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The Contract


Please enjoy this story. There is a lot of truth in the details and memories of fulfilled fantasies. All characters are over 18. Thanks for reading!


How did I get here? Behind my obvious arousal and aching desire lies the fantasies that have fed my selfish masturbation for years. They were things I kept just for getting myself off when I was alone. Those days have long since expired. Every real fantasy I've had has been given to my Mistress for her to do with as she sees fit. My only saving grace is that she is my soul mate, my friend, my lover, my everything.

Yes, how did I get here? In feeding my fantasies I unknowingly gained courage enough to share them honestly with my Mistress. Things took time to sink in as to what my fantasies really were, but in her love for me she has wholeheartedly accepted the responsibility and ownership of me. What I thought my expectations were when I asked her to take control of my cock have been far surpassed with the stark reality of what it truly means.

That truth is that my Mistress is training me. Training me in multiple areas all at once. Her pleasure is all that matters. I will receive pleasure from Mistress only when she allows it.

Now, to where I am right now. I'm kneeling at the foot of our bed, my hands in my lap, blinded by the hood Mistress instructed me to put on. When I came home from work, I found a note from Mistress on my pillow, instructing me to be ready and waiting when she arrived home. I've been in this position for at least half an hour, but I'm ready, as she commanded me to be.

I hear a key unlocking the door and I feel the breeze as Mistress walks In and takes In the scene of me kneeling, I'm sure she's checking to make sure I followed orders. She rubs the top of my head and says good boy, now take my clothes off and fold them before you lay them down.

I start with her shoes and socks, then move up to her pants. I slide my hands up her thighs until my fingers find her button. As I unbutton her pants I slide my fingers into her waistband and slowly peel them down over her silky smooth ass until they are off and folded. It's so hard not to touch her more as my skin makes contact with hers.

I reach up to feel what kind of shirt she is wearing and she pulls my arms, motioning me to stand for this part. My legs ache as I stand after kneeling for so long, but I hop right up. Mistresses shirt needs unbuttoned so I start from the top, working my way down. At the third button I was trying to rub the back of my hands on the swelling cleavage that Mistress is gifted with as both of my hands were grabbed and held away.

You know better than that, don't you? Apparently you don't! Mistress put my hands at my sides and instructed me that this is exactly where my hands will stay. Then she turned me sideways and pulled me down so that I was laying over her lap. My head and chest hung down over her thigh and my ass was squared on her lap.

You know this is for your own good? It was a question, but really more of a statement than anything. I felt the sting of a paddle strike my right cheek. I didn't know we owned a paddle. It stung considerably more than when Mistress uses her hands. Mistress let about fifteen seconds pass before I felt another blow to my now red cheek. Then she did the same to my other cheek. She alternated back and forth after that. I was so intent on staying where I was and not disappointing Mistress that I lost count of how many times she paddled me. My ass was on fire when she finally stopped.

Mistress rubbed my swollen bum a few times caressing it as she admonished me for not following directions. I love you and I'm sad that I have to do these things to you, but you have to learn to follow directions. Now tell me what you were supposed to have done.

I was supposed to undress you and fold your clothes Mistress.

Did I say you could get pleasure from touching me while you were undressing me? No Mistress, you did not give me permission to get pleasure from you. There, she said as she pulled me to her bosom and hugged me, comforted me, all the while, rubbing my ass gently.

Now, finish undressing me.

I did as I was told and finished undressing her.

Now crawl onto the bed on your knees and grab the headboard, and hurry it up, you've already wasted enough of my time making me discipline you! You don't get pleasure for free so I hope you don't expect that now that I reddened your ass that it's going to get any more fun for you?

Mistress likes to ask questions of me that are not for me to answer but to learn from.

I did as I was told and crawled onto the bed as fast as a blind person can, without getting hurt. I knew from past training sessions that my ass needed to be higher than my head and that's exactly what I did. My back was arched down and my ass was pushed up as high as I could physically get it while holding tight to the headboard. My head was hung down touching the mattress, waiting for Mistresses next command.

Bring your knees closer to the headboard and lift your head so I can have access to my cock. I moved up into position and then Mistress grabbed her cock and coated it with lube. It wasn't a slow sensual coating of lube either, it was rough and fast. Solely to get the job done. The lube was cool on my skin and her flaccid cock must have looked pathetic, hanging there between my legs, all covered in slippery lube.

Don't move or you'll regret it.

No chance in hell I was moving, my ass still throbbed from the reprogramming Mistress had already given me.

Mistress putt a hand on my lower back and then I felt something cold surround her cock. Mistress pushed into me and her wanton cock slid inside. It took a second but as soon as I was in I realized I was in her penis pump. Just then Mistress started to squeeze the bulb and her limp cock was pulled deeper into the tube and started to swell. Pump after pump until it was rock hard and staring at the very end of the tube. That wasn't enough for Mistress though as she kept pumping until the small bulb wouldn't suck any harder.

Being hard is one thing, but being forced to be harder than you can get is painful, and Mistress knew it.

Now that I've given you the pleasure of an erection, put that ass back up in the air where it's supposed to be! I scooted down, which only made the suction even greater as I bent more at the waist.

If it gets any Less suction, tell me immediately or it's 5 swats on each cheek. Yes Mistress. These were your fantasies, why do I still have to tell you what to do and how to do It? You've played these out a million times in your head, and I'm still having to train you. I hope your prepared to be sore tomorrow, because that's all your getting out of this session.

Just then I felt Mistress pour lube on the crack of my ass and felt it coat my now pouty hole as it made it's way down Mistresses balls. I suddenly felt the smack of her strapon hit my ass several times.

Oh, you think you know what to expect don't you? You love it when I fuck your man pussy don't you? Well think again slave, I went shopping and this is not your small loving plastic cock you've come to long for.

Her words had no sooner left her tongue when she placed the end of the dildo at my hole. She held it there until she saw me relax enough that just the rounded tip entered half an inch, and then she pushed it deep inside of me.

Oh my god it was bigger than anything she had used up until now! I winced in pain and pleasure at the same time. I uncontrollably moaned and gasped for air. Mistress didn't care if I was ready or not and immediately proceeded to fuck me. And I do mean fuck. She had a grip on both of my hips and forcefully fed that cock inside of me, over and over. I felt like I would split open at any moment. To make matters worse, with every thrust inward, my painfully suctioned cock was made even harder.

Mistress kept the same furious pace and didn't slow down at all. Slowly the pain started to change and soon it didn't hurt as badly. I felt as full as I ever had before. Lube was dripping down the insides of my thighs and all I could hear aside my own moans and groans was the obscene slurping noises coming from my asshole being penetrated.

I'm not sure how long Mistress pummeled my ass but once my moans started to dissipate she abruptly stopped and quickly pulled the big rubber cock out with a plop. My hole was gaping and kept constricting almost like it was sucking the air, wanting to be filled again.

Oh no you don't, your not going to start enjoying this now. You never once told me the suction was any less, have you not been listening to me when I give you commands? Apparently you still need more training, that's a fact. Reach down and pump yourself back up as hard as you can until it won't pump anymore, then roll over on your back with your hands laced behind your head and your legs spread eagle.

I did as Mistress commanded and as I pumped her cock, both of her balls got sucked into the tube.

I see your cock isn't quite as big as you thought huh? Keep pumping until it stops!

I pumped until It wouldn't take anymore air out of the tube. Both testicles were now sucked halfway up the tube, crammed solidly against her rigid cock.

I laced my fingers and put my arms over my head as Mistress commanded, and that's when she climbed onto my chest. Her knees and shins rested on my arms, essentially holding me down in that position. The tube was straining at my groin as it bounced around with every move Mistress made.

I'm giving you five minutes to make me cum with your mouth, you better not fail me again.

In this position I could only do what she allowed, which was pretty much have her wet swollen pussy being held firmly on my mouth. Mistress rocked her hips back and forth and gave me a little wiggle room for my tongue. I licked her as hard and as fast as I could make my tongue work. I sucked her lips into my mouth and held them there as she continued to rock her hips. I knew this was something Mistress really liked and would have her juices flowing down my throat in no time.

Five minutes goes by fast when you have a time limit. You have one minute left, you better get to making me cum. Hearing that I took her large swollen clit between my lips and tweaked it with my tongue in a desperate attempt to make Mistress happy. I could feel the tell tale shake of her thighs and knew that her orgasm was coming. I didn't stop even for a second and then it hit her.

First she started to shake all over and then her thighs gripped my head as she was solidly orgasming. I refused to stop my ministrations, as I could feel her pussy pulsing as she rode her high. I slowed down as I felt her start to relax. I knew from past experience that making her all twitchy after she's cum would not make her happy. Slowly her grip on my head loosened and then she patted me on the bead and said, finally some of my training is starting to sink in. Now wasn't that good for both of us?

Now put all the toys away and go clean yourself up, your ass is a mess. When your done with that I would like some dinner, and make it good.

I honestly can't remember what it was like before I signed the contract giving myself to my Mistress, but I wouldn't change a thing. I'm such a better man now that she's training me...

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