tagMind ControlThe Controlling of Pam Ch. 2

The Controlling of Pam Ch. 2


I get to school the next day and I can't concentrate on my studies. I leave class and call the sitter and arrange for her to watch the kids that night. My head is swimming. I walk around in a daze. What is wrong with me?

The doctor tells me it's just stress from school and work and that I need to get away for a couple of days and just relax. I only nod. That is it of course. I've always suffered from test anxiety and midterms were just last week and I hadn't had time to sit down since then.

This is perfect too; the children go to their father's for the next week and I have some vacation days saved up from work and school is out for a week. I pack my suitcase, just jeans and sweatshirts. This is truly a relaxing week. As quickly as I packed, I had unpacked. What am I doing?

I look down and I have packed only very short skirts and halter tops, stockings and high-heeled shoes. I go to the store and buy some bright red lipstick and red nail polish. I must be out of my mind. My friend, Susan, calls and asks me my plans. I tell her I'm going away for a few days to relax. "Good idea, you haven't been yourself lately. Call me when you get back to town."

I grab my suitcase and head down the street to the waiting car. His car. Why am I going with this man? I feel his gaze and I quickly unbutton my blouse and slip it off my shoulders. I flick my nipples with my fingernails until they are hard, then slowly roll them between my fingers. He smiles, "Good pet."

His eyes go down to my skirt. I raise it and show him my shaved pussy. He fingers me, feeling how wet I am. I shake my head trying to clear my mind. Why am I doing this? He laughs and says, "You will do whatever I think and wish of you. It does not matter what it is. You cannot escape it."

He bends down and bites my neck. Moaning in pleasure, I tilt my head offering my neck to my captor. My thighs instantly part and his hand starts to rub my clit. I feel my orgasm building. I look up to him and plead with my eyes to be allowed to cum. How did I know I had to have permission? He shakes his head and pushes my face down to his cock.

I take his cock in my hand, slowly caressing the shaft. It's like I am watching a movie where I am the leading lady. My tongue snakes out and slowly licks the head. I breathe in deeply, inhaling his scent. I look up to him and smile. My mouth opens as wide as it can and he thrusts his cock into my mouth. My lips tighten as I place one hand on his ass and the other caresses his balls. I suck hard, feeling my cheeks concave as I do. I slowly pull his cock out of my hot mouth and lick my lips. Holding it in my hands, like a prize trophy, I hold it next to my cheek. Soft moans escape my lips and I can feel my juices start to pool. I couldn't leave if I wanted to and I don't. I continue to make love to his cock, using only my hands and mouth. Worshipping his cock like a god. IT is MY god.

I insert just the head into my mouth, using my hands to slowly caress the shaft. He thrusts into my mouth, causing me to gag slightly. I don't fight it. He continues to fuck my mouth. My lips tightening around his cock. I can feel it start to pulse and I know he is about to cum. I continue to suck, hoping for the release that I'm sure will come soon. My wish comes true. I feel the warm cum hit the back of my throat and I start to swallow so not to waste a precious drop.

Again, I wake up in my room thinking it was all a dream. I lick my lips and taste his cum that is still there. I shake my head trying to remember what had happened. I call Susan and find out that it is a week after I had left.

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