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The Consultants


The company had recently launched a new product. Unfortunately, a number of our customers had experienced problems, some major, in integrating the new product with their existing systems.

Consequently, I’ve been spending a lot of time in various company branch offices. Recently, I was working out of the branch office where Anne, my redheaded friend, is the Office Manager.

Due to the earlier weak economy, the company had laid off a quite a number of their technical staff. They were caught short-handed by the product launch problems and they were contracting with consultants in an attempt to make up for the shortage of in-house technical expertise.

A husband and wife consultant team was working with Anne and her staff. Rob and Judy, like my friends Ken and D, had gotten tired of the rat race. They had both worked in the educational field. Rob took early retirement and Judy quit her job.

And, like Ken and D, they got bored pretty quickly. They incorporated themselves as a technical consulting firm. They liked to travel so they generally came to the location where they could be the most effective.

I think Judy was the driving force in their consulting firm. She was a woman in her mid to late thirties. She had a bubbly personality and was very outgoing and enthusiastic. She was also very organized and very innovative.

Judy laughed easily and she was a “touchy-feely” person. When she talked with you, she would touch your hand, arm or shoulder. And she gave you her full attention. A conversation with her was almost a private intimate encounter.

Rob was very laid back. He was quietly competent. He seemed to defer to Judy in their business relationships. Rob was around fifty. He and Judy had met through their respective jobs.

Judy was an advocate of working lunches and dinners. I got to better know her and Rob over lunch and dinner. Usually, the lunches included members of Anne’s staff. And usually, only Anne and I would meet them for a working dinner.

The dinners normally ended up with Judy suggesting we all go to a night club or bar with entertainment so we could “unwind a bit.” Anne and I went with them a few times, but the late hours didn’t help the next day.

One afternoon, I asked Anne what she thought of Rob and Judy. “They know their stuff and they are very good at diagnosing problems and in designing permanent solutions.”

I agreed they knew their business and they gave good value for their time. “I don‘t like some of the way they approach the work. I’m tired of the working lunches and dinners. The clubbing after dinner is too much at times. I almost feel they want something more social or personal or more intimate, or something.”

“I agree, said Anne. “I like Judy personally, but sometimes I feel she is coming on to me.”

“She certainly is not adverse to touching.”

“No, she isn’t. I get the feeling she is suggesting a relationship that is more personal than professional when we are talking alone.”

“The other day she brought some flow diagrams in for me to look at. She closed the office door. I didn’t think much about it. She put the diagrams on my desk then stood sort of behind me. As we looked them, she put one arm around my shoulder. She leaned over so her face was next to mine.”

“When we finished talking, as she stood up she touched my face and whispered in my ear that she ‘loved my red hair.’ Her lips were so close that she touched my cheek. It was more than a touch. It was almost a soft kiss.”

That evening Judy wanted to meet over dinner to work on a cabling problem. Anne deferred, saying she had to go to her gym. The long and frequent evening hours had really messed up her exercise and fitness program.

I had some ideas about the cabling, so I suggested that, rather than going out someplace for dinner and since we were staying in the same hotel, why didn’t I meet them at the hotel dining room and we could work over dinner there.

Before Anne left for her gym, I told her we would meet with her, after lunch, the next day with a solution to the cabling problem.

They agreed to meet me at 6:15 p.m. When I got to my suite, I called the dining room and arranged for a large booth by explaining that I was meeting with some consultants and we needed some privacy and a space to spread out papers.

We met at the dining room door and the hostess led us to a booth in the rear. Rob suggested we get an appetizer while we looked over the our notes about the cabling problem. Judy suggested we order a bottle of wine to go with the appetizer.

The problem didn’t take long to resolve. We did it before we finished eating the appetizer. With that out of the way. We ordered dinner, then relaxed with the wine. During dinner, we ordered a second bottle of wine. Rob suggested it since no one had to drive.

We talked about a number of things, beginning with work and then becoming more personal. I told them how similar their situation was to my friends Ken and D. They talked about how their business fit in with their desire to travel around the country.

After dinner, Judy suggested we go back to their suite for a nightcap. I was going to decline, but I decided not too. When we got to their suite, Rob offered me a glass of port wine.

I looked around the suite. We were it the front room, which they had laid out as a work space. There was a table full of office supplies - stapler, tape, scissors, clips, notepads, etc. Another table was set up for a laptop computer.

A central room contained a conversation/ entertainment area. There was a couch, a loveseat, a recliner, a large square ottoman and an entertainment center with the usual big screen TV and VCR.

While we sipped the port, they told me how they had met and how, over the years, the “publish or perish” mentality in the academic world became grueling and how they longed to get out of it.

Judy also commented, “Our life style also made us into what might be called outcasts in the staid, somewhat conservative educational community we lived in.”

“How was that?” I asked.

“Well, Rob and I have always had a rather open relationship. Haven’t we?”

Before Rob could answer, Judy continued, “Not that we were swingers or anything like that. I took a belly dancing class, for example. We liked to act out little fantasies and introduce some adventure into our sex life.”

Rob scowled, “Judy.”

“Oh Rob! You enjoyed everything and had as much fun as I did.”

“Yes, making love in that field of flowers up in the mountains was rather fun, Judy.”

“The mosquito bites and the scratches from the stems and rocks were well worth it. I had an orgasm that would have knocked my socks off. If I had been wearing any,” laughed Judy.

“Do you remember running naked in the warm rain that night in Hawaii?” Rob said as he refilled the glasses with more port.

“Yes. How about the naked water skiing on Lake Powell?”

“That was fun too. Until you fell down. Even a swimsuit helps protect tender parts.”

“Seriously though, we tried, and enjoyed, mild SM and bondage, for example.”

“Public sex was always too scary to try.”

“We’d have been tarred and feathered if we got caught having public sex.”

I wondered where all of this was leading.

I didn’t have to wait long. Judy began, “One of my fantasies is to watch Rob make love or have sex, if you prefer, with another man. Would you be offended if I asked you to help make my fantasy come to life.”

Rob looked as if he had been hit by a lightning bolt.

I thought a moment. I had had sex with both D and Ken and I had had all male group sex with Jon, Kurt and Carl in a hotel fitness center locker room. Rob was a rather nice and fit looking man. I figured Judy might become a participant too. And she was a rather nice and fit looking woman.

If she wanted to watch Rob get fucked by another man, I was pretty sure Rob would not be adverse to watching Judy getting fucked by another man. “Would you like us to begin with oral sex?”

Now it was Judy’s turn to look lightning struck.

“It’s your fantasy. Do you want to watch me give Rob head first or do you want Rob to go down on me first?”

“I ahhh, I think I want to watch Rob do you first. And I want to start with all of your clothes on.”

I set my glass of port down. “Sounds as if you want to watch a suck and strip.” I grinned at Rob, “It’s show time.”

I walked into the next room. Judy walked over and sat on the loveseat. I stood sideways just in front of her. Rob tentatively walked over near me.
“Have you ever done this before?” Rob shook his head “no”. “Just go slowly. Do the things that you like Judy to do when she gives you a blowjob.”

I looked over at Judy. She was actually blushing. She stood and kissed Rob, “I love you.” She turned and kissed me, “Thank you.” Judy sat back on the loveseat.

Rob lowered himself to his knees in front of me. He was still wearing his sport coat and necktie. I took off my jacket so the tails wouldn’t block Judy’s view.

Rob unzipped my fly and very gently pulled my cock out of my shorts. He looked at my cockhead then at Judy. She smiled and nodded. Rob closed his eyes as he slipped his lips over my cockhead.

He quietly held it between his lips for a minute, then he began a gentle vacuum suck. As my cock started to grow, he took it out of his mouth and ran his tongue around the rim of the cockhead. He used the tip of his tongue to tap the V under the cockhead and to flick the edges of the rim.

He was doing pretty well for someone who said he had never sucked cock before. If Rob was copying part of Judy’s technique, I wanted her to suck me off before the night was over.

After some minutes, I helped Rob to his feet. I slipped off my shoes and socks and suggested he do so too. If Judy wanted a show, I was going to give her a show. I helped Rob take off his coat and tie.

As I kneeled in front of him, I took off my tie, shirt and tee shirt. I unbuckled his belt, unfastened the waistband of his trousers, unzipped his fly and pulled his shorts and trousers down to his ankles.

Rob’s cock was standing erect. I was looking at a thick eight inch rod of heavily veined flesh which was standing above a hairy sac with a pair of nice sized balls. I licked his cock six or seven times from base to cockhead.

I then licked his balls to wet and press the hairs down. I looked at Judy as I sucked one of his balls between my lips. Her gaze was focused on me and Rob’s cock. I tongued and sucked first one ball, then the other. I wanted to suck both balls together, but I couldn’t get into position to do so.

In the meantime, Rob had removed his shirt and t-shirt while I was giving his balls a tongue bath. I stopped and looked at the naked man standing in front of me. I liked what I saw.

I lifted his ball sac and slipped my tongue under it. Then I licked him from his balls to his cockhead. I looked at Judy as I opened my mouth to accept her husband’s cock. Her expression was rapt. Her nostrils flared as she breathed and she was licking her lips.

I held Rob’s cock in my fingers as I swabbed the crown, or corona, with my tongue. I looked up at his face. Rob closed his eyes as I closed my lips around his cockhead. I ran one hand across his firm stomach and up his chest where I could pinch one of his nipples.

I brought my hand back down and pushed both hands between his thighs. Rob stepped out of the pile of his trousers and shorts, kicked them aside, and spread his feet wide apart.

I put my hands between his legs and on his ass and then pushed his cock into my mouth. I clamped my lips tight around the cockshaft, pressed my tongue hard against the bottom, or underbelly, of the shaft and gave him several hard, deep vacuum sucks.

I relaxed and loosened my lip lock on Rob’s cockshaft. My lips formed a loose “O” around the shaft. I began to move my head in a slow circle. Rob’s cock followed my circling mouth. His cockhead moved around inside, touching every part of my mouth, and my tongue laved his cockhead and part of the shaft.

I liked the feeling of his cockhead following my mouth. Rob liked it too! He put his hands on my head and began to fuck my mouth. It was time to do something different.

I unfastened my trousers and, as I stood up, I pushed them down, stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Both Rob and I were naked. I pulled him over in front of Judy. Then I faced him and wrapped my hand around both of our cocks. I used my other hand to pull her husband’s face close to mine. Judy inhaled sharply as I gave Rob a French kiss.

I moved the ottoman to a position in front of the loveseat. I told Rob to sit on the ottoman. I moved behind him and pulled his shoulders back so he was laying on his back. His head was laying on the edge of the ottoman.

I stood so my cock and balls were over his head. Rob got the idea. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me down closer to his face. I felt his tongue touch my ball sac as I leaned forward and grasped his cock.

Judy was watching Rob suck my nuts. She turned her attention to me as I opened my mouth, closed my lips around Rob’s cock and pushed my mouth as far down his cock as I could go.

I wasn’t going to do anything special, just give Judy a show. I’d pull his cock out of my mouth, lick the corona and then swallow it again. Rob, in the meantime, was licking and sucking and trying to swallow my boner.

Judy was breathing hard as she watched our 69. I decided it was time to get her into the show. I stopped servicing Rob’s cock and stood up. I looked down at Rob’s face. My cock slid out of his mouth. A string of spit ran from his lips to my cockhead. Rob wiped his lips and my cockhead as he grinned up at me.

I walked over in front of Judy and helped her to her feet. She was still fully clothed. She stood still as I slipped her jacket off her shoulders and tossed it onto the loveseat. I untied the bow at her neck and unbuttoned her blouse.

I got down on one knee and helped her slip off her shoes. I unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the carpet. The crotch of her panty hose was wet. I started to work her panty hose down her hips. Judy sat back on the loveseat as I worked the hose down her legs.

When her panty hose were off, I helped Judy to her feet again. Rob had moved over closer to us. He was stroking his cock as he watched. I kneeled in front of Judy. Her panties were soaking wet. I licked her crotch and tasted her. I put my mouth against her crotch and sucked her pussy through her wet panties. Judy moaned.

I stopped sucking and told Rob to get the scissors that were lying on the work table. He was back quickly with them. Judy inhaled as I began to cut the elastic band on one leg. I cut the side of the panty up to the waistband. Rob was rapidly stroking his cock as I cut the other side of the panty. Judy was as rigid as a statue.

I held the ruined panties in place with one hand as I cut the waistband on each side. I tossed the scissors onto the loveseat. I pulled the cut panties from between her legs. I rubbed them over my face before handing them to Rob.

Rob also wiped them over his face. I looked at Judy’s pussy. Her honey blonde pubic hair was dark and wet with her pussy juices. The inside of her thighs were wet and shiny.

I used my thumbs to open her labia. Then I pushed my hands and arms between her thighs and gently pushed her legs apart. I pushed my face against her pussy. As my tongue touched her, Judy moaned and her knees began to buckle.

She leaned over me as I crawled around and helped her to the ottoman. She lay on her back with her legs widely splayed. I looked at Rob. He had the panties wrapped around his cock.

I looked at Judy’s pussy. She was so wet it looked as if her pussy was drooling. I thought to myself, “If you ever wanted to drink at a fountain of love, here is your chance.”

I pushed my face into Judy’s cunt. I pressed my nose against her and ran my tongue up between her lips. After reaching her clit, I began to circle it with the tip of my tongue. Judy began to moan again and her stomach muscles were beginning to flutter.

I raised my face from her wetness. Rob was rubbing his cock all over her face. I looked at her pussy and down at my hard-on. I wanted to push my cock deep into Judy’s hot, wet cunt, but, I reminded myself, this was her fantasy.

I stood and looked at both of them. Rob stopped rubbing his cock across her face. Judy was still wearing her unbuttoned blouse and her bra. I turned and found the scissors on the loveseat.

I leaned over her and slipped the blades of the scissors under the center of the front of the bra. I began to cut the material and slide the scissors up between her breasts. When the bra was cut, I tossed the scissors back onto the loveseat. “Rob, help me sit her up.”

When Judy was sitting up on the ottoman, I kneeled down so I was on one knee in front of her. I pushed her blouse and the cut bra off her shoulders, then I cupped her breasts. Her hard nipples looked like raspberries which were surrounded by a half dollar sized areola. I softly kissed each nipple.

Rob was standing next to us. I looked up from Judy’s breasts. I reached over and grasped his hard cock. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Judy’s expression as I slipped my lips down Rob’s cockshaft. I pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“Watch me. I want you to learn this.” I took Rob’s cockhead back into my mouth and began the circling movement. Judy’s face was right next to mine. I could her breathing and feel her breath on my cheek.

“Here, you try it.” I offered Judy her husband’s cock. “Form a circle with your mouth. Then take in a comfortable amount of the cockhead and shaft. Next, move your whole head in a circular motion. Be careful with your teeth.”

Judy was following the instructions step-by-step. “You can circle one way and then the other, if you wish. You can also vary the length of cockshaft.”

She was doing o.k. as Rob began to move his hips. “O.K., stop. I want you to teach this to Rob.” I stood and Rob got down on his knees next to Judy.

Judy grasped my cock, looked up at me, licked her lips, then pushed them over my cockhead. She gave me several soft vacuum sucks before she loosened her lips and began the circling motion. She was a quick learner. As my cockhead moved around inside her mouth, she followed it with her tongue.

Rob was licking his lips as he watched. Judy took my cock out of her mouth and nodded at Rob. He formed his lips into an “O” as Judy guided my cock to them. He began to make the circle motion as my cockhead slipped into his mouth.

Judy looked up at me. I nodded. “Good, good. Watch your teeth.” Rob was taking more of my cock and making larger circles as he gained confidence and mastery of the technique.

Judy stopped him. “Let’s move this into the bedroom where we can get more comfortable." She was in charge of her fantasy again. She stood up between Rob and I. She grasped our cocks before she turned and walked into the bedroom.

Rob and I followed. The break in our action became a sort of awkward pause. I lay down in the middle of the bed and indicated Rob should lie down beside me. Judy kneeled on a corner of the bed as I moved Rob around so we could lay on our sides in a 69.

Rob began to run his tongue over my cockhead. I slipped his cockhead into my mouth so my lips just covered it. While pressing the tip of my tongue against him I moved my head so my lips rubbed lightly on rim of the corona.

Rob responded in kind. I had Rob’s cock deep in my mouth when he stopped sucking me. I felt Judy move up next to him. He resumed sucking, then I felt her hand on my leg. Rob stopped again. I felt Judy’s hand on my cock. My cock left the warmth of Rob’s mouth and entered the warmth of Judy’s.

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