tagGroup SexThe Corporate Detective

The Corporate Detective


Eighteen years ago, I left home with two things, little money and a big idea. I wanted to open a private security operation for major corporations, not the fat old man in the rented uniform stereotype, but real training on how the attractive lady Sales Managers should handle themselves while pushing Company products off shore and to show office staff at home how to stay alive in the event of a terrorist or crazed gunman attack. From the first onset of our then troubled times, my business eventually took off.

This would be the first of many perfect timing, dumb luck moves that I was undeservingly blessed with.

Due to my large stature I was occasionally called on by Corporate Executives and department heads to play the badass bodyguard roll. This paid well in addition to my salary and all travel and expenses (even abroad) were fully covered. The worst part about this was the suit and tie I agreed to wear.

Over the next twenty years my company grew and I eventually represented all of the major pharmaceutical, medical supply and ophthalmology companies in the mid west, from Saint Louis through Chicago.

Eventually I got so well known in the exclusive niche of my market, that I was simply referred to in every meeting as the "Corporate Detective."

After years of saving and investing in the companies that I represented, I was able to retire at the age of fifty.

Fulfilling my life's dream I moved to southern Florida and bought a large seventy two foot sailboat to putter around on and a fine home in an exclusive gated community on a gulf shore bay.

I was walking to my house, one hot Florida afternoon, after working on my boat. I keep her moored in the bay nearby for the sake of both convenience and walking fitness exercise. As I was almost to my backyard, I saw my neighbor Jean drive past me, wave and turn into her garage.

Her and her husband had moved in a couple of years before me. They were a super friendly black couple, well spoken and very likable. Her husband Lee works at night as an I. T. Executive for a large communications firm and I'm not sure what Jean does for her daytime nine to five, but I know from their constant home improvements, their hiring of decorators, what they drive and how they dress, that they do very well for themselves.

I hurried to a jog so I could get a glimpse of her long legs while she got out of her car, but the garage door beat me out. I wondered what she was doing home until I realized that it was Saturday. I went into my kitchen from my back patio door and grabbed a bottle of my favorite imported beer and then back outside to sit so I could cool down a little before taking my shower.

Just as I took the first sip, I heard Lee's voice ask me what I was doing. I looked up, shook his hand and asked if he'd like a beer. He said no thanks, and told me that jean had some decorator looking chest thing delivered for their entrance foyer and wondered if I would help him move it in place.

He said she didn't want the delivery men scratching up the floor. I set my beer town on the patio table and told him that it would be my pleasure and we walked across my side yard to their house.

It was a heavy expensive looking chest of drawers, kind of a glazed, egg shell thing and it made me wonder how much she had actually paid for it. He took one end from the bottom and with me on the other we lifted it.

I started to back from their dining room carpet onto the marble of their foyer, when all of a sudden I felt a small hand slip inside my baggy shorts and grab my balls through sweat soaked briefs. Shocked, I almost dropped the damn thing. Then I saw Lee grinning at me and we sat it down.

I turned around to see who had grabbed me and found Jean standing there in a fluffy white bath robe. From her wet hair and glistening dark skin she appeared to be freshly showered and obviously naked under it. I heard Lee say from behind me that they had a great marriage with a different sexual appetite than most married couples and basically that she wanted me to help him pleasure her.

All I can remember saying was something like "wha, wait a minute, I'm all sweat, I" and he broke in and told me that this was her fantasy. Right there in the foyer between their dining and formal living room she dropped her robe to the floor. She was beautiful. Her dark skin sparkled and she smelled of almonds, and olives and at a glance, I saw that she was clean shaven.

He took her by the hand and I followed as if in a trance. Her ass was small and tight and it looked like you could crack an egg on her but cheeks. In an instant, I was hard. He laid her on her back on their camel back sofa, gently letting her spine curve backward and down around the large roll of the upholstered arm.

As her arms hung down over her head, her hands almost touched the floor. I walked over and found her face to be in line with my crotch and in one motion, I dropped my shorts while peeling off my wet briefs. Slowly I wiped my sweaty oozing erection on her lips and Lee gently pulled at her nipples with his right hand and patiently locater and rubbed her clitoris through its little hood with his left.

When she opened her mouth to take me in, I could smell the musky sweat on my ball sack and the fact that she was so eager to lick, taste and drink all of that in, excited me. She swirled the side edges of her tongue around my shaft as if she was trying to slice it in little pieces and each time she sucked it down deep she would bury her nose in and smell my sack.

Lee picked her bare feet up and with his palms on her arches he pushed them up and back and while bending her knees, he spread them apart. He told me not to get to far ahead of myself and when I felt my orgasm start to mount, I pulled out and he took my place.

It wasn't a moment after I got between those gorgeous long legs, that I actually entered her and in that very instant, she shuttered and started to cum. Immediately, I felt a chalky like thick juice coat my dick and when I looked down, it was covered in a glistening white cream. Lee told me that she liked the taste of that too and I was quick to accommodate her before returning back between those wonderful legs.

I pushed her feet almost to her shoulders and with my hands still holding the backs of calves, I tongued and ate her pussy. When I rimmed her anus, I forced my tongue as deep inside of it as I could and found that it had a bitter sweet taste that I will never forget.

Carefully and strategically I placed the head of my hard cock against it and when I felt her push back a little, I slid in that tight little ass up to my balls. She trembled and came much harder that time and as I finished in her ass, Lee grunted and relieved himself down her throat.

We both took and pleased her orally several more times and other than quiet, soft and low moans she didn't talk or make any other sound. From her calm composure and confident expression, it was clear that she was the one being serviced and not the one being used.

I couldn't help but think to myself that if there was any way for her to teach what she had, to all woman everywhere, the world would be a much, much better place.

When she was totally satisfied, she simply stood and grabbed her robe. Before she left the room, she kissed me openly on the mouth with full tongue, then turned and slowly walked down the hall to their bedroom, dragging her robe behind her. I can remember looking at her ass as she left us and then at Lee. In total appreciative disbelief, I thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

When I got back in my patio chair, my legs felt a little weak so I sat and sipped the beer that I had left. It was hot, and as I poured it out I can remember chuckling to myself that had I have known what was in store for me, I would have opened a cheaper domestic.

The rest of that evening and all of Sunday, I relived that incident over in my mind. I wanted it to happen again and again but I was unsure how to approach that. I didn't know if I should initiate or await another invitation. What a quandary. The fact that they were directly across the street from the end of my house somehow made it harder for me to know how to handle my desires.

Monday I was off for the hot walk to and from my boat again. She was totally sea worthy and passed all of the safety check points prior to my broker sailing her to Florida from her original home port in Vancouver . All I wanted to do now was upgrade her communication systems and keep her buffed and polished.

But as usual the tech was late and I didn't get back home until after 5:00 pm. Hot, tired and sweaty, I grabbed a beer at sat out on my patio to cool down before hitting the air conditioning and shower.

A moment later, I either heard or sensed something and when I turned to look at my patio door I saw a full figured woman smiling through the glass at me. I recognized her but didn't immediately place her name or where I knew her from.

When she slid the door open, I asked her if I could help her and she told me she was Sue, Toney's wife and I instantly remembered her from company parties as the wife of one of the Corporate, Doctor, owner types that occasionally booked my bodyguard services.

She appeared to be in her late thirties, a bit plump, but in a sexy dirt leg sort of way. I can remember the few times that I met her and her husband, she would give me that "if I wasn't married" kind of look.

When I asked her how she got in, she said that the door was open. When I told her that that I meant "into this gated compound," she said that she followed the landscaper's truck in.

I walked up to her and as she backed into the kitchen, I stepped in and slid the door closed behind me feeling that something just wasn't right.

I looked her up and for a second and told her to tell me why she was here. She said that she was in Florida visiting he mother and when she spoke on the phone with her husband, he said she should drop by and say hello.

When I told her that I knew her mother lived in Destin, well over a seven hour drive north of me and that her and Toney had been separated for several months, she just gave me a blank stare, then asked how I knew.

I told her that I was in the security business and that it was my job to know, besides, it's the medical industry and everyone knows that to be a hotbed of personal gossip.

I told her I would ask one more time, and she said that she came to see me because she'd filed for divorce and that her husband was being totally unfair with the settlement. She thought that if I could dig up some dirt on him, like another woman, she might be able to reach an even settlement that she could live with.

I told her that I was semi retired, that I didn't come cheap and if I did decide to help her, it could be very costly.

She told me that she had money.

I told her that doing domestic crap could ruin my reputation and she said that she wouldn't tell a sole. I told her that she wouldn't have to because money leaves a trail and all he would have to do, to find where she got that kind of information, was to follow the money.

I paused and intentionally waited for that desperate look of devastation to come over her face. When it did, I told her that if she was that serious, she could pay me in other ways. She didn't bother to ask the stupid question as to what I meant by that by that, she just stared at me.

She was wearing a simple blue printed dress, kind of a one piece pull over type thing. I looked her straight in the eye and I told her to remove her panties. She looked shocked and her hands started to shake. Then again, I told her to remove her panties and if she wanted my expert help it would only come on my terms. I said it's your call, now remove your panties, or good day.

She reached up under her dress and while fumbling not to raise the hem too high, she pulled a pair of white panties down past her knees and I watched them fall to the floor around her ankles. I told her to put them on the back of the chair behind her and she complied.

When I told her to turn around and put both of her hands palm down on the seat cushion, she hesitated for a moment, then turned and placed both hands together with her palms pressing down.

I walked up behind her and slid her dress up a little at a time. When it was well above her waist, I was looking straight down on the crack of her round ass. I leaned back parted both butt cheeks with my thumbs, she felt the cool air rush in on her warm skin and I heard her draw a deep breath in through her nose.

I looked right at the smooth, shiny rim of her pink anus and down that little fleshy ridge that runs from there to her pussy. When I pulled her a little more open, I saw her pussy lips part from her ass to her clit with a kind of resistance caused from her natural juices. I noticed a clear film remain between them as I held her open.

She had a powdery, perfumed, Macy's cosmetic counter type of aroma, but I could still tell she'd been on the road for a while. I got down on one knee behind her and as I ran the tip of my tongue from her clit up to her anal bud, I got a subtle whiff of her soft feminine scent with a slight hint of ass, not shit, just sweet ass and it made my balls twitch.

When I stood up behind her and I noticed her fearful facial expression in the mirrored wall behind the bar. When she saw my face in the glass looking back at her, she said that she didn't want me to take her anally and that she has never permitted that.

This is something that has always bothered and bewildered me, because most of the woman that I've been with have the same stupid, selfish attitude. What's so confusing about it is that every time they did succumb, they had the most intense orgasms of their lives. Hell, one that I dated for a while practically past out when she came from me hitting her in the ass. When she finally caught her breath to tell me that was the last time, I never bothered to call her again.

Knowing that I was all sweaty and that there was no chance in hell that the odds would be in my favor for Sue to prefer the same animal male flavor that Jean craved, I told her to stand. She straitened up and smoothed he dress back down and gave me a confused look. I told her to stay and have a seat, that I wanted to grab a quick shower first and walked through the bar room to the hall.

Just when I turned the corner I heard the door slide open and closed and I thought that she had a change of heart and was leaving. When I turned to look, I saw that she was seated and it was Jean who walked in. She looked at Sue and introduced herself as my neighbor and swiped the Panties from the back of the chair.

I watched Sue's face flush as jean placed her middle and index finger on the outside, middle part of the panty crotch and let them fall inside out over her wrist. With the same two fingers, Jean placed the inner side against her nose and took a sniff before licking them.

Sue, who up till know was speechless, blurted out "Peter's in the shower."

Jean looked at her, thought a minute, then took her hand and saying, "then let's go join him."

I waited for them and as they caught up to me in the hall, Jean said that Lee had just left for work and she wanted to come over and thank me for Saturday.

When we walked into my master bath, Jean pulled off her little yellow sundress and I saw that she was totally nude under it. As I got undressed, Sue slipped hers over her head and Jean helped her unfastened her bra. Though Sue's breasts were naturally quite large, they were firm and drooped very little.

The fact that I was between a slender, chiseled, hard bodied dark Goddess and a pail voluptuous young woman, filled my throbbing dick with more blood and I started to leak that familiar pre-cum in the anticipation of what there was to come.

I had my shower remodeled prior to my move in . It was large and fitted with spa like multiple spray and steam heads and it comfortably accommodated all three of us. I could see Sue kind of holding back a little but as the warm water fell over us and Jean started to soap and fondle her large pale titts, I could tell she was starting to get in to it.

I reached behind Jean and slid my right hand down the small of her back until I found that tiny hard butt. As she slowly parted her legs for me, I slipped my middle finger in her pussy and my index finger up her ass.

Jean adjusted the hand held unit to a fine pulsating spray and directed a single needle like stream between Sue's legs, she spread her lips and focused it directly on her clit.

Each time that Sue threw her head back and opened her mouth like she was starting to cum, I'd pull my fingers out of jean and stick them down Sue's throat to make her taste that bitter sweet and milky nectar combination.

Finally I bent Sue over and with her hands on the shower's bench, I slid my throbbing dick right up her pussy and started to pump. I placed my left fingertips at the small of her back and pushed my large thumb deep in her ass. When she tried to bend her knees to pull away, I reached my right hand around her plump little belly and held her up and back against me.

I started pounding into her until my flat stomach was making loud slapping sounds on her round cheeks and without warning I popped my thumb out and shoved my cock right up and into her virgin ass.

Her moans immediately turned to low growls of NO, and I wanted to last, and I wanted her to cum harder than she had ever cum vaginally, I wanted her to cum over and over. Right as she started to experience the familiar and uncontrollable shutter and my ball sack started to get slimy in front from her warm discharge, I felt Jean suck one of my balls into her mouth from behind me and exploded deep in Sues ass, and it was over.

Sue didn't stand, she didn't speak, but just stayed bent over, exhausted and out of breath. When I withdrew, Jean bent over at her waist and put her beautiful dark face between Sue's ass cheeks burying her head in that pink creamed pussy. I slid down the wall and sat between Jeans legs and ate her wet tight ass. Totally drained, we rinsed, toweled off and got dressed.

Jean and Sue went in to my bar and had drink and I grabbed a beer and grilled some steaks and vegetables. We ate and had some small talk. As Sue was leaving she asked me when I would have the information that she requested ready and I told her after my final payment and that today only covered my retainer fee.

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