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The Contract


"God, this class is so stupid," Courtney muttered, looking over her failed midterm. The professor had practically smiled as she handed it back to the young co-ed, or, at least Courtney thought she had. The pretty redhead assumed the middle-aged woman was simply jealous of her beauty and youth. Though Dr. Snyder was not unattractive for a forty-two year old mother of two, Courtney thought she was repulsive, with her low-riding breasts and spongy thighs.

Courtney was a fresh-faced nineteen-year-old cheerleader who, though not exactly intelligent, had gotten into her first school of choice because of her father's position on the admissions board. She was known throughout the large public university as a slutty bombshell, with perky C-cup breasts and a cute bubble butt. She was a classic beauty, with long hair and fine features, and she was a classic bitch who loved to parade around the school like she owned the place. Safe to say, her classes were not very important to her, especially in the face of parties and hot frat boys.

"I might be failing this dumb class but at least my ass isn't a foot across," Courtney said pointedly. She crumbled the exam and threw it in the trash on the way out of the class, but not before the professor called out her name.

"Courtney? Can I speak with you for just a moment," Dr. Snyder said from her desk at the front of the lecture hall.

Courtney rolled her eyes but complied, trudging over. "What?"

Dr. Snyder, or Alexandra as friends knew her, gave her best fake smile to the girl and attempted to hide the distaste from her voice. "I wanted to talk to you about your recent grade. You seem to be struggling in the course, but I haven't seen you in my office hours. Are you not concerned about passing the class?"

Courtney crossed her arms under her pert breasts and rolled her eyes. "Look, I don't even need this stupid class to graduate. If I fail I'll just get my Daddy to give me a good grade."

Alexandra sighed through her nose and shook her head. "So, you don't care about my class at all? Or, really any class? What is your major, Courtney?"

"Communications. All the basketball players are in my classes, which is why I picked it. This lame English class like isn't worth my time," Courtney replied flippantly.

"Of course," Alexandra said sarcastically, easing open her desk drawer. She pulled out a sheet of paper and set it on the desk.

"What's that?" Courtney asked testily.

"A form. It pretty much says that no matter what you score on the exam, I have to pass you. It's from your father," Alexandra said, sliding the paper forward.

"He talked to you? I've never had to do this before..." Courtney said suspiciously.

"Well, consider this a special circumstance. I didn't want to do this, but he didn't leave me much of a choice."

Courtney sighed and took the offered pen. Without even scanning the document, she signed her name at the bottom of the page in loopy, girly cursive.

"Can I go now? I have cheerleading practice in half an hour," Courtney whined.

Alexandra smiled and grabbed the paper. "Go ahead. I'll see you Thursday...maybe."

Courtney didn't bother replying as she quickly turned and left, her bright red ringlets bouncing behind her.


"God, practice was killer today," Courtney commented, throwing her gym bag on the futon in her dorm room.

Her roommate, Marianne, looked up at the girl and nodded. "You did look a little slow. Maybe you're sick."

Marianne was a pretty blonde who was also on the cheerleading squad, though she was back row where Courtney was front row. She was the typical "second-best" friend, with looks just a little less attractive than Courtney and a figure just a little pudgier than the redhead. However, Marianne was considerably smarter than her roommate, with passing grades in all of her classes.

"I'm not sick, I can't be sick. Sig ep is having a party tomorrow and I have to be there," Courtney said, checking her reflection in the mirror on her desk. She did look a little worn, with heavy bags under her eyes and were those wrinkles? She shook her head and grabbed some lotion, slathering it across her visage.

"Go to bed early," Marianne suggested. "You'll probably feel better in the morning."

Courtney stripped off her cheerleading uniform, hardly even noticing how much tighter the top was around her breasts and tummy. "Yeah, that's a good idea." She clambered up the ladder to the lofted bed and quickly fell asleep.


Courtney's alarm clock went off two hours earlier than normal.

The girl looked over at a clock she didn't remember keeping and slapped snooze before deciding to just turn it off. Although it was five in the morning, she felt ready to get up.

But, instead of her normal climb down from her bed, when she turned to get off, there was only floor. Her feet hit the hardwood and she tried to think of why and how she had moved from her dorm bed.

"Maybe I got drunk or something last night," Courtney murmured softly. "That's gotta be it." But, when she looked at the other side of the bed, it was empty, with no hint of anyone ever being there. More than that, the room was decorated in feminine things like little photo frames and a pink desk top computer - all items that no heterosexual male would dare to have. Courtney wondered if perhaps she had accidentally gone home with a female. She knew for certain she wasn't attracted to women but maybe she had blacked out...

With a slight groan, Courtney heaved herself off of the queen-sized bed and lumbered over to a room that looked to be a bathroom. Still a little sleepy, Courtney ignored the odd stiffness and heaviness of her body, writing it off as early morning fatigue.

Flicking on the light Courtney gaped at the reflection in the mirror. It was recognizable but severely distorted compared to what she had expected to see. For starters, she had gained weight. Not a ridiculous amount, but enough to cause her face to appear plumper, with rounded cheeks and the faintest beginnings of a double chin. Further down, her larger breasts pushed against her flimsy satin tank top, revealing a long line of cleavage and two thick nipples. Courtney weighed them with her hands and guessed them to be at least a DD cup, perhaps even bigger. They might have been big, but they had lost all their perkiness, resting placidly on her chest in droopy teardrops. Her once flat stomach also pushed against the sleep top, showcasing a slight indent where her navel rested. She pulled up the top a bit, inspecting the new pudge. It was more or less just a slight potbelly, but compared to her old slim physique it was a radical change. Turning slightly, she grabbed hold of her ass, clothed only in a lacy thong, and kneaded the new flesh. Her ass had always been a toned little thing, able to be held in the hand, but this thing was a monster. She knew, with her wide hips and wobbly thighs, that most would classify her as a "pear".

But, her weight gain wasn't the only change for Courtney. Leaning in closer to the mirror, the girl noticed more than a few fine lines gracing her once unblemished features. The bags under her eyes were even heavier than they had been the night before and her hair was cut a little shorter. If she didn't know better, she would have guessed she'd been aged ten years, putting her right at twenty-nine years old.

"What the hell happened to me? How did this happen?!" Courtney exclaimed, running her hands down her face. She noticed that even her hands looked a little different, with more obvious veins. She was definitely older.

"Courtney, baby? Are you up and going?"

Courtney turned at the sound of a familiar feminine voice. But it seemed impossible...how could she be here?

"Dr. Snyder?" Courtney said softly, opening the door to bathroom, revealing a female figure standing by the dresser. It was, undoubtedly, Dr. Snyder, with her dark brown hair and typical well-dressed attire. Courtney noticed that the woman looked a little slimmer...or perhaps now that she herself was overweight, Courtney wasn't as quick to criticize. She smiled at Courtney, leaning against the wall.

"Well, you don't have to call me that," the woman laughed lightly. "What's wrong, honey? You look a little lost."

Courtney didn't really know what to say. So many questions were racing through her mind, but none were able to make it to her mouth. Instead she mumbled a soft, "I'm fine."

"You need to work on your dissertation today," Snyder said, walking over to Courtney, her heels clicking on the floor. "I don't want you falling behind the other doctoral candidates."

Courtney stared into her brunette's deep brown eyes, suddenly remembering her new reality. She was Snyder's much younger girlfriend. She was working on her PhD in English so she could be closer to her girlfriend, at home and at work. Last week she had celebrated her twenty-ninth birthday, with Alexandra by her side.

Courtney's mind began battling against itself. A part of her was screaming that she wasn't a lesbian and that she was only nineteen...but another part of her was telling her that this reality was the only reality. She was holding onto both, but only barely. The thought that Alexandra, or Dr. Snyder, had anything to do with this never fully crossed her mind.

"I-I...okay, Alex," Courtney said softly, the words practically falling out of her mouth. "Uh, Alex?"

Alex smiled and ran a hand over Courtney's plump hip. "Yes, honey?"

Courtney bit her lip, both enjoying and hating the woman's touch on her foreign body. "Does something seem...off to you? Anything at all?"

Alex shrugged. "Not really, besides the fact that you're not ready and dressed by now! I swear, I'm leaving in fifteen." Alex gave Courtney's ass a little pat before leaving.

More than a little disoriented, Courtney allowed her body to move without thinking, picking out a cute, but sensible, navy dress (that was a little snug in the hips) and low pumps. She dusted on a little makeup and fixed her red hair in a stylish French braid. Small pearl earrings completed the picture. Looking in the mirror, Courtney thought she looked a bit like an older sister she never had. One that had hit the buffet one too many times...

But, when Courtney opened her mouth to comment on her appearance, a simple, "Time for work, Court," came out. It was as if something was halting her from saying what she wanted to say - something beyond her.

She met Alexandra in the kitchen who handed her a latte and a muffin before dragging her to the car. It was pretty nice, Courtney noticed. Definitely out of her price range, both as a coed and as a graduate student.

The day went by fairly quickly for Courtney, who, through some weird power, knew where to go, what to say, and who to talk to all day long. She noticed very quickly that her once below average intellect was now above average. The conversations she was able to have with fellow grad students and professors were surprisingly stimulating. None of her classes were troubling and even her English recitation, which she had to teach, went fairly well. A few of the students kept of ogling her breasts, which did create a bit of cleavage in her mostly modest dress, but she ignored them. For once in her life she wasn't concerned with male attention. The only person she wanted to impress was Alexandra.

The two weren't supposed to be dating...but everyone knew. They couldn't really help showing occasional displays of affection, especially when they both had a moment in between classes. During their lunch break they went to Alex's office and made out on top of her desk for half an hour. The experience, though seemingly new for Courtney, was incredibly arousing. She was quickly falling for Dr. Snyder.

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