tagLoving WivesThe Cop and The Cuckhold

The Cop and The Cuckhold


My wife and I live in the mountains far from town so when we get together with friends we meet at their houses in town. We played poker with some friends of ours one night after work and didn't leave until about 10:00 at night. It's about an hour drive home and my wife was feeling a little horny. So one could imagine why I was in a bit of a hurry to get home.

My wife is 5'7" and about 140 pounds. She truly exudes sexiness and eroticism with her body and movements. Dressed in five inch heels, her luscious long legs are defined and athletic with a beautiful tan. She lays out nude three or four times a week and doesn't have a tan mark anywhere on her body. Her pussy is shaved daily which leaves a smooth and prominent mons. Beyond this awe inspiring pussy lies broad hips tapering to a small, narrow waist and tight, flat abs. Her ass, with the right amount of muscle, has a perfect round shape which you can tell could take a good pounding. I just love to fuck her from behind and see her soft long wavy blonde hair cascading down her tight torso to her waist. From this position I reach around to grab her firm 34B tits which fit her frame wonderfully. We are an open couple and guys have said in the past that she looks like she was built for fucking.

After exiting the freeway we have about two miles of dirt road and this night I was going fast enough to slide in the corners. My wife had unbuttoned her thin, gauzy, white shirt and removed her lacy bra. She had her right foot with her high heel shoe up on the dash. Her short denim skirt was pulled up exposing her bald pussy as she rubbed her clit lightly. I was looking at her pussy and then suddenly I looked up and saw a sheriff truck behind me with red and blue lights on. I pulled to the side into a big dirt area off the narrow road. My wife got her skirt pulled down and put the shirt together although was not able to button it up. When the deputy walked up to my window he asked for my license, registration and proof of insurance. I handed him the things he asked for and then he asked me if I knew why he had pulled me over. I told him that I might have been going a little fast on the dirt road. Then he informed me that the speed limit is 35 and I was clocked at 55. In addition to speeding, sliding in the corners is reckless driving. The deputy was 6'1" and about 250 pounds. His shoulders were wide and he was likely in his late forties. He had a full head of dark straight hair with a little gray mixed in. What first caught my attention was the size of his forearms, although he was a little overweight, you could tell he was hard as steel and probably strong as an ox.

He looked over at my wife and asked if she was okay and why her bra was on the floor with her shirt undone. She said, while blushing, that she was horny and it was why my husband was speeding. I asked if there was any way for him to let us go and he just stared at me for what seemed like a whole minute with an intimidating look on his face. Finally he said to me that if my horny little wife would get out of the car, and we did as we were told, that he would forget the whole thing. I looked over at my wife and she shrugged her shoulders. I asked her if she understood what was going to happen in a very whispered and slurred voice so the deputy would hopefully not hear me. She said she was okay with it if I was.

I looked back at the deputy and asked him what it was that he wanted us to do. He told my wife to get out of the car and walk to the front and for me to stay in the car and not to open my door no matter what. He was talking in a very forceful way at this point and as my wife got to the front of the car he told her to take off the shirt that was already open. She did as she was told and from the night air, and the excitement, her dark brown nipples were wrinkled up and hard as marbles. Then he told her to lean forward on the hood and put her hands behind her back. He put his handcuffs on her and told us both that it was for his own protection. Just seeing her with no shirt or bra on and laying face down on the warm hood with her hands cuffed behind her was making my cock start to throb. He grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her straight up to a standing position then leaned forward to whisper something in her ear.

After he got done telling her something she looked straight at me through the windshield and said, "I'm going to get on my knees and suck his cock." I thought at the time that it would be over quick because she is very good with her mouth. The deputy pulled his gun out and laid it on the hood in front of me, but thankfully pointing away, and then took out his nightstick and laid it down next to the gun. He undid his belt and opened his zipper and pulled her by the hair down to her knees. He forcefully shoved his cock in her mouth and started sliding it in and out while holding on to her hair. It was an amazing thing to see my own wife on her knees with a deputy's cock in her mouth in front of my car while watching through the windshield from the driver's seat.

By this time my cock was as hard as a rock and I slowly started to undo the zipper on my shorts to let it out because the pressure was pretty intense. It startled me when all of a sudden the deputy pulled her up by her hair and laid her on the hood with her face sideways down on the metal and then he grabbed the cuffs and lifted her arms up about a foot. I could see her "B" size tits squishing out a little on both sides and with his other hand he pulled her skirt up to her waist and kicked her legs apart.

I got so excited watching her with her ass in the air, legs spread, hair splayed down her back and this huge man in uniform holding this sexy naked woman face down on the hood. I was thinking to myself how fucking hot it looked when I heard him saying to me, "tell me your wife is a slut and needs a good spanking." I said it as he told me and could feel my voice quivering as I spoke. He had a hold of her hands via the handcuffs with his right hand and came down with a hard smack on her left ass check with his left hand. He told me, "I'm going to spank this sluts ass until it's red."

As he was spanking her ass I got a good look at his cock which was standing out straight from his zipper. Now my cock is 8 inches and a normal size around but I could easily tell that his was longer and thicker. The head of his cock was the biggest I have ever seen. I couldn't wait to see the look on her face when he pushed it in. He stopped spanking and started to feel her pussy between her wide open legs then he let go of her hands and held on to the back of her neck pushing her flat on the hood. He grabbed hold of his cock and shoved it into her pussy. Her eyes went wide as she let out a scream. I saw her eyes roll back and she started yelling loudly, "Awww fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." He looked right at me though the windshield and said, "your slut wife is so wet." Then he pulled her up again by the hair and again whispered something in her ear. She looked up at me and said, "his cock feels so good and is so big that it feels like he has his nightstick in me."

He kept her head up by her hair and I couldn't take my eyes off her firm tits sticking straight out and the hardened little nipples. The handcuffs holding her arms behind her made her tits stand out so pointy and firm. I could also see down her flat belly to the top of her pussy where his enormous cock was sliding in and out and his balls were slapping against her clit. I could also hear his thighs slapping loud against her ass and he seemed to be pulling harder on her hair as he fucked her with more force. Although I couldn't hear her I could see her mouthing the words, "fuck me, fuck me." He then leaned forward and said more to her that I couldn't hear. She looked at me again and began saying "I'm a slut and I need this officers big cock in me".

She said that over and over and in the meantime he would reach around and alternate grabbing her tit and spanking her ass with his free hand. Every time he would smack her ass she would let out a moan. When he grabbed her tit he would slam that huge rod in her like a piston which would make her scream, "yeeeeesss." He put her face back down on the hood and was really fucking her vigorously while holding on to her hips. The car was rocking like a boat in the ocean because my wife was pinned to the front and he was fucking her so hard. I could have watched that all night long because he was fucking her so strong and fast that her ass had a rhythmic ripple going every time he was slamming balls deep on the down stroke. I saw her start to shudder and I knew she was cumming as her pussy was squeezing his cock like a vise. She was thrusting back at him and started screaming, "fuck my slut pussy with that big, beautiful cock." She put her chin up on the hood and looked at me with tears in her eyes and biting her bottom lip. Just as she finished cumming she said, while still looking at me, "his cock feels so good in my pussy and I never want him to stop fucking me". As she said this to me it must have been too much for him because he let out a loud moan and started cumming in her.

He pulled her up by her hair again and stuck his thumb in her ass as he came. While he was cumming and now fucking her ass with his thumb, my wife started to cum again. She had her head pulled up so high by her hair that she was looking up at the sky and I could tell if he let go she would fall to the hood. Her whole body was shaking and with her hands behind her there was no way her back could have the strength to hold her up. I couldn't even touch my cock at this point because I would have cum all over myself. I just sat there with my eyes as big as quarters and my cock standing straight up, stiffer than I think it has ever been.

The deputy pulled out of her pussy and told her to bend over and suck his cock clean. She slid right off the hood and from her knees started licking and sucking on his cock with such enthusiasm that she looked like a high dollar whore. It looked to me like she was worshipping his cock and sucking her cum and his jizz off his cock like it was the only thing she has had to eat in days. I think the slut in her wanted more of that big hunk of meat in her one more time. He grabbed her by the hair again and lifted her to her feet then back face down on the hood while he put his cock away. After he got his belt on, the gun and nightstick away, he took off the cuffs but told her to put her arms up as high as she could reach on the hood and to not move until he left. As he walked by my window he told me not to get out of the car until he was gone and that my wife was the hottest little slut he has ever fucked. He step closer to the window and said, "By the looks of your cock you like to see your slut get fucked." Then said that the next time he sees us going a little too fast down the dirt road he was going to fuck her in her pussy with the nightstick and in the ass with his cock.

After he left I got out of the car and my wife was still spread out on the hood. I stood there for a minute and told her how sexy she looked with her legs spread and cum leaking out of her pussy. All she said to me was "come fuck me." I walked right up behind her and slid my cock easily in her stretched out, sloppy wet pussy. As I started pounding that pussy I grabbed a hold of her hips and could feel the cum from the deputy running down my cock and to my balls. She left her arms stretched out on the hood and I knew it wouldn't be long before I added to the deputy's cum. I told her what the deputy had said about the next time and that it was so fucking hot to see her get fucked like that and we both started to cum at the same time like never before.

She got in the car and left her skirt up and her shirt off for the rest of the ride home. I looked over to see her playing with the cum that was leaking out of her pussy and watched her stroke her clit to another orgasm before we got home.

The scene was still so vivid in my mind that I fucked her two more times that night before we went to sleep.

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