tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Conquest of Artemesia

The Conquest of Artemesia


The following is a work of fiction, and all participants are over the age of 18. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Please feel free to give me your feedback, or comments, and of course, vote.



The sun was shining bright this wonderful spring day. It sparkled on the ocean like every diamond in the world had been deposited here. Well, almost every diamond in the world.

A few of them were in her eyes.

It wasn't really that unusual to stumble across a 'movie star' in this city. Lots of movies and TV shows were shot here. I had personally met several. Some revealed surprisingly pleasant characteristics. Still others were disappointingly obnoxious. I sat in the restaurant, trying not to stare, but stealing discrete glances in her direction. I wondered which category she might fall into, if I were to do more than merely admire her from a distance.

At this point, admiring from distance was the extent of my courage. I can certainly understand why many 'stars' keep a protective entourage around them. They are people too. A certain amount of private space is not an unreasonable expectation. Still, I did feel the need to express my appreciation of her work, and she was surprisingly alone.

Perhaps a tactful note. I wrote a short sentiment on the paper. I then gestured for the waiter, and asked him to deliver it for me without attracting too much attention.

I watched him stop by her table a few moments later. He placed the note in her hand and left. She read it, then looked up, searching for the source. I nodded subtly when she made eye contact.

And what eye contact it was. Even without the benefit of a make-up artist's work, it was obvious to me who was looking back. Smooth, lightly tanned skin and delicate features. Pouty, slightly bee-stung lips. Long, straight, dark hair. And of course, those eyes. Blue-gray, inordinately large relative to her face, and as deep as the ocean itself. It was Eva Green, all right. A brief smile played at the corners of her lips, and she looked down. An equally subtle nod was sent my way.

I sometimes marvel at the difference between our perception of entertainers and the reality. Tom Cruise is short. Bette Midler is plain. Adam Sandler isn't funny. I could go on and on. But this seemed to be one of the rare cases where perception and reality were quite close. Eva was gorgeous. The only question now was whether or not she was a nice person as well. I had been ruminating over that, while picking at my dinner, for a few moments. A voice shook me back to my senses. The voice of an angel, tinged with a British accent.

"Thank you so much," she said as I looked up, directly into those eyes. She was holding my note in her delicate hand. "I was wondering,would it be alright if I joined you? I do so hate dining alone." I was reveling in the syncopated syntax of the British lilt in her voice.

"Uh, by all means, please do!" I blurted as I scrambled to my feet to get her chair.

"So sweet, and a gentleman, too!" she said quietly as I pulled her chair out for her. A black skirt hugged her hips, ending just above the knee. Blue-gray satin covered her top. The light played across the shiny curves of her chest.

"Obviously, you already know this," she said, gesturing to the paper she held,"But I feel it only proper that I introduce myself. I am Eva," she said, extending her hand. I returned the introduction as I took her hand. It was soft, warm and elegant. I had to fight the urge to kiss it, as that might be a bit over the top.

"It was so sweet of you to pay me such compliments , and so gallant to do so in such a discreet and respectful way. Thank you so much for not attracting any undue attention." Eva paused as the waiter transferred her meal and drink from her table to mine, or rather, ours. She lowered her voice further. "To answer your question, I think it was much more fun playing Artemisia. The Vesper character was great, and anytime one can be associated with the James Bond franchise, one should consider oneself fortunate. But, having said that, Artemisia was just so deliciously ... evil... well, sometimes it is entertaining to play against ones nature."

And so it went, chit chatting about her career, various characters she has played, her time in England after being born in France, etc. She was a genuine pleasure to be with. We were finished with dinner, so the plates had been cleared, allowing her to lean in on the table more as we conversed. Her blouse revealed a devastating portion of cleavage, that I was trying desperately not to look at, lest she lump me in with the other leering leches she no doubt has to deal with.

The topic of her current movie project revealed the reason for her solitude this evening. A day off from the shooting schedule, and some personal drama in her love life, led to her eating alone by choice. How her boyfriend could possibly cheat on her was way beyond my comprehension.

"Well, I don't care what the reason is, a beautiful woman such as yourself should never need to dine alone," I said, fighting to keep my eyes locked on hers. In truth, her eyes are truly beautiful as well, so it was not a great hardship.

"And, thanks to you, I didn't need to for long!" she said, flashing a bright smile. "My hero!"

"Always a pleasure to be of service, m'lady," I said with a mock bow. "If I may serve in the future, please do not hesitate." I laughed, relaxing a bit. My eyes went on autopilot, dropping directly to her chest to ogle the sumptuous, silk covered curves of her breasts. Shit! I dragged my eye line back up to her face.

Eva was smiling, running her fingertips around her collarbone area. "I was beginning to think you were gay. At the very least, I thought all the compliments were empty," she paused,"Would you please accompany me?". Her fingers grazed her cleavage. A pleasant, early evening meal now had the potential to become much, much more.

"Absolutely!" I said quickly, hoping it didn't seem too eager. She smiled brightly, laughing while she brushed her hair back. "Anywhere, anytime!"Okay, that definitely sounded too eager. I hoped I wasn't counting my chickens early. I gestured to the waiter for the bill. When he arrived, Eva intercepted it.

"Please charge this to my room," she said firmly, giving him the number.

"Thank you, Eva!"

"I consider it the least I could do," her eyes flitted down to her chest, "for my hero! Besides, the studio is picking up the tab!"

I stood and offered her my arm. "Where to, my lady?" Please say your room? Please? Please?

"I think I would like to spend a few minutes walking along the beach. Perhaps we can watch the sunset?" she asked in her delightful accent.

Okay. I have to admit... a romantic walk on the beach at sunset with a goddess? Not exactly a loss. She was looking up at me, a glint of something promising in her sparkling eyes.

Five minutes later, I had Eva's sexy high heels hanging from my finger, and she had her arm locked in mine. She even occasionally rested her head against my shoulder, as we walked slowly along the cool sand. We stopped at a big driftwood log and took a seat.

"Simply lovely," she said. I didn't want to presume, but I hoped she meant the company and the setting, not just the sunset. "Simply lovely," she repeated,"our DOP should see this."

She leaned against my shoulder, and pressed her breast against my arm. "Thank you so much for accompanying me here. I don't think I would have been comfortable doing this alone. I know that I have really only just met you, but, somehow, I feel I can trust you." Her turn to compliment me, and a lovely compliment it was. Despite the lascivious thoughts that filled my mind, she somehow knew, correctly, that I would never act on them. Not without her consent, at least.

We sat in silence, watching the sun drop slowly. Eva shivered slightly. Whether it was a genuine chill, or merely for effect, mattered not to me, so I put my arm around her. Moments later, the sun completely slipped below the horizon.

"I guess the show is over," she said, turning in my direction. She rubbed against my arm again. "I hope this is not being presumptuous on my part, but I really would prefer not to be alone tonight. Would you be my guest this evening?"

I looked at her. The waning light made her eyes even more attractive than before. I gazed into them. She leaned closer, her luscious lips brushing mine.

My brain was short circuiting. Eva Green just asked me to be her 'guest for the evening', and now she wants to kiss me. Are you fucking kidding me?

I pressed in and completed the connection. Her lips were heavenly. Warm, soft, and wet. Eva slipped her tongue between my lips. Kissing her while gazing into her eyes from close range was pure bliss. She pressed against my chest, snuggling deeper into my arms. The feeling of her breasts against me, so firm and round, began to accelerate the erection that was already swelling in my pants.

"Let's go someplace a bit warmer, and much less public." She took my hand, rubbing her cheek against it. She didn't need to ask me twice.

It only took us a few minutes to get along the sand to the road's edge, in front of her hotel. We paused here so she could wiggle her toes back into her shoes. I provided a stable handhold for her while she bent to slip her feet in. This provided me the opportunity to peek down the front of her blouse. Simply lovely. As she was finishing the second shoe, she looked up at me and caught me admiring the view.

"Naughty boy!" she giggled. "Did you get a good look?" I just blushed at being caught ogling her. "Shall we see if we can get you a less encumbered view?" she asked, skillfully dispatching two more buttons on her blouse, before pressing in for another kiss. She felt the lump in my pants. "Oh, my word! You should have someone take a look at that!" Another sexy smile and a wink.

We walked arm in arm through the lobby, arriving at the elevators. Eva pressed the button, then pressed mine as well. "You poor dear!" Her hand cupped the front of my pants. Another kiss. Damn, she was delicious.

In the elevator, she moved to the far side of the car, staring at me under hooded lids, a sexy smile on her lips. The door opened, and we walked together to her suite. I stepped back and visually caressed her ass while she used the key card to unlock the door. She knew exactly what I was doing. Her hand smoothed the skirt around her hips, and she wagged her finger at me.

"A very naughty boy, indeed!" she chastised me as I stepped into the suite. "Please, do feel free to help yourself to anything you like. I will only be a few minutes."

Eva closed the sliding doors to the bedroom. I wandered the suite, peeked out onto the balcony, and rummaged through one of several gift baskets on the coffee table.

"Oooo, almonds! My favorite!" I said as I opened the jar.

Ten minutes of almond nibbling later, I heard the sliding doors open.

"Feel free to help yourself to anything you like," she repeated as I turned to face her. "Do you see anything you like?"

I had finally completed my turn. Words failed me.

I gazed at her, absolutely dumbstruck. She had made herself up for me. Perfectly painted lips pouted, waiting to be kissed. Her eyes, now enhanced by mascara and eyeliner, smouldered like two pools of molten lust. Her hair had been tousled the perfect amount to give her a 'come fuck me' look. Her long, elegant neck seemed even more so, bracketed as it was by her dark tresses.

My eyes wandered lower. A black lace bra supported her stunningly beautiful breasts. The cups were brief and sheer enough that a hint of dusty rose areola was visible. Her belly was flat, but womanly. A matching thong dipped low in front, thin straps rising high over her hips. Smooth, muscular legs flowed down, ending in very pretty feet. Six-inch heels adorned those feet. The whole ensemble was covered, but certainly not concealed, by a diaphanous black robe, cinched at the waist.

I continued to stare, trying to find the words. When they came, I finally whispered, "Eva, you are a goddess."

Eva smiled, and her eyes sparkled again. "I will have you know that flattery will get you nowhere. Except, perhaps, into my bed."

I stood and approached her. She never broke eye contact, and her eyes became more lustful. She lowered her lids, and her tongue traced her sexy red lips. I leaned in and kissed her. Slowly. Gently. The kiss lingered as she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me closer as her tongue began to explore my mouth. I responded in kind, and the kiss became more passionate. I pulled away from her lips and instead started to ravage her neck and shoulders. I crushed her body to mine, and her head lolled back with a moan as my lips nibbled on her neck.

"Oh my!" she whispered, shivering slightly. "I believe this is going to be a most enjoyable evening!" I pivoted around her, wrapping her in my arms from behind now.

My tongue traced up her neck, while my left hand slowly moved up from her hip, to rest just under her breast. She moaned again, louder this time, and put her hand over mine.

"I'm sorry Eva. Too fast?" I apologized, looking into those eyes.

In answer, she kissed me, while pulling my hand up, to fondle her breast. I could feel the stiffness of her nipple. The smooth, firm, yet compliant flesh of her breast filled my hand. I squeezed gently, and she moaned into my mouth.

"I want you to make love to me," she whispered. "Tonight, I need to feel desired."

"Eva, I have wanted you since the first time I saw you on the screen. You are the sexiest, most desirable woman I have ever seen. Your eyes... your eyes reach right into my soul. Your lips are so kissable," I demonstrated, "and your breasts are simply beautiful. You are simply beautiful. I want to make love to you, to ravish your body, to satisfy your needs. I only hope can control myself."

She watched me carefully while I told her this. Her eyes darted and blazed with passion, and she blushed. When I finished, she turned in my arms, took my face in her hands, and kissed me. The kiss was as sweet as honey, growing hotter and more passionate with every passing second. Eva's breathing quickened, and I massaged her breast. My other hand explored her perfect ass.

"Mmmm. Please take me to bed," she said as she kissed me again.

I scooped her up in my arms, carrying her the few short steps to the king size bed. I laid her down, then joined her, and we picked up right where we left off. I undid the sash of her robe, laying it open so I could have better access to her sexy curves. We must have made out in silence for the better part of thirty minutes. Perhaps silence is not quite the word I was intending to use. We didn't speak, but the sound of wet lips duelling, accompanied by moans of passion and laboured, heavy breathing, spoke volumes.

I embraced her, caressing and claiming every inch of her luscious body as I went. I stroked her neck and shoulders, grazing the heavenly curves of her cleavage with my fingertips. I tickled gently across her tummy, and ran my hand down her thighs as far as I could reach, before coming back up between them. I gently brushed across the top of her thong. I wanted to take my time, to explore her body. She was so soft, smooth and delicious, I felt my appetite would never be sated. All the while, she was moaning and writhing with growing excitement.

Speaking of excitement... my cock was about as hard as a titanium spear! I would have been quite hard being in this situation with any attractive woman. But this was not any attractive woman... this was Eva Green! Eva fucking Green! Increase excitement factor tenfold.

I gently rolled her onto her stomach, removing the nearly transparent fabric of her robe. I squatted by her feet and slipped her shoes off. I took her feet in my hands, and massaged them softly, working my way up onto her sexy calves.

Groans of approval came from her. "That feels soooo lovely. I do hope you plan to continue, and expand your reach?"

I moved up, and whispered in her ear, "Absolutely, my dear." A contented smile graced her lips, and she sighed.

My hands now headed north, across the sensitive backs of her knees, onto her succulent thighs. Her breathing quivered with anticipation as I dipped my hands between her legs, but I refrained from touching her sex, although I could feel her heat.

Now, I have always been a breast man, so I relished the thought of Eva's beautiful D cups. But, I have to admit, the sight before me was most impressive. The strap of her thong made its way out from between the flawless cheeks of her ass. The lower curves flowed smoothly down and out from the apex of her legs, bending upwards to perfectly blend into the outside of her hips. All tolled, they formed the quintessential 'heart shape'. She must have sensed my hesitation.

"Darling?" she asked, her voice dripping with an incongruous combination of lust and English decorum.

"Just admiring the view. And it is quite a view," I said as I placed one hand on each cheek. "Trust me on this... That is one nice ass."

Eva giggled and turned her head away in mock humility. "What did I tell you about flattery? We are already in bed... you can stop now."

"Are you implying that I have ulterior motives? I only speak the truth." I began to massage her ass, and she flexed her butt in response. She also groaned in pleasure again.

"Pull my knickers off, please," she asked sweetly, lifting her hips. I skinned the thong over her hips, then down her legs and off. The gusset was very wet. "Thank you. You may now resume massaging my rear," Eva giggled again.

I did so, gripping her firm flesh snugly, and digging my thumbs into the area around her little, pink sphincter. That was met with another moan and a wiggle.

"I have a feeling that one of us is slightly overdressed. Who do you think that would be?" I did the math... it was me.

When I slipped quickly off the bed, Eva rolled to her side and propped her head up on her elbow. I shed my shirt. Eva watched. I shed my pants, which were getting really uncomfortable anyway, and she leaned up a bit more, to improve her view. I paused.

"Continue," she said quietly, "Please." I removed my socks. "Cheeky bugger. Must I take matters into my own hands?" She rolled onto her hip and hooked a finger into the waist of my shorts, which were tented obscenely in front. She looked up at me with those eyes... those unbelievably sexy eyes... and ever so slowly pulled. I watched her eyes as she did.

She never broke eye contact until the garment was on the floor. When she did glance down, she gave a little gasp.

I would love to tell you about my 12 inch dick, but the truth is, it's only about two thirds of that length. It is, however as thick as her wrist

"Indeed, a most enjoyable evening," she breathed. Her tongue unconsciously peeked out from between her lips.

"If you would please resume your position," I gestured. She complied, begrudgingly. I straddled her thighs again.

This time, I decided to continue my caresses with my lips. I learned over, my erection spearing the small gap between her thighs. She moaned again. I kissed her lower back, spreading and expanding my area of attention as I went. She expressed her approval, now adding a shivering squirm to the moan. I kissed all over her back, her shoulders, and the nape of her neck, to her great delight. She was undulating her hips, trying to grip my intruder with her thighs. Her breathing quickened.

"My god, I want you!" she hissed. I leaned over so I could kiss her, and while I sucked on her tongue, I unfastened her bra. She deftly twisted away, and plucked the undergarment up, tossing it across the room.

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