The Contest

bydeputy duffy©

Let the Contest begin. That sentence rings in my head every morning I wake up. It's like waking from a dream. But this was no dream.

It all started innocently enough, one Friday night, when I was walking home from the video store where I worked. (I was saving up my money for college.) I had just turned twenty and was looking forward to a weekend off. My parents had gone camping and I had a bag of pornos, and the house all to myself. Yeah, looking back on it, it was pretty sad, but since I was girlfriendless that was the best I could come up with. I was hoping that college life would change all that.

I was just about home when I saw a blonde across the street from my house. Instantly, I thought I recognized her.

("Fuck, that can't be her! She moved away after high school," I thought.)

I heard a male voice from behind me say my name. Before I could turn around, a large sack was put over my whole head and I was picked up off the ground, as I struggled in vain, and dumped unceremoniously into a vehicle. I could hear tires screeching and it sure felt like we where moving quickly. Someone began tying my hands behind my back, while someone was sitting on my feet. I was doing my best to fight them off, but at 5'10" and 175 pounds I wasn't fairing to well against my larger opponents. I was also trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. I kept asking, "Why would some one want to kidnap me?"

The same voice that I heard say my name, was telling me to "relax and calm down", but for the next half-hour or so I don't think I ever did. The vehicle finally came to a stop and I was picked up and carried like a sack of potatoes for what seemed like miles. I was being as calm as I could be, trying to figure it out. Then I was forced to sit down in what felt like a chair. I felt my hands and feet being quickly tied to it.

"Just fucking sit there and be fucking quiet!" I heard a strong booming voice yell into my ear, followed by a smack upside the head, as if I needed it.

I was starting to panic now, because I was hearing a lot of other voices around me. Not being able to see was driving me crazy. I could hear a couple of screams from time to time that would jar me, but somehow I managed not to pee my pants.

After what seemed like forever, my sack was removed, and water was splashed in my face. It was cold and startling, but, none the less, refreshing. While blinking my eyes, a cold towel was used to dry my face and when my eyes regained their focus I saw her.

("It was her," I thought.)

"I see you recognize me," the blonde said, and then she moved behind me.

Yes I did, it was Alice Marsh. Alice used to live down the street from me. You could say she was the girl of my dreams -- unfortunately my dreams, not hers. We were even the same exact age, amazingly sharing the same birthday. I tried my best to befriend her throughout the years, but to no avail.

One amazing moment in history, cemented us together forever. It happened in our senior year, shortly after our 18th birthday, at a house party. The only reason I was there (not belonging to the "IN" crowd) was because it was being held at my best friend's house. (His brother was throwing the bash.) When asked repeatedly, we simply wouldn't leave. It was our payoff for not telling his parents about the party. Well, it was a drinking party and as the night went on the party picked up. All the good-looking girls were there dressed their best. But the fairest of them all was the one and only Alice Marsh.

You could say she was hard to miss. She was about 5'7" maybe 110 pounds. On this night, she was dressed in tight blue jeans and a small pink half sweater, unbuttoned at the top and bottom. Her face, made up to make her look like a movie star, maybe an adult movie star. You could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, and with breasts like hers, I guess she didn't need one.

Every guy in the place was all over her, but while she seemed to love the attention, none of them were her boyfriend. They seemingly had no luck with her either, as it was a known fact that she only dated older, tougher guys.

I was so busy checking out her wicked body that I didn't notice that she had caught me undressing her with my eyes. She motioned for me to come over. It was all I could do to walk over to her, as she was surrounded by a large group of onlookers, most of whom were laughing up a storm.

"What were you looking at?" She sneered. "What, you never seen a pair of tits before?"

The group roared with laughter, after some time and much teasing, she finally held her hand up and the crowd fell silent. My face felt like it was on fire.

"What, cat got your tongue?" She teased, as she pulled on her sweater, her left breast nearly falling out. "I bet you never even seen a pair of live breasts before?"

What could I say? Because the fact was she was right. The only sex I'd had up to that point had been in my head, and the only naked women I'd seen were in the movies and magazines. And with the way she was teasing me, the English language was escaping me.

"The only pussy -- your cat," Alice teased, standing right in front of me, blowing hot air against my lips, pressing her chest into mine. Honestly, I wanted to run away, but the group had circled around us. Plus her smell was intoxicating. I was staring into her sparkling green eyes, as her long blonde hair tickled my face. Since I had never actually been this close to her before, it felt like my head was going to exploded. I also lost all track of my environment.

Suddenly she grabbed me, by both wrists, and slowly brought my hands up to her chest, pressing them slowly into her breasts. (Oh, how firm they were.) She also used her leg to rub my groin. Taking the bait, I was slowly applying more pressure, effectively feeling her up. When she let me slip my right hand into her sweater, I was in puppy heaven. I swear I felt her nipple harden under my touch. She pulled me closer. She began purring into my ear. The pressure increased. I had a feeling rushing through my body like I'd never felt before. My knees went weak. My body trembled. And it felt like all my blood had rushed into my groin area. She suddenly pulled my hands away, but kept a hold of my wrists. Simultaneously, someone from behind me pulled my baggy pants and briefs down, in one swift motion. I cried out in horror, as my erect penis sprung into the crowd's view -- cum still oozing from its head. Much to my surprise, it wasn't blood after all. The crowed roared with laughter. I quickly broke free, pulled my sweats up, and high-tailed it out of there.

Back at school, I was the talk of the hallways. As you can probably imagine, it was pretty humiliating having an orgasm in front of a room full of people. Especially, just from a little leg rubbing and from feeling someone's tits. Even if they belonged to Alice Marsh. Everyone had their knick-name for me. They called me "The Minuteman" or "Quick-Draw" or my least favorite "The Sperminator", but as time wore on and we finally graduated, life got a little easier. I even made the favorite moments part of the yearbook, several times.

Most of my friends would just come up to me and say, "I can't believe you got to feel up Alice Marsh!" or stuff like that. It was kind of cool, I guess. But honestly, getting a date after that night was pretty tough -- hence my pathetic social life. Alice moved away after graduation, at least I thought she did. But now a couple of years had passed, and here she was again, back in my life. But still, "why would she kidnap me?" So it was the first question that I asked.

"She didn't kidnap you...we did!" A booming voice roared.

I was quickly spun around, and was now facing two rather large and imposing looking men. They were dressed in leather and covered in tattoos. I tried to ask another question, but someone came up from behind me and gagged me with a some cloth.

The larger of the two men spoke first. He told me that I wasn't going to get hurt if I played along and did a good job. He had a powerful voice that sent shivers down my spine. He introduced his partner, Hack Saw.

Hack Saw did most of the talking. He introduced the rest of the gang and I did the best I could to keep calm and listen to him, even though I was scared as hell. There were four guys and five women that I could see, but I knew there were many more around me. He introduced me to Tank, (he was the first man who spoke, and I must say he was built like one, too.) The other two were named Crazy Dave and Flash, but they didn't do or say much. They were busy fondling the large breasts of one of their (chicks) as they call them. The five girls or chicks, were Candy, Dippy, Dee Dee and Alice. Oh, the other one that the two other guys were working over, well, they just called her "our bitch."

All the girls were dressed like the proverbial biker chick. Lots of leather and lots of skin. But again, Alice stuck out. She was still beautiful. Her hair was short, all most spiked and blonder than ever. She wore tight leather pants and a black silk like top that clung to her body. So clingy that you could see each of her nipples poking out. I felt my groin stir.

("Oh no...not again," I thought.)

Hack Saw grabbed me by the shoulder and slapped my face a little. "Listen up buddy, and I'll tell you why we picked you up today."

He pulled up a stool next to me. "Listen and listen good, cuz we don't have much time. You have to believe what I'm about to tell you is true and is going to happen, as much as you're not going to believe it. We picked you up because we needed a guy to enter 'The Contest.' You see it's a contest against our brother bikers...we do this every year. There are five teams each has four or five brothers and four or five chicks...See...."

He spun me around and for the first time I saw what was behind me. There were groups of bikers huddled around in small groups like we were. They were all different shapes and sizes. I also noticed that we were in some sort of old barn. There were two large beams. One with five ropes hanging off of it, which got my heart racing, and the other thing that got my heart rate up was what was hanging from the other. Dangling with her feet just touching the ground was a young blonde woman, dressed only in a small black bra and matching panties. Hack Saw spun me back around.

"I see you saw what we are playing for. She is something else. She goes to the team that finishes first, with a shit load of cash. We need the cash and we want the girl, so listen up good," Hack Saw said, and so far he was right about me not believing my ears. "Here I said it a contest and Alice has specifically chosen you to represent us, because it has to be someone outside of the gang."

("Why would Alice choose me?" I could only wonder, but didn't ask.)

"You saw the ropes hanging down from the beam? Well, all five teams have one victim. Don't worry, we're not going to hang you or anything. But you will be hanging from your wrists. Your feet will just hit the hers. The pain in your wrists won't be that bad. Plus, you'll have something to take your mind off of it. You see it's a 'Blowjob Contest.'" Hack Saw finished with the first smile I saw. I just looked at him in disbelief.

"I know...settle down...we aren't terribly inventive. It's some rich dudes idea of a little fun. Well, Alice told us of your little history together and we're hoping things haven't changed," he said, as he laughed.

("Man, am I ever going to live that down?" I thought.)

"You see it goes like this: the first team that can get their guy to blow his load wins. But, before you get all hot and bothered, let me tell you how it works. This is what makes it a little interesting," Hack Saw said, as he moved his stool even closer, so close that I could smell the cigarettes on his breath.

"When all five of you are tied up and hanging from the beam, we will select one member from our team. She will be doing the blowing. Oh, before that, another will pull your pants down for yah. But anyways, now when the gun goes off, the chicks start blowing, it's that simple. But listen, there are rules, not that we like them, but for this we have to follow them. You can't have a hardon before we start or be leaking pre-cum. So stay calm beforehand and then when you finally cum, which we hear doesn't take you so long, you have to cum in her mouth, so she can turn around and show the judges. Oh yeah, nobody is allowed to talk once the contest starts.

"Now stay with me here, there are five teams so there are five places. So if you notice one guy blow, stay with it, because it goes right down to the end. I guess I should tell you the prizes for each place just so you know, because right now it might sound real easy. I mean, who doesn't like a good fucking blowjob, and one thing our chicks can do it's suck a mean one."

He paused to take the gag out of my mouth and give me a sip of beer, which was much needed, as I was overheating from his spiel so far.

"Now, the first place team, they win the grand prize -- the cash and the girl. Don't worry about the girl now, no one hurts her, if she behaves. Plus you have more important things to think about. I'll tell you about second, third and fourth in a sec, but let me tell you about last place. The team that can't get their guy to spew, is fucked. I mean our chicks are all fucked. You see, the chicks on the last place team have to visit all the other team's clubhouses and do whatever their asked to do. Some of the clubs have fifty fucking members and they're into some hardcore shit. Let me tell yah, the chicks on the last place team are never the same again."

I was looking at the girls as Hack Saw said this, and I could tell that they all had fear in their eyes.

"If you limp out, I'll kill yah myself!" Candy, the toughest looking of the chicks, suddenly barked, as she ran her finger across her throat.

"You mean," I managed, before being cut off by Tank.

"If we lose our lose your fucking head."

I guess, I started to panic at this startling revelation, because I just remember being slapped across the face.

"Ok, now you see the down side," Hack Saw said, after the slap.

("Down side!" I inwardly screamed, as my stomach tossed and turned. It felt like I was about to be physically ill.)

"And fourth place ain't no good either. Their chicks have to go around the barn tonight, buck naked, while offering a free blowjob to any guy who wants one, and we don't want to have our girls coming back with us covered in cum, unless it's our own. So for punishment we'll leave you hanging up there and after, the chicks can take their frustrations out on yah."

I looked to Alice for help, but she just said to relax and try to put it out of my mind. (Yeah right...relax...while I was just informed that this could be my last night alive! You know that joke about, dying happy, well it's not so funny when you're starring it right in the face.)

"And what about third?" I asked with a gulp.

Well third ain't that good, and it ain't that bad. Our chicks are saved and we still get the free bj's from team four and we get the last place chicks for one night, if there is anything left after the first and second place teams get to them. That's where we finished last year, so we are looking to improve this year."


"If we finish second that's not that bad, but remember we want first. For second we get new sleds and we get first crack at the free bj's from the fourth place team and the second weekend with the last place team's chicks. Look, it's not like we want to fuck all of their chicks or anything, but there is something about fucking another club's chicks. Plus, there's some stuff we can do to them that we don't do to our own chicks, if you know what I mean."

I really didn't at that point, but one could only imagine.

"But remember that we want to be first, because it's a ton of cash and we get a smoking chick and you can never have to many hot babes."

Hack Saw finished his speech, and lined up the five girls, who looked none to happy. "Now quickly, we have to decide who is going to do the blowing."

Each of the girls looked at me and I could tell they were nervous and from the sound of the rules they had a lot riding on "The Contest" as well. As for me, I was shaking like a tree. Heck all's I had riding on it was my life.

"Well, which one do you want to give the blowjob?" Hack Saw asked, this time with his hand on my shoulder.

"You want me to pick?" I asked, surprised as hell that he would let me pick, and I could tell the girls were also surprised. He just snapped his fingers at them.

"Yeah and hurry up, it's almost time, just pick the one that you think will make you shoot the fastest. I mean, they're all good cock-suckers, but it might be that little extra that helps."

I looked over the girls, still stunned. They were all hot biker babes, but I couldn't get past Alice. Plus, the way she was looking at me, with pleading eyes, I knew she didn't want to be the one. Honestly, that turned me on. I guess even with my life on the line, I figured a little payback was in order. Plus, I have been dreaming of having Alice for years, just never dreaming it would happen like this.

"I guess the b-b-blonde...Alice," I mumbled.

"Fuck!" Alice snapped. "I found the fucking guy. Shouldn't that take me off the fucking hook?"

"Shut your fucking hole!" Tank screamed. "If the guy wants your lips, then you're our best hope at winning."

I was still sitting, tied into my chair, when Hack Saw grabbed Alice's arms and began tying them behind her back, as she was still protesting.

"Oh, she can't use her hands," Hack Saw said.

One of the other guys started untying me from the chair when Tank gave me a pat on the head and asked. "Is there any thing else you can think of that will help you along? I really want to win this year."

I looked over at Alice, who had her hands tied behind her back, her little shirt riding up her breasts with every breath.

"Well, I can think of one," I managed, without a smile.

"I'm listening," Tank answered.

"Well, it would help a lot if I could see her tits," I whispered, trying to not let Alice hear me.

"Shit, that's all," Tank spat. "Heck, if we win, I'll even let you fuck the shit out of her...for one night she's all yours."

"What!" Screamed Alice. "No fucking way! Bad enough I have to suck his cock."

"You fucking heard me!" Tank said, grabbing Alice by the face. "You fucking do what I tell you and don't fucking forget it, Bitch. The fucking dudes been dreaming of your tits for years. Heck, he blew a load just touching them. So here's what we're going to do, right before the gun goes off at the start, I'll rip your top off. This ought to give us a head start. Fuck, there's nothing in the rules against it."

Alice pouted, but Tank just made a fist and thrust it in front of her face, and her whining stopped.

The next thing I knew I was being hung up by my wrists. I don't know why I didn't even think to try and get away. I guess I was a little turned on by the whole thing. I guess you could say I was risking my life to be with Alice.

I had to stand on my toes to stop from swinging, while the rope was digging painfully into my wrists. I looked to my left. The other four guys were also in place. I noticed a couple of them were openly crying and a couple of them were still gagged. I was starting to get really nervous now. It didn't help that the guy next to me was panicking. He was screaming against his gag. It seemed to me that some of them were fearing for their lives as well. It also hit me that I was the youngest one of the group.

I could hear rain drops hitting the barn's roof, as the barn door slid open. In walking a man dressed in a three-piece suit, along with two huge bodyguards carrying automatic weapons, one holding an umbrella. Following him were five men, pushing five black motorcycles, into the barn. The crowd roared. The well-dressed man climbed onto a wooden stage that was off to the side. He raised his hand into the air and the barn drew quiet, eerily quiet.

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