tagErotic CouplingsThe Conception Deception Ch. 02

The Conception Deception Ch. 02


Chapter 2- For Concession

Thursday night was a repeat of Wednesday, just with a different movie. And this time, I was more appropriately dressed and wasn't surprised by what she expected. It took me a little longer to get worked up, especially once the dialogue started on the TV- it was distracting. But after a few minutes, I was ready and simply said, "Claire..."

She scooted to the edge and I pushed in. There was less lube this time, which meant I actually felt some friction. That alone was enough to get me off without the need to thrust. It wasn't as strong a cum as the day before, but it still felt good. I rolled to the side and Claire moved back to the center of the bed.

As I was preparing to leave, she said, "I'm going out with some friends for dinner tomorrow- can you come over a little later, like after 9?"

"Yeah, sure," I answered casually. As casually as one can manage when arranging to inseminate a woman that he has just finished cumming inside.


Friday night, she was giggly. She'd had a drink or two, I could tell. There was no movie set up, because she had just gotten back from dinner- we had run into each other at her front door. She asked me to wait in the living room while she changed, and I looked around at the pictures. Something seemed odd about them, but I couldn't figure out what. After a few minutes, Claire called me back to the room. She had a bedside lamp on and was holding a novel. "Whenever you're ready," she said, opening her book. Every minute or so, I could hear her turn a page. I looked over at her, trying to find something to stimulate me. If only I could see a little more of her...

It was taking longer than usual, but Claire didn't say anything. As she read, she casually moved her hand along her body. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have my hand in the same places- along her hips, around her side, just under her rib cage...I was getting close.

"Almost there," I warned her.

She scooted into place, and just as I lined up with her entrance, she gasped, "Omigod, I forgot the lube!"

"Too late," I warned her. It wasn't, really. I was still going to need a couple strokes or thrusts, so I could have held off. But I just didn't want to; I wanted to be done. I started to push in and enjoyed that delicious sensation of slight resistance, the feeling of a woman's walls giving way and letting you in. She was tight, but there was a hint of moisture as I started to get my tip inside. I did a few gentle prods, encouraging her wetness to spread around, and after a few seconds I had enough to push in some more. Claire moaned and put her hands over her face. I didn't know if it was embarrassment or arousal or something else.

With two solid strokes, I was inside her, just in time. The tightness, the warmth, the friction, the excitement...I came with a groan and held in deep. I tried to avoid making much noise when I came- it just seemed out of place. But I still held my mouth open and gasped. Even if it wasn't the ideal situation, cumming inside a woman always feels great.

I wanted to wait until I felt myself getting soft, but Claire didn't want to risk losing any of that precious cargo, so I reluctantly pulled out. Once she had the flap closed and the pillow under her, I slumped into a chair next to the bed. "Gimme a minute," I said, feeling tired.

"No problem," she said happily. Then after a minute, with her eyes still in her book, she said, "I guess this is like a dream come true, huh?"

Not wanting to disagree strongly just yet, I said, "I'm not sure what you mean."

"You know...hassle-free sex. You don't even need to mess around with the preliminaries, just skip straight to the good part."

"You could not be more wrong," I said calmly. "We're skipping the good parts."

"Oh come on," she chided, putting her book down. "No obligation to talk, or cuddle, or mess with foreplay...You get to walk into my room, cum inside me, then walk out with no responsibilities or consequences. It's perfect. Cumming without the drama, what more could you want?"

"Well, since you ask, I'd like to actually have sex," I said. I had been looking for a chance to bring this up. I wasn't yet ready to back out of the deal, but I was close.

"But you get the important part of sex, right?"

"Wrong," I said, a little agitated. Claire furrowed her brow and looked at me. I went on. "Sex is about so much more than cumming. Even that isn't half...isn't a tenth as good without all the build-up, without everything that leads up to it. Without touching and holding and smelling and feeling skin and feeling accepted by your partner. It...it's such an emotional, personal experience. I can't even call this sex. Whatever we're doing...it's not sex."

"Yikes," she said, still sounding a little under the influence of the alcohol she'd had earlier. "Looks like I hit a nerve. Excuuuuuse me! Maybe you just have a different perspective on sex from every...other...guy I've ever known."

"Look," I said, in a calmer voice, "I've been thinking about this, and I'm really wondering what I'm supposed to be getting out of this deal. I mean...you are hoping to get a baby, so that's your payoff. But what do I get in return?"

She looked at me, confused, "You get...this. You get to cum inside me. You get four sexual encounters a month, no strings attached. I thought that would be highly motivating."

"Well, nothing personal, but it's not. In fact, I'm starting to think it's more frustrating than anything else. It's like I'm being teased with sex but not allowed to have it. And on top of that, there are strings attached- I'm agreeing to not see anyone else. How is that rewarding? Twenty-six days a month, I'm dealing with enforced chastity."

Claire seemed a bit put off, but at least she wasn't angry. "What do you suggest, then? That I go all porno on you, fake like I'm having a blast while I bounce on your love stick, begging you to 'fill my little pussy, baby?' Because if that's what you want, then you can fuck off." She didn't say it in a mean or angry way, but she was obviously perturbed. I guess this was my make-or-break moment. I hoped that her being even a little buzzed would work in my favor.

"Once a month. That's what I want," I said.


"Three of the four days, we'll do our little dance. You wear your trap door pants and pretend not to pay attention while I jerk off. I'll only touch you when I'm finishing inside you, then I'll slip out of the room gracefully. But on the fourth day, we actually have sex. Clothes off, under the covers, kissing and holding and trying to get you pregnant the way it's usually done."

She closed her eyes and exhaled loudly. After a few seconds she said, "I told you this was not going to be about sex."

"Yes, you did. And that's still true. But you didn't say it wasn't going to include sex. It's still just about getting you pregnant, right? Sex doesn't take away from that. And without this, our little arrangement just becomes a case of me helping you out at some inconvenience to myself. I think it's only fair that I get something out of this, too. I only agreed to do it because I assumed you were talking about us having sex four times a month."

"Bad assumption," she said tersely.

"A perfectly legitimate assumption, given the circumstances," I countered calmly.

"Are you saying you wouldn't have agreed to this if you knew it was going to be...like this?" she asked.

"That's exactly what I'm saying," I said confidently, even though I wasn't totally sure if that was the case.

She was silent for a few minutes, chewing on her bottom lip and occasionally brushing a tuft of hair away from her face. She was cute when she was concentrating.

"You're not happy just cumming?" she finally said, her expression showing her confusion.

"Nope," I answered. "I prefer to talk and kiss and cuddle and have a good bit of foreplay. I like for sex to last a while, so that I can touch and explore my partner's body. I love watching a woman cum while I'm having sex with her- it's more satisfying than my own orgasm."

She looked at me with undisguised skepticism. "Really?"

"Emotionally more satisfying, yes. Or at least just as satisfying."

"I think you're just trying to talk your way into my bed."

"I'm already in your bed- tomorrow. I'm just trying to make it a more enjoyable experience, maybe for both of us."

"Don't get your hopes up, cowboy."

"Is that a yes or a no?"

"It's a 'come back tomorrow and we'll see.' Tomorrow's Saturday- I'm home all day. What time works for you?"

"I'll be working until late afternoon."

"Let's just make it nighttime, then. It's better for me to be able to just go to sleep afterwards, anyway," she said, indicating her propped up hips.

"So you're saying maybe we'll have sex?"

"I need to think about it. That's kind of a big thing to just spring on a girl."

"Says the woman whose womb is currently soaking in my sperm," I pointed out. Claire rolled her eyes. "Besides," I continued, "you kind of sprang this whole idea on me just as suddenly."

"And I gave you time to think about it, didn't I?" she said confidently.

"True, true," I conceded. "I'll swing by around 8, OK?"

"Sounds good."

"And Claire," I said, as I reached her bedroom door, "you need to understand that if you say no, then tomorrow is probably my last time. This really isn't working for me."

"I understand," she said solemnly.


I really didn't know which way she would go. I also wasn't sure what I wanted her to say. Part of me wanted her to say no, so that I could end it all, satisfying my guilty conscience and tacitly agreeing with Marco that the whole thing was just too fucked up to work. But several other parts of me wanted her to say yes. The biggest problem- and probably what I was most worried about- was that she would say a reluctant yes, making me feel like a scumbag as I had sex with a woman who felt only obligation and nothing more. One-sided, awkward, guilt sex. Definitely not what I wanted.

I passed her in the parking lot on my way home from work on Saturday. She was heading out to her car, her purse slung over her shoulder. I was just getting out of my truck and making sure there wasn't anything valuable in the back. She waved to me in a friendly way and shouted, "I'm running to the grocery store. Want me to pick up something for you?"

It was weird. She was being friendly, which was good, and she was offering to get something from the store- that was more than a neighborly hello. I didn't know what to make of it, and so I was unable to think through my dinner plans and actually answer her. "Nah, I'm good, thanks," I hollered across to her. That was probably all she expected to hear from me anyway. I never can tell when people are being sincere and when they are just being polite.

"OK. See you tonight!" she said, sliding into her car and not waiting for a response.

Once I got to my apartment, I wished I had asked her to get something from the store for me. Looking through my cupboards, I couldn't put together a decent meal and had to settle for a hodge-podge of things to fill my stomach. Grocery shopping tomorrow, I guess.

After what passed for dinner, I took a shower and read some emails. It was still 2 hours before go time, so I flipped on the TV. I thought of Claire's pottery and wondered if I should get a hobby, too. When Morgan and Conner had been around, I always had something to do when I wasn't working. I spent time with Conner during the evenings, and after he fell asleep, Morgan and I had time together. Since they left, I just watched a lot of movies. I tried to remember- what did I do in my free time before Morgan? I guess I spent a lot of time with Dad. And I used to play music. I still had an electric bass in my closet, one I hadn't played in years. Bass isn't much of a solo instrument, but if I could find a few guys to jam with...

I pushed the thought aside for the moment, content to start watching the first season of a TV series that I had been hearing about. I could get two episodes in before seeing Claire. I settled into the couch and breathed deep. I was exhausted from a day in the sun, and sitting down felt good.


I awoke slowly, disoriented. The TV was still on, but there was nothing playing. The show had been boring- or maybe I was just too tired. Anyway, I had dozed off and it was...shit. It was 8:30. I was supposed to be at Claire's a half hour ago! A text from her had woken me up.

Running late? it said.

I quickly wrote, Coming, then deleted it, not liking the sexual pun. I replaced it with, On my way, and jogged out the door. She was only one floor down, so I didn't even bother with shoes. I knocked on the door and she opened it a few seconds later.

"I was beginning to wonder if you had changed your mind altogether," she said, looking relieved.

"Sorry, sorry, I dozed off on the couch."

"One of those days, huh?" she said, heading back to the bedroom.

"I guess," I mumbled, still fighting some cobwebs in my brain.

Her room was set up the usual way- something ready on the TV, something to snack on and drink, pillow ready for propping up. I noticed she was dressed in her custom pants, which pretty much answered my question about her intentions.

"Sit down," she said kindly, indicating the chair next to her bed. I sat down and tried to gauge my emotional state. It was, of course, mixed.

"So I'm sure you can tell that we're not going to have sex tonight," she said, and I nodded slowly. "But what I want to do is plead for mercy."

I raised my eyebrows at that unexpected request.

"I'd like to finish this month like I had planned, but then work up to sex next month," she said calmly, then chewed on her bottom lip nervously, looking at me for a response.

"Work up to it?" I asked in genuine confusion.

"Yeah, like...not all of a sudden, but getting closer to it each time next month. Then on the fourth day, unless I can't handle it, we could have sex."

"I'm still not sure what you mean. Like, making out, and stuff like that?"

"No...more like the other way around. Making out might be too personal for me. But maybe gradually wearing less clothes, or letting you touch me while you get ready, or something like that. I'll have to think about it some more."

"That...could work," I said, weighing the possibility in my mind.

"The thing is, Russell, it really has been a long time- a few years- since I've had sex. Not counting what we do, of course."

"Of course," I agreed. I didn't think of it as sex, either.

"And so something like that is going to take some mental adjustment. And I'm even willing to try to think of it like a recurring one-night-stand, even though it won't be like that- I would still have to see you afterwards. But I hate one-night stands to begin with. Sex is so personal, and I don't like it just for the act itself. I would feel...scared or violated or...or used...if we did it now. No offense, you're really nice and attractive and all, but..."

"I get it. You want to protect your heart, and sex is a chink in that armor."

"Exactly! So I just need some time to see if I can get used to the idea. Can you give me that?"

I sighed. I knew I was being a first-class bastard by agreeing to this whole deal without telling her I probably couldn't get her pregnant. But I still wanted to be a nice guy, and pressuring her into sex wasn't nice. "Yeah, I can do that," I said, unable to hide a bit of disappointment in my voice.

"Good. Although if this month goes well, it might be a moot point," she said.

"Could be," I said, with faked optimism. Then Claire lay back on the bed and I moved over to sit near her. She looked at my bulge while she opened up her little trap door.

"I can tell you're still ready to go, even after that little heart-to-heart," she teased. I was in my pajama pants, which did nothing to hide my arousal.

"Hey, our little heart-to-heart was about sex. How did you think I would react?"

"Well, as a sign of good faith, I was thinking that you could put it in me a little before you finish. Not a lot, but...you know, enough that you can still stroke a few times."

"The timing of that isn't an exact science, Claire," I warned her.

"Oh, you know what I mean. About the time when a guy starts to moan, 'Oh baby, I'm getting close baby, can you cum with me? Ungh! Ungh! Cum with me baby!'" She did a fake masculine voice, complete with pants and grunts. We both laughed and I couldn't resist adding, "I thought all women could orgasm on command."

"If only," she said, widening her eyes and smirking in frustration.

I casually pulled my hard-on through the hole in the front of my pants and started working myself towards release. I used two hands and squeezed tight, trying to speed things up. Claire lay flat on her back, staring at the ceiling, her hands folded across her stomach. I couldn't turn to look at her without getting into an uncomfortable position, but in my periphery I could see how her breasts were being pushed up. I longed to touch them, to see them, to kiss them. I hoped maybe we could get to that next month.

It took a few minutes, but picturing sex with Claire, even as she was lying next to me, fueled my lust. I stood up and moved between her legs, switching to long, slower strokes that went all the way down to my base. I knew I was getting closer and figured it was as good a time as any. Gripping my shaft, I wiggled it past her folds and up to her entrance. I started to push and only had a little progress.

"Damn," breathed Claire. "Forgot the lube again."

By that point, I was moving my tip in and out, encouraging her natural lubrication to take over. After a minute of just moving my tip in and out, there was enough wetness that I could push in. Claire gasped as I did and instinctively pulled her legs up a bit. That small motion aided my entry, and I was soon buried all the way inside her. I took a brief moment to appreciate the feeling, remembering that I didn't have to cum right away.

Pulling back after a few seconds, I slowly pushed back in. Claire exhaled with each slow thrust, keeping her eyes closed and her hands on her stomach. I don't know how much longer it was, probably about a minute, before I reached the point of no return. The first three times we had sex, I had kept my hands on the bed, propping myself up as high as I could over her. But this time, I took the liberty of grabbing her hips and pulling her towards me as I came. I started pulling about the time I normally would have been entering her.

I heard an "oof!" as I gripped her hips and pulled them towards my thrusting cock. I didn't know if I had crossed a line, but I was too far gone to care. A few solid pushes and I began to empty into her. Claire arched her back and gave me a slightly better angle, pushing me just a bit deeper in. On a whim I said, "Cum with me, baby!" Claire began to laugh hard and dropped back down to the bed. I tried to stay inside her as we went down, and I managed to keep just my tip inside her as I sprayed again. With one more slow, deep push, I released the last of my cum into her.

Claire was still laughing, which gave me a few seconds to enjoy the feeling of her warm walls around me. I slowly pulled out, and she got into her usual position on the bed. I fell into the chair and leaned back, waiting to get soft before I tucked everything away.

"That was the funniest thing ever," Claire said as she put the pillow in place under her and looked for the remote.

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