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The Conference


I fell asleep as the jumbo jet soared high above the clouds. I felt far more comfortable sitting in first class rather than stuck back in cramped coach with screaming babies and whining mommies. I needed to catch a few winks because this 5 day conference was going to be a bitch.

I was a meeting planner and travelled extensively throughout the country and sometimes out of the country. I was headed to New York City for a worldwide coalition on health care conference. I was not looking forward to this one as it had been a tedious project and had one roadblock after another. The nice aspect was that I would have a meeting planner onsite with me in New York to help me. I was looking forward to her help. We had spoken several times on the phone and were in constant contact via email and I immediately liked her personality. At least, I would have someone to hang out with during the long, boring hours when everyone was in session.

We finally touched down in JFK after 4 hours and I was glad to get off the plane. Nala, the other meeting planner, was meeting me at the airport. I had no idea what she looked like but we had both described each other and she would be holding up a sign for me.

As I walked down the terminal, I immediately saw her and the sign and I was a little blown away. She was stunning and my breath caught a little. Woahhh, there comes those curios feelings again--but this isn't the time I thought to myself. I had been aching to be with another woman for years, but with my crazy schedule and crappy dating life well it hadn't happened yet.

Nala smiled and waved and I smiled back and we shook hands and laughed and said we were glad to finally meet each other after all our "teleconferences" etc. We got my bags and she directed me to the car that was waiting for us. We were swept into the heart of Manhattan and I smiled to myself. At least, I was in a cool city--actually NYC was by far my most favorite city and I always had fun adventures when I visited.

Nala dropped me off at my hotel and asked if I had dinner plans. I told her I didn't and she asked me if I wanted to head to the East Village for dinner. Hmmm, East Village. That's interesting--a big gay population there...was she???

"Well actually I live in the East Village and thought after your long trip you'd like a home cooked meal. I mean, if you want to that is. I thought it'd give us a chance to get to know each other better before we start the conference tomorrow." She smiled. She was stunning but in a very natural way. She was about 5'7 and I felt like a shrimp next to her at only 5'2. She had wavy medium length jet black hair and the most beautiful hazel-green eyes. She had a lovely olive complexion and a beautiful smile. Her body was curvy and was glad to see she wasn't one of those typical NY anorexic waif-think women. She must have been at least a D cup and I couldn't help but sneak a few peaks at her sexy chest.

She made arrangements to have her company's car pick me up and take her to her place in the Village. I was a bit excited and a little nervous. What would I wear? I brought suits and business clothes mostly.

Later that evening... I rang her doorbell at 8 pm. I had decided on tight black capri pants, a tight grey tank top and high, wedged black sandals. On impulse, I wore my sexiest black lace thong and matching black lace demi-bra...just in case :)

She looked casual but still amazing. She had on a pair of red capris and a tight white tee that hugged her tits perfectly. Her cleavage was spilling out somewhat and I almost licked my lips. The capris were tight and I could see the outline of her firm, very rounded full ass. I felt my pussy gush a little. I wondered if she purposedly dressed this way for me...oh don't be silly. She's just dressed casual.

Nala opened a bottle of red vino and we munched on brie and crackers and sipped the wine. I could smell something heavenly coming from the kitchen.

"I hope you like chicken cacciatore. That's my specialty" she grinned.

"Yum, my favorite!" I winked back at her. Why the hell did I wink? I am not flirting with her, I told myself.

The wine was making me sleepy but a little buzzed. We chatted about the conference and the details and what time we needed to be there and what our duties would be.

"UGH No more business talk. Let's talk girl talk!"

"I know what you mean. This conference hasn't even started and I'm already totally wiped out!" I agreed.

We chatted about our families and my life in California and then got around to men and dating.

"Don't even get me started on men," I whined feeling the effects of the wine.

"I know what you mean--they are a big pain in the ass!" Nala laughed.

"Actually I prefer women--much easier!!" Nala commented almost sexily.

I must have looked shocked because Nala apologized and tried to change the subject.

"I'm sorry--did I offend you? I'm bi and I don't hide it...I won't bring it up again, ok hon?" she said and patted my leg.

"Ohhh no, I just..." I fumbled, "never mind."

That subject ended and we sat down to eat. The rest of the evening went by famously and we had a lot of fun--joking and laughing and giggling like we had known each other for years. This would be a good week, I thought to myself.

Conference Day #3 The conference wasn't going as we had planned. We had a small bout of conference-goers come down with the flu and we lost attendance. Nala was a trooper though and she took charge when I became frazzled. We made a good team and we worked out the quirks together.

Since it was day 3 of the conference, things were less hectic and Nala and I got a chance to relax somewhat. She looked gorgeous today in a black tight business suit and high heeled pumps. Her hair was swept up and she looked very elegant.

By 5:30 pm, we were both exhausted. I had a great idea and suggested that we get massages here at the hotel. Nala said that would be perfect and she said she'd charge them to her company.

"It's the least they can do for us slaves!" She commented and giggled.

We arranged for our massages at 7 pm and went into the bar and ordered wine and appetizers. The wine immediately made me feel relaxed and we both felt better. We went through 2 bottles of wine and both were feeling very light and buzzed.

We finally went to the massage room--we were across from each other as the masseuses worked our tired bodies and sore muscles. I could hear Nala softly moaning as the masseuse massaged her. For some reason, her moans were getting to me but I tried not to think about it.

After our massage, I suggested we go back to my room and watch tv and order room service. She immediately agreed and smiled..hhhm, was she flirting again?

We ordered dinner and another bottle of wine--not that we really needed the wine. I started flipping through the channels and Nala answered the door for room service.

I started to laugh when I saw that I flipped to a soft porn channel.

"Nala, check this out!" I said and laughed loudly.

"Ohhh porn chicka chicka wahhh..didn't know you were such a naughty girl!" She winked at me and laughed.

I blushed slightly and watched the screen. Of course, it was on a F/F scene and the two women were making out like crazy. I was getting somewhat aroused and stole a glance at Nala.

"Very hot action," She commented and sat down on the bed next to me.

"Soooo, do you remember that conversation we had a few nights ago?" I said somewhat shakily.

"Yes, hon I do"

"Well, what I was going to say..was..is...that I've always been curious...well you know." I couldn't get the words out.

"Ahhhh I see," She smiled. "So all that flirting with me this week wasn't my imagination in horny overdrive then?"

"Uhmmm well no, I think you...are...well I'm attracted to you and think you're so amazing..." I stammered.

"Hon, I've wanted you since you stepped off the plane. I'm soooo hot for you...I'm glad you told me...I had a feeling with your flirtations but wasn't sure..." she said softly and took my hand and started rubbing it.

She then leaned down and kissed me--the sweetest, hottest most delicious kiss...our tongues intertwined and could feel her long, luscious tongue meeting mine and circling and sucking each other into a frenzy.

Before I knew it, our hands were all over each other and she was tugging off my shirt and I was tugging off her shirt and our clothes were flying everywhere.

I finally saw her in all her beautiful naked glory and her body was ripe and lush and gorgeous--the most amazing full round tits with huge, dark brown aureolas capped with the longest dark nipples I had seen...I was in awe. My pussy leaked as I took in her bod--she had wide, full hips that curved down into lovely, full thighs and as she turned around to take off her panties I was greeted by her luscious ass...I loved a big, full ass...her cheeks were mouth watering and so big and round...when she turned around I couldn't take my eyes off her mound. She had a full dark jet black bush--curly and dense...I loved a natural looking bush and couldn't wait to explore my first pussy..mmmm.

We sank down next to each other--our hands roaming everywhere..I had to have her tits...and proceeded to fondle and play with her gorgeous tits...she was now on top of me leaning her tits over my face and I hungrily sucked her fat nipple into my mouth...she groaned hungrily.

"That's it babe, suck my tit..I've wanted your mouth on my nipples all week...I've been playing with myself at night thinking about this moment..that's it..take it all in babe!"

I sucked and sucked those gorgeous nipples for what seemed like hours...then she reciprocated and hungrily attacked my fat, pink eraser-sized nipples...my tits were 36C, soft and full and creamy capped with large hard pink nips...I had nice tits and she seemed to enjoy loving them with her tongue and mouth. I was going crazy and was begging her to taste me.

"Oh Nala, honey, I want your mouth on my cunt...please hurry...I want to cum sooo badly for you...I'm so hot...please!" I begged.

It didn't take her long to leave my tits and trail her mouth down to my gushing, wet shaved pussy lips...she attacked my cunt with a wild vengeance and took my swollen clit between her mouth and sucked hard...I felt like I'd explode in seconds. She then lapped my pouty lips, tasting my sticky juices...then snaked her long tongue into my sopping pussy hole. I was on fire and knew I was soaking her face...I had never felt this kind of arousal with a man...I felt like I was out of control with desire and wanting.

"Oh Nala, eat me baby...eat my sweet, wet pussy...that's it..don't stop...I'm so close...I want to cum for you..." I moaned wildly and opened my legs wider for her.

She alternated sucking my clit while diving her tongue into my dripping hole. I was so close.

Finally, I felt the explosion--starting at my toes and then come crashing over me...my pussy quaked and I ground my ass hard into the bed and shook and exploded violently over her face, screaming out her name as I came over and over again for her.

I was wrecked. I could barely move...I had never experienced multiple orgasms like that--and none that were ever that strong. She moved up to me and kissed me--I could taste my musky pussy juices on her lips--she was covered in my cum.

I somehow regained my strength hehehe...and told her I wanted to eat her pussy so badly...I told her I had a fantasy of a woman riding my face and she was happy to oblige..I wanted that hairy, juicy pussy riding all over my face and wanted to feel her cum hard on my face.

She straddled my face and could smell her heat...I pushed open her lips with my tongue and dove into her sopping cunt...I loved the feel of her bush tickling my nose as I drank up her creamy pussy juice...she was like a fountain and was fascinated by how wet she was--her juice running down her thighs and into her asshole...she started riding me hard and could hear her wild groans and moans as she bucked against my face.

"That's it baby--I've been dreaming about this all week...use your tongue baby..suck me...harder...right on my clit." She directed.

I had never eaten pussy before so I had no idea if I was any good but from her moans I guess I was doing something right...I found her swollen, fat bud with my mouth and couldn't believe how big it was..mine was average sized but her clittie was huge and my pussy was gushing as soon as I clamped my mouth onto her swollen clittie...I started sucking and nibbling her bud like a mad woman and alternated tonguing her sweet cunt and clit and fucking her with my tongue..she really liked the tongue...so I kept up with her tongue fucking..spearing my tongue deeper and faster as she rode me.

Finally, she erupted in a huge orgasm and sprayed my face with her cum...she screamed my name so loudly that I thought the neighbors would bang on the wall...this woman was in heat, I thought to myself.

"FUCK ME!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" she screamed over and over and kept riding me, spraying more cum all over my face--it was running all over my face and dripping down onto my chin and neck. Damn, this woman could cum!

Finally, she fell off my face and we both laughed and hugged our slick, sexy bodies together.

"Hmmm so we have 2 more days together, sexy lady...I can't wait to fuck you madly for the next 48 hours, lover. I'll make you a pussy hungry bi in no time" She whispered sexily in my ear.

Well, I guess this conference wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

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