tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Conservative Wife Empowered

The Conservative Wife Empowered


Everyone in the story is over 18 years old. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This story includes scenes of graphic sex needed to further the plot, and should NOT be read by minors or anyone that might be offended by such filth. Do not publish this story anywhere else without the author's permission.

Tags used in this story are: exhibitionism, exhibitionist, creampie, female masturbation, public, public nudity, stranger, teasing, voyeurism, watching.

This story takes up three pages on lit.


Cassie: Harold's wife, 5' 6" tall, good figure, 35 years old, shy and reserved.

Harold: Cassie's Husband 37 and 5' 11" tall, dedicated to work, dependable and a little stuffy but with a secret and active fantasy life. 37


Cassie was worried, and a little frustrated. She loved her husband, Harold was a nice guy, that's what everyone said, even she did, but he wasn't exciting, and she was tired of making decisions.

From the day they were married, he always deferred to her, in everything. If they were talking about what to have for dinner he would say, 'whatever you like dear'. That was what he said about everything. Even sex, yes she thought to herself, even sex. And that's what caused to her think about this.

A week ago, they had gone to bed together, she had showered earlier and was ready for bed, she put on a sexy nightgown, one she knew he liked, there were clean crisp sheets on the bed, she had kissed and flirted with him all evening. She got into bed before he got out of the shower.

She lay there, with no panties, that should clue him in she thought, she always wore panties, that should have clued her in, she thought later, she never did anything like that before. Why was she suddenly so turned on and wanting sex, usually it was an exercise in tension relief with them and done almost by the numbers.

It hadn't been like that at first, sure they were a little conservative, but there was passion, they were after each other all the time. Then gradually, work, familiarity, even boredom set in. Now they did it once ever three or four weeks, if that. Always the same way.

She hadn't thought about not wearing panties, but as she pulled them out of the drawer she looked at them, then just tossed them onto the bed, then crawled in under the sheets. The frilly panties that matched her shorty nighty lay on top of the covers as if she had pulled them off after she got into bed.

Cassie lay there she was excited, even damp, and she let a finger stray down 'there' and started to caress herself. That was new, she rarely did it, she had been brought up in a strict family and sex was something a woman did for a man, not for herself.

Harold came out of the bathroom in his usual boxers and t-shirt and got into bed beside her. He did notice the panties, she saw him stare, then look at her, his face so blank that she had no idea what he was thinking. Darn him she thought to herself as she recalled that evening.

She snuggled up to him as he settled into bed, she kissed his neck, his cheek, slid her hand under the covers and ran it over his chest, his tummy, slid the tips of her fingers just under the waist-band of his boxers.

"How about some fun honey, I'm all yours, what would you like to do," she whispered in the sexiest voice she had.

"Whatever you like dear, whatever you like," was his answer.

She didn't let that spoil her evening, she wasn't sure what to do, or why she was feeling this way, or even what she was feeling. She just wanted ... something.

"Anything honey, just tell me, I'm ready for anything, anything at all, what is your wildest fantasy, just tell me and I'm yours."

She had to give him credit, he was erect, he was hard, and he quivered as she said that. But didn't do anything, didn't show anything more than a smile.

"Oh honey you know I like whatever you want, I want to please you."

She gave up. She started kissing him, she pulled his hand to her breast and they they made out for a while. She felt like he would go on dialing radio stations on her nipples, first one, then the other, and kissing her as long as she wanted to.

"I'm ready," she finally whispered in his ear, the same as every time they made love now, just 'I'm ready'. Not the, 'Oh god I'm so wet for you,' or the 'fuck me baby, fuck me, I'm hot for you.' That she thought about saying, just 'I'm ready.'

She pulled him over, spread her legs and bent her knees, guided him in. The same as always. She pulled her breasts out of her nighty and let him suck on them as she ran one hand up and down his back, and the other started rubbing her clit.

He came in her as she gasped out how good he felt in her. That was no lie, she loved the feeling of his cock in her, but lately it wasn't enough, she wanted 'something' else, not 'same-thing'. She didn't know what, but this wasn't it anymore. She needed excitement.

When he was done he went to the bathroom to clean up, and came back with a warm damp washcloth and cleaned her up. They cuddled for a little while, she loved that, not much was said, a few kisses, then a few yawns from him before he turned away and dropped off to sleep.

She dreamed that night, she dreamed he tied her to the bed and fucked her so hard the headboard slammed into the wall, that he turned her over and fucked her doggy style. Then after they both came he did a 'lazy dog' and they rolled sideways and cuddled, spooned up with his softening cock still in her.

She woke up in the night and he was turned away from her, she ran her hand gently along his side, his boxers were pulled back up and he was sleeping. She got up and got a glass of water from the kitchen. She sat in his easy chair in the dark living room and masturbated to two orgasms.

She imagined something similar to what she had dreamed earlier. She was tied to the bed and Hal was fucking with abandon, but when he turned her over, he blindfolded her, and she thought it was someone with a bigger cock, who filled and stretched her to capacity, who slammed into harder than Hal ever would. She came then, hard, harder than earlier.

He bent over her, leaning his weight on her as his huge finger found it's way into her bottom. She smelled his scent, different aftershave, different soap, different sweat, he panted and groaned in a different, deeper voice and pulled on her hair hard, without regard for her feelings or comfort. He took her. He used her and kept pounding into her. She felt him strain and push hard into her stretched cunt and she exploded into an orgasm that seemed not to ever end, it went on and on, and she kept spasming from aftershocks for another ten minutes.

When she finally relaxed her body and opened her eyes she was almost surprised to find herself still laying back in Hal's recliner with her legs splayed lewdly over the arms, one arm twisted under her, a finger in her anus and the other covering her pussy.

She lay there for a long time, slowly trying to calm down after he wild daydream before she finally sat up. She pulled off her nighty and tried to dry herself and the chair before leaving her gown balled up on the floor and walked back to the kitchen naked.

She decided that she loved the feeling of being naked in the house. She pulled her nipples as she stared out the sliding glass doors into the back-yard. Her hand slid down to her pussy and she slid two fingers down her slit, grasping her engorged clit between her fingers she gently squeezed and had another small orgasm.

She opened the sliding glass doors and walked outside. The night air cooled her as it caressed her naked form and dried the sweat on her. She walked into the grass, not yet wet from dew and enjoyed the feeling on her bare feet. The yard was enclosed by a midriff high chain link fence, suitable for keeping a small or medium sized dog in.

There was a chest high hedge on the adjoining yard on one side and clumps of tall ornamental grass growing growing in the neighbor's yard on the other. There were gaps in the hedge and space between the tall clumps of pampas grass. The back had small shrubs not much higher than the fence, and a large old Oak tree in a back corner. A small potting shed in the other corner.

Anyone looking out from the upper story windows in any of the adjoining houses on either side or behind them would be able to see her. Most of the houses were dark. At the back of the yard was a gate in the low fence. Driven by something she couldn't understand she opened the gate and walked up the alley, looking at houses on either side of her.

She saw a light come on several houses down from hers, and on a whim she made her way into the yard. She vaguely knew the people there, and walked up their yard. It was a kitchen window that was lit up and she closed the distance until she was just outside the glare of light streaming out the window.

She knew from experience that from the inside, with the lights on, the window just looked black, but what if the light reflecting from her nude body made her visible? The blinds were open and she stepped closer. The neighbor was in the kitchen with the refrigerator door open, looking in. He was naked.

As he looked for a late snack he stroked his cock. It was semi hard and was rising as she watched. He was a little older than Hal, and darker with much more body hair, his cock was now erect and jutting out as he stroked it. She couldn't tear her eyes away as he closed the fridge door and turned and walked back, stroking his cock the whole time. His hand flipped off the light as he left the kitchen.

What was coming over me, she thought. Walking around the neighborhood stark naked. She then walked quietly walked back to her house and then into the bedroom and climbed into bed, she fell asleep quickly.

She had another dream just before she woke up, they were having a party and everyone was in the back-yard. All their friends and a few people from both of their workplaces. She walked out of the kitchen and onto the patio and into the yard with a tray of drinks balanced on one hand like a waiter, up by her head.

She dreamed she was completely naked, except for two dangling ear-rings fastened onto her erect nipples. Her pussy was totally shaved and she didn't have any tan lines. Everyone else was completely clothed.

Unlike other times she had dreamed of being naked in public, she was not at all embarrassed. Cassie, the dream Cassie, was totally at ease being naked in public, not just at ease, she was enjoying it and was turned on by it, she loved that her friends and co-workers were looking at her naked body, checking out the sway and bounce of her breasts as she served drinks.

When she woke up that morning she was almost at at the point of orgasm, so close that she didn't even care if Harold saw, she slid her hand down to her pussy, one touch and she came, hard and long, aftershocks rippled through her body again and again. All the time she thought about being naked in front of all her friends.

When she came to, she realized that Harold was in the bathroom, she could hear the water in the sink turn on, then off, a few seconds went by and then on, and off, a clink was the sound of his razor against the sink. She heard the water run again and sounds of him splashing water on his face, cleaning off the shaving cream.

She had a flash image of Harold walking around in public, nude, his cock half erect, not sticking out, just hanging and swaying while engorged but not yet fully hard. In her image he was also shaved, bare, completely naked. She shivered at the sight, she saw herself with an evening gown talking to someone else as Harold came up, but his arm around her and nibbled on her ear.

"Hi sleeping beauty, how is my honey feeling this morning?" He had come into the bedroom with a smile on his face. She blushed at her thoughts and got up, gave him the usual morning 'haven't brushed my teeth yet' closed-lip peck on the cheek and went into the bathroom.

She could smell herself on her hand and her pussy was dripping for some reason so she took a shower again. Without thinking about it, when she got out she took some of his shaving cream and lathered up her trimmed pussy and with a new blade in his razor she carefully shaved her mound, and her lips, leaving only a narrow strip up the center.

Briefly she thought about walking into the bedroom with the razor and bending over in front of Harold and asking him to please shave her butt crack. The idea turned her on. What was happening? Harold wasn't in the bedroom when she came out of the bathroom as naked as when she went in. He hadn't said anything then, but she did see his eyes open up a bit.

A week later nothing had been said. By then he had surely noticed her shaved bush, and she knew he had seen the nighty she left on his easy chair. He had gone to sit there with his first cup of coffee. When she went into the living room to tell him that the scrambled eggs were ready to eat she noticed that it was on the coffee table, and no longer wadded up but folded neatly.

Nothing had been said. And if things held to the pattern she wouldn't be having sex for another two or three weeks. What if she initiated it tonight? One thing was going to change, she had an appointment with a salon for a full waxing, everything. And a mani-pedi.

Harold sat at his desk later that day. He had noticed her pussy the next evening. She positively flaunted it. And he loved it. But what could he say. If he mentioned it she might think he didn't like it. Better to say nothing, that was safe, maybe when they made love next time, he could run his fingers there and say something, maybe something like, 'mmmm that's sooooo very sexy!"

What would she say then? A thought occurred, what if she didn't do it for me? Is she having an affair? No, not Cassie, she barely tolerates sex. Doesn't she? She doesn't like it any more does she? But she was very juicy last time. Very.

And the nighty. How did it get downstairs and onto my easy chair? It was all wadded up and smelled, smelled of ... her. It was so good. He remembered holding it to his face and taking deep breaths. He had gotten an erection instantly. The idea of her down here, needing to wipe herself on the nighty, then walking through the house nude. He started to get a hard-on again thinking of it.

He knew she had dripped onto his chair, he smelled it, got onto his knees and sniffed the seat of his own chair and her scent was unmistakable. Cassie, on his chair, playing with herself. He touched himself through his slacks, he was hard, hard and throbbing.

What if he said something next time they made love, she asked him last time, 'what would you like', he had frozen up like he always did. He was easy to get along with, he knew, not particular about food, he just wanted her to be happy, he figured she would say if she wanted something different. Wouldn't she?

She had asked him, maybe that was how she mentioned something different? What if he said he wanted to see her naked, or in some sexy lingerie, just around the house? What if she asked and he said a blow-job. What would she do? Say? Could he say it?

He had a vision of doing her doggie style. Not making love, fucking. Ramming in and pulling out, ramming and ramming, fucking. Her ass in the air and her head on the mattress. Her tits flopping back and forth every time he rammed into her, fucking her hard. Hard. Pulling out a seeing his cum dripping from her pussy. Tell her to clean him off with her mouth.

He was in a mood, a wild mood. He imagined her naked and waiting at the front door for him to come in, staying naked after he fucked her in the front entry. Staying naked and shaved while they ate dinner. Maybe he could grill some steaks on the back porch, she could stay naked there. Yes.

He was in a strange mood. Without thinking about it he did something, so unlike him, he risked it, he did something without thinking about it for once. He texted her, texted her in the middle of the afternoon. And not about stopping at the grocery store asking her what he should get.

Her phone beeped. She was coming back from the copy machine and just stepped into her cubicle, she heard the sound coming from the 'phone in her purse. Who could that be in the middle of the day. There were several texts.

Harold: Thinking about you.

Harold: Thinking about you naked walking around the house.

Harold: Imagining your bare pussy, naked as we eat steaks on the back porch.

Harold: I love you, I'm feeling strange, can't think of anything but you.

Cassie smiled at the texts Harold sent. He always spelled things out completely. Then it hit her. Not how he spelled things out, but WHAT he had spelled out. He sexted her! Harold. Sexting! Her!

Her heart started pounding, pounding hard hard, jumping in her chest. She didn't know what to think. Why, ohgod yes, but why? Yes yes yes. What should she do? Send something back. She had to, what? She felt naughty, very very naughty.

She looked around at the walls of her cubicle. They were chin high and hers opened onto a hallway and faced the back wall. As long as no-one walked past she had nearly complete privacy when she sat down.

She looked around, listened carefully. Keyed up her camera feature, pulled up her skirt. 'What panties do I have?' She held the phone in-between her legs and triggered the camera. The flash surprised her.

The picture wasn't great. It showed her panties and one thigh, not centered. She tried again and it looked better, washed out, but without natural light there that was the best she could do. Unless she pulled her dress completely up, completely exposing herself. She turned the flash off.

She faced the entry to her cube, her dress up around her waist and her bottom thrust out to the edge of her chair. That one came out very good. She could easily see her panties, her thighs, her mound, her bunched up dress, her chair.

She was panting, trying to be quiet. Excited. Expanding the picture she thought she could see a little dampness along her slit. She pulled her panties down and not thinking, just doing, she took another picture, her naked pussy glinted in the light this time, no question that she was oozing. Still, another one, did she dare?

Harold was in agony, he had sent her a text with sex in it, he worried, he worried she was pissed. It was the same feeling he had as a kid when he was in trouble at home and his Mom had told him to 'wait until your father gets home'.

Quickly, she looked out in both directions, no-one in sight, she heard Fran next door talking to a customer, Mike, on the other side was out, She didn't know who was in the next aisle, another department. She couldn't hear anything, never heard more than a chair squeak or a file drawer opening.

A deep breath she undid her top and pulled it off, stepped out of her skirt and unhooked her bra, her panties next, down and off. Wait, on the desk, sit on the desk, spread open her legs reach down, OMG, naked in her cube, surrounded by people. Two pictures, then another of her breasts, no her tits, yes tits.

Her hands shaking she stood naked except for shoes, rings, earrings and watch she sat and checked the pictures. She wanted more. Did this phone have a delayed picture feature, darn. She wanted a full picture of her completely naked, full frontal with her face. The only way was if someone else took it. Fran might, but she'd have to talk to her in advance. Not right now.

Just then the 'phone rang, without thinking about it she picked up. It was another department looking for a file. She handled the call without thinking about her nudity. Her mind registered that someone had walked past her cubicle but not the significance of that.

It was after the call that she suddenly recalled a shadow out of the corner of her mind that someone had walked past her cube. Didn't they? Or was it her imagination? She was worried, even horrified, but very turned on. She even considered masturbating but got her mind back to work with difficulty.

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