tagFetishThe Confession

The Confession


Kenneth wrapped his arm around his younger wife, bringing her close to his side as they walked along the sidewalk to the doors of the Catholic Church. They walked in silence passing beautiful stained glass windows every few steps. The sun shined brightly in a cloudless spring sky, late Saturday afternoon.

The couple turned the corner of the large grey church, styled after the Gothic churches of the Medieval Era. Two giant paired towers stretched towards the sky.

Lily's heart quickened. She felt dwarfed by the size of the building and knowing what she was about to do. She grabbed her husband's arm, stopping him from opening the doors just yet.

He looked down into her wide, bright green eyes and tucked a loose strand of red hair, fallen from her elegant French twist up-do, behind her ear. She smiled sweetly in response.

"Are you all right, darling?" Kenneth asked.

"Yes, I'm just nervous, I guess," she replied, letting out a deep breath.

"Don't be, sweetheart, you'll be talking to a priest. They don't judge you," he stroked her soft cheek. "He will listen and offer you penance and guidance"

Lily blinked, looking up at her husband through the black veil shrouding her left eye, attached to a tiny hat made of synthetic black flowers. It was pinned in the corner of her up-do.

"Not that, the other thing," Lily said.

"Don't be. If it doesn't happen, it's okay."

Lily kissed her husband gently on the lips. She didn't have to lean up very far. Her red, peep toe, ankle strap, platform stilettos did the work for her. "I don't look too slutty, do I?"

Kenneth held both her hands and took a step back from his gorgeous wife, carefully looking her over.

His eyes started at hers, taking in her signature smoky black and gray eye shadow. His gaze glided down over her fuck me red lips to the three tiers of diamonds of her tight collar. The angles of her bare shoulders led to her natural large breasts propped up in the strapless red silk bra he knew she had on under the extremely low cut dress. Her cleavage was almost completely on display.

He tilted his head as his eyes trailed down, looking over the extremely tight black dress that hugged her perfect curves and stopped at the top of her toned legs, just barely enough fabric to cover her round ass. Her legs were bare down to the red ankle strap of her stilettos. He lifted her left hand and kissed her knuckles gently.

"Not any more slutty than you always look, so you're perfect."

Lily blushed and giggled softly, "Thank you, my love."

Kenneth held onto her hand as he opened the door for his wife. She passed by him and straightened the silver tie that stood out against his black dress shirt and pinstripe suit.

"Did I mention that you look handsome today?" she whispered as they stepped inside the quiet vestibule.

They walked to the stoup of Holy water. Lily dipped her fingers first, then Kenneth. They both did the Sign of the Cross and continued to the doors of the chapel.

Lily bit her lip then brushed her fingers through her husband's short salt and pepper hair and down over the scruff on his face. She looked up into his loving dark brown eyes. They always showed affection and love when she looked in them.

He opened the door for her and she stepped inside. The chapel was just as magnificent as the day they were married. The high domed white ceilings and contrasting dark, polished hand carved mahogany wooden pews led to the altar. On the back wall was a colossal rose window, underneath, the Crucifix.

Lily smiled softly to her husband one last time before he squeezed her hand and left her side. He took a seat in the last row of pews near the confessional booth.

Lily's heels clicked on the smooth, old stone, slate floor and echoed throughout the chapel. She drew the curtain open and closed it behind her. She took a seat on the small wooden bench, feeling the cold wood against the back of her thighs.

Kenneth waited outside, looking around the chapel and was flooded with many good memories of the place. He heard the priest's heavy footsteps and casually looked over his shoulder seeing him approach in his white surplice layered over his black-skirted cassock.

Father David was fairly new to the congregation. He had joined the church just six months prior, after the long serving priest had retired.

Kenneth turned his eyes back to his clasped hands as the priest passed behind him.

Father David stepped into his side of the confessional booth and pulled the curtain closed behind him. He placed his purple stole around his neck and draped it over his shoulders. He took his seat and gently opened the partition. Lily's heart leapt into her throat as the dim light coming through the screen made a web-like pattern over her face and shoulders.

"In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost," Father David recited in his thick Irish accent.

Lily crossed herself with his words, and then clasped her hands together in her lap, looking down at them. Her feet both flat on the floor with her knees together and ankles apart.

"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned," Lily took a breath. "It has been nearly twenty years since my last confession."

Father David nodded, "Confess your sins, my child, and be forgiven."

Lily licked her lips before she continued. The walls of the very small room felt like they were closing in on her. "I have had extra-marital sex with a countless number of men."

The priest closed his eyes and asked, "Have you told your husband?"

Lily nodded softly, "Yes, Father. My husband knows every detail about every single man I have ever slept with." She slowly twirled her platinum diamond wedding band around her finger with her thumb.

Father David cleared his throat, "How is it that he knows every detail, my child?"

"Because, Father, I am a hooker," she paused. "My body is sold to men for their pleasure. My husband is my pimp. Every man I spend time with is set up through him. He sets my schedule with clients," Lily said calmly and confidently.

"Oh, my child," Father David sighed softly, "your body, your flesh, was not made to be sold for sexual pleasures. It is to be loved by your husband and him alone."

Kenneth quietly slipped inside the booth in front of Lily and silently knelt down by her feet. He gently nudged her knees apart and she complied, opening them for her husband as she listened to the priest's words.

"You and he must stop this arrangement, it is full of sin and you will find that your relationship will be fuller and filled with love," Father David finished.

"I understand, Father," she whispered feeling her husband pulling her panties to the side and his mouth latching onto her bare pussy. "But we cannot stop, Father. It's impossible."

"Nothing is impossible with God in your heart, my child, nothing," Father David said.

Lily rested her head back against the wall as her husband's tongue trailed along her slit and flicked over her clitoris and teased the entrance of her cunt. She quickly was overwhelmed with warmth and felt her nipples harden under her dress.

She took a moment to gather her words before speaking, "We have built our lives on my work, on the sales of my body. We put food on the table for our children with the money we make. We buy their clothes and school supplies with this money. I get paid extremely well for my work and I take pride in what I do," her eyes fluttered closed as her husband pushed his tongue inside her wet cunt.

"What you and your husband do with the money, even if it is supporting your family does not make selling your body okay. It does not. Not in the eyes of our Lord."

Lily lifted her hand and eased the tension in her nipples, rubbing them through her dress. Her breath became audibly heavier.

"Father, I love what I do. I love the life we have made and so does my husband," Lily mumbled.

Her scent quickly filled the room as her husband fed on her.

"My child, this is a confession of sin and you have to believe and understand what you have done is wrong before God can forgive you," Father David said, his nostrils taking in the aroma of a woman in heat. The scent sent a flow of blood to his organ.

"Father, I know it is wrong, I know my life is wrong. But there is no other job that I could do and make as much money as I do," Lily muttered.

She took a moment and swallowed a moan. Kenneth's tongue dragged along the walls of her soft inner flesh, her juices smearing on his chin.

"I work four hours a day, while our children are at school. I take anywhere from three to seven clients during that time, depending on how long of a session each man pays for," Lily said.

Father David closed his eyes and listened, feeling his cock grow under his robes. An ache grew in his loins he had not felt in some time.

The hooker continued speaking, her cheeks growing flushed. "I give my clients everything they desire. I provide them a service. I fulfill any and every fantasy they ask of me. I give them anything and everything their wives refuse them."

The priest groaned to himself. His erection was full, hard and strong begging to be touched as it tented his robe.

He cleared his throat, "These men you call clients, they are married?"

"Some of them are, Father, but not all," Lily said, pinching and pulling on her nipple through her dress.

Kenneth licked up to his wife's clitoris, flicking his tongue against it as he slid two fingers into her. Lily sealed her lips shut, fighting off a cry of gratification.

"And these fantasies, my child, what fantasies are they?" Father David asked, struggling with his faith and vows of priesthood, aching to touch his cock as he listened to the woman.

"I've done anything you could imagine," her voice grew a shade deeper as she spoke. "I have been an innocent school girl, a dominatrix. A client of mine had a long lust affair with his sister, and acted it out with me. I have taken an eighteen-year-old boy's virginity while his father was inside my anus. I have worn a man's wife's jewelry during his sessions with me."

The priest clenched his fists into the linen cloth over his thighs, wanting to hear more but terrified of what more she might say.

"I have fucked men with a strap-on penis. I've pretended to be a man's daughter. I've kept a client in a chastity cage until he saw me again. I've given foot jobs and spent an hour letting a man love my feet. I've dressed up in multiple costumes for several different clients, anything from Little Bo Peep to video game characters," Lily let out a soft moan.

Kenneth rubbed her thigh to let her know she was doing great. His fingers dug inside her dripping cunt, rubbing into her walls. His teeth nibbled her clitoris.

Father David wiped the sweat on his forehead and said a silent prayer of forgiveness as his hand slipped under his robe and found his rigid erection.

"Do you only see your clients during the day? Or do you leave your family in the evenings for appointments?" He stammered.

The priest began stroking himself; the sensations in his organ were almost overpowering at first.

"Once or twice a week, Father. I work parties, sometimes bachelor parties, sometimes I spend several hours with a man at his home or a hotel."

There was a long silence of words filled with heavy breathing coming from both sides of the partition. Lily bit her lip then continued.

"At the bachelor parties I am not only a stripper, but I allow every single man there the opportunity to have my body. It typically results in a gangbang. I'm used over and over again, filled and covered with cum. After so long, I get exhausted and they continue to use me even if I have passed out on the floor. Hours and hours pass until my body is utterly used up and then I take a cab or limo home and return to the arms of my husband. Our children are asleep and he carries me inside and places me in a warm bath he has ready for me. He cleans my body and asks me questions about what they did to me."

The priest's eyes closed as he felt sinful pleasure in his loins and his mind flooded with images of the woman on the other side of the partition.

"Does your husband take pleasure in hearing about your nights away from home?" Father David asked.

Kenneth's fingers retreated from her hole and he kissed her vulva, sucking the nectar out of his wife.

"Yes, Father, he takes great pleasure. He prods me with questions. He even continues asking me about the men once he's cleaned my body and takes me to our marital bed. He makes love to my used body and kisses me, caring for me. He asks how big their penises were, their race, body type, favorite thing I did for them, what I liked best, how many men there were and how many used me at once," Lily said, then covered her mouth with her hand moaning deeply.

The husband pulled Lily's butt off the bench a little and spread her legs open more. He puckered his lips on her rosebud and tongue kissed her asshole.

Father David cleared his throat, "On average, how many men are at these parties and how many use you at once?" His precum stained his cassock as he stroked his rigid organ.

"Usually no more than ten men are invited," Lily gasped feeling her husband's tongue press into her ass. "Sometimes just one man at a time will use my body but that usually doesn't last too long. I have every hole filled, both of my hands full, a man mounted on my chest rubbing his cock between my breasts. Sometimes, there is even a man stroking himself with a handful of my hair or using my foot. They will use anything they can to bring themselves pleasure."

Father David shuddered, the image burned into his mind of a woman surrounded by several men and each one using a different piece of her body, anything they could find, even her hair.

"And you, my child, allow such crude actions?" his voice hoarse as he spoke.

"Yes, Father, it is what they pay for. They want a hooker who enjoys sex thoroughly. I am well worth the price," Lilly muttered, pulling her dress down over her nipples, rubbing her erect flesh.

"I am sure you are," he groaned. "Have there been other men you had extra marital relations with who did not pay to use you?"

Hearing his groan made a smile curl at the corners of her lips. If there was one thing Lily knew, it was men. His groan told her everything she needed to know.

Kenneth pulled his mouth away from Lily's ass and looked up at her as he quietly let saliva drip onto his fingers before pushing them inside her tight asshole. Lily gasped as his digits sank inside her anus. She pinched her nipples hard then tugged and twisted them. Her face and chest flushed.

"Yes, Father," the whore stammered, "But only my husband's friends. My husband shares my body at the same time, loving me and kissing me with his cock in my ass while his friend uses my cunt."

Father David squeezed his erection hard, feeling himself about to explode. Then, he pulled his hand away for a few moments unable to spill his seed.

He cleared his throat again, wiping sweat from his brow, "Do you have any other sins to confess, my child?"

Lily moaned softly as her husband's mouth returned to her soaking cunt as his two fingers gently pumped her anus.

"Yes, sir. I mean, yes, Father," the hooker whimpered.

"What is it, my child?" the priest asked as his hand returned to his erection.

"When my husband and I married in this church, after the ceremony," Lily took a deep breath as her legs began to quiver from the pleasures between her thighs, "we had sex and conceived our first child."

Father David lifted his brow as he continued stroking himself, "You and your husband were married, and that is not a sin."

The hooker couldn't hold back another moan as it slipped past her lips when Kenneth slid the fingers from his other hand into her aching cunt. Both of her holes filled with his fingers.

Lily dropped her head back against the wall as she spoke, "We conceived our child in the chapel. Against the east wall between two stained glass windows, underneath the Second Station of the Cross."

The priest groaned at her words.

"Will God forgive me, Father?" Lily asked as she fought off an orgasm. Her toes curled tight against the soles of her shoes.

"Our Lord forgives all of his Children. You will have to do your penance. But, I would like to speak with your husband if he is available, before I am able to decide what is best for you," he said as his hand retreated from beneath his cassock.

"Of course, Father, I will go get him," Lily replied.

Kenneth withdrew his fingers from his wife and slid out of the booth. Lily pulled her dress and bra back up over her generous breasts before she got up and found her husband waiting for her.

"He would like to speak with you, darling," she spoke as if he wasn't in there with her.

He nodded and smiled down at his beautiful wife. He reached under her dress and pulled her red silk thong down to her thighs. Kenneth pointed at the priest's curtain. Lily nodded.

Kenneth went behind the curtain and sat down in his booth. He spoke immediately, "Father, my wife is a slut."

Timed perfectly at her husband's words, Lily yanked the priest's curtain open then stepped inside, closing it behind her.

Father David's eyes were wide. The voice emanating from the other side did no justice to the flesh that was now before him. He was ashamed but his organ throbbed at her presence. He had never in his life seen a woman that exuded such sexual presence. Her breasts looked like heaven and he yearned to be between her thighs.

"She is addicted to sex. There is nothing I can do to stop her. I love my wife and I adore her, but, she is the ultimate slut," Kenneth said.

Lily and Father David were silent as her husband spoke. The priest's heart pounded. The vixen standing before him was not going to take no for an answer, he could see in her eyes what she was about to do. He gripped the bench and gasped as the whore pulled up his cassock and his long deprived erect cock felt the air.

"I love making her happy and my God, Father, she is at her most beautiful when she's being fucked. Her body was made for sex," Kenneth continued.

The priest just nodded at his words as Lily bent over, perking her ass high in the air behind her. Her hungry mouth found his thick, red and veiny organ. The whore's lips slid down the entire length of his cock, taking him down into her throat in one fluid gulp.

"Oh, heavens," Father David muttered.

Lily looked up into the gray eyes of the priest as her nose pressed into his modest belly and his cockhead rubbed into the back of her throat. This was a sensation he hadn't ever felt in his life. Her mouth suckled him and she ground her face into his pelvis. She wiggled her panties down her thighs as she devoured his long disregarded member with a care only a whore could provide.

Kenneth continued speaking but Father David lost his sense of hearing for those few moments.

The hooker stepped out of her thong and brought her mouth up with a hard suck, his cock fell out of her mouth with a pop. She wiped her grinning lips then pushed his legs together. She climbed on top of him placing her knees on the small bench. His throbbing member felt her heat radiating down onto him as she slowly lowered herself down.

Lily stopped just as his cock was against the entrance to her velvet tunnel and purred in his ear, "God has averted his eyes. Enjoy my flesh."

With those words his neglected cock slid inside her. He was overwhelmed with her heat. Her soft, tight walls engulfed him. She felt like dirty, hedonistic, glorious sin. Lily filled herself completely with his Holy organ, grinding him deep inside her whore cunt.

"Don't worry Father, she is clean. She is tested rigorously. Her clients must always present test results to me beforehand. I can't have a high dollar hooker ridden with disease," Kenneth said, seeing the shadow of his wife riding the priest.

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