tagErotic CouplingsThe Corner Store

The Corner Store


Down at the corner convenience store is a young woman named Michelle. Michelle is perhaps 19, very cute, but unfortunately flat in the chest. Often when I stop there after work, she always gives me a friendly smile and we strike up a brief conversation.

I had to work late one evening. It was maybe 2:30AM when I pulled into this store's parking lot on my way home. I pulled open the door to the store and went inside. At first I didn't see anyone, thinking maybe whoever was here, was in the back room.

I then heard a woman's voice, over near the magazine rack. I walked over and there was Michelle, she was looking at a porn mag and she had her hand buried in her pants.

Michelle obviously didn't see or hear me. I was able to look over her shoulder and see she was looking at a nude male with an enormous erection. She was moaning softly to herself, but then she must have heard me.

She spun around and looked me directly in the face, and boy, was her face crimson! She was embarrassed beyond words and couldn't say anything.

To make matters worse I said, "He is almost as big as me."

She tried to giggle and recover from being caught like that.

"Does he turn you on Michelle?". I asked.

"God Yes," was her reply. "Are you really that big?"

"Let me show you." I unzipped my trousers and let my cock spring out.

She was shocked to see my eight inches already hard and the tip was bubbling pre-cum. Michelle's eyes got wide.

"I never saw a cock that big in real life before."

"Go ahead and touch it," was my reply to her.

She reached out with her small hand and grasped my cock. Michelle moved her palm up and down on me. My cock started to swell up.

"Have you ever tasted a man before, Michelle?"

"Nothing like that," she told me.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down onto her knees. Her face was in direct line with my rigid pole. She didn't back offf so I decided to move closer to her face.

"Open wide for me Michelle."

Her mouth opened wide, and I took my cock in hand and rubbed it all over her lips. She started to suck and lick me, and I fed her a little more of my cock. Soon I was thrusting my entire length down her throat. She started to gag a bit, so I backed out. I sped up a bit, not knowing when someone might show up.

Michelle was really getting into it now, making slurping sounds as she took every thick inch I had and made it her own. My hand was on the back of her head, guiding her onto my rod.

I didn't want to cum yet, so I pulled her back to her feet. I undid the belt of her pants and slid both her panties and pants directly to the floor.

I didn't think Michelle was quite expecting this.

"What if someone shows up?", she asked.

"Don't worry, we will run to the backroom," I told her.

Frankly I didn't know or care at this moment what I would do if someone showed up.

I just knew that Michelle was standing there, naked below the waist. I had her turn around and bend at the waist, putting her hands on the magazine rack. She was panting hard now, as I placed the head of my cock at her pussy lips.

She knew what was coming and wiggled her ass a bit. I then fed her my cock with one smooth motion. Michelle squealed and then clamped down hard on my shaft. I began to slide it deep into that young pussy. We were rocking together, my piston inside her so deep, I never wanted to pull it out.

I reached up under her shirt and found her tiny nipples. Michelle was making these soft noises as I pinched them both to get them hard. I knew I should finish up soon, someone was bound to be showing up. I dug my cock in deeply and held it there.

I could feel one orgasm after another from Michelle. I then slammed her again and again, keeping my balls pressed against her soft ass, when finally I roared like an animal and let loose.

We both must have been waiting for this moment. I flooded her tunnel with waves of my manseed. Michelle was so wet, it felt like my cock wasn't even making contact with her. I stirred my thick dick around and sent one final shot of my loving into her.

Michelle and I eventually recovered a bit. I pulled out from her and Michelle went behind the counter for some paper towels. She cleaned us both up, wiping up the drop of cum leaking from her pussy, wiping my limp cock off.

We both were smiling when we heard a car finally pulling up to the store. By then we had pulled our clothing back on.

After that customer left, Michelle told me that her young boyfriend was very inexperienced and didn't have a very big cock either. Tonight made her realize what she had been missing. We made plans for another rendezvous soon. Just this time, someplace with a bit more privacy!

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