tagLoving WivesThe Contract Ch. 04

The Contract Ch. 04




Life for Jim had settled down, he was settled in his flat and Jenny spent at least one day of every weekend with him.

He was not dating anyone, he found he did not know how or where to go to meet women who were interested in short term relationships. He was at that age when he was too old for the trendy bars, they were always packed with young adults closer to Jenny's age than his. Anyway, he could not hear himself speak for the loud RAP music when on the odd occasion, he did drop into one.

He was also too young for the for the twin-set and tweeds set that frequented the more up market lounges and he quickly found out that the women in the singles bars he had gone into, were either cock teasers or divorced and on the hunt for another husband. He missed Janice and thought of her every day. He realised he still loved her, even though their divorce was now final and he was a free agent again. So was she, he thought. He found the idea that she may have found someone else too depressing to contemplate and to stop himself dwelling on what he had thrown away, he concentrated on his work.

Jake Pearson had phoned him the week after the review meeting and was very apologetic. He confirmed that the test results they had commissioned had verified his findings and that he had authorised the immediate payment of all outstanding invoices.

Jim asked him if he had any details on their internal investigation on how the substitution had been done and was not surprised that Jake deflected his question and said, "We have not completed our enquiries, but I can tell you, our warehouse manager has resigned. There may be others involved and I cannot name names or give you any further information at this time."

For Janice, life continued, she dated occasionally but had not been sufficiently attracted to any of her dates to warrant a second date and none of them made it into her bed. She was at work one day, almost nine months since she and Jim had parted and three months after the divorce was finalised when she took a call from Jake Pearson. She was surprised and somewhat to reluctant to speak with him given the circumstances, but he asked if he could meet her for dinner that evening as he had some business matters he wanted to discuss and also some personal reasons he would explain later. She agreed and arranged a date for the following evening at his hotel.

She took her time dressing for her date with Jake and Sally, who was standing watching her mother mull over which dress to choose. Finally, Jenny just picked up the little black dress and said, "This is the one."

Janice looked at her and said, "You don't think it's a little too revealing for a business meeting?"

Jenny was getting a little exasperated with her and told her, "Mum, this guy is more than just a business date to you, you have been debating over what to wear for an hour, so he means something to you even now. So if you want to find out if he is still attracted to you, wear the little black number!"

Then as an afterthought she asked: "He's not married is he?"

"No." Janice replied, "He is divorced and has two boys but he only sees them once or twice a year, their mother re-married and lives in Spain now."

Janice completed dressing, putting on the little black dress and arrived at the hotel a little early for her date, but Jake was waiting for her in Reception and taking her hand led her into a private dining room he had reserved.

Janice said with a smile, "Are you trying to impress me or something? You did not need to go to this expense, the main dining room or even a Room Service meal would have been sufficient."

He said reddening slightly with embarrassment, "What I need to talk to you about needs some privacy and I thought suggesting a room service meal would make you think I had an ulterior motive, so this is a compromise that I hope you find acceptable."

"I sure that it will be OK, but you have me intrigued, whatever is it that you need to talk to me about, I would have thought Jim would have been your contact on business matters."

"It's nothing to do with the Contract with Jim's company, well not directly anyway. Let's sit down and enjoy our meal. I will explain as we eat."

He led her to the table and seated her at the table. He sat directly opposite her and had to move the little flower decoration that the waiter had placed between them, otherwise he would not be able to see her eyes. The ordered their meals and made small talk until the main course was served and the waiter had departed.

Jake asked her, "Would your company be prepared to assist Pearson's recruiting a new Head of Procurement?"

Janice was thrown for a moment, "But isn't that Andy's job?" she blurted.

"It was but he no longer works for Pearson's, confidentially I can tell you that we believe that he was the one behind the attempt to drive your ex-husband's company to the wall. Fortunately, Jim had taken what turned out to be suitable precautions to verify the quality of their product. We could not prove Andy's role in the substitution of the parts in court, but there were other matters that led to his departure.

Janice questioned Jake about some of the details relating to the role they wanted of the new Procurement Manager and he promised to forward a detail specification in the morning. The business part of the evening being concluded, Janice said, "When you invited me to dinner, you said you also had some personal reasons for this meeting. Is this the right time or do you want to order coffee from room service?"

"If you are happy to have our coffee in my room, then I can tell you what's on my mind."

They went to his room and ordered the coffee and while they were waiting for it to appear, Jake said, "The real reason that Andy left, was that we found some transactions relating to his expenses submissions that to put it bluntly amounted to gross misconduct. Director's at Pearson's have a generous expenses system that leaves them a lot of discretionary spend that does not require receipts for verification. Andy had submitted two claims under entertainment amounting to over £1,000. Under questioning, he admitted they were for call girls. I can't prove it but I think he used them to set your husband up. We found copies of some photographs in his desk when we were clearing it out."

"That means that it was him that sent me those photographs? He deliberately set out to cause the break my marriage?"

"Yes, I believe he still wanted you and his twisted logic was that if Jim was out of the way, it would leave the field clear for him to move in."

"The bastard, you cannot know how close he came to succeeding, if he hadn't tried it on with Jenny......" her voice trailed off as she realised how close she had been to making the mistake of her life.

Janice stood up to leave and Jake reached out for her and she just stepped into his arms. Without making a conscious decision, they clutched at one another and started kissing. For the first time since her divorce, she found comfort in another man's arms.

Jake pulled back and asked, "What about Jim, I know this doesn't exonerate him, but he was set up by professionals?"

"He still had the choice, not just once but twice. He deliberately cheated on me, he could have pulled back, but didn't. No we are finished, I know that for sure, I could never trust him again. Every time he went out of town, I would be wondering if he was with someone else. I can't live like that."

She reached up and pulled him into another long kiss. "Now take me to bed and fuck me."

Jake took her to bed and slowly undressed her. It had been a long time since she had felt so turned on. She wondered briefly about that, maybe it's because this is the longest period I have ever gone without sex in over twenty years.

He slowly worked his way down her body, starting with her neck and ears, planting little kisses as he went. He spent longer on her nipples, slowly bringing them so erect that they hurt with the ache of longing. When he reached her labia, she was so wet that her thighs jerked uncontrollably searching for that release only an orgasm could bring. She tried to pull him up away from her pulsating centre, but he persisted and suddenly she went over the top. Her orgasm was so intense she blacked out for a few seconds and soon she was aware that he was now poised to penetrate her, her legs wrapped around the back of his thighs pulling him into her. She gasped as he pushed his way into her pussy and almost as if on set to automatic, her hips started thrusting at him, trying to increase the pace of his manhood as it went deeper and deeper into her very being.

He was taking control of the pace now and started to thrust at her, increasing the pace until he felt himself ready to explode. Jake slowed for a second, trying to gauge if she was matching his arousal. She almost screamed at him, "Don't slow down, keep going, that's it, that's so good, don't stop." Then he felt her convulse against him and he could not hold back any longer and felt himself explode deep inside her.

Afterwards, as they lay there, she said, "That was making love not just fucking! I didn't know you could be so gentle."

"There's a lot about me you don't know. I was so in love with you from our first meeting, but you were with Andy and I was so jealous of him that I kept out of your life as much as possible. I knew you were so in love with him. I never knew that he was bringing other men into your life until the evening I was told about his gang bang plans. I had to tell you the truth that night and I was so proud of the way you handled that situation. I was prepared to step in if he got nasty, but in the end there was no need."

"Why didn't you get in touch after Andy and I split?" she demanded.

"You were so off men after your break up, no one could get near you. You cut me dead one night when I tried to approach you after class. I thought enough's enough and started dating someone else."

"That's in the past now and we cannot do anything about it, but what's next? Is there a chance for us to get to know each other again, or is this just a one night stand?" he asked.

Janice looked at him and took her time before replying, "I would like to see you again, but I not ready to commit to a long term relationship just yet. Let's just take it slowly and see what develops? OK?"

"Speaking of things developing, are you ready to play again already? " she asked with a smile as she felt his manhood stirring against her thigh.

"You have my undivided attention." He growled and proceeded to prove his desire again.

Over the next few month's, they managed to get together fairly frequently as Janice was working to fulfil the vacant management position at Pearson's but once that was completed they found that the travel to meet up at weekends became too much of an obstacle. They both found the travelling distance a hurdle and Janice still had a responsibilities keeping her at home most weekends. Jenny was still a teenager and despite her being older than her years and very self confident, Janice felt she needed to be there, just in case.

There was no single issue that led to their final parting, just a gradual seepage of missed dates and opportunities until they both agreed that it would be better to be friends rather than lovers.

Janice never heard any more from Andy, despite his threats of getting retribution and had never really taken any great notice of his threats anyway.

Jenny managed to get Jim and Janice to talk civilly to one another, but quickly realised that her mother would not allow him to sweet talk himself back into her mother's life.

Janice started dating other men and occasionally did find one sufficiently attractive to allow him into her bed, but they never lasted too long.

About two years later, with Jenny now at University, Janice found herself at a party with friends when Jake reappeared in her life. They got together and slowly started to try again.

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What a crock of shit!

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Not the best ending

It really does just ... drift ... into ... nothing.

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