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The Cop


It was a hot night. I had a few beers and was speeding down the freeway for a weekend of fun. There was no car on the road, so I floored the gas, doing almost seventy.

Then I heard it, the siren. Then the red and blue light. Shit, I thought, just what I needed. The cop sped in front of me and gestured for me to pull over.

I did. He then walked slowly towards my car, not in a hurry. He was wearing dark glasses, although it was late. He hadn't taken off his motorcycle helmet. He was a big guy, very muscled, with a trim waist. In spite of the bad situation, I was horny. I had a thing for cops. I hoped he wouldn't notice my hardon.

I pulled down my window. "Officer?," I said.

"You in a hurry or something there?" he asked me. "'Coz doing seventy on the freeway...that's gonna get you in trouble" he said. He had a hot voice too. Sexy and threatening. I wanted to hear him talk dirty to me all night as he made me do filthy things.

"I'm real sorry, Sir," I said. I put on a flirty smile. Then, he noticed the huge bag of grass on the passenger seat, right on top of a pile of Honcho magazines. Shit!!!

"Give me that," he ordered. Red-handed, I gave him the huge bag of marijuana I'd been planning to use in my weekend of fun. He hefted it about. "You know, I should probably bring you in for this shitload of grass..." he said.

Shit. "Please, Sir, um, can you waive it off just this one time sir..?". I flashed him my most innocent smile. He chuckled and leaned in toward me through the window.

"You want me to let you off, huh?" he asked softly. "You gotta suck my cock for that."

I grinned. Talk about a turn for the better. I pouted like a slut. "My cocksucker's all yours, Sir."

I opened the door. He was unzipped his fly and pulled out his hard cock. I was gonna blow him right there on the dark freeway. I was excited as hell. I got on my knees and squeezed his hard cock, then I stuffed it into my gaping mouth, sucking hard.

"Yeah suck it. Hard. SUCK it harder!" he said. "Yeah.. bounce your head up and down. Suck that cock. Lick the head...yeah....oh yeah, like that, yeah lick my cock head! Mm that feels so fuckin good. SUCK me."

His hot verbal abuse increased the filthy excitement of that roadside blowjob. We were in full view of any car which happened to cruise by. I was so excited I was squirming to touch myself. The cop then began to fuck my mouth, his rough hands on either side of my jaw, ramming my mouth down onto his cock again and again. When he came, my mouth was stuffed so full of cock that his cum spilled out down my chin. He took out his cock and squeezed the last few drops on my face, smearing his cock on it, breathing hard.

"Your mouth's a damn good fuck," he said. I grinned. My mouth felt spent and violated, and I loved it.

"It sure makes me curious about your other hole." the cop said. I could barely contain my grin. Something told me it was gonna be a long, hot night.


In the cheap motel room, the cop ripped off his uniform. The man was a fucking gorilla. His huge pecs and abs were nice and hairy. I wanted to lick him all over, especially his incredibly big biceps. He yanked off his pants and his hard cock and balls burst out in a meaty, hairy explosion. The cop gripped his cock with his big hands.

"I'm gonna fuck you all night," he said. I was so excited it was hard to get my clothes off. Horny as hell, I got on all fours on the bed and spread my gaping asshole wide open. I couldn't wait to get fucked by this huge cop. I heard the snap of condom as he stretched it to fit over his cock. The base barely reached the middle of his hard shaft. I was whimpering in lust as he spread me even wider and pushed his dick inside my gaping pink asshole with a sigh as I screamed in satisfaction.

As soon as he got most of his cock inside he began to jam it in and out of my asshole. Fucking me from behind while spreading my asscheeks gave his cock total access. I screamed into the pillows as he fucked me hard, shouting "YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!." The bed rocked with the force of his thrusting, and the romm was filled with sounds of the forgotten porn flick playing on the tv, my yelps, his grunts and the sound of his big hands slapping my ass as he fucked it. Outside somebody was snickering and it turned me on even more to know he could hear us. I was gripped by the filthy thrill of being fucked by a hunky stranger in the middle of nowhere. I squeezed my eyes shut and savored the sensations – the strong weight of his thighs, the aggressive, burning thrust as his cock fucked inside my asshole and the delicious feeling like taking a shit as his cock slid out again...then in again, then out.....fuck yeah!

Suddenly, the cop took out his cock and flopped on the bed. Man he looked so deliciously muscular and hairy on the white sheets. His cock was a thick arrow between his big thighs. My mouth ached to suck him off again but he had other plans.

"Ride my cock," he said. Still horny as hell, I straddled his huge legs. It turned me on so bad to see my creamy, hairless legs against his tan, hairy ones. I eased myself onto his thick rod. My asshole was numb and sore from being fucked so hard and for so long. The cop grinned and sighed as I began to ride his cock, up and down, while my hands explored beneath the dense pelt of his manfur for his nipples. As I did all the work, the cop rolled himself a joint from my stash and lit it, smoking it as I rode his hard dick.

He stuck his big third finger into my mouth for me to suck, and I reached beneath me to tickle his balls. Just as I was getting lost in the euphoria of the non-stop fuck, he threw me off his cock and he positioned me on the bed again, this time facing him. He hooked my legs across each of his massive shoulders to spread me as wide as he could and shoved his cock inside my asshole hard. I could hardly adjust to the pain as he fucked me again and again, each time harder and deeper than the last, working his cock into orgasm. The sheets gathered around his knees as he dug into the mattress, fucking me with animal force. It was like a bull fucking a deer. I gripped the bedpost bars for support and arched even wider. The bed was drenched in sweat. The cop's sweat matted into his body hair, making that manly stink of musk emanating from his armpits and balls. The delicious smell made me impossibly hornier, and more acutely aware of the hard assbanging I was getting. My mouth was dry and ached for cock.

"I need to suck your cock now, hurry! I need to suck something!" I whispered to him. Irritated, he reached for his baton and let me suck on the smooth black pole. He was fucking me really hard now, his brows furrowed in concentration, his cock blurring in and out of my asscunt. Then suddenly, without warning, he withdrew and roared "Open your fuckin mouth!!!." He ripped off his rubber as i whirled behind. The first hot jet struck my eye, while the second spurt got inside my mouth. I spread my outh wide, my tongue stretched as low as possible as he came again and again inside my cocksucking mouth. Man, was this a weekend to jerk off thinking about for a long, long time!

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