tagGroup SexThe Consultants Ch. 02

The Consultants Ch. 02


A couple of weeks after unexpectedly running into Judy at the hotel where Jon and I spent several nights getting reacquainted, I decided I had better give her and Rob a call.

I tried their home telephone. I got lucky. Rob answered on the third or fourth ring. "Hello, Rob. This Brad. How are you guys doing?"

"Pretty good, but, boy, are we busy. How are things with you?"

"I've got a lot of stuff scheduled too. That's why I called. I was wondering if there might be a place on our schedules where we are in the same place at the same time."

"That's a possibility. What's on your mind?"

"I know someone whom you two might like to meet and I wanted to talk with you to see if you would be interested."

"Sounds interesting. Let me get Judy on the extension and we can compare calendars."

I got out my calendar. I had highlighted the dates that Jon and I were working in the same area. I heard both phones pick up. "Hi Judy."

"Hi Brad. We're so busy that Rob and I are going in different directions all the time. We haven't been out together for weeks. Who is this person you think we might like to meet?"

"He's a customer rep who works for another company. He has the same interests that we share."

"Oh, that sounds promising. Here are the dates and locations where each of us is working."

We finally found a date where Judy and I were working from the same city for much of a week. We agreed to stay at the same hotel and to get together after work. "Jeez, that's great Judy. Rob. I'll see you in three weeks."

I kept in touch with both Jon and Judy and Rob during the ensuing three weeks. I didn't want any schedule changes or conflicts to mess up any arrangements for all of us to meet.

I got to the city the day before Judy was due to arrive. I had reserved her a two-room suite adjoining mine. The next day was a rainy gloomy day that seemed to drag on forever. I was writing up service call notes when my phone rang.

"Hi Brad. I just got in."

"Hi Judy. I'm right next door so come on through when you are ready."

"It will be a few minutes. I want to freshen up."

I had already unlocked and opened the connecting door on my side. About ten minutes after Judy has called, I heard the lock click on her side. The door opened. "Brad?"

"Hi Judy. How was your day."

"Well the problems were easy to solve, but the drive here was something else in the rain. Some drivers never slow down for anything. I'm bushed."

"How about a drink and dinner?"

"Sounds good to me. Several drinks sounds better."

"I feel the need for bright lights and some people and even some noise. How's the hotel bar sound to you?"

"Lets go."

The bar wasn't brightly lighted but there were a few people and the piano player was playing something other than the usual soft background type music. We got our drinks and found a u-shaped booth across from the fireplace. No one else was near us.

"This is pretty cozy, Brad."

"Yes, it is pleasant. I wonder if this is similar to what the British call a Snug."

"A what?"

"A Snug. It seems a lot of the local pubs, in the English police procedural mystery novels anyway, have small room or alcove with a fireplace and a few seats that is separated from the main bar area."

"Whatever they call it, this is nice." Judy drank her drink in about six gulps as she looked at the fire.

"You ready for another?"

"Yes, thanks."

"What are you drinking again?"

"Vodka martini."

"Shaken or stirred?"

"However Agent What's His Number has them."

"O.K." I came back with a tray of drinks. "It's Happy Hour so everything is two-fers." I set the drinks and a basket of popcorn and a basket of pretzels on the table.

Judy took a couple of sips of her second drink. "Do you think about our get together? We think about it a lot."

"Yes, I do. I enjoyed being in your fantasy."

"We should do it again sometime. You know we still have the panties and bra that you cut off me. Rob wraps his cock in the panties while he masturbates for me. And sometimes I'll either wrap them around his cock and balls or rub his cock with them when I give him blowjobs."

"We use the bra halves to tie each other when we play bondage games. The panties become a gag or a blindfold."

"Judy, I can't believe I really did that."

"I'm glad you did. That is one of the most erotic things that has ever happened to me. My nipples get hard as pebbles whenever I think about those scissors sliding between my breasts. Rob said he was jerking off so hard, watching you cut off my panties, that he was afraid he was going to pull his dick off."

I noticed she had almost finished her second martini. "You ready for dinner?"

"No, I want to finish my drinks. Rain makes me feel cold. Between the fireplace and the drinks I'm just beginning to feel warm."

"Sure. Let me get a room service menu and a house phone." I got the menu and replenished the snacks. I slid into the booth. Judy patted a spot in the u-shaped bench seat directly across from the fireplace. I moved over to where she had indicated. She slid around and leaned against my shoulder and put her legs and feet on the bench seat.

"I like this, Brad." A waitress came around and removed the empty glasses and snack baskets. "I really like this. Snug is a good name."

I was drinking draft beer. I hadn't finished the second draft. Judy was sipping her third martini. "Yes, this is nice. I may just build something like this for my house."

A couple times other people walked over to the fireplace and then left the room when they saw that the booth was occupied. "Could you build one for our house? Although we're never there to use it."

I finished the second draft and was sipping the third. "I'll call room service and order some dinner. How does soup and salad sound?"

"Sounds fine. I like fireplaces."

I ordered the meal and asked them to deliver it in about forty-five minutes. "I like fireplaces too."

Judy leaned close to me and whispered in my ear, "You know what I like to do in front of fireplaces?"

"No. Tell me."

"I like to fuck." She stuck her tongue in my ear. "I like to fuck in front of fireplaces. Do you?"

Among other places."

Judy turned to face me as she swallowed the last of her martini. She got a serious expression. "I suppose we'd get kicked out of here if we tried to fuck in front of this fireplace."

"I suppose so. Let go get some dinner."

Judy slid out of the booth. "Boy, I'm warm now. I should have stopped at two martinis." I put my hand on her shoulder as we walked out of the bar. She took my arm as we walked across the lobby to the elevator.

As we rode up to our floor, she put her arms around me, "You know what? I like to fuck in elevators too." She stood up on her toes and kissed me.

We were locked in a pretty intense French kiss when the elevator stopped and the door opened on our floor. The couple waiting to ride down seemed a little embarrassed.

The room service waiter delivered my order just a couple of minutes after we got back to our rooms. I used the coffee maker to heat water for hot tea.

As we ate, Judy asked me to tell her about this person whom I thought they would enjoy meeting.

"Well, as I said over the phone, he is a customer service rep like me. I met him sometime back."

"What's his name and what does he like to do?"

"His name is Jon." I gave Judy a brief description of Jon, except for his slim eleven-inch cock. If she decided to meet him, I wanted her to be surprised. "We hit it off together after a workout and have gotten together since then. Oh, he is clean and healthy."

"Good. I take it when you are together you sometimes pump something other than iron?"

I grinned, "You know we do."

"Why do you think we might like to meet him?"

"Well, I know you liked watching Rob and I get it on together. I thought you might enjoy watching us double dick each other."

"Double dick?"

"Yes. Taking a cock up the butt and down the throat at the same time."

"That makes an arousing picture. Speaking of pictures, I wish I had some of you and Rob getting it on."

"That can probably be arranged, but only if we all participate."

"I'd like to start with Rob on his knees in front of you as he unzips your fly and begins to suck your soft cock and take it all the way up to where you butt fuck each other."

"Sounds like a plan to me. But back to the possible threesome."

"Or a three-way." Judy paused. "What makes you think Jon would be interested in getting together with us?"

"You'll both like him and when he sees you and Rob, I know he will want to get it on. I know that I'd like to get it on with you again."

"When would we be able to meet him?"

"Jon's working about fifteen miles from here this week. I could call him and see if he could come over for the evening tomorrow."

"That would work. At least I could meet him and then see if Rob might be nearby. Now all this talk of getting it on and about taking pictures of you and Rob has gotten me turned on."

Judy walked around the table, leaned over and whispered, "Lets fuck." Then she began to unbutton my shirt. I stood and began to walk over to close the drapes. "Where are you going?"

"Just to close the drapes." Judy walked over to me and looked out.

"There's nothing there except the balcony. We are on what? The fifteenth floor? There aren't any taller buildings across from us so no one can see in. Judy continued to unbutton my shirt. "Besides, I get real hot thinking someone may be watching me fuck."

She finished unbuttoning my shirt. She ran her hand under my t-shirt as I unbuttoned her blouse. After slipping her blouse off of her, I turned her around so she was facing a large wall mirror.

I stepped behind her and unhooked her bra. Judy lowered her arms so I could slip off her bra. Then I put my arms around her and gently lifted her firm breasts with my hands. "Do you like my breasts?"

I nuzzled her neck. "I love them, especially your raspberry nipples." I lightly pinched each nipple.

"I love having my breasts played with." Judy turned inside my arms and began to unfasten my trousers. I unfastened hers and we began to push each other's down. It was awkward and we both stumbled. We laughed and separated long enough to undress completely.

Naked, we faced each other in front of the mirror. I turned her to face the mirror again and stood behind her. I pressed my cock against her butt as I cupped a breast with one hand and ran the other down her belly and across her pubes.

I parted her honey blonde hair and found her labia. I cupped and gently squeezed her cunt before separating her lips. Judy spread her legs slightly to give me better access to her inner pussy. I stroked up and down until I found her clit.

She turned inside my arms and grasped my semi-erect cock. I watched in the mirror as she first kissed my cockhead then slipped her lips over it. Judy sank to her knees as her lips continued to engulf my cock.

I lowered myself to my knees. "I have a better idea." I lowered her so she was lying on her back. I straddled her head. Judy pulled my cock back to her warm mouth and spread her legs as we stretched into the 69 position and I buried my face in her sopping pussy.

We contentedly licked and sucked for some time. Judy tongued my balls and worked a finger into my ass as I sucked her hard clit and finger fucked her.

Judy pushed on my hip and I moved from over her. "I want to do something outrageous."

"Like what?"

"I don't know. Fuck on the balcony or something."

"That rain is cold. We will freeze our butts off not to mention get soaking wet and probably catch pneumonia. How will we explain that to your husband?"

"I don't know and I don't care. Lets go!" Judy opened the door and stepped out into the rain. She raised her arms and turned in a circle. I followed her to the door. There was a patio table near the end of the balcony. Judy leaned her butt against it. Then she leaned back on her arms, spread her legs and presented herself to the rain, the clouds and the sky.

Her wet hair was plastered to her head. I couldn't stand it. I had to have her. I ran over to her. She gasped as my cock entered her. We fucked with sharp fast strokes. Judy wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me to her. She lay back on the wet table and wrapped her legs around my hips.

We slowed our pace but we continued to fuck oblivious of the rain. She loosened her grip with her legs and arms and I was able to fuck her with long slow strokes. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles and both of us were covered in goose pimples.

Judy started to laugh as she wiped the rainwater out of her eyes. "What fucking fun!" I stopped. My cock was getting limp and my nuts were tucked way up inside my groin where it was warm.

We ran back inside. I barely had time to close the balcony door as Judy dragged me towards the bedroom. We fell on the bed then rolled into a 69. I sucked her pussy and drank her love juices as she warmed my cock and nuts with her mouth and hands.

The bedding was wet as we lay side by side and laughed. "You are nuts, you know that, Judy?"

"Yes. But it was fun. I haven't fucked in the rain since we were in Hawaii."

"I'm just glad there wasn't any lightning."

"So am I. Lets shower."

We warmed up in the shower. Then went into Judy's suite where there was a dry bed. We snuggled and cuddled under the covers and, as it was late, fell asleep in each other's arms.

I awakened when I felt Judy stirring. I rolled over and looked at the clock radio. It was nearly 6:30 a.m. I rolled back next to Judy and looked down at her face. "Good morning." I kissed her eyelids.

"Good morning. What time is it?"

"6:30. I suppose we'd better get a move on."

"Yes. I've got to wash my hair so I may as well shower."

I got out of bed. "I'll call room service and order breakfast then, if I may, join you."

"Please do. And order a full breakfast. I seemed to have worked up an appetite during the night."

"O.k." As I decided to go to my suite to call room service, Judy kicked the covers off and stretched. She stretched her legs then raised her arms over her head and arched her back and thrust her breasts up.

"If you keep that up, I'll have to cancel breakfast."

Judy grinned, "That would be o.k." Then she relaxed and brought her hands down to cup her breasts. She spread her legs and arched her back as she moved her hands down to stroke her pussy.

"No more showtime!" I took one of her arms and pulled her up off the bed.

Judy stood up, grabbed my crotch and squeezed my cock, before releasing it and turning towards the bathroom. She was giggling as she ran away. I swatted her on the butt, which made her laugh out loud.

I went to my suite to call room service. The bedding had dried out and the wet trail from the balcony to the bed was gone. I made sure the balcony door was closed. It was still raining. I grabbed the hotel provided terry robe and slippers before going to join Judy in the shower.

The bathroom was warm and filled with steam. I looked at Judy's outline through the steam and the shower stall door as I hung up my robe. I knocked on the stall door. "Here I come."

"Come in quick! When you opened the bathroom door it got really chilly for a second." I stepped into the shower. "What time did you ask them to deliver breakfast?"


"Good. That gives me time to dry my hair and gives us time to. . ." Judy sank to her knees and sucked my soft cock into her warm mouth. She flicked my sensitive cockhead with the tip of her tongue. Then she looked up. "I love sucking off Rob while we shower. Sometimes his ball sac gets so relaxed and dangly that, if I'm careful, I can get both of his nuts in my mouth at the same time. That is a turn on for both of us."

I help her stand up. We hugged our wet bodies together as we kissed. I sank to my knees and buried my face in her wet pussy hair. I was able to use my tongue to part her lips and fuck her with my tongue before I moved to enjoy sucking her clit. Judy leaned against the shower wall as she spread her legs and pressed my face into her cunt.

Finally, I stood up. We kissed and hugged, then we spent much time lathering and washing each other's bodies. Judy had her back to me. I had my cock pushed into her butt cleft and was diligently washing her breasts. "I don't believe I've ever been so clean." She wiggled her ass. "But we better get out of the shower."

After drying off, I went back to my suite to get ready for room service. Just after the breakfast was delivered, Judy came from her suite. She was wearing the hotel robe and had her hair wrapped in bath towel turban.

While we ate, I told her that I would call Jon and see what I could set up. She would contact Rob too. I was looking at her as we ate. "You're beautiful, Judy."

"Go on! My hair isn't done and I've no makeup on."

"You don't need any."

We finished breakfast. She returned to her suite to get ready for the day. Before we both headed out for work I made sure I had her cell phone number. We wished each other a "great day" and made rather loose plans about the coming evening.

I contacted and took care of several clients, then tried to call Jon on his cell. He didn't pick up so I left a message. My cell rang just as I arrived at my next client's office. "Hello. This is Brad."

"Hello, Brad, Jon. What's shaking?"

"I've met with Judy. She would like to meet with both of us."

"O.k. I'm about finished here. I can be down there this evening. I've got a couple of calls that I can make from there tomorrow or the next day so it should all work out."

"That's great, Jon. I'll reserve you a room at the hotel." I also gave Jon my and Judy's room numbers.

"Thanks. I'll see you tonight."

I called Judy and told her that Jon was able to get together with us this coming evening.

I finished my calls and returned to my suite to shower, change clothes and to write up my service call notes which I e-mailed to the office.

I was able to get Jon the suite next to mine, and on the side opposite of Judy's. All three connected. About 6:30 p.m., I heard a tap on the connecting door to Jon's suite. I opened my side and Jon entered. He stepped into the room and hugged me. I hugged him back.

We were embracing when Judy entered from her suite. "Ahem."

"Hello. I'm Jon. And you are Judy?"

"Yes. Hello, Jon. Hi Brad." camn extended his hand and Judy took it.

"Hi Judy. Let's go down for dinner and we can discuss our day."

During dinner we all talked about our work and how we had met. Finally, I said, "Let's go back upstairs. I think it is time we see why Judy and Rob ought to get together with Jon and me."

I stood between Jon and Judy in the elevator. Judy squeezed my arm then patted my crotch. I squeezed her shoulder and let my hand slide towards her butt. I put my other arm around Jon's waist then slid my hand across his butt. Jon ran his hand down my back to my butt.

When we got to my suite, I suggested Judy get comfortable in one of the chairs. She said, "I've something to ask you. I have a digital camcorder. Would it be O.k. if I recorded some of the action to show Rob?"

I shrugged and looked at Jon. "It's o.k. with me if it is o.k. with Jon."

"It's o.k. with me too, but everyone gets a copy or download."

"Sure. I'll get the camcorder."

While she was getting her equipment, I closed the blinds and drapes and turned up the lights. Judy returned with a compact camcorder on a telescoping tripod. "Where should I set up?"

"How about in front of the couch." As Judy got set up, I took Jon's arm and guided him over in front of the couch. Judy looked up from her viewfinder and indicated she was ready. I sat down on the couch and turned Jon so he was sideways to the Judy. I unbuckled his belt and unhooked his waistband. As I unzipped the fly of his trousers, Jon unbuttoned and took off his shirt. He was pulling his t-shirt over his head when I slid off the couch to my knees in front of him.

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