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The Conference


Her name was Dawn. We met last year at the annual sales conference. She was tall, about 5'11" and had shoulder length, dark brown hair. She was slim, a size 10, but with breasts that seemed a couple of sizes too big for her otherwise slender build. She was dressed in an elegant yet professional two piece trouser suit that revealed her figure to full effect while at the same time gave her an air of reserved competence. Yet what first caught my attention were her deep, ice blue eyes and warm smile.

My first chance to speak to her was completely by chance. We had stopped for lunch on the first day and after I'd eaten I stepped out on to the porch for a smoke. Dawn was already there. I was almost relieved to find that this perfect woman had a weakness after all. I said "hello" as I opened the packet, extracted a cigarette and put it to my lips. I fumbled in my pocket for my lighter. She smiled. "Light?", she offered. I thanked her, lit up and inhaled deeply.

As we smoked we chatted pleasantly about minor matters. Dawn was 24 and was the sales manager for the south, just as I was the sales manager for the north-east. She had joined the company at 21 and had just split up with her boyfriend when she'd found out he was sleeping with one of her (formerly) best friends.

As we chatted I found myself becoming more and more attracted to her and I'm certain she noticed.

As luck would have it, after lunch we ended up in the same group for one of the inevitable team building exercises. As the afternoon session wore on it became obvious that Dawn was flirting with me. I was soon responding in kind and the remainder of the afternoon was spent in a blur of excitement.

We sat together as we ate our evening meal. Just her proximity sent a tingle of anticipation through me. I wanted Dawn badly and I was certain she wanted me too!

Suddenly our meal was over. As we smoked our cigarettes and drank our coffee Dawn did what I longed for her to do and asked me if I'd like to meet her later in the bar for a drink. Unable to speak I nodded my agreement. "8:30 then?", she asked. "Fine", I replied. Dawn smiled, "See you there then" she said. With that she stood up, gave me a peck on the cheek then made her way to the lift.

I sat there, transfixed, as I had another cigarette. Was there more to her offer or was it just her way of being friendly? I could barely contain my hope. Desire burned inside me.

I returned to my room. The clock read 7:25. I stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I quickly undressed and tested the temperature. Satisfied that it was warm enough I climbed in.

As the steam rose and the hot water on my body began to melt away the tensions of the day my imagination began to take over. The spray of the shower head became Dawn's lips against mine. My lathered hands were suddenly hers, gently exploring my body. I could feel Dawn's body against mine, her breasts pressed against my shoulders as her hands reached round to hold and caress me.

The mixture of water and lather allowed my hands to slide effortlessly over my skin. My hands found my breasts and as I teased and caressed them I imagined Dawn's lips slowly fastening on my nipple, sucking it gently as her hands softly played with my tits.

I removed the shower head and angled it lower. The spray from its jet felt like a hundred fingers gently massaging my already wet pussy. The pleasurable tension began to mount inside me and I began to tease myself down below.

Letting the shower head fall free, I leaned against the cubicle wall and ran my hands up and down the inside of my thighs. Over and over, my hands traced their path, never quite finding their target. I stopped; my hands returned to play with my tits. As I squeezed and stroked them I returned the shower to its hook, letting the water cascade over me.

My pussy was on fire, aching for relief. While one hand kept its attention on my nipples, pinching one then the other, teasing, the other traced its way through the short, soft curls of my mound before coming to rest on my aching clit.

An intense shock ran through me as my fingers began the exploration of my cunt. Slowly I slid a finger inside me as my thumb worked on my clit. The sensations grew stronger as my finger worked its way back and forth inside my tunnel. My knees grew weak as the pressure mounted and I knew I could contain myself no more. I let go and suddenly all tension vanished as wave after wave of pleasure surged through me.

I wanted to continue but I had to force myself to stop. One was all I was going to let myself have for now. There'd be plenty of time for more later I hoped.

Finally I switched off the shower. I wrapped my self in a towel and wandered back to the bedroom. I looked at the clock, 8:05. I sat on the edge of my bed, lit up a cigarette and inhaled deeply as I tried to decide what to wear.

I rummaged in my suitcase to find something suitable. Underwear was easy. A lacy black bra and matching knickers were quickly found and slipped into. Stockings and suspender belt were next. After a lot of deliberation I finally decided on a light pair of cotton slacks and a tightish, plunge neck top that I knew I looked good in. Finally, I slipped on my one pair of decent shoes before applying a minimum of make-up. I quickly fixed my hair then checked myself in the mirror. Pleased with the result, I made sure I had all my essentials, grabbed my bag and set off for the bar. 8:32, almost perfect timing.

When I reached the bar Dawn was already there, chatting to Mike, one of the company's accountants. As I took my seat Mike smiled a quick hello then said he would maybe catch up with us later. He left. Dawn asked what I would like to drink. I ordered a white wine while Dawn, I noticed, was drinking Kronenbourg.

We chatted about minor things as we drank. As we talked I found it hard not to stare. Gone was the professional business women of earlier, in her place was an attractive young woman, clearly at ease with herself who was out to have a good time. Once again I found myself hoping that I featured in her plans for the evening.

The smart suit had gone. In it's place Dawn was wearing a light, semi-transparent blouse, tantalisingly unfastened at the neck and a pair of tight fitting jeans. Her hair was down, framing her face accenting the deep blue of her eyes. The informal setting brought a subtle change to her personality. She was more relaxed, more open, seemingly younger and even more irresistible.

We drank, smoked and talked about our lives. As we drank our inhibitions slid away and the conversation became more frank, almost explicit. We discussed sex, the things we liked, the things we didn't and shared confidences of our more daring and embarrassing experiences.

It's worth pointing out that neither of us were lesbians but both of us had had sex with other women as part of a full range of sexual experiences. Great sex depends more on what your partner does rather than who they are.

At some point during the evening Dawn had moved her chair closer to mine, or maybe it had been the other way round. It didn't matter, her proximity was electrifying. Occasionally her leg brushed against mine sending a thrill through my body. I was certain Dawn could sense my mounting state of arousal.

As the evening went on I was increasingly torn between my desire to make feelings for Dawn known or simply to keep quiet and enjoy her company. I was terrified that I was misreading the situation, that she was simply being friendly and any move on my part would, at best, be rejected or, even worse, shatter our growing friendship. In the end, ironically it was Dawn who made the first move.

For the first time in our short acquaintance she seemed hesitant, shy almost. She took a long sip of her drink then turned to me. "Look", she started, "I could be about to make a total fool of myself here but would you like to come back to my room after these?", she asked, indicating our almost empty glasses.

I smiled. Unable to speak I simply nodded. Without a further word we drained our glasses, stood up and made our way to the lift.

The doors closed on an empty lift and Dawn's lips were on mine. I melted into the kiss, my passion fully aroused. Within seconds we were on Dawn's floor. Her room was the last one on that level. Once inside, our lips met again. Our hands eagerly explored each others' bodies. Clothes which had been chosen with such painstaking care were quickly removed and tossed to the floor in a frenzy of lust.

Seeing Dawn naked for the first time she was as perfect as I'd imagined. She drew me into her embrace and we kissed again.

My lips travelled down her neck until the found the swelling of her breasts. Eagerly, I took her nipple into my mouth and gently sucked. Dawn gave a soft sigh then began gently nibbling on my neck as my lips and tongue continued to explore her breasts.

We lay down on Dawn's bed and I continued to explore every inch of her exposed flesh with my mouth and tongue. As I did, my fingers played with the soft curls of her mound. Occasionally my finger slid between her lips, lightly teasing her clit, feeling the wet warmth of Dawn's pussy.

We kissed again, this time with more urgency. My tongue explored her mouth as Dawn ran her fingernails down my back; digging them into the soft flesh of my bum.

I started down again. I coated Dawn's breasts with a fine film of saliva then used the ends of my long hair to tease her nipples. Dawn sighed and squirmed below me as I continued my journey south.

I spread Dawn's legs and ran my tongue up the insides of her thighs. Over and over again, never quite making contact with her pussy, slowly driving her wild with my teasing.

Dawn was begging for relief when I finally took pity on her. My own pussy was on fire as I parted her lips with my tongue. I kissed her swollen clit and she moaned with pleasure. My tongue lapped tenderly at her cunt, savouring the taste of her juices. Then I gently sucked on each of her lower lips before pushing my tongue deep into her cunt.

As I probed deep inside her Dawn squirmed in an agony of pleasure. I began lapping at her cunt, faster this time. As I did she began to play with her tits. Dawn squeezed the soft globes with her hands, pinching her nipples and moaning softly as she writhed in ecstasy.

I changed the focus of attention to her clit. I sucked and licked it as Dawn's breathing became heavier. I licked her clit with short, sharp stabs of my tongue. Then, as I did this I slowly slid one, then two fingers into her soaking cunt.

I fucked Dawn with my fingers as my tongue lapped furiously on her clit. I felt Dawn's body stiffen, then with a long moan she came. Her body shook violently as the force of her orgasm washed over her.

I tried to stop but Dawn's fingers were suddenly in my hair, pushing my face harder against her pussy. I could almost feel the contractions of her pussy as I continued to feast on her cunt.

As I licked and probed her pussy with my tongue and fingers I could sense Dawn's orgasm begin to subside. Still she held my face against her mound, begging me not to stop as I increased the pace of my licking again. Then, without warning, her hips began to buck again, more violently this time.

Dawn shrieked my name as a second, stronger orgasm took hold of her. She let go of my head and I moved up to hold her as her whole body convulsed. I noticed her hand in her pussy rubbing at her clit as she extracted the last ounce of pleasure from her orgasm.

Finally, her body spent, she lay quietly in my arms as I held her tightly to me. She turned, smiled then kissed me. Her lips pressed to mine was all the expression of thanks I required as we lay there, slowly letting Dawn recover from such a violent release.

After a few minutes Dawn's breathing began to return to normal. She kissed me and our passion began to mount again. Dawn told me to lie on my front and as I did so she began to gently kiss and nibble my neck and shoulders. Dawn began to massage my back with long, slow strokes. Her hands started at my neck and slowly worked their way down my back. She started on my legs, her fingers ran lightly over the back of my knees, her tongue gently traced the inside of my thighs.

Squirming with delight I rolled on to my back. Dawn lay on top of me, her breasts crushed against mine as she kissed me deeply. Our mouths locked together for what seemed like eternity.

Finally our lips parted. Dawn's mouth began exploring my front. A long soft moan escaped from me as her lips fastened on my nipple. Dawn licked and sucked at my tits, alternating between them and a familiar warm glow began to spread over me.

I continued to play with my tits, squeezing and teasing my nipples as Dawn's mouth continued downwards on its journey of discovery. She gently pushed my legs apart then, with agonising slowness, lowered her head to taste my pussy.

Her tongue flicked out and lightly made contact with my swollen clit. The anticipation I'd experienced all evening combined with the arousal of pleasuring Dawn earlier and the attention I had already received from her had turned me on so much that I came instantly. My orgasm was a small but violent release. As the intense feelings subsided, leaving a warm glow that spread all over me, I closed my eyes and pleaded with Dawn not to stop.

Her tongue continued to lap at my pussy, occasionally slipping between my lips and probing into the depths of my cunt. Slowly, Dawn inserted first one, then two fingers into me. She was fucking me with her fingers, sliding them in and out and twisting them inside my cunt as her tongue was applied with firm strokes to my clit.

My eyes were still closed and I began to sense a familiar feeling spreading from my pussy. Suddenly Dawn stopped and I heard her gasp. I opened my eyes and there was Mike, whom we'd chatted to in the bar earlier, standing behind Dawn. He had his hands on her hips and his cock was obviously buried deep inside her pussy. Neither of us had been aware of Mike entering the room.

I learned later that Mike and Dawn often got together at these events and that he had been a little put out that this time she had wanted me instead. Mike was returning to his room, which was opposite Dawn's and he had noticed the door was slightly ajar. When he had sneaked a look and seen what was going on, he had let himself in and decided to join in. He simply walked up behind her, dropped his jeans and shorts, grabbed Dawn's hips and buried his cock into her soaking cunt. Not that Dawn or myself had minded.

Dawn continued to eat my pussy as Mike fucked her from behind. Every thrust of his cock drove her mouth harder against my mound. The scene was so incredibly dirty it turned me on even more. I started to play with my tits as Dawn ate me and suddenly I was cumming again.

Mike stopped and undressed fully and Dawn rested her head on the bed between my legs as my body writhed with pleasure. As I came down of my high, Mike suggested that Dawn and I get into a 69. I turned round and Dawn climbed on top of me, her tongue instantly between my pussy lips. My own tongue found Dawn's clit and then Mike got into position and began to fuck her again. Mike's cock was sliding in and out of her cunt, just above my nose.

Mike's cock slid in and out of Dawn's pussy. I positioned my self so that as well as licking her clit, my tongue could lick the underside of his shaft as it pounded her cunt. After every few strokes he pulled his cock completely out and would push his cock between my lips, deep into my mouth. Each time he did this I would feast greedily on his cock for a few seconds, savouring the taste of Dawn's juices on his pole, before he would withdraw it from my mouth and ram it once again into her soaking hole. All the time Dawn's tongue was working on my pussy and clit. Not once did she miss a beat.

With Mike's cock inside her and my tongue working on her clit, it wasn't long before Dawn was cumming again. Her body was shaking, her hips bucked wildly, pushing back, forcing as much of Mike's cock into her as possible.

Mike was fucking her even harder. His cock was slamming violently into her soaking pussy, his balls were slapping against my face with every thrust and Dawn was moaning loudly with pleasure. Mike's breathing was getting heavier and more ragged and suddenly he grabbed her hips, pulling her back on to his cock, impaling her totally as he emptied his load deep inside her.

Dawn let out a long sigh of sheer lust then returned her attention to my pussy. As she licked and sucked at my clit and cunt Mike withdrew his cock from Dawn's pussy. His cum trickled out of her hole and down over my face. It was all to much for me and I came. As my orgasm shook me Dawn turned, took me in her arms and kissed me tenderly. Gently, she licked my face clean, removing every drop of her juice and Mike's cum. We smiled at each other then turned and took it in turns to lick Mike's cock clean.

Our attentions soon brought Mike's cock back to life. Within minutes he was fully erect and I began to suck on his cock in earnest. My hands explored his taut body as my lips slid along his rigid pole. Dawn turned her attention to my tits, licking and sucking them. The pleasure arising from her attentions was driving me wild, causing me to suck harder on the thick cock between my lips.

I removed his cock and began to lick up and down his length. At the top of each stroke my tongue would swirl round the head before I would open my mouth wide and devour him whole again. All the while Dawn was sucking on my nipples and sliding an occasional finger or two into my pussy.

Mike had his hands on my head forcing his cock deeper into my mouth. I squeezed his balls as my lips slid frictionlessly along his shaft.

Finally I decided that I just had to have his cock inside me. I pushed Mike on to his back and climbed on top of him. I kissed him deeply as I reached back and, with one hand, guided him easily into me. I sat up and began to raise and lower my hips, feeling his cock fill me with each thrust of our hips. I closed my eyes as I slid up and down his cock, riding it like a piston, the walls of my cunt gripping him tight.

Dawn kissed me, I opened my eyes and there she was, in front of me, her legs on either of Mike's head, grinding her pussy into his face. We leant against each other, kissing and caressing as Mike's tongue explored Dawn's pussy and his cock was buried to the hilt in mine.

Up and down, sliding almost completely off his cock then ramming myself on to it again, impaling myself on him totally. My pace was becoming more frantic and I felt Dawn begin to tremble as she held on to me. With a sound, somewhere between a sigh and a scream, Dawn came again, forcing her pussy hard against Mike's face. After that she dismounted and collapsed, spent, beside us on the bed as I continued grinding my pelvis against Mike's, savouring the feeling of him deep inside me.

I clambered off and lay down next to Dawn. Mike got on top of me and with one mighty thrust he was inside me again. Dawn turned to kiss me, one hand playing with my tits as Mike fucked me with long, slow, powerful thrusts. As his cock pounded my pussy I could feel his balls slapping against my arse with every stroke.

I gripped his arse with my hands, pushing him in deeper, forcing him to fuck me harder still. My pussy began to throb and wave after wave of pleasure began to wash over me. The strength of my orgasm pulsed higher and higher with every stroke of Mike's cock. I was screaming with every thrust, begging him not to stop, pleading with him to fuck me harder and harder. Suddenly I felt Mike's body stiffen as his cock released its load of hot, sticky cum deep inside me. The walls of my cunt gripped him like a vice, milking every last drop of cum from his cock as he collapsed on top of me.

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