tagGroup SexThe Consultants Ch. 03

The Consultants Ch. 03


I had been on the road for barely an hour when my cell phone rang. I let it ring. At the next rest stop, I stopped and checked for messages. Rob's message asked me to call him when I got a chance. I dialed his cell phone number.

Rob picked up on the first ring. "Hello, Rob, this is Brad."

"Thanks for calling back so quickly. Where are you spending the night?"

"I hadn't really planned that yet. Where are you guys staying?"

Rob named a hotel.

That'll work. I've got to spend the day with a client whose offices are about 30 minutes from there. Would you please book me a room? Next to yours, of course."

"Better yet, Brad, we're going to be here all week. We've booked a multi-room long stay suite. How long can you stay?"

"Just overnight. I told my sister, Ellen, I'd stop off and see her tomorrow night."

"O.k. I'll tell the front desk that we'll have an additional guest tonight."

"That's great. Let me know what the charge is so I can reimburse you guys."

Rob laughed, "That's o.k. We'll take it out in trade."

"Yeah, right! You interested in software or hardware?"

"You know we're always interested in your hardware."

I laughed back, "How about shareware?"

"We've got some nice shareware."

"Sounds good to me. I'll be in about six."

"O.k. See you then. I'll tell the front desk to give you a keycard."

"See you tonight. Thanks, Rob. Give Judy my love."

"You're welcome. You can give it to her yourself when you get here. See you at six." Rob ended the call.

As I pulled back out onto the Interstate, I turned my thoughts back to my client's needs. If I could fulfill their needs today, I was certain my needs would be fulfilled tonight.

The day with the client went quickly. They were interested in strengthening the security of their system. I explained the various options from our company, which ranged from a simple upgrade of firewall and other security software to stuff like digital scramblers and encoders/decoders to updating their system with our servers and other hardware that included the latest and greatest in security software.

I left them with a package of literature, demo packages, pricing and engineering contacts. I told them I would contact them at the end of the week. I felt pretty good when I left their offices. I felt they would go for the latest and greatest and, in addition to a nice commission, felt a potential big sale was a reason to do some celebrating with Judy and Rob tonight and with my Sweet Sister, Ellen, tomorrow night.

When I arrived at the hotel, the Front Desk was expecting me and gave me the keycard. I called Judy and Rob's suite and told them I would be up in a few minutes. Then I went to the Concierge. I asked her to have a nice wine and cheese package delivered to them tomorrow evening since they were "comping" me tonight. We selected a nice assortment from the hotel wine shop. I put it on my credit card and gave her an appropriate cash tip.

Rob opened the door on my first knock. He didn't tell me they had booked a luxury suite. I looked around. "Hi Rob. Business must be good."

He laughed, "Come on in. Judy has something she wants you to see." I followed him through the foyer and into the living room.

Judy had a laptop and a projector set up. "Hi Judy. Got a new program?"

"This is a presentation which I just did. I'd like you to see it and tell us what you think."

I looked around the suite. "I think you must be doing o.k. This is pretty plush."

She smiled, "Well, we've recently taken on some particularly difficult hardware problems."

Rob interjected, "Why don't you change out of you salesman suit while I decant some wine."

Judy showed me to my room. "I'm glad you could stop over, Brad. We need your input." She stretched up onto her toes and kissed me on the lips.

I hugged her to me. Her tits flattened against my chest. "Thanks for inviting me. I'd like to see your presentation."

"I think you'll like it." She turned and left the room.

As I changed into shorts and a t-shirt, I thought about Judy and Rob's consulting business. Business-wise they were a competent company. They definitely were not fly-by-night but they weren't razzle-dazzle either.

I got to thinking about some of the earlier comments. I had spent a fair amount of time with them. We had never "decanted" wine. We usually poured it and on more than several occasions had guzzled or swilled it.

Judy was a lusty sensual Lady. Rob was a compliant willing partner to her. She had mentioned "particularly difficult hardware" problems. With the current state of morality in some of the high tech industry, I hope she wasn't screwing some horny egotistical Chief Information Officer or someone similar.

I had to laugh at myself though. Who was I to preach morality? You felt as if you sometimes had to fuck more pussy or ass, take it up the ass and eat pussy and suck cock in order to make some sales.

If you got screwed by the client and didn't make the sale, at least the physical screwing you got was usually pleasant. And if Judy was fucking or sucking their clients, I knew they were getting top dollar, high quality service from her.

After changing, I walked back to the living room. Rob had also changed into shorts and a t-shirt. Judy was wearing a light wrapper that came down to the middle of her thighs. Rob handed me a glass of wine.

I did the wine "connoisseur" bit, sniffed it, swirled it, sniffed it again, and tasted it. "This is good stuff. You guys must be doing o.k."

"You're right. It ain't table wine. As I said earlier, Rob and I have taken on some particularly difficult hardware problems." Judy sat on the sofa and patted the cushions on each side of her.

Rob refilled the wine glasses and we sat down on each side of her. Judy clicked the remote and the presentation started. It was pretty much the usual sell that your problems would be solved forever if you bought their services.

It had a lot of neat special effect's, phase-out, phase-in, exploding graphics, dissolve, etc., etc., and all the bells and whistles. "We've aimed this at the dumb fuck dot com executive who thinks he or she knows all there is about everything. Big egos are easily impressed."

"Well, to be honest, I think you should toss this and start over. You guys are better than this. And you sound bitter."

"It's a cut throat world out there, Brad. You work for a salary and commission. We work for whatever profit we can squeeze out of some egotistical prick who thinks he can get what he wants for nothing."

"I take it from the slight asides and innuendos that you have taken it beyond business as usual?"

"You've caught us. We haven't done anything yet, but we are seriously thinking about it."

"Several different high level execs have come onto Judy."

"Yeah, they want blow jobs and to fuck me in the ass. Nasty little things their prissy wives or girlfriends are too good to do. Then there are the female execs. They are the worst. I'm sure they would like me to eat their pussies or rim their scrawny asses then humiliate me."

"You guys better stop thinking like this. You'll end up the losers in this. You, your reputations and your business will end up in the toilet at the very least."

"Right now all of our clients have more to lose than we do."

"Don't count on that. The type of people you are talking about don't get to where they are with fair play and telling the truth."

"This is our last chance to dazzle a bunch of dumb fucks. We've been shipping all of our profits offshore for years, just like all of our esteemed business leaders are doing. When we pull this off, we're out of here."

"Take them for all you can if you want, but use your brains, not your bodies and do it legitimately with the best, most expensive proposal you can think of. Besides, I'd hate to see you guys leave." I smiled. "You are some of my best lays."

Judy had gotten up to shut of the laptop and projector. Rob sighed, "You're right, Brad. Judy, let's dump this and decide how long we want to stay in this rat race."

Judy returned to the sofa and sat back down between us. "We can worry about all this later. Here is something else I enjoy seeing and I think you will too."

She turned on the TV and the DVD player. "I put this together for the long nights Rob and I are on the road separately." A picture formed on the screen. It was Rob and I in a hot cocksucking 69. Our faces were stuffed with each other's cocks as Judy watched and taped us.

"I put all of the photos and video on a CD so I can watch you guys get it on together any time I want."

Rob looked across at me, "That was a great session. Sucking and getting sucked at the same time really turned me on. I'd like to do that again."

I smiled at both of them, "As I said earlier, you both have great software and shareware and all of our hardware is compatible, so anytime you want to match, mix and merge, I'm ready."

"I'm ready too." Judy opened her wrapper and exposed her luscious breasts as she slipped her hand into my and Rob's shorts and grasped our cocks. "Why look at an image on a screen, when the real thing is at hand?"

Rob stood and unzipped his shorts. He pulled his t-shirt off as Judy leaned towards him, opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cockhead. She released my cock as I moved around and bent down to suck a nipple. Judy spread her legs slightly as I slid a hand across her thigh and down to her pussy.

I cupped her cunt. Her pussy hair was soft against my hand. Her pussy was warm and already slightly damp. Judy had settled into to sucking Rob's cock as I alternated between her nipples. I was also working a couple of fingers through her pussy hair and between her outer lips.

I had to have more than sucking a tit and fingering a cunt. I stripped off my t-shirt and shorts, spread Judy's legs as wide as I could and got on my knees between them. I buried my face in her pussy hair. Her hot womanly essence filled my nostrils. I used my fingers to part and spread her pussy lips.

Judy was wet. I ran the tip of my tongue around her gaping pussy hole and then fastened my lips around her clit. I felt a hand on the back of my head as my face was pressed against her hot wet cunt.

For a few minutes all that was heard was slurping and Rob contentedly sighing, "Oh, yeah, oh, yeah." Judy was slurping up and down his cock and I was slurping up and down her slit and around her clit. One of her legs was draped over my shoulders.

Judy sat up. "Let's get more comfortable. I feel like I'm being twisted in half."

I rolled onto my back and pulled her down on top of me. "Kneel over my face. Rob, hand me a pillow." Judy got on her knees and straddled my head. After I got the pillow positioned under my head and neck, I lifted my mouth up to her pussy and resumed eating her.

Rob stood by my head. I watched as Judy opened her mouth and he fed his spit shiny cock back into it. When I wanted to take a break, I could look up the plane of her belly and between her breasts and watch as Judy's lips moved up and down and around Rob's cock and as her tongue rubbed, pressed and licked its underbelly.

I'd put my hands on Judy's ass cheeks with my fingers in her ass cleft. In this way I could hold my face tight against her pussy as I lapped her juices. My face was wet and the mixture of pussy juice and spit was beginning to run down my neck. I could also use my fingertips to brush and tease her little puckered asshole. I also caressed and stroked her belly and breasts.

When I rested, I could reach up and touch Rob's ball sac and also tease his asshole. Sometimes, Judy would put her hand on mine and together we would gently squeeze and tug Rob's nuts.

Rob was groaning more and beginning to fuck Judy's face. I watch as she squeezed his nuts. Rob pushed his cock deep into her mouth as he groaned, "I'm cumming!"

I gripped her ass and pressed my lips around her clit. I was sucking her hard. I could hear her slurping as she swallowed Rob's cum. Her belly was quivering and her thighs began to shake. I heard an "Ahhh!" as my face, neck and chest were drenched with a gush of Judy's love juices.

I pressed my mouth over her pussy hole and tried to catch as much as I could. Eventually, Judy lowered her ass so she was sitting on my chest. Rob slumped down on the floor and leaned back against the sofa. Judy then stretched out on top of me. "Are you o.k. Brad? I almost drowned you."

"I'm just fine." I pulled her face down to mine and we mixed hers and Rob's love juices in our mouths with a probing deep French kiss. Then I hugged her against me as Rob rubbed her head and shoulders.

"Your face, neck and chest are all wet, Brad."

"And it's all your juices, Judy. When you cum, you cum in quarts."

"Well, I can't help it. I like sex and I get so turned on and excited by sucking cock and getting my pussy eaten that I just go crazy."

Rob laughed, "She does that every time I eat her cunt or we get into a 69. I think I should nickname her 'Juicy Judy'."

"Oh, Rob!"

"Well, you are Judy and you get really, really juicy."

I hugged her again, "and I will take every drop you give me. I love you and your juices."

Judy kissed me then pushed herself up off me. "That looks like fun." I turned my head. The disk in the DVD player was still running. A video was playing. Judy was on her knees. I was kneeling at her head as she sucked my cock. Jon was on his knees behind her. He was fucking her doggy style with his long slim cock.

"Boy, was I ever hot that night."

"And as small and light as it is, I had a hard time trying to work the digital video camera with one hand most of the time."

"You exaggerate, Rob!"

"Well, some of the time then. We all really got it on that night."

"Like I said, it looks like fun. Lets do it!" Judy leaned over and kissed Rob's cockhead.

"Get on your knees over me Judy. I'm ready for another taste of your pussy and juices." She turned and gripped my cock as she swung her leg over my head. I looked up at her pussy. Her honey colored pussy hair was wet with drops of her juices. I adjusted the pillow under my head then I reached down and gently squeezed each of her hanging tits.

Judy was running her tongue around the rim of my cockhead. She gently squeezed my nuts. I smiled as I felt her warm mouth envelope my cock.

"Come on, Rob. Lets get you going." I tipped my head back and looked up at him. He was rubbing his semi-erect cock. He got to his knees behind Judy's ass and straddled my head. His cock was dangling over my face. I pushed myself up on my elbows. Rob sighed as his cock entered my open mouth.

I closed my lips around his cockshaft. I sucked softly as I savored the taste of his cum and Judy's spit on his cock and the feeling of his balls nestling against my nose and closed eyes.

Rob removed his now hard cock from my mouth. I touched the underbelly of his cock with the tip of my tongue as he slipped it into Judy's pussy. I alternated between licking and sucking Judy's clit and licking Rob's sliding cock and balls.

All of a sudden Judy squealed. She jerked ahead, Rob's cock dropped out of her pussy and my chest was dowsed with another gush of love juice. I then noticed what had set her off. Rob had been finger fucking her ass. Judy held herself steady for a short time as her orgasm eased then she collapsed on top of me.

Rob leaned back on his haunches with his hard wet cock pointing up from between his thighs. Judy and I lay quietly. After a few minutes of rest, she pulled herself up and onto the sofa. She watched as Rob scooted up beside me.

He leaned over me. My still hard cock was lying against my stomach. Rob lowered his head and licked the underbelly of my cock from cockhead to balls. His long lollipop licks felt good as he also gently squeezed my balls in their hairy sac.

Rob shifted his position and I felt his lips close around my cockhead. Then I felt his lips sliding down my cock shaft. He stopped and I heard and felt a slight gag reflex. Rob sat up beside me for a second, took a deep breath, then he leaned back down and slid my cock deep into his mouth and throat.

Judy got off the sofa and kneeled beside us. "Keep going, Honey. You've almost deep throated Brad's cock. Keep going." I felt Rob's lips moving around my cock shaft as he tried to pull me deeper into his mouth.

Rob pulled his lips back to my cockhead. I heard him inhale and then felt his lips slide rapidly down my cock shaft. "Keep going! Keep going! Less than an inch to go, Honey!" I felt fingertips on my sac. "This is so neat! I wish I had a camera!"

I felt Rob's chin push against my pubic bone. He kept his lips clamped around my cock as he pulled back to the cockhead then plunged his mouth down. He did this three or four times. Each time his chin pressed against the pubic bone. Finally, he pulled back and I felt his tongue swabbing around my cockhead.

I pushed myself up onto my elbows and Judy kissed Rob. "I can't believe it! You deep throated Brad! I wish I had a camera! You deep throated Brad! I love you, Honey!"

Rob held my cock. He looked at Judy and grinned, "I came. I saw. I swallowed." Then he leaned over me and slid his mouth down my cock shaft until I felt his lips circling the base.

Rob continued to deep throat me for several minutes. Then he pulled his mouth off my cock. "Take over, Judy. I've got to rest a minute." I felt Judy's hand then her lips on my cock. Rob shifted to lay on his side. I looked at his hard cock. It looked so suckable.

Rob leaned back over me and began to lick my balls. Soon he and Judy were sharing my cock and taking turns sucking me. I lay back down to enjoy being sucked off by two cocksuckers who really enjoyed what they were doing.

Judy was laying so I could stroke her ass. I slipped my hand under Rob and found his hard cock. I had to have it in my mouth. I pushed myself back up on my elbows. Judy was watching Rob as he ran his tongue around my cockhead.

"Get on your side, Rob." He complied. I lay back down and turned onto my side. I brought Rob's cock closer to my mouth. Judy leaned over me and watched as I licked his cockhead clean of the pre-cum. I felt my hard cock slide back down Rob's throat.

Judy's face was close to mine as she watched me inch her husband's thick eight inch cock into my mouth and throat. She seemed tantalized as I slowly worked my lips down his cock shaft. When my lips were touching his pubic hair, I held still for a moment then I pulled back to his cockhead.

I felt Rob's chin against my pubic bone. I pushed my mouth back down his cock to the base. As I nuzzled his nuts with my nose I heard Judy, "Wow! A double deep throat. You guys are really some great cocksuckers!"

Rob's nut sac was beginning to tighten as I sucked him deep. I pulled his cock out of my mouth. Judy's face was still next to mine. "Help me, Judy." Just as she opened her mouth to wrap her lips around Rob's cockhead, Rob blew his load.

His first wad of cum shot right into her mouth. The second hit her cheek. The third hit my cheek and I caught the next two or three warm gobs in my mouth. Judy and I took turns sucking the cum out of Rob's cock. We kissed and licked the cum off of each other's face, then she scooted down to help Rob.

I gently licked and sucked Rob's still hard cock as Judy began to jack me off. She and Rob took turns jacking and sucking me and soon I was filling their mouths with my hot cum. Judy moved back up by my face. We kissed and mixed Rob's and my cum together in our mouths.

Rob was sitting up watching us. I sat up and gave him a French kiss. We mixed the cum in our mouths together, then we both shared it with Judy. We hugged each other.

Rob stood up and helped me to my feet. Judy got up on her knees and took each of our now soft wet cocks in her hands. She kissed each cockhead and then we helped her up. We all hugged again.

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