tagLesbian SexThe Complete Submission Ch. 05

The Complete Submission Ch. 05


A special thanks to Estragon for all his editing help. (Re-edited: March 2011)

Of course, all participants are 18 years or older.


We arrived at the restaurant and were greeted by a handsome man who informed us that no tables were currently available. Carla looked and saw a table at the far end and asked "What about that table?"

"That is reserved."

"Well," Carla said, whispering "Do you have a private room?"

"Yes," the man softly grunted.

"Well, my slut here," pointing to my Mom, "will suck your cock and swallow every drop, if you give us that table back there."

The guy wrote our name in his book, called over to another guy, who replaced him. Carla said simply "Cum on her face. Bitch do not wipe it off and then come and sit with us."

"Yes mistress," replied my Mom.

The guy led and my Mother to a back room.

The other gentleman led us to our seats, in a semi-private room, and as we sat down Carla's mouth dropped. I turned around and saw that the Governor was there with her assistant. Carla said to me, "This is just meant to be."

I laughed and waited for Carla's plan, whatever it was, to take effect. After a couple of minutes, our water had been poured and specials read by the handsome waiter. Then Mom walked into the room. The man clearly had a full load as my Mom had cum all over her cheek, nose, mouth and chin. The Governor saw my cum-covered Mother's face and watched her, intrigued, as she came into our room and sat down. The Governor could only see Carla, who starred at the Governor, refusing to break eye contact, and the back of my head. Carla then smiled, lifted up her glass as if giving a toast, never breaking eye contact, and then sipped her water. No one else could see our table, other than our Governor. The waiter returned, blocking Carla's view. She looked up at the waiter and ordered. After we all ordered Carla said to the waiter, "By the way, sexy, you have two choices for your tip. A generous cash tip or a blow job from my friend's Mom here."

The waiter looked at my mother, cum still all over her face, smiled and said, "I think I will probably take option two," and left us.

Carla returned her gaze to the Governor, who sheepishly looked away. Carla kept her gaze until the woman looked back and said to me, "Get under the table and lick my pussy, honey."

I quickly got down on my knees and crawled under the table and, with a bit of effort to get her skirt up, went between my best friend's legs. I licked for few minutes, hearing the food arrive. Carla smiled at the waiter and said, "My friend is having an appetizer."

A couple of minutes later, I heard a woman's voice say "Hi."

The next part of the story comes from what Carla told me as I was gobbling her wet snatch. Carla said "Hi, governor."

The Governor blushed and said, "I see you have a lot of power too."

"Well, I suppose," Carla replied never taking her eyes off the Governor.

The Governor handed Carla her card and said, "I would love to have you come over to my house for a little get-together."

"Really," Carla moaned, then lifted up the table cloth and said, "Slut, slow down." I knew that she did not really mean that, as she was clearly playing the seduction game with the Governor. Carla looked back to the older woman and said, "Well, I need to know how serious you are."

The Governor with a serious tone replied, "Oh I am deadly serious."

"Well then, I want your assistant to come and clean my slave's face here."

The governor looked back to the table and said, "Well I, she doesn't...."

Carla sighed and said "Well, I guess you are wasting my time here." Just then she moaned and came on my face. She then slid her hand under the table and fingered herself. She lifted the finger and lifted it up a few inches from the governor. "A sample, Governor."

The Governor looked at her, looked around and saw that no one could see her, and then leaned forward to take my best friend's love juice in her mouth. Carla pulled it out and said, "Now Governor, get your assistant over here to clean the cum of my slut's face or leave now."

The Governor left, and Carla did not know if she had won or lost. I crawled back from under the table and sat down on my chair. Carla watched as the Governor talked to the woman, gently at first, then firmly. The young lady looked over at us and then back to her boss. Eventually, the young girl got up and came over to the table with the Governor.

She did not say anything or look up as she walked over to my Mom and began licking the cum off Mommy's face. After about 30 seconds, the girl started to move away, but Carla said, "I think you missed a bit on her cheek."

The girl blushed as red as a juicy apple, but leaned in and licked the last cum off my Mom's cheek. My mother surprised us by grabbing the girl's face and leaning in for a kiss. The girl did not break the kiss that went on for a couple of minutes.

Carla questioned the Governor, "She has never done anything sexual for you before?"

"No," she explained "It is impossible to find a girl who is so good at her job. I have lots of women and men to please me, so I have never expected her to have that role."

"Well she is a very pretty girl," Carla stated.

"Yes she is."

When my Mom broke the kiss, the girl was completely embarrassed, but just stood up and waited. Carla said to her, "You are a very beautiful girl."

"Thank you ma'am," she quietly replied.

"You're welcome. What is your name?"


"A very nice name. Have you ever had sex with a girl?"

"No, ma'am."

"You are not a virgin are you?"

"Yes ma'am. I am a virgin."


"I am Catholic. I have a fiancé. We are getting married this summer."

"Oh. That is special. Do you want to kiss me?"


"You don't have to," Carla replied.

"I, ummm," she paused for a long time, then whispered, "Yes ma'am."

"Well come here," Carla toyed.

The young girl walked over and moved to Carla, Carla stood up and kissed the girl hard.

Carla then asked, "Do you masturbate?"


"With what?"

"My hand."

"Have you ever used a toy?"

"No ma'am."

"Put your fingers inside you?"

"No, ma'am."

A devious smile crossed Carla's face. Carla moved her hand to the woman's private area, under the skirt and began rubbing the woman's pussy. She did not push away. Carla said, "I am about to do something I almost never do."

The girl moaned lightly, "What?"

"I am going to eat your pussy." The girl's face went even a darker shade of red. "Do you want me to eat your wet pussy?"

The girl looked around, clearly embarrassed, but also clearly as horny as she had ever been.

"Yes, ma'am."

"You understand after I do this you will become my slave like these other two sluts, and soon your boss."

"Yes, ma'am."

"I will have you eating my pussy, other women's pussies, getting fucked by strap-ons in your virgin pussy and ass, and having you suck and fuck men."

The pretty girl moaned, as Carla continued to rub her pussy through the pantyhose and underwear, "I understand ma'am."

At this time the waiter returned but was quickly sent away by the Governor with a clear "Don't come back here unless we call you."

Carla said, "Kirsten, pull down your skirt, pantyhose and underwear."

Kirsten did so without a word. Carla then, rather uncharacteristically, dove into the girl's pussy. Kirsten moaned instantly and I saw Carla slide a finger inside her. Kirsten quaked and orgasmed in just under a minute. Carla then moved up and kissed Kirsten shoving her tongue in the girl's mouth. Carla then said, "Was it worth it?"

"Hmmm yes, ma'am. I never knew I could feel like that."

"Governor, I will give you a call soon. For the record," looking at both of her new slaves, "all my slaves wear stockings, stay-ups or crotchless pantyhose."

The Governor responded, "That is all I wear now."

"Good. Now we all need to eat our meals. So, Kirsten I want you under our table and please eat my gorgeous friend's pussy here. You are going to need lots of practice."

"Yes, ma'am," Kirsten replied.

I lifted up my skirt for easier access and she simply crawled under the table and moved in-between my legs. Carla took a bite of her meal and said, "Governor, I will be in touch."

"I am looking forward to it," replied the Governor as she went back to her table.

I ate my meal and Carla and I chit-chatted about the potential of having the Governor of our State at our mercy. All the while, the rookie cunt licker lapped at my cunt. For a first timer, she was not bad, although she could not take the signs of when I was close. Finally, I had to push her head deep inside me until I came. I then pulled her up and kissed my juices off her lips. Carla told Kirsten to pull up her clothes and that we would see her soon. Carla whispered something into her ear I could not hear and she sheepishly went back to the Governor's table.

I asked Carla what she said and she replied, "I told her I was going to be the first to fuck her pussy and her ass and she could not let anyone else until I did."

"Cool," I replied.

We finished eating and the waiter asked if we wanted anything else. The Governor left with a nod and we ordered dessert. After dessert we asked the waiter what he wanted for a tip. He said confidently, "I want option number 2."

Carla looked to my mother and said, "Slut, follow the waiter."

"Yes mistress." My Mom replied.

I asked Carla just as they left, "Can I join her? I think that would be so hot."

Carla laughed and said, "Go ahead, you whore."

I quickly caught up and the guy just smirked. The room was small and my Mom quickly pulled the guys' pants down and went to work. After a couple of minutes I said, "Mommy, can I suck his cock too?" in a little girl's voice.

"Of course honey. Suck his cock just like your slutty Mommy did."

"Thank you Mommy," I replied and engulfed the guy's decently sized cock. I went fast and furious as my Mom went behind and began licking the guy's ass. As the guy gave the legs-tense-am-about-to-cum look, I quit sucking and waited for the cum. My Mom stroked his cock and soon cum sprayed all over my face. My Mom then began licking the cum off my face, kissing me hard and passionately. After a couple of minutes of this, I got up, tugged on the guy's shrinking cock and said, "Thanks."

He grunted in return and we left the room. Carla was waiting for us and smiled, "The Governor paid for our meals apparently."


"Umm, you have some cum on your neck." I moved my hand to it and scooped it up. I sucked it into my mouth and said, "Not bad."

"Slut," Carla said and we left the restaurant.

We then stopped at an adult store to pick up a few new toys, and a lingerie store to pick up quite a few new pairs of hosiery and lingerie for Mommy dearest. We could have had some fun at either place I imagine, but we were both rather tired and decided to keep our strength for the movie tonight. We headed home to take a nap. When I arrived home, I found Dad completely dressed in mother's clothes. I laughed hard and told Mom, "Why don't you go get a strap-on from my room and fuck the shit out of your faggot husband?" I then watched as that happened, my mother calling him every humiliating name she could imagine. My Dad just took it all enjoying the fucking and humiliation. I left with my Mom still hammering away and took a nap.

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