tagLesbian SexThe Complete Submission Ch. 04

The Complete Submission Ch. 04


A special thanks to Estragon for all his editing help. (Re-edited: March 2011)

Of course, all participants are 18 years or older.


One week later.

The next week was great. I fucked my brother and although he was no uncle Danny, he sure was getting better. The master bedroom was now mine and Mom often spent the night there. The sex was amazing, but we wanted to take my Mom to the next level. We did not want to humiliate Carla's Mom in public because she had a high profile job which we might be able to use to our advantage later. My Mom though was a stay-at-home, so had no significant connections. Here are the highlights from the past week:

The shopping trip: Next morning was entertaining. Mom was on her bed getting fucked by her son, while her brother hammered her ass; Daddy was tied to the chair watching, while Auntie Connie sucked his cock, clearly teasing him.

The hot scene had me primed for more and I told Connie to eat me while I watched my Mom get double-fucked. Unlike yesterday, when Connie was gentle, today she ate me with reckless passion. She nibbled, bit and licked, while her fingers penetrated both my pussy and ass. I looked at Dad whose cock was rock-hard and asked "Daddy, what is getting you so hard, there is no faggot action going on?"

He starred at me and whispered, "I need to cum so bad."

"How do you want to come Daddy? In my hot young pussy, my tight ass, my expert mouth, or your wife's neglected pussy and ass; or would you rather shoot your load in your son's virgin ass?"

"Wherever you allow me honey."

I didn't respond right away, as Connie had me cumming hard, while almost simultaneously Mommy came too. In the next minute or so, both the boys spent their load in my slutty mother. I then walked over to Daddy and said, "Do you want your daughter to suck your cock Daddy?"

"Oh yes honey. More than anything."

I bent down and licked his shaft. Surprising me Daddy started to shake and his cum spurted up hitting me in the hair and cheek. I laughed and said, "Daddy, I was just about to suck your cock, to give you pleasure you can not even imagine and you spray with one touch."

"Sorry honey, I just wanted it so bad, I...."

Mom interjected "He always was a shitty fuck, the only useful thing that cock ever did was get me pregnant with you two."

I shrugged and said "Untie Daddy. I am going to shower. Connie go wake up Carla. Mommy go make breakfast and then we are going shopping for a new wardrobe."

After breakfast, I went to Dad and rubbed his cock through his pants. I asked "Daddy, are you really a faggot; or do I turn you on?"

"Oh honey, you are very beautiful. I would love to," there was a long pause, before he finished as my hand rubbed his cock harder "fuck you."

"Really Daddy. But I thought you rather have a cock in your ass?"

"Well yes, but...."

"Daddy, since you like to be fucked like a girl, we are going to start treating you as one. For now on you are to dress in Mommy's old clothing; she is getting a whole new wardrobe anyways. That includes panties, pantyhose and dresses."

"Yes honey." A glimmer of excitement seemed to cross his face.

"Give me your credit card." He obliged. "Now, go get dolled up slut, I expect to see a very pretty slut when we return. And if you behave well, one day I may let you fuck me. Maybe." I then left.

Mom was ready to go, wearing all my clothes, which she fit well. Her body was as perfect nearing 40, almost as a teenager. She was wearing black stay-ups, completely seen, painted on jean shorts that glorified every curve, a tight red blouse, a black lace bra and 5 inch high heel shoes. Clearly, she had already accepted and taken a liking to her new role.

Carla and I were both wearing cheerleading outfits we had got from a lezzie cheerleader a few weeks ago, and Hooters pantyhose that we actually paid for on ebay. With some work, we had cut holes in the right spots for access if needed. We both had black cowboy boots to go our outfits. Fuck, we looked amazing in these outfits.

Just as we were about to leave, I handed Mommy a vibrating egg, turned it on low, and kissed my mother hard. As my tongue danced in her mouth, my hands slid down her tight shorts. I then rubbed her cunt for a few seconds and then slid the egg into her pussy, Mom moaned into my mouth. I then pulled the pants back up, buttoned them up all without ever breaking the kiss.

So we went to the strip where all the best stores were. Carla, wanting to really test her power, decided to hit stores we usually did not go to. The first store we went into was all class. Each saleslady was dressed in green skirt, black blouse and pantyhose. Carla smiled, liking the ensemble and the game began. The saleslady, who first helped us, gave a look of distaste as she saw the slutty outfit of my mother and us. She was in her early 20s, I would guess, and very pretty but with clearly fake breasts. Blonde, beautiful and fake. Anyways, we told her we were looking for a new outfit for my mother for her first orgy. The blonde, whose nametag said Nadine, almost choked on her gum. "An orgy?" she questioned.

Carla pulled Nadine to the side and said, "Yes, our slave here, Mandi's mother, is having her first gangbang tonight and she needs an outfit for the film we re going to make for the event. She is going to be a high school teacher who is seduced by her students. She needs an outfit that is provocative and makes her look as hot as possible. She will be wearing a garter-belt and stockings underneath the outfit, but that should not be clear with the outfit she wears. The outfit must say fuck me, yet also look proper. Are you capable of helping us?"

Nadine looked into Carla's eyes, being hypnotized like most people were, as she said, "I think we have a few things that may work. Why don't you come back to our private room."

We followed Nadine and entered a room the size of a living room. A drop-dead gorgeous redhead was dressed in a gold dress and beige stockings and immediately brought us over wine. I was in awe. So this is how the rich people shop. Nadine said, "I will be back in two minutes with a few outfits."

While Nadine was gone, we had Mommy get naked except the bra and stockings and had a glass of wine. Mom shot hers, as well as a second glass and then began sipping on a third.

Carla asked the redhead what her name was and she replied "Sarah ma'am."

Carla laughed at being called ma'am and called to me, "Mandi, please come and take off my boots." I started walking towards her, when she called, "Crawl." I dropped to my knees and crawled over to my mistress. Sarah's facial expression did not change at all as she did not seem surprised at all by this. I wondered what else she saw in here.

I slipped off the two boots and without being told, sucked on her delicious stocking-clad toes. I looked straight at Sarah who smiled at me and I knew this was going to be a fun time. Nadine walked in with a handful of clothes and hung them up. She then went to the wall and pressed a red button.

Carla asked "Why the button?" and Nadine said, "That is the in use, don't disturb sign. I assume you do not want to be interrupted."

Carla responded saying, "Good call. This could take a while. June, try on the first outfit." My Mom grabbed a dark green business suit and skirt. My Mom slid it on and it looked very good, although the black pantyhose did not work as well as a dark tan color would have.

During this time I remained on the floor at my mistresses' feet. Both Nadine and Sarah watched intently, as the sexual tension filled the room.

My mother tried on a few outfits and Carla made her pose seductively in each one. My Mom was getting a bit tipsy and the egg still stimulating her cunt was clearly getting horny and getting more sensual with each outfit.

Carla looked at Nadine and said "Nadine, I think that my slut should try on your outfit."

Nadine nodded her head and began undressing saying "Whatever you wish ma'am." Soon Nadine was down to a black bra, thong, garter and stockings, which surprised me, as I was expecting pantyhose, and 3-inch heels.

Mother put on the sexy saleswoman outfit. It looked good on her and definitely would do the trick for tonight, but we wanted something better.

Carla looked at Sarah, who didn't even need to be asked, or told, as she walked over to Carla and asked, "Unzip me please ma'am."

Carla breathed softly into the redhead's ear as she gently slid the zipper down. A perfect body emerged as the dress fell to the floor presenting a pink bra barely keeping in her voluptuous breasts, a matching pink garter that held up beige stockings and a bare shaved pussy.

Sarah walked over to my mother and handed her the dress and then disappointingly left the room out a side door. My mother tried it on and looked ravishing in it, but it was clearly way too elegant for a teacher scene.

Sarah returned with a tray that was full of sex toys. My mouth dropped in awe as she placed it on a table in the middle of the room. It was a lesbian orgy smorgasbord of toys. A couple strap-ons, a double ended dildo, a handful of vibrator in different colors and sizes, anal beads, lube, handcuffs, blindfolds, lotion, you name it, she had it. Sarah looked at Carla and said, "For our special clients, ma'am."

Carla looked at both servants and said, "Well, this is the full service treatment."

Sarah then went to the far wall and pushed a button. The wall turned around. The simple wall became a wall with a king sized bed and a Jacuzzi tub.

Carla laughed and said, "OK, well, this is really the full service treatment."

Nadine gestured to Sarah and they both came to her and dropped to their knees. Nadine looked up at her and said, "No, this is the full service treatment" and both girls bent down and started kissing her stocking feet.

Carla slipped out of her skirt and then said, "Nadine, I now you want to taste my pussy, but I have to know, who else gets this kind of treatment?"

Nadine looked up, "That is confidential ma'am."

Carla grabbed Nadine's head, shoved it into her pussy, rubbed Nadine's face all over it and pushed her away. "Again, I will ask the question, who else gets this treatment."

Nadine looked devastated but responded, "Again sorry maam, I can not give out those names."

Carla looked pissed, she almost never doesn't get what she wants. She told me to go and get the handcuffs. I obeyed and she then pulled Nadine up and led her to the bed and handcuffed her to it. Carla then grabbed the biggest two vibes and placed one at her pussy and the other at her ass. She then pushed each in just an inch and turned them on high. She then called over my mother and said, "Lick this sexy bitches' pussy. But do not let her cum." My Mom obeyed and soon Nadine was enjoying my Mom's expert tongue.

Carla then walked to Sarah. "I can tell you are a bit less independent than your co-worker over there. You want to please me don't you?"

"Yes ma'am."

"You want to taste my pussy."

"Yes ma'am."

"You want to become my slave like that slut on the bed eating your co-worker and the whore on the floor beside me, don't you?"

"Yes ma'am."

"All that can happen, Sarah. All you have to do is answer my question," Carla said seductively, her pussy just inches from the redhead's face.

"I would love to ma'am, I want to please you, but I will be fired," Sarah pleaded.

"Here take a sample," said Carla as she moved her pussy right into Sarah's face. Sarah licked at my best friend's cunt and after about a minute Carla pulled away and said, "Do you want more?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Where is your boss?"

"Upstairs, watching this, ma'am."

"Really, could you please go get her?"

"Yes ma'am," said Sarah and she got up and left through the same door she had retrieved the toys from.

Carla turned to me and said, "Having fun yet?"

"Of course," I replied taking off my boots. They were making me sweat.

"I am curious to meet the owner. I bet I get the names before we leave."

"I am sure you will."

"No bet?"

"Honey, I have learned to never bet against you."

"Good call, now suck my toes and then slowly move up my legs."

"Yes mistress. Please make sure I get a chance with Sarah."

"She is yours sweetie, I am going to get the head bitch." As I bent down to take my best friend's toes in my mouth, I heard the door open. Sarah came in first and returned to the feet of my mistress. Following her was a woman in her late 40s, dressed immaculately in a black business suit, black pantyhose and heels.

She looked over at Nadine on the bed, then at me and then to Carla and said, "I hope you are enjoying the special treatment."

Carla responded "Yes indeed, it has been very good. Your employees are very good at their jobs."

"We only hire the best."

"I don't doubt that."

"So ma'am, what can I do for you?"

Nadine's moans were getting louder and Carla turned and said, "Slut, do not let her cum."

"Yes mistress," my Mom mumbled without removing her head from the girl's pussy.

"Well, I am really enjoying the full package treatment, but I am really curious who else gets this type of treatment."

I was moving up my friends' thighs and I noticed the boss was watching.

"Well, as my employees told you, that is confidential. If we released their names and they were made public, it would be very bad for their images and my business."

"I suppose that is true. Are you enjoying watching my best friend, my slave, move towards my pussy?"

"Yes, very much so."

"Do you want to replace her?"

"Well usually, I do not get involved with my clients."

"Oh," Carla said, "Sarah, do you get paid by your boss to eat pussy?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Would you please service my friend here, she needs to cum bad?"

"Yes ma'am," Sarah said and moved to me. I kissed her and then she helped me take off my shirt. She slowly then moved down and massaged with her tongue both my breasts, making sure not to miss a spot.

As she continued slowly moving lower, Carla moved towards the boss, her fingers coated with her pussy juice, and placed them on the boss' lips. The boss did not take them instantly like my mother did, but you could tell she was considering her options. Carla moved closer, her hand sliding down the woman's legs and said, "I am not one to take no for an answer. Drop to your knees now."

The older woman hesitated. Carla did not move and continued to stare into the boss' eyes. The women looked at Nadine, at Sarah between my legs and then back at Carla and then ever so slowly, lowered to her knees.

Carla smiled her victory smirk and said, "What is your name?"


"You do eat pussy, correct?"




"Do you fuck your employees?"

"Yes, I fuck all my employees. I teach them how to properly service a client."

"So you are the expert?"

"I suppose so."

"Do you still not want to eat my pussy?"

"Oh I do, but...."

"But what?"

"I shouldn't," but her response was muted as Carla grabbed her head and pushed it into her pussy.

The woman didn't fight it and began to lick her pussy. Carla standing up said to me, "Go put on the strap-on."

Fuck, I thought, Sarah was just about to get to my pussy and I was fucking horny as hell. But I grabbed the strap-on and called to Mom, "Mommy, why don't you straddle her face, the bitch doesn't deserve your tongue."

"Thanks honey, I need an orgasm," and she got up and straddled the handcuffed girl.

I put on a 7 inch strap-on and moved behind the boss who did not know I was there. Carla told Sarah to go suck her boss's breasts. As Sarah began unbuttoning her boss' blouse, I lifted up her skirt. She was wearing a garter as well but no underwear. Nice. She tried to move her head to see what was going on, but Carla held it in her pussy. I placed the toy at her pussy and plunged right in. I began fucking her slow and Carla then moved away and said, "Mandi stop, but keep it in her. Are you still not getting involved with your clients?"

"No, I, well, I..." she stuttered.

"If you want to taste my pussy again, to have my friend keep fucking your pussy, you will answer my question."

"Anything," she reluctantly moaned as I pushed in a bit deeper for effect.

"Who else gets this special treatment?"

The boss sighed and said, "A few women. Michelle Rowan the California senator, Debbie Connors the mayor's wife, Kim and Shelly Simpson the hotel heir twins, Cindy Atkins the big corporate lawyer, Destiny..."

"Wait, did you say "Cindy Atkins."

"Yes ma'am."

Carla looked at me and said, "That's the bitch who always beats my Mom."

"No way," I replied.

Carla looked back at the woman and said, "Sorry, continue."

The woman continued "Destiny McCain a major bank CEO, Becky Canders the pop singer, Sherry Colters a movie producer and Candace Cole a TV director, the wife of movie director Walt Cole."

"Very cool, so why us?"

"Nadine knows when to invite someone back here; and she clearly saw your power, although I have not talked to her about you yet."

"Interesting. Let's move to the bed."

We all headed over there, Mom was clearly cumming all over the girl's face. Both toys were still an inch or more, but she was desperately trying to get them in deeper.

Carla said to her, "If you just would have told me, you would have come by now. Instead your boss gets to eat my pussy." Carla uncuffed Nadine and told her to go sit on the floor and watch. She reluctantly did. Then Carla positioned us into a 5 person daisy chain.

The boss, Karen, was between Carla's legs, Carla was between Sarah's, Sarah was between my legs, I was in my Mom's pussy, and Mom was munching on Karen's cunt. This all girl lick fest went on for half an hour or so. We all came together and lay in the bed together recovering for a few minutes.

Carla then went to Nadine and said, "You still need to cum, honey?"


"You don't fuck boys, do you?"


"Mandi, get dressed and go find some hot black guy."

Nadine began to say no, but both Carla and Karen demanded, "Shut up slut."

I came back a few minutes later with a 6 foot 4 black stud. I pulled down his pants and began sucking his 8 inch cock. He was in shock as he looked round and saw Sarah on the ground getting fucked by a strap-on by my mother and Karen, the boss, had her head buried in Carla's ass, licking her anal entrance.

Carla said, "Today is your lucky day. This bitch is a dyke. She has never fucked a guy." Carla grabbed a strap-on and lay on the bed. "Nadine, climb onto my cock."

"Yes ma'am," she said, tears dripping down her face.

"Stud, get over here and fuck her ass." Next thing we know Nadine is getting double fucked by a toy and a real cock and soon she is bucking her ass back on the cock. "Do you like that black cock?"

"Oh yes, please don't stop."

"I thought you didn't like guys."

"I don't, I didn't, I...oh my god, fuck me harder, bang my ass."

The stud, fucked her for 15 minutes, never slowing down. He then pulled out, grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock into the lesbian's mouth. He held her head and fucked her face hard and fast. She gagged, but didn't puke, and in a couple of minutes her throat was coated with cum. Some dripped out of her mouth and onto the bed. He kept pumping into her mouth, for a couple of minutes more until he was completely limp.

"Thanks bitch, you were a good fuck. Give me your number."

"808-1888," the former lesbian eagerly said, "You will call me?"

"Oh yes, I will call you. I am going to fuck you lots. Next time your pussy is getting drilled. What's your name?"

"Nadine. Nadine Atkins."


Nadine looked at me, "Yes, my mother is Catherine Atkins and I knew who you were as soon as you entered the store."

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