tagLoving WivesThe Contract Ch. 03

The Contract Ch. 03


As we drove home from the doctor's office that day John began to question me. I could tell he was very suspicious of Samantha's sudden and fortuitous arrival.

"So...you never mentioned Samantha before. If she was such a friend, why not?"

"It was a long time ago John. After college we were so busy with our lives, and by then Samantha was going to college on her own. It never came up, and we kind of went our separate ways. I thought of her often. You had friends in college I never knew about too, so what's the big deal? We just managed to re-connect after all these years, that's all."

"I'm sorry. It's not that I don't believe you. She just seems...well, young. Too young. I would have thought you would have told me about anyone babysitting our kids too."

"But I did. I'm sure of it. I never named the babysitter John, but you had her phone number."

"Oh. I thought that our babysitters name was Julie. I don't recall a Samantha. I'm sure I would have too."

"We had three babysitters, and Samantha really never did it for money. Mostly she was there to talk to me. I never really considered her a babysitter as I thought she was more my friend. Okay now, are you finished with the inquisition?"

"Inquisition? Oh...I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to be so insistent. It's just that...well...I find that her arrival seems quite...strange. After all, a few weeks ago you were trying to marry me off to our friends and all..."

"JOHN...knock it off. I'm not trying anything here. Samantha is a friend who has come back into my life...just as it's ending. I will not sit here and listen to you accuse me of trying to set you up or anything of the kind."

We rode in silence for a while, and just as we pulled up in front of our house, he said.

"I'm sorry Becky. I didn't mean to be so suspicious. I know you're worried about me, and I can't seem to convince you that I will be all right after...after...later on."

"I know you'll be all right. I know that you will hold to your promise to me and stay healthy, and that you will also find someone else to love too."

"Becky...lets not go there again...okay?"

"We will go there until I am certain in my mind that you will hold up to your promise to me buster."

"I told you I would, and I won't break my promise either."

"Yeah...right. Look John, I know you and I know your mannerisms. I can tell that your promise was just one of those 'Humor the bitch' things. I know that you are counting on the fact that once I'm dead I won't or can't force you to move on. I know that you are thinking you will have free reign to do as you please. Well, let me tell you something right now buddy boy...YOU will MOVE on. Understand me? YOU WILL. You will find someone and get over me. You will love someone else and have a good life with her too. You will do that. YOU PROMISED...and you have never broken your promises to me ever. DON'T START NOW."

He looked so stunned at my speech that I could tell he figured I had read his mind. His lips moved but no coherent sound came out for a few seconds.

"Yo...uuee...I...sur...damn. How could you tell all that Becky? How do you know me so well? Forgive me, I did think that. It's just I can't accept your...condition and the end that is coming. You're my life Becky, and without you I will be nothing. Nothing at all."

"Oh...nothing at all huh? What about your three kids? What about your daughter who is pregnant with your first grandchild? What about your two sons who are married and trying to start families of their own? You think that you are nothing? Ask your children that. YOU are SOMETHING. Something important to at the very least, three other people, other than me. YOU are someone who has all to live for. That I'm dying is sad and perhaps tragic, but you have others to live for, not only them, but yourself as well. I will not pass from this earth knowing that you gave up after I died. What kind of memory is that? What kind of testament to our family would that be? Damn John...you are making me so angry right now. Very angry. I don't want to spend a second being mad or upset with you John. I want my last days and hours to be happy and good times. Please."

I had begun to cry. For the first time I think he was seeing how serious and how much he was upsetting me with his attitude. I saw him softening, his features showing a sadness and acceptance of my will.

"I'm sorry Becky. I truly am. I wasn't sure about your intentions, and I thought you had other reasons..."

"Other reasons? What other reasons could I possibly have John? I'm dying. There is or will be no more for me after that. Why on earth would I have other reasons for wanting you to go on and live a happy and full life? I love you. With all my heart I have loved you. I don't want you bitter, sad or worse after I'm gone. I want you to move on and have a chance at happiness. You're getting two chances in your life...far better than what most others will ever have. I have been honored and so lucky to have your love all these years. Your support in the bad times and good. You have been my lover, my best friend, my confidant, and the best husband a woman could ever have. That's why I want you to move on John. There will be another woman out there who deserves you. Really, there is."

"I don't want another woman Becky...I want you."

We both sat in the car crying. This had been a hard talk for us. Parts had been repeats of other conversations, but I think we finally both got to the heart of the matter with this one. He was scared, I was scared, and between us, neither wanted me to die.

At home, Samantha showed up about an hour after we did. She came in and we visited like old friends. I sprung the cancer on her...and she did a marvelous job of showing concern and tenderness. Our talking led her to volunteering to help out. I refused her (planned) until she finally convinced us that we would need her eventually. (Also planned.)

John was more accepting of having her with us in these last days than I would have thought. In bed that night I found out the reason why.

"You surprised me John."


"I figured you would fight having Sam staying with us like she wants."

"I think it will be good to have her here. Besides, she is a friend of yours from your past, and you can talk about the good times with her, and perhaps keep your mind occupied while I'm at work. I worry about you when I'm at work you know. I just hope that her stay doesn't cost her too much. Her boss may not like her spending time here with us."

"She's already talked to her boss and she got a leave of absence. She told me tonight that her boss lost a relative to cancer and has been very concerned about anyone who is having a friend or loved one go through the same thing."

"Lucky us."

"Yeah. Lucky us."

I laid there, a bit upset at how I was lying and twisting things around. I knew that I meant well...but would John if he happened to find out my little plan? How would he act or react if he knew all?

I was tired that night, and not quite as well as I had been. We cuddled together and just held each other all night long. The next morning after John left for work, Sam and I had a long talk about things.

"I'm not sure I can do this Becky. I mean...I feel terrible about lying to John like I am..."

"I know. I laid in bed last night and questioned my plan. You know what? We need to look at this as we are saving a life. We are saving John's life. From himself. If that requires a few lies here and there and some acting too, then so be it. I love my husband Sam...I want him to be happy at some point after I'm gone.

"Well, if you put it like that...I still hate lying to him. I mean...what if he asks me to marry him at some point...it will all come out? Marriage licenses have dates and names on them...my name hasn't changed...but the dates...he'll figure it out."

"By that point he will forgive you. I'm sure of it. He will be so much in love with you he won't have a choice."

We went over more details and built a whole lifetime between us. Enough to cover up most of the blanks and fill in holes. We spent the rest of the day visiting and learning more about each other. I discovered that Sam was a whole different person than I had envisioned. I had never really thought about the personal lives behind escorts or hookers and things I guess. After all, they are all somebody's daughters aren't they?

From that point on, things began to work out just like planned. Samantha, being in the house in close proximity all the time began to build a relationship with John. Of course it was that 'friends' thing, but at least he was getting to know her. I made sure that there were certain times in the day that they had to themselves, letting them get used to each other.

A few months went by, and Samantha had become like a sister to me. We were actually becoming close friends. As I got sicker, she really came through for me too. She was helping me just like a friend would. I began to lean on her more and more as I got weaker. Having her here had become a God-send.

One day, our love making having been off the norm for a month due to my increasing condition, I could see that John was struggling with something. Wrestling it around in his mind. I hoped that he was having thoughts of Samantha in a more...well...sexual way than not. Strange that I would think like that. Hoping that he would be falling in love or at least lust with another woman. I was still having a hard time accepting I was dying, even though I was weaker and sick more often.

"What's wrong John? You have been fighting with whatever it is for a while now...tell me, what's bothering you?"

"I've been wondering what happens after?"


"Well, the house will be empty...Samantha will be gone I'm sure, and you...I just don't know what to do with this house...it's too big...it will be too...empty."

"Maybe Samantha will stay on until you decide what it is you want to do with the house John."

"Becky...I thought we weren't going to go there anymore."

"Go where John?"

"You're not marrying me off to one of your friends."

"I'm not trying to. If Samantha were here, the house wouldn't be so empty. I'm not sure what her plans are after...afterwards...but I'll bet she'd stay if she thought you might want the company."

"You're up to something. I can tell."

"No I'm not. I'm not John. I think that Samantha's apartment has been let go by now...she hasn't been there for months...she will need a place to stay for a while at least. You will let her stay won't you? I mean...she is my friend and all, but as a favor to me?"

"Her apartment was let go? When did she do that?"

"Well honey, you don't seriously think that she was well off enough to keep an apartment she wasn't living in this long do you? I mean, she moved most of her stuff into the bedroom and all."

"I missed that. Of course she is welcome to stay until she can find another place. After all she has done for you...for us...I'd be a first class heel to kick her out wouldn't I?"

"Yes...you would. Remember that. She has done an awful lot for us. Way more than I ever expected of her too. She is a good friend John. A very good friend."

"You expect things from friends?"

"You know what I meant John. Don't read into things what isn't there...please?"

Samantha and I had become close. She was truly a friend of mine, and I was certain that she wasn't acting with me. I had heard her crying in her room several times after helping me with certain things. I knew that she cared. I just hoped that she would remember that the agenda was for John to fall in love with her. She was having a hard time working on getting John to think about her that way. Mostly because she really cared for me. I was constantly telling her, reminding her that this plan was all my idea and I wanted her to follow through with it.

One day we made love after a little fight. It was just before I really started to get too sick for wanting to have sex. Samantha was around the house all the time now, and I knew that we had to do something radical and drastic. Together we cooked up a plan. Crazy maybe, insane maybe, but I thought it just might be the thing to work. I told her that when John and I started to make up, he'd always get an erection. I'd put it to use, and she could watch us for the right time to come in and join us. It turned out that I got in a sixty-nine with John and blocked his view and that was the perfect opportunity.

Samantha moved in and started sucking his cock as I straddled his face, locking him in a position that he couldn't tell who was sucking him. Later, as we both sucked on him, he figured out that something was up. He was surprised, but I took to heart that he didn't get mad or upset with us, nor did he kick Samantha out. Matter of fact, we went on to have some of the best sex I'd ever had in my life.

We made love, and we fucked. Samantha and John actually did it on the kitchen table at one point and I learned something more about myself that day too. I found that by stretching my sexual horizons, I was really enjoying everything about sex more and more.

In the past I had never even entertained the idea of being with another woman, yet that day in the kitchen I suddenly wanted to taste my husbands flavor from another woman. A woman I had picked out no less, to replace me. I'm not sure when I decided to sit in between Samantha's spread legs and lick her pussy, but suddenly I was pushing John out of the way and doing just that.

I found the taste to be different, kind of a sweet and salty taste, and not unpleasant at all either. As I worked on Samantha's pussy, she began to get turned on, and so did I. I wasn't aware of when John got me to stand up, but I was very aware of his hard cock as it slid into my pussy. Again, I wanted something more, and seeing the butter on the table, I grabbed it and let John know I wanted his cock somewhere else.

I can't describe the thoughts in my head as my husbands cock slipped in and out of my rear passage, while my head was buried in another woman's pussy...but I know I enjoyed it. I wondered briefly why I had never thought of doing something like this in the past?

The months flew past after that, John, Samantha and me all together. Samantha has been a wonderful help to me, and to John. I still haven't seen 'that' look in John's eyes though. You know the look of someone in love? I don't think he has fallen in love with Samantha yet. At least I know she'll be around for a year after I'm gone to see to his needs, and maybe that will be enough. I can only hope. At times I am glad I made that deal with her. It will be worth every penny of that money if John falls in love with her and they live happily ever after.

He lays on the bed with me, hugging me. Sex now is not possible. The cancer has spread...and I can't take pressure on some parts of my body anymore. Even our hugs and kisses have become orchestrated to protect me from pain. Yet, I know that John is there, loving me, caring for me, and being my rock. Samantha has become a very close friend to me too, which has surprised me in many ways.

I had figured at first that she was being nice to the soon to be dead lady that was giving her a million reasons to be nice to her. I soon saw that was not the case, since she had little ways of doing things to help me that had the money been the reason, she would never have done them.

One night, as we waited for John to come home from the store, Samantha told me that she had made arrangements for the money. I asked her what she meant, and she told me that she had decided, no matter what happened, she was going to set the money up in a trust for our kids and grandkids.

"You don't have to do that Samantha, that money is yours, for you. We made a deal."

"And, since it's my money I can do what I wish with it. Look Becky, I have come to love you like a sister...well, a very close sister anyway...I mean...not exactly like a sister, since we have been...intimate...damn..."

"I love you too Samantha, I consider you my best friend now. I wanted you to know that. I know this all started with my wanting to provide someone for John, but now I can tell that we are close friends and that has touched me in ways that you may never know."

"I feel the same Becky. You have shown me that love and caring do still exist in this world. I guess I had I been on the road to a harder life. Eventually I suppose I could have ended up being a plain old hooker on the street corner, but now, even if John and I don't get together, I don't think I could go back to that life. I have learned things from you and John that I had never experienced before."

"But you and John will be together, I can tell. He will fall for you I just know it."

"Well, I want you to know that I love him too. Guess we're half ways there huh?" "Really? You've fallen in love with him? That's wonderful. It really is. I just know that John will fall in love with you too."

"I hope for my sake and yours that you are right Becky. I want nothing more than to be with him now. I only wish that..."

"Don't say it...don't think it. Samantha, I'm dying...there's no changing that fact. I know it, you know it, and John knows it. I don't want to die, I would rather live and be with John and you...but the facts are I'm dying and that's that."

"Oh Becky...If I could I'd take your place...I really would. I have come to love you so much...I don't know what I'll do when...after...you..."

I took her in my arms and hugged her tightly. We were both crying like little babies, and I could feel our love there as we comforted and supported each other. Oh how I wished I were healthy and able to live for twenty more years...but then, under those circumstances, Samantha and I would never have met, never have had 'that' moment with my husband...never have fallen in love with each other.

Each day I draw closer to my next pathway in the course of my life. Now I had already come to terms with most of this...yet there was still a small voice screaming out about the injustice in my having this cancer. Still, I forged ahead in my plan, and Samantha was working her best moves to get John's attention, in ways he couldn't see directly. I knew he felt something for her by now...just exactly what I was having difficulty seeing. The sex thing had been a stroke of genius for us, but it hadn't been quite enough to swing it to a certain end.

I know that John and Samantha have been having sex often. Since I can't provide that for him, I know that he has times when he gets...full. I'm okay with it, and I keep telling Samantha and John that. They are having a harder time with it than I thought I would. This whole thing has surprised me in ways I never imagined.

I, the good wife, much loved, and much cared for, trying to get my husband to fall in love with another woman. This woman I invited into our lives under a rather big lie, but with good intentions is now someone that I have become close to as well. A person that I consider my closest, best friend other than my husband.

I've also pushed my husband into having sex with this woman. I want them to fall in love. I am doing whatever I can to make it happen before I die, yet it seems that my dear husband won't give that last little bit yet. Maybe it will take just that. Maybe it will take me dying to cause them to draw to each other. If so, I'm prepared to do that.

I even changed the deal. I arranged for Samantha to get her money in quarterly payments, starting the day after I die. My lawyer was furious over this, but I insisted. After I had done that, one day while talking to her I discovered that she was planning on putting all the money into a trust for our kids and grandkids. I couldn't talk her out of it either.

I'm telling you this now, my hand is weak, and my strength is about gone. I know...deep inside, my time is at hand. I can feel it. Tonight...maybe tomorrow. I haven't much time left. I love John...I have come to love Samantha too. I can only hope that they find each other in their grief after I'm gone. It has to work...it just has to.

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