tagLoving WivesThe Conversion of Maria

The Conversion of Maria


This is the story of a man who forces the love of his life to broaden her sexual horizons. It is fictional, but inspired by real events. Here you will find the first chapter, if there's enough interest I might present two more parts. I've translated it into English from my native language, my apologies in advance for any linguistic errors or flaws. Enjoy reading.

Chapter 1: The Deception

It was a cold winter day, a mere 25 degrees, and the wind made it seem even colder. My train had arrived to the station of Antwerp ten minutes before hers. I walked into the small supermarket in the station hall to get a coffee. As usual when something extraordinary was about to happen, I could feel my heart beating in my chest. I walked back into the hall with my coffee when I saw arriving travelers start to appear above the stairs from platform 12. I kept looking upwards, scanning the faces of the people who came down the stairs. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Maria. Her eyes were still searching, but they found mine quickly. She smiled. We hadn't seen each other for almost two weeks, even though we spoke on the phone daily. I kept looking into her eyes as she descended and reached the hall. I took a few steps forward, she quickly walked towards me. Without speaking she flew into my arms, I pressed my nose into her dark curls. She smelled sweet, feminine.

Maria and I met in the summer of 2008 on a Greek island where I was having a holiday with friends after graduating from college. When I saw her dancing in a club it was love at first sight. She was only 5'2 and slim, but had a feminine body, a tight but curvy ass and round breasts. She had black curly hair, beautiful brown eyes and a light tan. Her face was narrow and friendly, fitting her figure. Every sane man would consider her an attractive lady, but the effect she had on me was stronger than that. She had something unique, something that touched me every time I saw her.

Maria was of Greek descent but had lived in Belgium with her family all her life. She was raised very protective, moving out or staying over at boys' places before marriage was not allowed. The last three days of my holiday in Greece we spend every moment we could together, whenever she could get away from her family with an excuse. When the moment came I had to go home we both knew it wouldn't end there. I was still living in Amsterdam with my parents at the time, a 3 hour trip from where she lived. A week after I returned home she was standing in front of my door when I had the house to myself for a day. For hours we laid in each other's arms, hoping time would stand still. She had her own car and visited me every single Thursday after that. As months went by our love grew stronger and stronger.

Hand in hand we walked down the big street that lead to the centre. Antwerp is not huge, it has a few hundred thousands of inhabitants. The city has its charm, but we could have chosen any other city of similar size. We had chosen it purely for its convenient location. Maria had looked up the route to the hotel where we had booked a room. She was wearing a stylish black winter coat, tight dark blue jeans and black boots with high heels. I could see she was as cold as I was, but it couldn't ruin the great mood we were both in. Having longer legs I walked faster than she did, I had to keep slowing my pace to stay next to her tapping heels. After a fifteen minute walk through the centre we arrived to a small but nice hotel. Maria did the talking, the lady behind the desk gave us the key to room number 14 on the second floor.

Maria was 23 years old when I met her, one year older than me. She had never slept with anyone before. Her parents and brothers had been strict for her, and besides that she was picky herself. Still, our desire was too strong. I wasn't very experienced yet myself. Together we spend hours exploring each other's bodies. After three months she lost her virginity to me in my single bed in my parental home. She was very tight, but also soaking wet from excitement. After five heavenly minutes I came hard. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my forehead.

Since that first time we spend every day we were together either in my bed or in a hotel in a random city. Maria changed from an inexperienced virgin into a skillful active lover. We tried every position we could think of. Doggy style was my favorite, hers laying on her back legs up. Every Thursday she surprised me with different sexy lingerie, from straps to tiger print. She had more stamina than I did, she would want to make love for hours if she could. On a good day I would be able to last for two or three sessions of ten minutes. I noticed she enjoyed, however she rarely reached an orgasm while having sex with me. I am of average size, about 5,5 inches. She teased me sometimes, making playful comments about wanting to try a really well endowed man. She had heard black men had the biggest ones. I reacted irritated, but comments like that would make my dick rock hard. I knew she didn't mean it, but noticing it turned me on, she kept doing it anyway. The thought of my sweet beautiful girlfriend taking on a big dominant black man started to turn me on more and more. When we didn't see each other for a few days. I would masturbate to interracial porn and think of my Maria.

I put my bag down on the small table besides the hotel bed. Maria walked into the bathroom. After three minutes she walked back into the room, a tight black top showed her beautiful slim figure. She sat down next to me on the bed and smiled. We had agreed I would take control today. I took her hands and pushed her upper body backwards until she was laying down on the bed on her back. I laid on top of her, my tall heavy body resting on her petite one. I held her arms above her head and kissed her. First softly, then with tongue, breaking the kisses for short moments. I kept kissing her like that for ten minutes, meanwhile stripping her down to her lingerie. She was wearing a small thong and bra, leopard print. I got up and walked to the stereo. I had specifically checked the hotel website for having stereo in the rooms. I got a cd from my bag and put it on loudly. Music that wouldn't be out of place in a strip club filled the room. Maria was sitting up straight again, her eyes had sparks in them. I grabbed my bag and got two pieces of rope and a blindfold out. I walked to the bed and put one knee besides Maria. I held her dark hair up and put the blindfold in front of her eyes, tying it firmly behind the back of her head. I waived my hand in front of her face to make sure she really couldn't see anything. Role-playing as we had agreed I grabbed her arms roughly and pulled her further onto the bed. One by one I wrapped the rope around her wrists, tying them to the bed with her arms up. I realized I had forgotten to bring something for her mouth. I removed a small sheet from one of the pillows and pulled it tight. I kissed Maria, then put the sheet between her lips and bound it behind her neck. I got up from the bed and looked at her. She was lying there helplessly, her beautiful tight body ready, not being able to see, speak or get up.

When we had been together for a year my fantasies reached an extreme level. Even though it was so strongly conflicting with my normal values, I didn't try to resist anymore. I started going online, visiting American chat sites visited by a lot of black men. Most of them were morons claiming to have a 15 inch dick. After two weeks however I started talking to an African American guy from Washington named Steve. He worked as a college professor, I could tell he was way more intelligent than the other guys I'd spoken to. I told him I was in a relationship with a girl who wanted a new sexual experience. Steve understood, he had seen and experienced situations like this before, though usually with older couples. He was in his thirties himself. Steve told me the stereotype about black men usually wasn't false. He showed me pics of his very thick 10 inch black cock. I was still in doubt, hating myself for doing this. Still during our third conversation I showed him pics of Maria. He was very impressed and returned me pics of him stroking his huge dick to her. We started talking more and more, I told Steve Maria was very curious about him also. The idea caught him, he told me he couldn't think of anything better than meeting her in real life. After a few months he told me he would be Germany a few days for work. He would love to travel to Belgium for a day to meet us.

I looked at my watch, five minutes to two. The music was still playing loud, but I tried to be quiet anyway as I left the hotel room. The lobby was empty, I walked outside and turned left around the corner. About two hundred meters ahead was the little square of which I had given Steve the address. Two minutes to two, I was early. I felt my heart beating harder than ever. After five minutes of waiting I spotted him. He was about 6'2, same height as me, with broad shoulders. He was wearing a stylish grey suit. Smiling widely he shook my hand and apologized for being late, he had had to search for a bit. He noticed I was nervous, told me that was completely normal. Walking with a quick pace I led him to the hotel. I told him Maria was ready, as we had agreed. I would let him in the room and take a seat in the chair in front of the bed, the rest was up to him. He was calm, told me he was looking forward to this a lot.

My hands were shaking as I unlocked and opened the door of our room. The music was still playing loud, Maria was laying there in the same helpless position. I entered the room first, walked towards the bed and looked at Steve's reaction. His eyes widened when he looked at Maria. Even though I couldn't hear what he said I could see his lips form the word "damn". For a moment he seemed to have forgotten I was there, then he smiled at me and pointed towards the chair. I obeyed, took off my coat and sat down. Steve took off his jacket and looked at my helpless girlfriend again, his eyes filled with desire. He stepped closer, bend over and softly caressed Maria's bare foot. She moved her leg and smiled, for as much as was possible with the sheet in her mouth. Steve's big black hand moved up her leg, then slowly over her thong and stomach. He climbed on top of the bed and put both his large hands on her breasts, softly massaging them through the silk of her bra. He softly pinched both of her nipples. I could see them getting harder with every movement Steve made. At this point my dick was even harder though, I had to be careful not to faint from excitement. Steve's hands reached underneath Maria's back, easily opened her bra and pulled it off. Eagerly he massaged her naked round firm breasts, bringing his head closer and taking her nipples in his mouth one by one. His left hand was going down, rubbing the front of her thong. Maria was moving along willingly, grinding his hand with her lower body. I wondered at which point she would realize it wasn't me but a strange man sitting beside her on the bed.

Steve now started to kiss Maria's neck, his tongue was going up and down as if she tasted of honey. His hand was inside her thong, rubbing her probably soaking wet pussy. He got up for a moment, looked down on Maria's face and kissed her lips. I saw her respond, Steve's lips were a lot thicker than mine, she would be able to feel this now. I saw her eyebrows move. She tried to speak, but she could only let out a mute sound. Steve licked her lips, trying to kiss her intensely. He started to unbutton his shirt, undressing himself slowly. Like me he obviously worked out often. When he only had his boxers left on he got up and turned around, as if he wanted me to get a full view of what was happening. Slowly he pulled his black boxers down, over the big bulge. Then he released it, even more impressive than it had looked on the pictures. Like a black steel pole his 10 inch negro cock was standing up. Steve saw me looking, a mean grin appeared on his face.

He turned back to Maria and hooked his fingers around her thong. Slowly he pulled it down. She was all shaven, as always. Steve stared down at her bare pussy, caressing it as if it were the most precious thing in the world. Then he spread her legs and put his knees on their inside. With one hand he held the back of Maria's head, with the other he grabbed his dick and lead it towards her pussy. I had told Steve she was on the pill, condoms weren't necessary. I looked at them fascinated as he rubbed the head of his black dick against her clit. For a moment he kept rubbing it up and down, making it wet with her juices, then he moved his monster down. From the back I saw how Steve's enormous black dick entered my beautiful tight girlfriend. Maria's pussy, which had only known my modest dick up until now, was being stretched out by the big newcomer. Slowly Steve pushed until he was halfway inside. I heard Maria trying to scream. She had to know now it wasn't me on top of her, penetrating her pussy.

Steve, thinking she knew all that was going on, kept going without mercy. Maria's legs were shaking and kicking wildly as he entered her inch by inch. I saw how the lips of her pussy clinched onto the big black shaft. When he was almost entirely inside her Steve trusted hard, so that he was inside her balls deep. Despite of the sheet in her mouth I could hear Maria moan loud now, louder than the music even. Her feet were shaking as if she was getting electric shocks. A 10 inch large black dick was filling the tight pussy of my girlfriend completely now. I hated myself, but my lust was stronger. Steve was enjoying every second of it. Slowly he pulled back, inch by inch, until only the head was still inside, then he penetrated again. Slowly until he was in all the way, then again pulling back. Maria's lower body was moving up and down wildly, trying to be able to take it. Steve kept going up and down, every time a little faster. Softly he was trusting his entire 10 inches in and out of her. The black shaft was shining with Maria's juices. Steve shoved his big hands underneath her, grabbing her by the ass. Apparently he thought she had had enough time to get used now. He started to fuck hard. He moved in and out of her tight pussy with rhythm. Maria was laying still now, but still her muted moans were sounding with every movement Steve made. He was going harder again. I turned the music down a bit and heard the sounds of his body banging into hers. He kissed her neck wildly. Maria seemed to have almost disappeared underneath his big black body. He was fucking her hard now, as if he wanted to break through the bed. He lifted his upper body up and he grabbed her by the neck. I was stroking my dick hard. Steve was dominating us both. With his free hand he grabbed the blindfold and pulled it off Maria's face. I could see her brown eyes looking around, she appeared to be in shock. Even still, I saw her eyes shining like they always did when she was turned on. Steve was supporting himself with his hands on her arms and kept trusting into her hard. I saw her breasts jiggle up and down. Steve was licking them eagerly. All of a sudden I saw Maria's lower body moving along with the trusts. Moving in circles she was receiving every stroke of the big black dick. I saw her toes curl, her moans becoming louder. She looked at me as she reached an intense orgasm.

Steve turned over his shoulder to look at me as well. That evil grin again. He wasn't finished yet. For a moment he stopped until the shocks of Maria's orgasm had finished. Then he pulled his dick out of her. I saw a large wet stain on the bed. He didn't waste any time, moved besides her head and started to turn her wrists inside the knots of the ropes. His big dark dick was smacking against Maria's cheeks as he did this, almost covering her entire face. She was looking at me still, her eyes filled with confusion. Steve grabbed her waist and lifted her entire body around, putting her on her knees in doggy style position, the ropes pulling her arms forward. Quickly he got behind her, grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them. Without using his hands he pushed his cock inside her again from the back. This time she didn't get a moment to get used to it. He started to trust hard. With his left hand he took her long brown hair and pulled it back in a ponytail. With his right he grabbed her ass, then gave a hard smack on it, and again, and again. Like a machine he started to bang into her. I could see his cum filled balls slap against her clit with every trust. Maria's moans grew louder and louder. Her body almost fell forward from Steve's hard penetration, but he held her up roughly by her hair. I walked over to the side of the bed. She had tears in her eyes, I could see the intensity on her beautiful face. Steve was trusting in and out of her like a man possessed. Maria looked at me as she, this time with more control, started to meet Steve's trusts with her body. Her ass was meeting his stomach, grinding it when he paused for a moment. He grabbed both her ass cheeks firmly, his black hands almost covering her round tight ass completely, and started to fuck her again with long trusts. I saw her body start to shake again. I couldn't control myself anymore, I started to stroke my dick fast next to the bed. Steve was grasping for breath. The music had stopped, the moaning and banging of his body into hers filled up the room entirely. With hard long strokes Steve, Maria and I reached an orgasm simultaneously. Exhausted Maria fell down on her stomach with Steve on top of her, his dick and his cum still all the way inside her. Maria's eyes were closed, she seemed to be in a trance. I fell down backwards on the chair, not being able to believe what had just happened.

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