tagLoving WivesThe Competition

The Competition


You know when your one of the few women on this Earth, that loves sex and loves to have sex with as many men as she can; you are sought after by so many wannabe cucks that at times you just want to find a place to hide.

Being a writer of cuckold stories, I get a lot of requests for my attentions and my fans asking me to cuckold them. I have a cuck and I wouldn't trade him for five others. But at times, it's fun to play.

I decided to invite two of my loyal, wannabe cucks to compete for my attentions. They lived close enough that we could invite them to come for a visit.

The one that did the best job of finding me a new man that could overwhelm me sexually would be able to stay and learn from James while taking care of me when I was with my Bulls.

The loser would have to leave and hope for a Mistress somewhere down the line.

James thought it would be fun. I relied a lot on his input as to what I should put them though (the things that he would rather not do, I soon found out.)

I had interviews with sixteen wannabe cucks. Surprisingly many of them had the same ideas and hopes. But two shined more that the others.

The first competition was to find me a Bull that could give me the most pleasure and that I would enjoy being with. They had two weeks to find a suitable Bull and bring him back to me for inspection and trial.

In the mean time, I just couldn't go that long without a good fuck, so James called one of our old stand-bys, Spencer, and invited him over.

Spencer is five-feet ten-inches tall with black eyes matched by his midnight hair. But his laughter is epidemic and he really knows how to make me cum and cum and cum. He also enjoys James' clean up afterwards.

James prepared an excellent dinner; beef tenderloin with twice-baked potatoes and tender asparagus.

While Spencer and I ate, James prepared the bedroom for our coupling. And when we had finished our meal, he cleaned the kitchen while we got cozy in the bedroom.

Spencer has the most wonderful cock. Eight inches of a heavy dong with a heart shaped head that squirts the saltiest cum I've ever tasted. I can never wait patiently for his offering.

He knows it and plays with me; makes me beg him for it but not until he has driven me into a frenzy that makes my nipples hard and my pussy wet.

Then he spreads my legs open wide and rubs that thick heart shaped head up and down the crease of my cunt. Refusing to slip it into my waiting Venus garden.

He nibbles on my hard nipples as his fingers play in the fluids of my cunt. And when my juices start flowing, he licks them and then smiles. "Sweetest pussy I've ever had!" he whispers.

Then James joins us; he always seems when it's time for him to come in. He sits in the chair at the foot of the bed and patiently waits his turn. Occasionally, he'll leave and come back with a bottle of cold water to wet my lips.

Spencer takes a couple of sips too, to take the dryness from his throat.

James is allowed to watch for a short while, and then he must leave when the fucking gets really going.

At times Spencer can fuck me for hours on end; bringing me to orgasm after orgasm until my body can't take anymore. Today was one of those days.

He took me to the pentacle of ecstasy then back down into the illusions of passion then brought me back up again. Repeatedly he gave me a rush of excitement then took it back until my body shook uncontrollably.

Then he called James into the room, rolled off of me and offered his large cock with my warm juices slathered all over it to James' mouth.

Eagerly, James looked to me for permission to clean my essence off the throbbing prick. I felt wicked at the moment and shook my head no.

Spencer looked back at me and frowned. A stern look in his eye. He wanted the tightness of James' mouth on his still electric cock.

I gave James permission and he eagerly suckled the still pulsing cock. He started by slowly licking the dripping cum that still flowed. Then he covered the head and swallowed the thick dong.

His head bobbed up and down until he had cleaned the juices off the thick shaft.

Spencer spread his legs and offered James his balls, which he eagerly sucked into his mouth.

Being left out of the play, I spread my legs open and my fingers found my pulsing clit. I watched as James eagerly sucked the sacs that contained the seed that I longed for into his mouth.

Soon Spencer's body shook and his prick sprayed his seed all over James' face. James tongue emerged and tried to catch all that he could.

Spencer, now spent, rolled off the bed, took my hand and led me to the shower. Once in the warm spray, I knelt before him and again suckled his long prick. His seed wasted no time and spilled down my throat.

I took a cloth and washed his body; then he pulled me to him and into a corner of the shower. He stroked his prick about five times and it was like steel once again. He lifted me off the tiles and I wrapped my legs around his hips as he filled my pussy once again with his prick.

My head beat against the wall as his body slammed into mine driving his dick deeper and deeper into my cunt. His body shook wildly as his new seed filled my cunt and then ran down the wall.

His mouth covered mine and his hands pinched my hard nipples. Then the water ran cold and we had to get of out of the shower.

James was waiting with warm towels to dry us and he wrapped one around me and handed the other to Spencer.

He led me to the bed, where I gladly lay down and soon feel asleep.

Two weeks later, the two wannabes returned. Each had brought back with him a Bull that was looking forward to pleasing me.

Philip, the first cuck wannabe, brought me a gorgeous black god with amazingly green eyes. His name was Shaleesa. His mother had been a white woman with blond hair. His skin the color of caramel and his smile bright.

James was jealous; he wanted to play with him too.

Philip was so excited. His first cuckold experience was about to begin. I commanded him to prepare the bedroom and James showed him where it was. Then left him to fend for himself. I could tell he was feeling left out but oh well, that's the life of a cuck!

Philip put new linens on the bed and sprayed the bedroom with a lavender scent. He opened the windows because the day was pleasantly warm and the flowers had a wonderful bouquet

He went to my closet and found me a sexy negligée and lay it on the bed.

James sat with Shaleesa and tried to make polite conversation.

I showered and then had Philip dress me. He was very nervous and had problems just getting the lingerie over my head. I could see that my naked body aroused him and I slapped at his ineffective cock for trying to show itself.

He bowed his head, "I'm sorry Mistress, and I didn't mean to be disrespectful!"

"Don't let it happen again, or you're out of here!" I scolded.

He lowered his eyes and left the room to retrieve Shaleesa.

When they returned, I was posed on the bed, my full breast pressing against the material of my negligee; my nipples were hard. My pussy filled with fluids.

Shaleesa pushed Philip out of the room while he undressed; I called him back once we were settled.

Shaleesa's prick was thick and long. I feared he might not be able to force it into my pussy, even as used as it was. He reached for the lubricant on the nightstand aware that he would have to force his manhood into my pussy.

He stretched over me as he spread my legs open, then ran his tongue from my clit to the end of my pussy. He looked up and had a smile on his face. "Mmmm good!"

Then he took his dong in his hand and offered it to me. Opening my mouth as wide as I could, he guided his prick into it. Then did pushups until it was buried deep in my throat.

I stretched my lips as wide as I could and still couldn't take all of him. But it was tight enough for him to feel enough resistance that he came within minutes of using my mouth. His seed spilled into my orifice and overflowed onto my breast.

Philip quickly climbed onto the bed and licked the substance off me while he masturbated. Problem there was that he had no permission to do so.

Shaleesa pushed him off of the bed and demanded that he stay on the floor until he was ready for him.

Then he turned me over and had me kneel doggy style. He ran his finger down my pussy crack and sprayed lubricant on it his prick once again. His fingers played in my juices and then he sucked them clean.

He aimed his prick for my open cunt and slowly forced the wide head deep into my cunt. His large black hands held tight to my waist and he pounded my pussy deep and hard. He has stamina that no white man I had ever been with had.

When he finally reached his pinnacle, his seed exploded deep in my pussy. My body shook with electricity. His body slammed faster and faster into mine, laboring, until he collapsed on top of me.

Sweat fell from his body like rain onto mine. Beads of his labor fell on my skin and he licked it off. His tongue probed my skin for the salty sweat that now covered it. He explored every inch of my body, sweeping up the brackish morsels planted on my dermis.

He licked between the fleshy lips of my cunt and suckled my clit like a nipple until my body trembled with ecstasy. Chills ran down my spine and heat up my legs. I thought I would blackout from all of the passions.

Filling my pussy once again, with the head of his prick, he slowly suckled my nipples and reached around me slipping the long middle finger in my ass; he had filled all of my orifices.

My body shook uncontrollably with pleasures never before conceived. For hours, he used me and fucked me like I had never imagined possible. And when he finally collapsed beside me on the soaked sheets, I felt wasted yet wanted more.

I crawled between his splayed legs and sucked his spend prick into my mouth. The taste of salt and my pussy juices still on it. I could feel my cunt preparing for one more assault just from the taste of him.

But he was spent. He couldn't get it up one more time. His body lathered in sweat had gone weak, his breathing shallow. And soon his eyes closed and he fell asleep.

I commanded Philip to run me a hot shower and prepare me for it. He went to the bathroom and turned on the shower, then took my hand, undressed me and helped me into the shower.

He waited outside until I had finished washing myself, then handed me a towel to dry myself. He turned away as I dried.

I thanked him for the wonderful present the had given me and told him that James would get in touch with him if he had given me the best gift.

He thanked me and reluctantly left.

I had James call Cassidy the second wannabe. He had waited patiently with his Bull, Grady.

Grady had fiery red hair and smile that would turn any woman's head. His aqua pearl eyes were so intense that my heart fluttered as I looked into them. Grady stood five-feet nine inches. Short blond hair covered his head and his laughter lightened the mood. I could see that James was again put off by not being able to join in the fun. But he was the one that had suggested the competition.

I commanded Cassidy to prepare the bedroom and he followed James there. Within twenty-minutes he returned and told me that the room was ready and asked, "Ma'am do you wish for me to remain with you while you enjoy your company?"

"Why of course; that is why you're here is it not?"

Lowering his eyes, he answered, very assuredly, "Yes, Ma'am, I am here to serve you in any capacity you command!"

"You need to come dress me then bring Grady to me. So come with me and get me ready."

"Yes, Ma'am!" he smiled and followed me to the bedroom. He had already laid out a sexy silk gown and had chosen a few perfumes for me to choose from. Lubricant was on the side table and candlelight flickered on the dresser.

I chose a green, silk negligee that plunged deep in the back and tight across the breasts. It enhanced my figure wonderfully.

Cassidy handed me two perfumes and I chose the one I most enjoyed. He squirted between my breasts and on the small of my back.

Then he dressed me and took my hand to lead me to the bed. I sat against the pillows he had piled on my side of the bed.

"May I present Master Grady to my Madam?"

"Yes, I think he's waited long enough," I smiled.

Within minutes Cassidy returned with Grady, who had a large smile on his face. "Thank you for receiving my, Mistress."

"Hopefully, the pleasure will be all mine," I smiled at him and invited him to my bed.

Cassidy sat on the floor at the foot of the bed and silently watched as Grady undressed. Once he dropped his pants and shorts, my fever grew. His thick nine-inch cock was already throbbing.

Climbing onto the bed, he kissed me gently and asked if he was to my liking.

I nodded my head and licked my lips; then I bent over his lap and sucked his dripping head into my mouth. The salty precum assaulted my taste buds and started my juices flowing.

Cassidy sat at the foot of the bed, on the floor awaiting any instruction that I may give.

I whispered to Grady, tell him you want him to blow you, it's a test to see how loyal he will be to my Bulls and me.

He smiled sheepishly and called out, "Come here boy and prepare me for your Mistress!"

Cassidy looked to me for some sign, which I refused to give.

"I said come here boy!" Grady called more aggressively.

This time Cassidy climbed tentively onto the bed on Grady's side. He averted his eyes from mine and bent over Grady's lap. Without using his hands, he sucked the thick prick into his mouth.

I saw the excitement in his eyes as he sucked it deeper into his throat and then his head did pushups until Grady pushed him off of his tool.

Cassidy quickly scrambled off the bed and sat at the foot until given another command.

Grady's kiss was deep and warm and his hands were gentle and loving. Slowly he seduced me and gently explored my garden with his mouth.

Chills ran up my spine and passion filled my belly. I whispered in his ear, "fuck me with abandon!"

His mouth covered mine and he arched his body over mine, using one hand to spread my pussy lips and slip his throbbing tool deep into the juices flowing there.

The passion was hot and each thrust deep in my cunt shot lightning down my legs and fluids spilled from my pussy. His lips were like fire as the suckled my hard clit. And his fingers pinched my nipples so that they tingled with delight.

Minutes turned into hours and the hours lasted until the following morning. Totally exhausted and spent, we fell together onto the wet sheets of our lust and slept.

When at last my body came back to life, it was ten o'clock the following morning.

Grady called to Cassidy who had fallen asleep on the floor to prepare a shower for us. "But before you do so, come lick the stickiness off our bodies!"

Cassidy crawled off the floor and spread my legs wide. He licked from my ankles to my twat. Slipped his tongue my clit and then up my torso to my sticky tits. Then he moved to Grady and cleaned the salty seed of his body and suckled his prick into his mouth to clean it.

When he finished, he ran to the bathroom and started a hot shower.

Grady carried me into the shower and slowly washed my skin. Using only his hands he cleaned my body while he caressed my skin gently and lovingly.

I gave my body to him once again and enjoyed his touch as the water cascaded over our skin with warmth that soaked deep into my soul. He took me two more times in the shower and knelt before me to suckle my clit leaving me weak and helpless.

He washed my matted hair and then wrapped me in a warm towel and carried me back to the bed that Cassidy had already changed.

Grady gently laid me there, kissed me softly and whispered. "I'll be back, but now I must go. Thank you my sweet lady!"

Cassidy escorted him out and James came in to see me. He looked anxious. I smiled. "Looks like we're keeping Cassidy"

"Yes Ma'am, as you wish. Shall I tell him? And shall I call Philip?"

"Yes, but let him down easily." I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

~Lady Dora

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