tagLoving WivesThe Contract Ch. 01

The Contract Ch. 01


Chapter 1 - Past Events

Janice Adams awoke that July morning feeling out of sorts. Her husband, Jim had left for work at 7.30 as normal.

Her daughter, Jenny, at sixteen was developing into carbon copy of her statuesque mother. She was 5ft 8" tall, blonde and had the same 36" breasts and trim waist as her mother. She was up and preparing her school trip.

Janice knew she should get up and make sure Jenny had all her gear together, she was about to set off on a school trip to France for week long exchange visit, but she was feeling so lazy this morning. She lay for another ten minutes luxuriating in the knowledge that she had not got to go into work that day, then stirred herself and arose, pulling a thin dressing gown over her naked body.

She could still feel the discomfort in her nether regions and remembered how her husband had taken her anally last night. It was not something he wanted very often and she smiled to herself as the memory of how he had first worked her body like a fine instrument, bringing her to the brink time and again until she begged him to make her cum. She put her memories aside for now¸ thinking maybe I will get back to them later.

She checked that Jenny had packed everything on her checklist for her trip and said her goodbyes with a tearful hug and watched as Jenny quite calmly ran down the path and into her neighbour's car. Her neighbour's daughter was also going on the trip, so when she had offered to collect Jenny as well, she readily agreed. There seemed no point in them both getting snarled up in the melee of the departure from the school.

Once Jenny had left, Janice made herself a cup of coffee and her thoughts returned to the events of last night.

Jim was a sales representative for an engineering company located in Bristol and she knew that he was having a very tough year. The recession had hit his sector particularly hard and he badly needed to secure some new business.

Last evening Jimmy had come home excited about a new prospective customer and during after dinner drinks he told her his news. The new prospect was Andy Pearson of Pearson Engineering Limited. Jimmy had been cultivating this company for several years, but so far without any success. That was until today when Andy Pearson had contacted Jim and informed him that they were preparing a tender and would Jim's company be interested. Jim assured him they were very interested.

Andy told him they would like to make a site visit to his company's premises to meet with the senior management and inspect their production facilities. The meeting was set for the Monday of the following week and Andy asked Jim's advice about hotels near the factory as he intended to stop over that evening before travelling to inspect another potential supplier.

Jim finished telling Janice of these events and told her that if he could land this contract it could kick-start his year as well as take up most of the spare production capacity they had available.

Janice asked Jimmy about this guy Andy Pearson, what he looked like, where he was from.

Jimmy gave her as much information as he had.

Andy was around their age and was tall at six foot plus, slightly overweight. He looked a bit battered around the face due to a badly set broken nose. Jim said Andy had told him it had been broken so many times playing rugby that he had given up getting it professionally reset until he had hung up his boots. Pearson Engineering was his father's company and that Andy was now in charge of procurement. The company specialising in sub assemblies for the aerospace industry and that they were based in Manchester.

Jim asked, "Why all the questions?"

Janice hesitated before replying, "I think I may know him, that's all."

"How could you possibly know him?" he asked.

Janice again hesitated before saying, "It's a long story. You know we have never really talked of our lives before we met and this all happened when I was at the University of Manchester. Are you sure you want to know the details?"

Jim was confused by her response, he knew she had been to university in Manchester and that she was not a virgin when they got together, but he was not unduly worried about her life before then. As far as he was concerned, what happened before they started going out together was in the past and in the eighteen years they had been married, he had never had any reason to enquire into her life before they met.

Her response had him intrigued, so he asked, "If you want to tell me about how you came to know him, I'll listen. It may have a bearing on my meeting next week and give me an insight into how he operates."

"OK," she said. "During my first year at Uni, I stayed in Halls and had a roommate, Sheila. Sheila was a bit of a party girl and used to drag me along when she needed someone to help out on a double date. It was as a result of one of these dates that I met Andy. His nose wasn't broken in those days and he swept me off my feet. I thought he may be the one, he was charming, smart and great company. He was not staying in Halls, but in a two bedroom flat he shared with his cousin, Jake. They were both undergraduates and were a year ahead of me. Anyway, he and I became an item and our mutual attraction grew to a point where we were both ready for the next step."

She paused for breath and continued, "During those early months, I found out all about his family, their business and the fact that he was fairly well off. One night we were in his flat and when he tried to get his hands into my panties, I did not stop him as I always had before. I loved it as he caressed me between my legs and quickly brought me to orgasm. I let him undress me and he soon joined me, naked on the bed. He was surprised when I explained that I was a virgin and asked him to be gentle and he told me to lie back and relax. He was patient and waited until I was fully aroused before he started to push his cock into my sopping pussy. There was some resistance at first and it hurt, but the pain swiftly faded as he slowly started to make love to me. I would like to say he made me orgasm that first time, but I was too nervous to really enjoy it. He came inside me and I was terrified for a moment that he might have made me pregnant as we had not taken any precautions! I did a quick mental calculation and realised that I should be in my safe period so it was with some relief that when he started to make love to me a second time that evening I was more relaxed and started to cum as he picked up the pace. We both fell asleep, our arms entwined."

"After that we were inseparable and took every opportunity to make love. I had seen the doctor and went on the pill, so we had no worries on the unwanted children front. As we grew closer, I really thought he was the man I would marry. I even met his parents quite often and found them to be friendly. I was worried that they would see me as a gold digger after their son's inheritance. At the end of my first year, we faced up to the fact that we would be separated during the summer break, he was working for his father learning about the business and I had a summer job waiting in Bristol."

She reached for her drink and took a long swallow before continuing, "We corresponded by mail and phone all that summer, remember there were no mobile phones or E.mails in those days, so it was quite difficult to keep our relationship together, but Andy surprised me one weekend when he just turned up on my parent's doorstep. My parents were a bit reserved about this man but could see I was in love with him so they made up a bed in the spare room and that's where he spent the nights. I waited until I was sure my parents were asleep before joining him. We had to be very quiet so the love making was subdued, but we must have made some noise as I heard my father moving around at one point. He went to the toilet and returned to bed without disturbing us. The fact that we nearly got caught, added excitement and before long I had managed to get Andy's erection back in all it's glory and this time it wasn't love but sheer animal lust that drove us to our climax."

"Come September, I returned to Manchester but this time moved in with Andy and his cousin. It was freshers week when all the new students get acquainted with the campus and generally party before the serious work begins. We were at the Students Union along with some of our friends when somebody put my name up and I was called out to take part in a wet tee-shirt competition. I refused, but Andy urged me on. I reluctantly took my place along with five other girls. We were taken back-stage and handed our tee shirts and told to get changed. I watched the other girls and as they quickly stripped their jeans, tops and bra's off and put on their tee shirts. Mine must have been several sizes too small, but long enough to reach mid thigh. I noticed that the ones other girls had similar shirts, so we just got on with it."

"We paraded in front of the now packed bar with the whistles and cat calls echoing around us. I found myself getting turned on at the thought of so many men watching and lusting after my body. We were pulled onto a makeshift stage and then the fun started. We were all literally soaked to the skin with sponges soaked in freezing cold water. This naturally had the effect of making my nipples stick out and the shirt became almost transparent revealing my dark areoles and hard nipples to everyone. The crowd kept chanting for us to pull up our shirts and as the first girl did so the cheers resounded. In turn, we each performed the task revealing our breasts to all and sundry. What I did not realise until later was that my panties were also soaked and transparent revealing my pussy to their lustful gaze as well. No wonder the cheer for me seemed louder than the others. We quickly returned to the changing area, dried off and changed back into our street clothes.

"Andy was all over me and I him, I was so turned on that when we got back to the flat I had his cock out and in my mouth in the entrance hall before we had even closed the door. I was sucking away like mad when a cough interrupted our passion. It was his cousin Jake. He was standing there naked with his cock now growing more erect as we tried to cover our embarrassment. Andy just smiled and pulled me closer with his hands on the back of my neck. I had no option, I had to swallow as he came so hard. I could not contain his cum and some leaked out and down my chin. Jake got a tissue and instead of handing it to me, he carefully wiped my face and neck. I was still kneeling there and his erect cock was only inches from my face. I felt Andy push me down towards Jake's cock and instinctively I opened my mouth to welcome his erection. As I sucked him off, Andy was slowly undressing me and started pulling on my breasts and nipples. I could hardly breathe, the depravity of what was happening turned me on, I was going to get fucked by two men in one night!"

She looked at Jim and asked, "Do want to know the rest?"

Jim nodded and said, "I would never had guessed you were capable of such wanton behaviour."

"Oh," she replied, "I went a lot further than that.

"After Jake came, they picked me up and we went into the bedroom and they started on me again. I had never been so completely fucked as I was that night. It seemed as though they fucked me all night long. In the morning, I was ashamed of myself and I cried and cried. Andy held me and told me it was all right, he loved me more than ever. He told me he just loved watching me as I fucked his cousin and hoped this would not be the last time."

"I was not sure that I wanted a repeat and said so. Jake was also pretty embarrassed about it and made a point of not being around when we were in the flat."

"Over the following couple of weeks, Andy kept pushing me to accept another man in our bed, but I resisted until one night I had too much to drink and found myself in bed with Andy and I one of his rugby mates. I am ashamed to say, I enjoyed the attention and had so many orgasms that I lost count. After that, it became part of our weekend routine, we would go out, I would be plied with drink and end up in bed with Andy and one of his mates."

Jim topped up her drink and asked, "How did it end, did you finish it or did he?"

"It ended," she said, "when one night Jake approached me in the Union and asked if he could have a word in private. We went outside and Jake told me that Andy was planning a gang bang with me as the bang. He told me that Andy had lined up the gang and I was further astonished when Jake said that he was charging them £20 quid each for the privilege of fucking me!"

"I was angry and disbelieving at first, but I went ballistic when he told me that the other men I had been entertaining had also paid for my favours. Furious, I stormed into the Union, walked up to Andy and punched him straight on the nose. I think I was the first one to ever break his nose. He was so surprised that it took him a minute before he tried to get back at me, but was held back by Jake and some of the others. He had blood streaming down his face and was so bemused by my attack that he just stood there and took it as I verbally assaulted him. He tried to deny it but he just looked too pathetic to be convincing, so I told him we were finished and walked out to cheers from some of the observers."

"So that's it then, I was turned into an unknowing prostitute by him. If you want to do business with his company, it's up to you, but I would advise you to check any contract document very carefully, particularly any penalty clauses. He is a devious, unscrupulous bastard and I never wish to meet him again!"

Jim took her in his arms and held her, he said, "Janice, I cannot turn down the business opportunity his company presents, there are too many people dependant on me securing this work. I will promise you this though, if we are successful, he will be a client like any other, but I will not be inviting him to any corporate entertainment events that we support."

"I understand the business needs must come first, but it all happened a long time ago and I have learned to live with it. I found my true love when I met you, it's just that when you mentioned his name it all came flooding back. Just make sure that he never learns that I am your wife, for if he does, he will try to use it in some fashion to get his own back. He was never the forgiving type."

"Now," she said, "are you going to take advantage of our daughter's absence and fuck me every which way or not?"

Jim smiled and taking her hand led her to bed where he tried his best to meet her demands.


I am not sure whether to continue this tale or not, constructive comments welcome.

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