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The Confession


I guess you could say I have been lucky. I have always lived near an adult bookstore with glory hole booths in the back. As often as not, when I visit one, I am disappointed. It seems that most of the guys who go there are there for the same reason I am; to suck cock for cum. I guess it makes sense. I just wish more guys would go just to get off. I don't get that very often though. Like I said, it is mostly cocksuckers like me.

Many of these are queens and trolls. One thing I can't stand is to go to the back and find a bunch of guys standing around talking loudly and laughing. As soon as a guy goes in a booth, they are talking about him, so I know they are talking about me when I go in. As far as I am concerned, the glory holes are no place for conversation. It is a place for sucking cock and receiving thick, hot cum. The trolls are annoying as well. These old men come in like they think someone will want to hook up with them.

Every now and then, though, it is different. It is awesome when guys stop in for the sole purpose of having their cocks sucked off quickly. And when the planets line up so that you get several of those guys over the course of an hour or two, wow!!! I remember one night in particular when I had five guys give me the gift of their cocks and cum. It happened in about an hour or so and when it was over, I had a belly full of the hot stuff. Mmmmmmm!!! Many nights I have run my total to four, but most of the time, I consider myself lucky if I can get two loads.

Sometimes the trick is getting the guy to cum. Often, the guy wants to hang around for an hour or two and have as many guys as possible suck him off or else he has already shot his load and he is staying just to get head knowing he won't be able to get off. You end up sucking him for ten minutes thinking he is going to honor you with his thick load when instead, he pulls out, zips up and walks out. Damn that pisses me off. It wears me out to. Sucking cock is hard work as well as a pleasure. It takes some endurance to spend an evening at the holes. Many are the times I have had to leave because I just couldn't provide enough suction any longer.

Another real turn off is the type who is extremely forward. He walks right up and gets in your space like he is the shit and you can't help but succumb to his will. It makes me want to punch him right in the mouth. I have literally had to tell guys to back up. Once this dude kept following me around and getting in my grill. He was just not my type and I moved away several times. I finally asked him if he could take a hint and it escalated from there. He asked me what I would do if he didn't leave me alone and all I said was, in my most menacing tone, "You won't like it." He finally got the idea and let me be.

I am bi, so I also like it when women come in. I have done about everything through a glory hole. I have, of course, sucked cock, but I have also sucked nipple. I have finger fucked pussy and ass, and I have fucked cunt (and ass, though that was when I was tricked by someone who liked getting it there; I am not into that at all). It is pretty hot when you are finger fucking some chick and she is backing up on your hand so hard you have to brace yourself to keep your hand in the hole. I have also gang banged a chick right out in the hallway; stood as part of a circle of guys jacking off to her face while she begged us to cum in her face. I have shot my creamy load up in some hot cunts with guys standing in line behind me to take their turn as her husband stood by jacking off while watching his wife get used like a cumslut whore (wish I could get my wife to do that).

In all the time I have been going, I have never been hassled by the staff. I guess they know what is going on and understand. In fact, several times, I have been sucked by or sucked off the clerk. I have yet to do a female clerk though.

On a couple of occasions, I have been paid for my services. Once, the guy paid me to suck him off (pretty typical huh?), but the other time, believe it or not, a guy paid me to let him suck me off.

I have sucked white cocks, black cocks (Mmmmm!!), Hispanic cocks, old cocks, young cocks, little cocks, big cocks (Mmmmm!!), cut cocks, uncut cocks, hairy cocks, shaved cocks (Mmmmm!!), one cock, two cocks, even three or four cocks (Mmmmm!!). I have sucked them through the hole, invited them in my booth; I have even sucked them right out in the hallway (Mmmmm!!) or in an open theater. I have sucked them out in the parking area, I have had a guy follow me to a local park and sucked him right out in public. I have went to a drive through with four loads of cum still wet on my face and dripping off my chin or walked around a shopping strip with fresh cum still glistening on my face.

I haven't done it all though. I still have my goals. One of those is to eat a fresh creampie. I want to watch a guy fuck the hell out of some chick and when he is finished, I want to clean off his cock and then I want to suck all his thick, hot cum out of her used pussy. Or, better yet, let a bunch of guys use her hard and clean off each guy as he pulls out. Then, when all the guys have emptied their loads into her, she would sit on my face and grind her cunt all over my mouth while I suck her fuck slit for the creamy treasure inside.

Another goal is to be the recipient of a bukakke. I have had as many as three cocks cum on my face in rapid succession and as many as seven in a single night over the course of an hour or so, but what I want is to be the object of a genuine bukakke party. I want 50 or even 100 guys to take turns jacking off in my mouth and all over my face. Those who can't wait could jack off into a glass and when all had finished, I would drink all that hot cum. Fuck yeah!!!

My last goal is to have my wife begin "playing" with me. I want her to shave her pussy. I want to watch her flash her tits and cunt in public. I want to watch her suck cock and get fucked like a whore. I want to suck cum out of her used cunt. I want to bend her over and fuck her while she sucks anonymous cock through the glory hole and swallows load after load of thick, hot, stranger cum. I want to watch ten guys jack off on her and film her going into a convenience store with the cum still fresh on her face, in her hair and on her clothes. I want to come home from work and see strange trucks in the driveway and know that she is in the bedroom making me some dinner. I want her to take one night and make all the guys use condoms; saving them and when she makes dinner for real, she would season our food with all that salty gravy. I want her to order pizza and when the delivery guy shows up; she would tip him by sucking his cock and letting him cum on the pizza. I want to watch her get us out of a traffic ticket by sucking off the cop and letting him fuck her so I could clean her up. I want to watch her get used by a group of black guys with eight inch cocks and then eat her out while they watch and call me their bitch.

I think you get the picture. You may think I am just fantasizing, but I am serious about all of this. I have done everything I said I did and I do want to do the things I have written. Maybe sometime in the future, I will write a follow-up to this and tell you the details of something that has finally taken place. Until then, good fucking!

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