hair had become matted in her pantyhose.

While Claudia and I stared at one another, Nancy took a step forward and once again grasped my erection. She bent down before I even realized it and I felt first her breath and then her lips on my penis. As Nancy inserted my cock into her mouth and began to suck on it, Claudia took a few steps towards me in her bare feet and our faces came together.

I'd never kissed a woman as old as I imagined Claudia to be but age made no difference in this case. Our lips touched, quickly followed by the relaxation of those lips and momentarily I felt Claudia's tongue blast into my mouth. As my hand reached up to rub her left breast and tweak the erect nipple, we exchanged kisses like crazed kids. I was so turned on by my oral activity with Claudia that I actually forgot about the fact another equally excited woman was sucking my cock below us.

After what seemed like only seconds, Nancy pulled away from my penis and stood up. Claudia took that as a hint to stop kissing and we broke apart, my hand dropping from her breast and we stood looking at one another, panting from shortness of oxygen.

Claudia took my hand and silently but gently pulled me towards the couch. In the relatively dim lighting, I could see there was a small section of carpet on the floor and she gently directed me to lay down on that piece of carpet. I slowly sat down on my butt, and then laid completely flat looking up at the two women now towering over me. I saw they looked at one another and without a word being exchanged, traded positions and Nancy moved over me with a stockinged foot straddling both of my shoulders--as I gazed straight up at her pussy.

Nancy slowly lowered her body until her pussy was only inches from my face. The dark pubic hair was matted and I could smell the feminine excitement as her vaginal opening approached my face. Just as she moved her pussy within distance of my tongue, I felt my penis being grasped by a delicate hand and while my eyes were focused on the sexual organ directly in front of me, I couldn't help but wonder what Claudia's next move was going to be.

I didn't wait long as almost immediately I felt my erection being pulled up from my body towards the ceiling and the wet lips of Claudia's pussy making contact with the purple bulb atop my cock. As that feeling was taking place on my lower torso, at the same time my lips were put into contact with Nancy's pussy. I licked gingerly at first and then inserted my tongue into my older coworker as far as it would reach, up into Nancy's vagina as her intimate juices flowed onto my tongue and lips.

As I busied myself concentrating on the oral activities, I felt Claudia begin to rise up and down on my erect penis. She was clearly wet so lubrication was not an issue. One time I realized she'd risen up too far and my penis popped out from inside her but she quickly had it inserted back into her waiting pussy in seconds.

We continued in this position--Nancy's pussy getting oral attention from my tongue while Claudia's pussy was riding my erect cock as she moved her body up and down--for several minutes. I'd like to be able to report that I caused Nancy to orgasm but she didn't to the best of my knowledge.

Almost without warning, Nancy suddenly pulled away and stood up over me. I felt Claudia cease her intercourse gyrations and she also stood up, allowing my cock to rest freely.

Again, without a word being spoken, Nancy moved towards my penis and Claudia took a step towards me. I watched as Claudia dropped to her knees and took my erection in her hand, holding it straight up towards the ceiling once again. Nancy moved over me, positioning her feet on either side of my waist this time, and slowly lowered herself onto my waiting cock while Claudia held it for me.

Nancy's pussy was not quite as tight as Claudia's had felt to me but it was obviously a wonderful feeling. I felt Claudia release her grasp and she leaned over on her knees to kiss me once again. Our lips touched and I could tell there was a slight hesitation from Claudia--and I instantly realized she was tasting her coworker's pussy on my lips and mouth. After the pause, Claudia apparently content with what she'd tasted, inserted her tongue into my mouth for the second time in the last few minutes. As we French kissed and she obviously tasted the remnants of Nancy's pussy, I used my hands to once again rub her nipples--both of them this time.

As Nancy continued to ride my cock up and down, Claudia pulled away from our kissing and leaned further over me so her pert breasts were within sucking distance so I took the initiative and sucked, and then gently, bit down on her left nipple while I tweaked the right with my hand. She moved slightly to allow me to orally provide the same to her right nipple a minute later. My hand dropped to her pussy and I fingered her while my mouth continued to provide attention to her breasts.

After several minutes of altering which breast was receiving my attention, Claudia pulled back and said quietly to both Nancy and I, "We need to watch how long we're in here."

Hearing her voice, I realized it had been a long time since any of us had actually spoken.

Claudia then asked me, "How far away are you from coming?"

"Not very far. I could be there quickly."

Claudia, now on her knees to my side, watched as Nancy continued to slowly move her torso back and forth on my cock.

"Nancy--you started this with Michael yesterday. Why don't you finish it with him now?" Claudia said in almost a whisper.

Without a word, Nancy stopped her body's movement and slowly pulled herself off my penis. She then turned around while dropping to her knees so she was on all fours and her butt was pointed in my direction.

Looking over her shoulder, she said very quietly, "Finish me from behind."

My first reaction was to thing Nancy wanted to have anal sex but that thought vanished from my mind when I saw her hand was between her legs and she was opening up her pussy lips to me. I moved from my prone position and onto my knees. My erection, still hard as a pole, was pointed at the ceiling once again and I maneuvered into position so my penis was just behind Nancy's spread thighs. As I leaned in, the tip of my cock touched Nancy's anal opening but I used my hand to aim it further down and into her awaiting pussy.

Glancing to my right, I saw that Claudia's left hand was between her legs and she was pleasuring herself. As I entered Nancy, I leaned forward and gently grasped both of her breasts with my hands while moving my torso back and forth. Nancy remained very wet so I wasn't getting quite the friction to instantly bring me to orgasm but it didn't take long. Just as I glanced over at Claudia's masturbation activities, I felt my explosion rising.

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