The Concubines


My eyes opened wide, and I put my finger to my lips, shushing Jasmine, and put him on the speaker. I had hardly opened my mouth, to ask him what the hell was I expected to do with little Harry, when he chuckled, and said it was all arranged. Our usual back-up baby-sitter would be at the house at seven, he would pick us up at seven-thirty, dinner was at eight.

He laughed at my obvious confusion, saying we must celebrate... and told me to make sure that Jasmine and I wore our best concubine outfits, please! He didn't want to be ashamed of his women!

She was smiling broadly, and was making signs to me about our state of nakedness, and I understood her perfectly. I asked Jim, if wherever we were going, did their dress code include bare bodies... after all, they were the only outfits that we had worn so far, in our new positions in the household!

He laughed and hung up, saying that he was sure we could come up with something. Jasmine and I looked at each other, and we burst out laughing too. Then to my surprise, she started crying, but I could tell they were happy tears.

She was so pleased to be so obviously accepted as part of our family, and I was happy that once again, that husband of mine had come through with flying colours... I knew I loved him for some reason!

That was a busy house for a while... suffice to say, that by seven-thirty, little Harry had been fed and watered, and was snug in his cot. Caitlyn, the baby sitter was ensconced on the couch, and unsuccessfully trying to watch TV.

Jim had smiled broadly as he came in to collect his concubines... Caitlyn was finding it hard to watch TV, because she was still in a state of shock, at the sheer beauty and elegance of the two ladies in question. He laughed aloud... he knew his concubines wouldn't let him down.

That evening would remain for ever in my memory, and I'm sure in Jasmine's too. The ambience was perfect, and as the night wore on, I was fascinated at Jim's complete sense of ease. It was as if the three of us had lived together as husband and wives, for years.

We were the cynosure of all eyes in the dining room... the handsome man, with the two lovely women. My blonde 'Golden girl' type of beauty contrasted well with Jasmine's sultry dark Arabian style. She was in her element, she had never been shown off so well and perfectly in her life... she positively shimmered... I was so proud of her.

As Jim drove us home later that evening, Jasmine and I were in each others arms in the back-seat, kissing and hugging happily, fingers in each other's pussies, telling the driver to make it snappy.. there were two horny broads here, hot to trot! And that he'd better have his meter running, if he knew what we meant...

All was well at the house, and Jim said he would drive Caitlyn home, and I nodded, telling him to take it easy, she didn't live too far away. Jasmine and I would get ready for bed, and maybe relax with a glass of wine, until he came home.

I checked on the baby, he was fast asleep. Then Jasmine and I washed ourselves, put on shorty nighties and tiny panties, and relaxed on the couch in the living room, listening to 'late night music' on the quad. Jasmine was snuggling me in her arms, and she put down her wine-glass, and put her hand under my chin, gently tilting my face up to hers.

Her eyes glowed into mine: "Wendy," she murmured, "you have made me the happiest woman on this earth tonight... you and Jim!" and she kissed me gently, her hands cupping my face.

She finally released me, and snuggled me to her again, her fingers stroking at my hardening nipples, and went on: "But there is a thing that you must know about us... I mean the three of us." and she paused, as I stirred in her arms...

She went on: "It is all right my darling, it is nothing bad. It is just that I must tell you, that you come first in my heart... and even though I love the things that Jim has brought to us, you still come first with me Wendy.. you are the light in my life!"

My heart lifted as she spoke... I reached up and pulled her mouth down on to mine, and just then, we heard the front door open and close, and we looked at each other, smiling... our man was home!

Chapter 9.

Jim came in to the living room, and stopped, grinning from ear to ear as he looked at us. I could tell he was pleased with what he saw, and I stuck my tongue out at him! Jasmine just smiled happily up at him, her eyes shining.

"Go and get cleaned up, get into something casual, and come and have a drink!" I told him.

It didn't take him long before he joined us, he was wearing just a dressing gown, it was open, and his cock was visible, at rest now. Then he closed it, tying it with the sash, Jim never wore pyjamas or shorts in bed, he had always said it was only right that his 'guys' get an airing overnight.

Jasmine and I made room for him in between us on the couch, and he sat down as I poured him a glass of wine. He picked it up, indicating that he wanted to give a toast, and smiled at both of us in turn, as he raised it.

"Here's to my beautiful concubines... thank you both for the most wonderful evening of my life!" and we all laughed, and drank in full agreement.

We sat there talking about the evening, Jasmine and I with our heads on his shoulders, we had both brushed our hair out, and the gold and black tresses flowed luxuriantly over Jim. He put a hand on each of our thighs, and stroked us as we talked.

It wasn't long before the sensual flesh in his palms got to Jim, and his ever hungry cock began to stiffen under his dressing gown. I saw it, and giggled as I reached out and re-arranged things, so that his cock was free now, in full view as it hardened dramatically.

I never tired of looking at Jim's cock, and Jasmine was equally fascinated, as we both watched it stand up proudly to it's ultimate seven inches. He had been circumcised, and the gleaming head was smooth, his pee-hole seemed to be smiling at us. The shaft was about an inch and a half in diameter, the flesh like satin... the veins were prominent.

Jasmine was right, Jim has a very lovely cock! I reached out with one hand, and gently folded my fingers around the base of it, then looked over at Jasmine and nodded slightly. She also reached out, and grasped it at the top, and we started to slide the loose flesh towards each other's hands.

Jim gasped aloud and threw his head back on the couch, then we wrapped our hands around each others, and started to slowly jack him off, as he closed his eyes and trembled with pleasure. I smiled lovingly at Jasmine, and she smiled lovingly back at me... we were completely in tune with each other.

I saw the unspoken question in her eyes, and I nodded happily... I knew exactly what she wanted to do... she wanted to suck him off to orgasm. She wanted his cum in her mouth, down her throat, in her belly. The ghosts from the past were finally going to be banished.

She got off the couch, and knelt on the carpet, her body between his open legs. Jim looked down at her as she opened up his dressing gown, and took hold of his cock, and started to double-fist him, and he groaned aloud.

My hand was still around the base of his cock, and I squeezed it hard now, as her hands flew. He looked over at me, and smiled like a big Cheshire cat, and I leaned over to him and kissed him on the mouth, my tongue half-way down his throat.

Then I leaned back and watched as Jasmine's hands did their deadly work.. but not for long. She tossed her hair back, and leaned over him, and her sensual lips opened wide, and she took the head of his cock in her mouth. Jim moaned in delight at the feel of her warm wet mouth around his cock, and thrust his hips up at her.

Jasmine was breathing through her nose, and opening her throat up, she pushed her head down on him, taking him deep inside her without gagging even a little. I was fascinated... for a lesbian, my Arabian lover was showing unexpected talents! Then her lips closed tightly around his shaft, and she pulled her mouth up, almost to the head of his glistening cock, then pushed down on him again.

She started to work on him, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked at his flesh, her neck bending gracefully as her head moved up and down on his shaft. This was no amateur suck-off, this was 'head' in all it's full meaning. I have never been able to do this myself, I always gagged too much.

As I mentioned, Jim's cock is around seven inches when hard, and her lips met my fingers around the base of his shaft, so she was taking most of him on her down strokes. I was moaning in sheer joy as I watched her... you can imagine how Jim was by now!

He was almost sobbing with delight, as her throat, tongue, and lips worked their magic on him. He was close to orgasm, but he fought it... unwilling for the marvellous feeling to end, it even transcended his ultimate pleasure. His eyes were tortured as they looked into mine, and I released his cock and leaned over and took his head in my hands, and started kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

Time stood still, until Jim's body heaved, and he held me tight, squeezing the breath out of me as he finally orgasmed... but what an orgasm! I wriggled out of his arms, and quickly sat back, wanting to see what was going on. Jasmine's luscious hair was all over the place, hiding them, and I leaned over and moved it out of the way.

Her face was close to his crotch, and she was gulping deep in her throat, as she swallowed down every drop of cum that Jim was pumping into her. He was screaming frantically, this was the most intense orgasm he had ever had in his life, and it showed. I got off the couch and knelt next to Jasmine, and she looked into my eyes as her belly filled with Jim's cum.

Her own eyes were blazing with passion, asking me for something, and I knew at once what she wanted. I scooted behind her, and laid flat on my back, my head between her legs, and pulled her hips on to me, my fingers ripping off her panties, and I buried my face in her streaming gash.

Her own body heaved out of control now, as my mouth found her throbbing clitoris, and she instantly flooded my face with her love-juices, and screamed around Jim's cock, as best as she could. The two of them were out of their minds with passion, as their bodies writhed with pleasure.

Jeesus... this was some climax I thought, as my tongue and teeth went to work on her, and then my own pussy let go, amazingly without even being touched... and I think I must have passed out.

I really don't remember the next little while, but when I re-surfaced, I found myself with my head in Jim's lap, and Jasmine's cum covered face in front of me as we kissed passionately. Jim's cock was soft now... it felt all nice and cuddly, glistening with cum!

to be continued...

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