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The Contract


It was a hot evening and John was sweating profusely as he cleaned the car. Pausing to mop the sweat from his brow John's eyes were automatically drawn upwards to the bedroom window where he saw a grinning Andy looking down at him. Grin he might, it was his car John was cleaning and when finished he still had the back garden to attend to. He knew from experience that it would take a couple of evenings at least to mow the grass and weed the borders to Andy's satisfaction.

Gazing up at the figure in the window, plainly naked, his broad chest a mass of dark curls, John felt very aware of the humiliation of his position. The humiliation was reinforced when Andy turned aside briefly before reappearing to wave Anne's bra and panties at him, a mocking smile on his face. When Andy disappeared from view John resumed his work on the guys' car reflecting bitterly about the situation which has developed.

Andy, a divorcee of 52, and Anne's lover for the past 5 years, is actually an employee of the 39 year old John who greatly enjoys the reversal of their roles outside the work place. He makes no bones about the consequences of any refusal on John's part to carry out his orders. How all John's employees and friends will be made aware of Andy's fun and games with Anne, John's 36 year old wife, if he disobeys him in any way. Andy possess intimate photo's to back up his claim, photo's John perhaps rather stupidly took himself. Andy also knows the couples secret, it's the way they met him in the first place, which further puts John in his power.

Astonishingly though John experiences a certain frisson to find himself so completely in Andy's power, to be dominated and humiliated by the guy he's grown to dislike intensely. It perhaps emphasises John's hitherto unrealised masochistic streak to find himself in a position of celibacy while his wife has regular sex sessions with Andy. Sad to say John hasn't enjoyed intercourse with his wife since she became Andy's mistress 5 years ago.

First the secret. John has been a voyeur for as long as he can remember although ironically, despite his wife enjoying almost daily sex sessions with Andy, he's rarely allowed to watch nowadays.

He told Anne about his interest in voyeurism soon after they married and fortunately for him, though surprised, she wasn't shocked by the revelation that her husband wanted to watch her having sex with another guy. On the other hand Anne was dubious, not seeing the point of it and saying she was only interested in having sex with John. Her attitude changed, and how, but only after much discussion and even argument.

Reluctantly, and only after John assured her they'd be no recrimination from him if, contrary to expectation he had an adverse reaction to it, 14 month's into their marriage Anne had sex with a guy called Phil. It happened, perhaps inevitably, while they were on holiday with Anne having sex with Phil a number of times over a 4 day period. John watched with rapt attention as this virtual stranger fucked his wife and found it a phenomenal experience, masturbating several times.

More importantly perhaps, it completely changed Anne's attitude. She loved her experiences with Phil and it blew away any doubts she might still have had. Of course it helped that Phil was not only a very skilled and attentive lover, but also well endowed. Oddly it excited John to know this guy fucking his wife possessed a noticeably larger penis than his own, somewhat modest member.

From then on, whenever they were away from home, he sought further opportunities for his voyeurism. With discretion in mind their activities had to be restricted to short-term holiday flings despite Anne's increasing willingness for something more long-term, which John himself would have subscribed to if it hadn't been for the greater risk of their secret pastime becoming known.

So it was that over the next 5 years or so 11 guys had the pleasure of fucking Anne while her masturbating husband looked on. Then fate lent an unexpected hand when during an holiday in Devon they met Andy who, unbeknown to them at the time, lives just 6 miles away from their home village!

The unsuspecting John procured Andy to have sex with Anne while he watched, using the by now well-honed formula of his own imaginary inability to satisfy her. The formula, humiliating to himself though it was, worked well and a very successful, not to mention satisfying, week ensued. Rampant and randy the guy fucked John's wife 11 times in all with Anne loving every minute of it, as did her husband in his own way. Indeed John's ejaculations more than matched the other guy's although his were in his hand while Andy's were inside John's wife!

It was 3 month's later that the blow fell. John was interviewing for a van driver; his company being relatively small he does most of the administration and personnel work himself, with occasional help from Anne if required. You can imagine his surprise when the third applicant to enter the office for interview turned out to be none other than Andy!

In the interests of discretion the couple never reveal where they live to the guys who have sex with Anne and Andy unlike one or two others, hadn't mentioned his own location so the coincidence came as a total surprise to them both. It was Andy who recovered from the shock of recognition first.

"This is a pleasant surprise. Presumably the interview's a mere formality now. When do I start?"

John remained in a state of shock as Andy perched himself nonchalantly on the edge of his desk.

"Shall I pop back outside and tell the other 2 guys who are waiting that the positions filled?" Andy asked with a smile.

John simply nodded, still trying to come to terms with the unexpected reappearance of Andy into his life.

Returning, Andy again perched nonchalantly, almost aggressively, on John's desk, carelessly dislodging papers as he did so.

"You've got my address on the application form so why not bring your wife to my place this evening so we can get reacquainted. In the meantime you could prepare a different type of employment contract to include my regular servicing of her. I'm more than willing to take on the extra duty."

Andy smirked and John felt himself grow hot, then cold at his next words.

"I don't suppose you'd be all that keen on your holiday activities becoming common knowledge. How you like to sit and play with your cock while watching total strangers fuck your wife."

John suddenly remembered the photographs. Three years earlier he'd hit on the idea of taking a few pictures of Anne's encounters, a sort of pictorial record, so that he could relive the experiences during the sometimes lengthy periods between flings. Four of her lovers had been happy for photographs to be taken, including Andy who had asked for a few pictures for his own use. At the time it had seemed only fair to give him two or three pictures but John now rued the day.

"Best interview I've ever had." Andy chortled on his way out. "Looks as if I'm going to be a regular visitor to your bed and your wife's cunt; whether you like it or not."

Andy's final words had an ominous ring to them which left John sweating and squirming in his chair.

When he told Anne about Andy turning up for interview and his threat of exposing their secret lifestyle, John expected her to be as shocked as he. Instead she seemed excited by the news that Andy lived so close and, unlike John, eager to visit him that evening.

They duly drove to Andy's house where he met them at the door.

"As attractive and sexy looking as I remember from Devon" Andy said, greeting John's wife with a kiss. "The bedrooms to the right at the top of the stairs if you'd like to go up and undress ready for me."

Without further ado Anne set off up the stairs, Andy commenting that she seemed keen while showing John through to the lounge to read the contract of employment he'd drawn up to save his new boss the trouble of doing so. John confessed to having forgotten all about drawing up a contract, having too much on his mind.

"Just as well I did one then." Andy commented, undoing his jeans. "I'll go up and reacquaint myself with your attractive wife's body while you read and sign the contract."

"What if I decide not to sign?" John asked.

"I don't think you have much choice, do you?" Andy replied, casually showing John a photograph of himself clearly seen fucking Anne from the rear. "Copies could be passed round your firm and even posted on your village notice boards."

Laughing at John's worried expression Andy removed his jeans and underpants to toss them aside. Then flaunting his penis at the downcast John he said, "See, my cocks already hard at the prospect of burying itself between your wife's thighs."

Laughing Andy headed upstairs leaving a forlorn John to study the surprisingly formal looking document that he'd drawn up. It was a normal enough contract of employment until the final paragraph. Below the sentence which read: 'To undertake any additional duties as required' had been added 'NB to service Mrs. A ***** as and when required, but to a minimum of 5 times a week.'

John found it difficult to understand or explain to himself but there was something about Andy's contract of employment which had a curiously exciting affect on him and to his amazement he found himself signing the document almost eagerly, albeit in a somewhat shaky hand. (When, less than a week later, Andy produced a second document, this one banning John from all physical contact with his wife, he experienced the same inexplicable excitement and signed that one also. Much to the smirking Andy's amusement.)

While studying Andy's paper John had been aware of the sounds of lovemaking from above and now heard Anne's orgasmic cries echoing around the house, an experience he was to become all too familiar with over the ensuing years.

A little later Andy returned, naked but for a towel around his waist.

"Good you've signed!" he exclaimed seizing the papers. "Two copies for me and one for your records, though I don't suppose you'll be filing it in the office."

He grinned.

"Just one more thing needs to be done before you piss off home; your wife's spending the night in my bed. Give me your belt and drop your trousers, I'm going to stamp my authority by thrashing your bare arse with it."

Well, John hadn't expected this and hesitated not wanting to be humiliated thus.

"Come on do as you are told. You're mine to command now. Away from the workplace you'll do as I say or face the consequences of me going public with your little secret."

The implied threat induced John to undo his belt and hand it to Andy before reluctantly lowering his trousers. Pushing his underpants down it was inevitable that John's penis, inextricably erect, was exposed to Andy's mockery.

"That won't be seeing much action other than wanking." he taunted. "In fact your cock's redundant. No more sex for you."

"What do you mean?" John exclaimed.

"From now on I shall be fucking your wife so often she'll have no use for your shrivelled up little cock. Now touch your toes."

With sinking heart John adopted the required position and then yelled as Andy began beating his bared buttocks. With Andy thrashing his buttocks with surprising vehemence John's cries were soon ringing out louder than his wife's orgasmic cries of joy earlier. In fact his yells brought Anne down from the bedroom to find out what was going on. She merely laughed to see her husband's humiliation and stood watching for a moment before returning upstairs.

The sight of his wife's naked body, still glowing from Andy's lovemaking, did nothing to diminish John's erection while her laughter at his predicament merely adding to his humiliation.

The explanation of her attitude lies in an incident two years earlier when a guy called Barry, someone John procured to have sex with his wife while on holiday in Ireland, insisted on putting him across his knee for a spanking afterwards. John had the first inkling of a masochistic streak then, Anne teasing him about seeming more excited by the spanking as by watching Barry fucking her.

Eventually Andy threw the belt on the floor.

"Now I think you know your place in my scheme of things. To all outward appearances at work I shall maintain the deferential employee to boss façade. Away from work though it will be a different matter altogether. Our roles will be reversed and I shall expect 100% obedience from you. I'm sure you don't need reminding of the consequences of any refusal on your part to carry out my orders."

John remaining silent, Andy continued, "Now strip naked, go upstairs and give me bath and W.C. a thorough clean before pissing off."

Again John was silent, feeling drained of all resistance. There was nothing to say, he knew the guy had him in his power, but also knew part of him relished the situation of helplessness he found himself in. Andy stood watching, a triumphant smile on his face, while John stripped off.

"I can see why your wife likes opening her legs for other guys, makes a nice change from having that feeble looking body on top of her." Andy remarked, his contempt plain to see as he eyed John's weakly developed form. "Still she won't be bothered with it now she's got my big fat cock to play with. Your wife couldn't open her legs fast enough earlier on, practically begging me to fuck her she was." he taunted the almost cowering John.

With Andy leading the way John meekly followed him up to the bathroom. The route taking them passed his bedroom Andy brought him to a pause outside the open door.

"See how your wife waits for me with legs open wide, eager for another good pounding from my cock." he teased before continuing on into the bathroom.

John followed, annoyed that Anne's only response had been to tell Andy to hurry up, seeming to acknowledge his taunting words.

"By the way I think I deserve more than the salary your offering, considering that I shall also be taking care of all your wife's sexual needs. Increase it by another Grand a year." Andy said in the bathroom.

"Ok." John replied, embarrassingly aware of Andy's mocking smile as he eyed his penis, automatically erect following the sight of his naked wife on the guys' bed.

"Over the months and years to come I'm going to fuck your wife hundreds, thousands of times, and will expect regular wage increases." the smirking Andy told John, who meekly nodded his assent.

Andy waited until John began cleaning the W.C. before turning back to rejoin Anne in the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

On his knees cleaning Andy's toilet while his wife had sex with the guy, John felt to be the ultimate in humiliation. However the devious Andy has thought up many and varied ways to humiliate his boss since then.

This took place on a Tuesday and for the rest of the week Anne remained at Andy's house, taking advantage of his period of leisure before starting the new job on the following Monday, for much lovemaking.

"I lost count of the number of times I fucked your wife last week, Anne's one very randy lady. She can't get enough of my cock." Andy taunted the squirming John when reporting to work that first day.

So that's how John's subservience to one of his employees came about. Since that first Tuesday evening he's carried out all Andy's orders without argument, fearful of the possible consequences of refusal. His enforced celibacy added urgency to the excitement John felt whenever he was allowed to watch their lovemaking in the early days. Despite the sneering smile on Andy's face John would masturbate furiously while watching their antics. Nowadays he rarely sees Anne naked so he certainly isn't allowed to watch her having sex with Andy. In fact with his wife spending most nights in Andy's bed John doesn't really see much of her and as invented a number of plausible sounding lies to account for Anne's absence when visitors call.

After Andy had made a film of their lovemaking, using a couple of cleverly positioned cameras and ingenious editing, he said that John would have no further need to trouble them by his presence in the bedroom.

"You'll be able to watch the film and have a wank whenever you feel like it, while I enjoy the real thing." he jeered.

Of course the film, in which at one point John is clearly seen masturbating while watching Andy fucking Anne, the ultimate humiliation should the film do the rounds, puts John even more in the guys' power.

Little has been said as yet about Anne's attitude to all this. Well with a highly skilled, well endowed lover catering for her every need, John's wife is one happy and very contented lady. The 16 year difference in their ages seems irrelevant, Andy remains as rampant as ever, and continues to fuck John's wife on an almost daily basis with Anne happy to oblige him orally or anally during her periods.

So it was, his car cleaning finished, John prepared to trudge round to the back and start on Andy's garden. First he paused though, mournfully aware of his wife's joyous cries emanating from the open bedroom window as Andy fucked her yet again.

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