tagIncest/TabooThe Complete Submission Ch. 03

The Complete Submission Ch. 03


A special thanks to Estragon for all his editing help. (Re-edited: March 2011)


This morning I got up a little earlier than usual for a Saturday, and after getting dressed in a cute flower sundress that made me look 16, and pink stay-ups, I headed downstairs. No one was there. I knew that Mark would still be sleeping, no way would he get up in the morning on a weekend. Dad would be at work as usual, but where was Mom? I went upstairs and she was in her room. I knocked and she said come in.

She was on the internet shopping on Victoria's Secret. I smiled. She was dressed semi-slutty; obviously she had limited options in her closet. She was wearing the black stay-ups again, a cream skirt, I had never seen, that was a couple inches below the knee, and a tight blouse that showcased her breasts.

Mom got up and said, "Good morning honey."

I walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, something I never did. "Mandi, I guess I have been way too hard on you. I need to apologize for everything. I am a slut, not you."

"Yes you are, but I think it is great though. It makes you more real. Instead of the strict bitch Mom I hated, I have a dirty whore Mom. It is easier to deal with you now. Plus it kind of turned me on."

"My being a slut turned you on, did it?"

"Sure, plus watching you get fucked by uncle was kinky as hell. So when is your shithole going to be stuffed by uncle's massive cock?"



"I know but..."

"Well, since I am the lookout every time he rams your ass, I need to know."

"And I was afraid that you would be traumatized by what you saw. That's a laugh. OK Mandi, I will play along. Your uncle and auntie will be here tonight for a cards night. You can be the lookout while I get 'my ass reamed' by my brother. OK?"

I threw myself at my mother and whispered in her ear "You are going to be a good whore for me, right mummy?"

I slid my hand down and rested it on her ass cheeks, I cupped them firmly, waiting for a reply, my Mom weakly said "Yes."

I smiled and kissed her on the lips. I started soft and gentle. She stared into my eyes in a state of shock. Her subservience overwhelmed me. Finally, she broke the kiss and said, "Mandi, this is wrong."

"I know, Mommy."

"Good. I don't want you to turn out like me."

"Oh Mommy," I said, as I slid my fingers into my cunt right in front of her, "It's too late. You already saw me eating out Carla. I am a slut, just like my mother."

"Oh Mandi, I...."

She paused as I pulled out the fingers and brought them to her face. She began to open her mouth, but I pulled them away and took it in my own mouth. "Hmmm, very tasty. Too bad it is wrong, Mommy."

My mother did not say anything, as she fought between her mother role and her submissive role. I looked at my watch, shrugged and said, "I am going to Carla's now, I need my pussy sucked," and walked out.

I got to Carla's, and knocked this time as her rents could be home. The door was answered by her mother, who was wearing a dog collar and a white garter and matching stockings. I said, "Hello, Mrs. Hamilton."

"Hello, Mistress Mandi," she replied.

"Slut get back up here" Carla yelled from upstairs. Mrs. Hamilton blushed, but instantly closed the door, turned around and rushed upstairs. I leisurely followed, quietly chuckling the whole way. When I arrived upstairs, Carla said, "Hey sexy, do I have a story for you."

I smiled and said, "It seems you do. Do tell." Her mother was on all fours, waiting silently.

"Well I came home and took a nap, after the exhausting afternoon with your whore Mom. I woke up around 9 and went downstairs. Mom was watching TV and she was crying. She also had been drinking as I saw an empty bottle of wine on the table and a second half done beside it. She was still in her usual work outfit which included a blouse, a lengthy black business skirt and black pantyhose. Anyway, I sat down beside her and asked what was wrong. She said that she had just lost a big case she had been working on for months. One that she thought would finally teach those big corporations a lesson. But, as usual, big money talks, so big corporations walk. I asked if she would like a foot massage. She said that would be great and so I massaged her stocking-clad feet for about 15 minutes while we discussed why the world was so fucked up. I eventually asked if she would like a back massage and she said that would be great. So she took off her blouse and lay on the floor. I massaged her back for a bit and suggested that she take off her bra so I could hit all the right spots. She said sure and I unhooked her lace bra. I continued massaging my mother, who clearly seemed to be getting more relaxed. I finally suggested that I remove her skirt, so I could get to her lower back and she just made a soft moaning sound. I took that as a yes and slid off her skirt. On the ground before me lay my drunken mother in only your black silk pantyhose and matching thong. I massaged her back, slowly sliding lower until my hands were firmly on her ass. I continued to tenderly massage her ass and continued to listen for a sign of protest. Hearing none, I slyly ripped her pantyhose as I continued to massage her perfect ass. After creating an opening so I could get access, I moved back up and my mother gave a moan of disappointment. I moved up to my Mom's ear and whispered 'Mommy, you are so beautiful.'"

"My mother whispered back, 'Thanks honey I...'"

"I interrupted her and said, 'Mommy, your daughter is going to finger fuck you now.' My hand reached down and with a little bit of contortion as I said this I had a finger slowly insert into her pussy, just barely."

" 'Mommy, do you want me to finger fuck you?' I asked, my finger lingering just inside her cunt."

"She moaned quietly as her ass lifted up trying to get my finger in her more. In her drunken state I doubt she really processed the fact that it was her daughter fingering her."

"I moved down a bit and inserted two fingers in and fingered her fast. When I could tell she was near orgasm I stopped. She begged, 'Please don't stop, I need to cum so bad.'"

"I smiled and said, 'Mommy, I learned today that you are a bad, bad girl.' She looked at me confused. 'Mommy, before Mandi's mother ate your daughter's pussy, she admitted that she had been between your legs too.'"

"My mother blushed and started to realize the situation she was in. She attempted to cover herself up. I got up and demanded her to get on her knees. She did not quickly obey. I started fingering her again, her body betrayed her mind and she started moaning to my strokes. I stopped again and said, 'Now Mommy, things are going to be different from now on. You will submit to me. You will beg to eat my pussy.' I reinserted by fingers and fucked her until she quaked with joy.|

"I lifted up my skirt and said, 'Do you want to lick her daughter's pussy?'"

"She seemed embarrassed, but whispered, 'Yes.'"

"'You understand once your tongue touches your daughter's pussy, you are mine?'"

"'Yes,' she whispered."

"'Well I want to know all your dirty secrets then.'"

"My mother blushed and said, 'If tell you everything I have done, you will hate me for ever.'"

"I laughed and said, 'Mom, I have had over 200 women eat my pussy, took cocks in all three of my holes and just today seduced Mandi's mother, Mrs. Johnson. Can you top that?'"

"My Mom laughed and said, 'Well you are indeed just like your mother. Well, when I was a kid I started masturbating at a young age and fucked myself with anything I could find: bananas, hairbrushes, cucumbers, carrots, bottles. I eventually let my brother, your uncle, eat my pussy and in return I sucked him off. Soon I became addicted to his cum and sucked him off everyday. So it was inevitable that one day I let him fuck me. His thick cock filled me completely. I thought I was going to die of pleasure. In college, I ended up seducing every roommate I had, 5 in total, and began fucking pretty much any guy I met. In college, I fucked or/and sucked over 300 men and played with over a hundred girls. After school was done though, I realized I had to settle down and I trapped your father. I behaved for the next 15 years, only fucking him. But when I hit my mid-life crisis, my hormones took control again and I began to have relations with a few women. Mandi's mother, your ex-babysitter Kara, the post-woman among others. But Carla, I never slept with any other men.'"

"I shook my head at my mother and said, 'Mommy you really are a slut. Are you ready to fuck your daughter? To be your daughter's slave?'"

"Mom clearly past the point of no return replied 'Oh yes.' I leaned in and kissed my mother. Our tongues danced inside our mouths until I broke it. I then sat on the couch, opened my legs and said, 'Crawl over here whore.' I honestly briefly worried that calling my mother a whore was going too far, but she crawled over and buried her head between my legs. Her tongue was like a magic, she licked, she nibbled, she sucked on my clit; when I was close, she stopped and moved down my legs, her tongue siding down slowly. She looked up at me and said, 'I see you got your stocking fetish like I have.'"

"I smiled and said, 'Yes, all my sluts must always wear stockings, stay-ups or crotchless pantyhose.'"

"'I assume I must too.'"

"'Of course Mommy. You can get rid of all your pantyhose though, I need easy access to my property whenever I want it.'"

"'Of course,' my mother replied and spent the next few minutes, but what seemed like an eternity sucking each one of my toes through the sheer stockings."

"Finally I demanded, 'Slut, I need to come now.' She moved back up to my cunt and licked me to a volcanic orgasm when her finger slid into me and hit my g-spot."

"I then returned the favor licking the cunt I once came out of all. My mother was very vocal. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy she moaned and said, 'Oh yes honey, suck your Mommy's cunt.' As I teased her she begged, 'Oh please sweetie, just fuck me like the slut that I am.' After I slid a finger in her tight ass she screamed, 'Oh yes, finger my ass. Make Mommy cum.' When she came, she shoved my face deep into her wetness and held me there until she collapsed from pleasure. I left the room and came back wearing my favorite strap-on and, just as she seemed to be calming down, I shoved the cock into her pussy. She moaned, 'No, I can't take it any more, no, oh my, oh yes, fuck your Mommy, I have never come more than twice before. Oh yes, you know what Mommy needs. I am yours honey. Fuck me, harder, harder.' I leaned in and kissed her passionately as I pounded away at my mother's pussy. After yet another orgasm, I got her on her knees and plunged the cock into her ass. I then just sat there and told her to fuck me. She eagerly bounced back on my cock bellowing, 'Oh yes, your cock feels so good in my ass.' She never slowed down, engulfing the whole cock in her ass. Eventually she had a forth orgasm and I handed her the cock. She strapped it on and fucked my pussy until I came again and again. To finish my mother's obedience, I went to the fridge, grabbed a cucumber and slid it in her ass, making her sleep with it stuck in her rear."

"Of course, when I woke up this morning I was worried how she would react, but when I saw her in the kitchen wearing the outfit you see now minus the collar I knew she was mine."

"Yummy," I said, rubbing my pussy.

Carla then said, "Show Mandi the cucumber slut." With that, her mother pulled a lengthy, thick cucumber from her ass. "Suck it," Carla demanded.

Her mother obeyed and Carla demanded "Mandi, assume the position." I obeyed and soon was savoring my best friend's nectar. I then felt hands on my nylon legs and was penetrated by what was obviously the cucumber. Carla's mother showed no mercy as she rapidly plugged my pussy with the cucumber, but when I was close to orgasm, she stopped, the cucumber still deep in me. I continued licking Carla's cunt, briefly disappointed; I then had a toy slipped into my ass and turned on to vibrate at full blast. As the vibe sat in my ass shaking me apart, the cucumber began being pummeled into me with reckless abandon. I had an earth shaking orgasm shake me to the hilt and before I could even recover I was flipped over, landing on my ass, the vibrator going deeper than conceivably possible up my rectum as I opened my eyes and saw Carla's Mommy dive into my pussy. Carla came over to me and kissed me for an eternity and then whispered, "I love you, Mandi."

It was then, with an 8 inch toy shaking my ass apart and her mother licking my cunt, that I realized I was completely in love with Carla. When she broke the second kiss, I said, "I love you too. I want to spend eternity with you. I will always obey your every command. Do anything to me you please."

Carla placed a finger to my lips and said, "I know, Mandi. You will forever be my favorite. Together we are going to have many more adventures, many journeys and many, many orgasms, including making your Mommy your slave today." She then kissed me again and after breaking the kiss said, "Are you ready to be christened my eternal lover and slave?"

Although I had no idea what was to come next, I replied "Yes mistress."

With that, Carla straddled my face, lowered her cunt a few inches from my face and demanded, "Take your mistress' golden stream." Although this is one thing I had never considered doing, I automatically opened my mouth and took the hot liquid that sprayed my mouth, my lips and dripped down my chin. After she was done, she lowered her cunt onto my face so I could get every last drop and I did. As her legs straddled me, I came again from the licking of her mother and the complete submission I had just given in to. "Slave Mandi, go shower, we've got work to do for tonight. Mommy you hid the fact that you were a dirty whore all these years from me and must be punished. For the next week, you may not touch your pussy, your ass or allow anyone else to either."

"What about your father?"

"He can talk to me if he must."

"OK, mistress daughter."

"Oh, is daddy a good fuck?"

"Yes honey, his cock is thick and he knows how to use it."

"Do you blow him?"

"Well when he is here we usually fuck every night. I always get him hard with my mouth and then he usually fucks my pussy. Occasionally, he pounds my ass, but almost always he likes to finish in my mouth. He has a dominant personality and I always get off being fucked."

"Nice. You know Mommy, I am going to fuck him."

"I know. You will love your daddy's cock and I will help you seduce him."

"OK, get dressed and go make me breakfast."

"Yes mistress daughter." With that, she left and Carla came and joined me in the shower.

We then went shopping and got some sweet outfits for the night. The rest of the day was uneventful as we waited for the evening. At 4:30 I returned home and Mom and Dad were outside tanning. I called Mom inside and started to rub her pussy through her bikini. Mom said, "Mandi, please stop, your father is right outside."

Instead I shoved a finger inside her pussy and then whispered, as she moaned, "Carla told me you ate her pussy last night; you really are a fucking whore." I fingered her fast and furious as I continued "Uncle Danny and Auntie Connie are coming over for cocktails at 7. In your room is an outfit I bought for you to wear tonight. Wear it. Do not make any alterations and wear your hair in pigtails." I wiggled my finger inside her drenched cunt and said, "Dad's coming." Mom turned around and I slid my finger out just as he came in through the door.

"Hi Daddy," I said and gave him a hug, Mom's pussy juices just inches from his nose. I then headed upstairs to take a quick nap and get ready for the evening of my life.

I woke up at 6:30 with a head between my legs. It was Carla. I moaned and she quit, way before I had a chance to come and said, "Get up, the plan is in motion." Carla was wearing a black leather skirt, matching black pantyhose, with holes cut out for her pussy and ass and a see through white blouse. I dressed a little more conservatively for Dad's sake. I wore an almost knee length cream colored skirt, beige silk stockings held up by a garter and a green sweater that was tight against my firm breasts. Mother was to wear a plaid skirt, one that teens going to a private school would wear, a sleeveless white blouse, white stay ups that were clearly visible when she sat down, and, of course, no underwear. Carla and I waited till 7:30 to go downstairs.

I said hello to Auntie giving her a big hug and a kiss, I gave uncle a kiss on the cheek being sure to gently rub my hand on his cock. Much to my surprise Auntie Connie was dressed up. She was wearing an attractive red flower print that was generously short, black stockings and a peach blouse that was tight against her very large breasts. Carla said her hellos too, but made sure to give all four a kiss on the lips. First my Dad, a peck, then Danny also a peck, Connie a soft kiss and then my mother a two second kiss. She also made sure to let the men see as much of her pantyhose covered ass as possible. Dad finally asked, "Girls, where are you going tonight all dressed up?"

Carla said, "Oh nowhere, we just like to get all dolled up."

As Carla chatted it up with the others I told Uncle Danny "Bathroom five minutes." He shook his head ok.

"Mom, "I called, "I need your help for a few minutes." I looked at the others and joked, "Girl problems."

Mom followed me and said, "Could be a while."

In the kitchen, I went to the fridge and grabbed some carrots. I told Mom to sit down on the chair and spread her legs. Mom weakly obeyed saying, "Honey, your daddy could walk in at any time."

I laughed, "Mother, you are dressed like a16 year old. You think daddy hasn't figured out something is up?"

Mom sighed and said, "I told him I dressed like this as part of a fantasy and I couldn't wait for my brother to leave to fulfill it."

"I see," I replied, placing the carrots on the table. "Insert each one into your sloppy cunt and put them in the serving dish."

Mom began to protest, but I demanded, "Do as you are told." Reluctantly she began inserting carrots in her pussy and as the parade of carrots were inserted and replaced, my mother was getting hornier. After the bag was finished, I called Carla in and asked her to take the tray out to the living room.

My Mom looked horrified. Carla took a carrot, put it in her mouth and seductively said, "Hmmmm, yummy." Then left with the tray.

"Mother," I suggested, "Maybe you should go upstairs and freshen up, you look like you just got laid." Mom then got up and went upstairs, humiliated. Seconds later, just as I began going upstairs, Uncle Danny came right behind as instructed. "Ready to fuck your sister on film?"

"Sure, on film?"

"Of course."

"Whatever babe. What about your Dad?"

"He would never come into my room, besides as long as Carla is down there dressed like a slut, he isn't going anywhere. Only problem may be your wife."

"Oh you don't have to worry about that. She knows about me and your mother. She has been with your mother too."

"Fucking cool. Treat her like a fucking slut. Make her beg."

"No problem, give me five minutes and she will do anything I say."

"Sure, five minutes max." I ordered, rubbing his cock through his pants. "Hmmm, nice. I may have to inspect the merchandise someday."

Uncle chuckled and said, "Anytime, sweetheart."

With that, I winked to my brother, who pressed record on the camcorder. Carla had clued him in earlier today, and after a blow job, he was all in.

That done, I went downstairs to see how the carrots were doing. Carla was speaking, "So does oral sex count as sex?" I laughed as I peeked in and saw all the carrots were gone. After quickly downing a couple of beers, I went back upstairs and heard the sound of good hard fucking. I opened the door and walked in. Mom was on her back, legs up in the air, and her brother has pounding her hard. I called Mark, who revealed himself and the camcorder, and Mom tried to cover herself. "Oh Mommy, no reason to be modest now."

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