tagLoving WivesThe Contract Ch. 02

The Contract Ch. 02




The inspection meeting about the Pearson Contract took place as scheduled and Andy Pearson declared himself satisfied that Jim's company could fulfil the requirements of the contract. Jim was relieved, the next step was to win the business, but the first important hurdle had been overcome.

True to his word to Janice, he never mentioned to Andy that his wife, Janice knew him and was in fact her first lover whilst at University. He had carefully removed the pictures of Janice and Jenny from his office, but had forgotten that Jenny was working in the factory that week as part of a 'work experience' opportunity that his company operated in partnership win the local schools and town council. He did not realise that she would be on Reception at lunch time covering for the normal receptionist. As fate would have it, Andy Pearson was standing talking to her when Jim arrived to escort him to their first meeting. Jim watched them together for a moment before interrupting Jenny and welcoming Andy.

Jim was concerned that Andy would remember Janice when he looked at Jenny, but to his relief Andy made no comment apart from saying that he thought our receptionist was a great asset. He also made a couple of suggestive remarks regarding Jenny and Jim almost lost his cool after one particular remark regarding her physical attributes. He tried to laugh it off and told Andy he could get himself arrested as she was only just sixteen years old.

Andy said, "Hey, if that's so then she is past the age of consent. I was only joking. She's too young for my tastes. I prefer more mature women, but she sure is pretty. In a couple of years she will be fighting the boys off."

Jim thought to himself, never mind a couple of years, Jenny was having no trouble getting dates even now.

Before Andy departed, he informed Jim and his boss that the tender documents would be sent to them electronically tonight and that the return date was ten working days from receipt.

The documents duly arrived and mindful of Janice's warning about Andy Pearson's character Jim worked late that evening scrutinising them far more than he would have normally. He usually left contracts to their legal department to sort, but he did note several clauses that he highlighted for further clarification. The contract itself was pretty standard, but the payment terms of 120 days was unacceptable. The main problem came with the delivery schedule and volumes. Pearson's wanted the ability to increase or decrease the delivery volumes by 25% with three days notice.

The following day, Jim expressed his concerns about these clauses with his boss and the production management and they were in agreement. They were also worried about the potential impact this could have on the company generally. As it was, if the were successful in this tender, it would mean that Pearson's would soak up nearly 50% of their production capacity. The feeling was that they had too many eggs in a single basket, so contingency plans would be needed to counter this.

The Production manager was to look at offsetting parts of the production process to other local companies should an increase delivery rate be demanded.

Jim was tasked to find out a bit more about Pearson's, not just the usual credit checks, but to use his contacts to delve a bit deeper into their business practices.

Janice was working from home that morning as she had no interviews scheduled and was just thinking about getting herself a coffee when the front doorbell rang. With a quick glance in the mirror to ensure she was presentable she went and opened the door. She was taken aback to see Andy Pearson standing there holding a bunch of flowers and bearing a huge grin on his face. As she stood there speechless, Andy moved to give her a kiss on the cheek. Janice was still trying to recover from her surprise to do anything but stand there as he pecked her cheek.

"May I come in?" he asked as he moved past her and into the hall.

"How the hell did you know where I live?" she stuttered.

"Easy," he replied, "I recognised Jenny as your daughter as soon as I set eyes on her. She is your double at the same age, it was simply a case of making a few discrete enquiries of your husband's secretary to establish who she was and that she was Jim's daughter. Then I just looked up your address from the telephone book and here I am."

He walked into the lounge and Janice motioned him to sit down and offered him coffee. Whilst she was busy making it, he took the opportunity to take a good look at the pictures dotted about the room.

He stood up when Janice returned with the coffee and them waited while she sat down on the settee. He sat beside her and continued, "I am surprised that Jim did not mention you to me yesterday, you must have told him that you and I knew each other years ago! Why did Jim keep it a secret that he was married to my old girl friend?"

"That would be because I asked him not to tell you. I did not want your memories of our previous relationship, good or bad to influence you when you come to make your decision on the contract," she replied.

Andy took his time and looked her up and down and said, "I made the biggest mistake of my life when I screwed up our relationship. There was a certain chemistry between us that I have never found again. You will never know how much I regret our break-up."

At that he reached for her hand and Janice tried to pull away, but he kept a firm grip on her hand and asked, "Did you miss me at all when we broke up?"

"Of course I did, one cannot just turn off feelings just like that, I missed you for a long time. I loved you and I loved the sex we had, but I do have some morals and a gang bang was way beyond what I was prepared to do and on top of that to find out your boyfriend was in fact your pimp was a gross betrayal of my trust!" she cried and snatched her hand away from his.

He moved to put his hand around her shoulders but she stiffened and quickly stood up.

"You know seeing you again has brought those memories back and I still can't forgive you for what you tried to do. I would like you to leave now and please don't contact me again."

Andy stood up and walked to the front door to leave, but turned back and said, "You can be assured that our previous relationship will not adversely affect my business decision regarding the contract. I will always be here if you ever need me, I will leave you my card, it has my office and mobile numbers, you only have to call."

With that he left and Janice just stood there wondering what the hell just happened. She recalled the good times, the intimacy, the love and of course the sex. She felt herself getting damp at the thought of the sex they had shared. She loved her husband dearly but she had never experienced the heights of arousal and fulfilment that she had from the sex she had shared with Andy and his cousin. She shook herself and forced herself to get her business head on and returned to the task in hand before the interruption.

When Jim returned home that evening, Janice had prepared a nice meal for them both. Jenny had gone out to the cinema with her latest boyfriend, so they had the house to themselves. She told Jim an edited version of Andy's visit merely stating what he had told her regarding the contract. The food and the wine had Janice's desired effect and after the main course was over, Janice took Jim's hand and led him to the bedroom saying, "I think you will find desert to your liking."

Jim pulled down the zipper, unfastening her dress and caressing her full breasts over her bra. Janice responded to his touch by grabbing his belt and pulling at his trousers to release his rampant erection. She had been getting steadily more aroused since the visit of her surprise guest that morning. Try as hard as she might, she could not shake the mental images of Andy and his cousin Jake making love to her and bringing her to so many orgasms. She had never experienced the like since but poor old Jim was going to get the benefit tonight. So she thought, what did it matter so long they both enjoyed it.

They made love twice between eight and eleven o'clock before drifting off to sleep. Janice awoke when she heard to Jenny come in around midnight and made a mental note to have a word with her in the morning, eleven was the deadline and Jenny knew it.

Janice did not sleep much after that, her thoughts were bouncing around inside her head. Andy certainly still found her attractive and she was flattered that she could still cause that reaction in men. She fantasized whether she could ever be unfaithful to Jim and surprised herself that she could even contemplate it.

The fact that it was Andy that appeared as the central figure in her fantasy was disturbing, how could she consider him after how he had used her! Still, she mused, he seems to have changed, he had presented himself as a mature, considerate and attentive man. She was flattered by his attention today but still, she hoped they did not meet again.

The days passed and as the submission deadline grew closer, Jim worked some long days to get their proposal completed. One evening Jim told her that they had just submitted the Pearson's tender.

She asked him how his enquiries into Pearson's business practices was going and he said, "I checked with a sales guy I know. He no longer works for the same company so I had a job tracking him down. His company at the time was called Metal Fabrications and they were regular competitors of ours, so we had crossed paths many times. What it boils down to, is that he told me Pearson's had contracted with M.F. for the provision of components. They had accepted the T& C's as proposed and soon caught a cold. The contract drove M.F. to the brink of bankruptcy and at that point Pearson's had stepped in and bought them out for a song. Soon after he was made redundant and was out of a job. He warned me to be very careful in our dealings with them."

Janice asked, "You still think it's a good contract to go for?"

Jim said, "Only if we get changes to the T&C's. If we don't we will walk away."

The very next day, Jim told her that his company's tender for Pearson's had been short-listed and The MD and himself would be going to Manchester the day after tomorrow to make their formal presentation to Andy and other Pearson's Board members. Janice asked who else from Pearson's would be there and was surprised when Jake Pearson, the Finance Director would be the other key representative present. Jim warned her that he would be away one night or maybe two depending how things went. They were first on in the morning and they wanted to rehearse their presentation the night before.

The following morning, Janice kissed him goodbye and wished him luck and set about her own preparations for the day ahead.

Jim phoned her that night and told her they had run through the presentation and it looked good. The MD would be there to show their commitment and would be leaving immediately after the presentation. Jim would be staying on to tour Pearson's site and also to be available should there be any follow up questions. He would call her the following evening and tell her how it went.

Around seven the next evening, Jim phoned, he was excited and bubbly, they had done it! Pearson's had awarded them the business. She asked about the issues they had identified in the contract document and he assured her that they had negotiated and reached agreement on all of the critical issues, the others they agreed to review if any problems arose. On the key aspect of invoice payment, Pearson's had modified their position and reduced the 120 day demand to 60 days. That would help offset the large outlay they would have on gearing up for the contract.

She asked what he was going to do that evening and he replied, "I am going out to dinner with Andy and Jake, I am told you will remember him from Uni. I'm sorry Janice but I must go now, they are waiting in Reception for me. I will see you tomorrow, love you."

"Love you to," she replied, but he had already hung up.

She thought, he is so full of it tonight. Well let him enjoy his evening he has worked hard to get this business and deserves to let his hair down a bit.

The next day when Jim returned home he was a bit subdued and Janice put it down to the remnants of his hangover. As she readied herself for bed, she wondered if he would make love to her tonight, she was feeling randy and had missed having him beside her on the previous two nights.

When he finally came to bed, he just gave her a quick peck on the cheek, turned over and went to sleep. She was seething, she felt angry and confused, normally after a business success, Jim would be all over her, such was the aphrodisiac effect of winning a major contract, but not tonight. She wondered what was wrong, was it her or something deeper. She tried to put her suspicions behind her and settled into a troubled sleep.

Over the next week or two things improved between them and normal relations resumed. Jim, as Account Manager for the Pearson's contract was often in Manchester over the next few weeks, but only had to stop over once or twice. The contract was in the ramp up phase with the first deliveries due in four weeks time.

It was a week after the first deliveries on the contract were made that Janice received an E.Mail. The contents were six photographs of Jim in bed with two women, one was a petite coloured girl with hardly any breasts and one an Amazon blonde. In one of the photographs, they were engaged in sex, Jim was impaled in the amazon while the coloured girl was sucking the amazon's huge breasts. The others were of similar scenes and Janice noted they had last weeks date visible in the file name.

She tried to check who had sent them, but the sender's name was blocked and there was no other comments or text on the file. She did not have enough knowledge of computers to explore further.

She was waiting in the lounge when Jim arrived home that night. She gave him little chance to get in before confronting him with the pictures. He turned pale and tried to stammer some form of apology.

She would have none of it and asked him sarcastically, "Did you have a good time fucking both of them, you usually can't get it up twice in twenty four hours, never mind one after the other!"

Jim realised he had fucked up big style and he cried. "I'm sorry, it just happened that once. I was in the bar and feeling lonely, they approached me and we got chatting. I was flattered that I could be attractive to two young women and I was drinking quite a bit. Somehow found myself back in my room and in bed with them. It was just sex, I don't make habit of picking up women when I'm away, I promise you, it was a one time event, please forgive me, I promise it won't happen again!"

Janice was not satisfied with that answer and continued to vent her anger at him until he finally lost it with her and struck back saying angrily, "What's so different in what I did compared to what you did. You, by your own admission bedded two men at the same time on a regular basis?"

"You bastard!" she screamed, "We were not even married when that event happened, we had not even met! You told me you were not concerned about what happened before we got together, but clearly you must have resented my confession and could not resist the chance to try out three in a bed for yourself! Well I hope you enjoyed it, because it'll be a cold day in hell before you get any more sex from me!"

"You had better sleep in the spare bedroom for now until I decide what I'm going to do next!" she told him. "I will talk to Jenny in the morning and explain what's going on, you can join me if you wish, it's up to you."

The next morning, they both sat with Jenny and tried to explain to her what was happening between them. Jenny looked at them both and said, "You don't need to go into any detail, I'm not deaf, I heard it all during your screaming match last night."

She continued, "Dad, I'm really disappointed in you, I thought you were more of a man than that. I hope it was worth it!"

With that she left them to discuss what next. Janice told him to start looking for somewhere else to live as she intended seeking a divorce. Jim pleaded with her to give him a second chance and she reluctantly agreed.

That lasted for two days' Jim was still sleeping in the spare bedroom until he came home one night to find his bags packed and sitting on the drive way. He was stunned. He thought he had won a reprieve and wondered what had changed. He soon found out, Janice just handed him an envelope and when he opened it, more pictures spilled out. He was centre stage again, this time with a different girl. He felt his blood drain from his head and grasped the door to steady himself. He was speechless, how, when, where, then he remembered, the night of the contract award, he went out for dinner with Andy and Jake. They ended up in a nightclub and when he awoke the next morning with no clear recollection of the previous night at all. He must have scored again. Shit, he thought, we will never recover from this.

He tried to explain, but Janice just said quietly, "I may have been able to forgive you one affair, but clearly there has been more than one, I don't know how many or how long you have been putting it about, but we are now finished for good. You can pick up your other stuff, when you find somewhere to live!"

She turned and left him standing there. He finally collected his belongings and drove to a hotel for the night.

To be continued...

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