The Corruption of Felicia Ch. 02


Brad continued to tease her vulva with his tongue, and the pleasure mounted. She fought the pleasure off as best she could, letting her mind wander and to fixate on anything other than the growing arousal that was enveloping her groin. However, her will was beginning to crack; and slowly, ever so slowly her legs spread wider, allowing Brad full access to her pussy.

He put a gentle hand on her inner thigh and stroked it in a soothing, almost loving manner, as he worked his tongue fully inside of her. Felicia stifled a moan, and then another. She bit her lower lip in an attempt to stay quiet, less her antagonist bitch of a stepmother thinks she was enjoying herself. However, Brad was hitting something with his tongue that she had never felt before, and was sending waves of pleasure that seemed to build, but never break, deep within her.

She could no longer control her moaning, and her hands gripped hard at the fabric of the couch to steady herself. Her lower torso squirmed involuntarily at the mounting pleasure as Brad nibbled roughly at her clitoris with his lips. She felt him insert a finger, then another, and another, and when he used them to massage the wall deep inside of her, the act sent her legs into spasm.

She pressed her feet down hard into the cushions to stop the spasms, but feeling the leverage she had just gained she used all the muscles of her limbs to shift her body forward and back in coordination with Brad's fingers.

Knowing that she was close, Brad vigorously sucked and flick his tongue across her clitoris while continuing to massage her wall with his fingers. Felicia stopped her shifting as she felt the final wave build, and as the wave met its peak, she froze for a moment, her pelvis high in the air, hands still gripping the couch.

The wave broke, and sent Felicia's whole body crashing down as one quivering mass of jelly. Brad didn't release her right away, but continued to stroke her vulva gently with fingers and tongue, causing subtle muscular spasms to erupt chaotically around her lower torso. As the pleasure finally receded, she started to weep, because all that remained were feelings of guilt.

"My, oh my," Leosha intoned, "If it wasn't hot in here before, it certainly is now. Well done stud, well done. Baby doll, give Brad a kiss as a thank you."

Brad leaned into Felicia with his face still freshly smeared with her juices and tried to kiss her on the lips, but she recoiled a bit and turned her head so he could only kiss her cheek. Leosha noted Felicia's look of disgust, but didn't say anything. Instead, she shelved this knowledge for later.

Leosha said to Brad, "Okay stud, let's get you dressed and out the door. I will definitely thank my friend Monica for recommending you, and I'll be sure to put in a good word about you to my other friends."

After showing Brad to the door, Leosha turned back to her stepdaughter who was still lying prostrate on the couch, breathing heavily. Leosha picked up her panties and threw them at her, saying, "That's it for the day, baby doll. Let's get you back home to your hubby. Now I know tomorrow is a Sunday, and all you 'holy rollers' considerate it a day of rest, so I'll give you the day off. But, I'll expect to see you here Monday by noon.

Felicia, sniffling with snot running out of her nose, slowly got off the couch to put her panties on.

Impatient with her progress, Leosha verbally prodded her, "Come on baby doll, shake a leg. I've got people comin' over soon, and I don't want them seein' what kind of company I keep."

Felicia wanted to say something, but words failed her. Instead, she grabbed her purse and ran out the door.


Stewart sat in his office with a massive hard-on and feeling like a grade 'A' chump. After Felicia left the house in such a hurry, he decided to go back to the garage and try straightening the mess his secretary had left him. However, once he saw the pile of bills and invoices haphazardly stacked on his desk he became frustrated, and lost all interest in doing work. Instead, he just sat and thought, and thought some more.

Obviously, part of his frustration stemmed from the way Felicia had been treating him of late. She was just like her mother he concluded. They were both sexually repressed women who hid behind their religion in order to avoid what they considered the unpleasant side of marriage. Oh, they liked the benefits of having a strong man around the house to do the heavy lifting, help pay the bills, and act like arm candy at social functions, but those benefits came with a price, and wives like Felicia and her mother were always delinquent in paying those bills on time, if at all.

He had enough of Felicia's games. If his wife wasn't going to put out then he'd go to someone who would, and Xavier was the perfect choice. She was young and beautiful, with a great ass and tits to match, and it was obvious from last night that she was hot for Stewart.

All sorts of thoughts filled his head. He could picture her doing one of her little dances for him, just for him, right here in his office. He would have her shake her fine tits and ass in his face before fucking her warm pussy six ways to Sunday, and then flip her over and fuck her in her tight ass for Monday. Oh yeah, she wanted it. He could see it in her eyes when she gave him her number.

This was where his frustration grew stronger, for when he tried Xavier's number, all he got was her voice mail. He didn't know it yet, but this was all done by design, orchestrated by Leosha with Monica's help. It was an old game, and the two women played it well, 'Give a wolf a taste, then keep him hungry.'

So it was that Stewart ended up alone in his office with a burgeoning erection, contemplating justifiable infidelity, and feeling like a chump.

He was just about to bag it for the day and head home when he heard someone at his office door.

"Knock, knock," Xavier said as she peaked in from around the door jam.

Stewart's face brighten immediately, "Well, just the person I was thinkin' 'bout. Been trying your number all morning', but no luck."

She walked in and sat in front of him on his desk. She was dressed in a very tight, yellow halter-top and faded jeans. Stewart could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, given that her hard nipples left impressions in the fabric of her top. She pouted, and said, "Sorry 'bout that, Stewie. Like a dummy, I turned my cell off before going to bed, and forgot to turn it on again when I woke. Then I was laying in bed thinkin' 'bout you all mornin' and wonderin' why you hadn't called, when I realized my phone was off. But I got your messages, so here I am."

"And what were you thinkin' 'bout?"

Xavier gave him a sultry smile, and said, "Oh, I tell you I couldn't sleep a wink last night. I kept thinkin' 'bout when I walked in on you and Monica, and she was suckin' on that big, fat cock of yours, and you just 'bout burstin' at the seams," she let her hand slip down and placed it over the growing bulge in his pants, "Just like you are now."

He pulled her close and kissed her hard. As their tongues danced about each other's mouths, Xavier unbuckled his belts and pulled down the zipper on his pants. Stewart had a fleeting thought of his wife and marriage, but when Xavier pulled his cock out and began stroking it gently with her fingers, he pushed both out of his head as quickly as they had entered.

She straightened up, and looked him in the eyes and undid her halter. She was pleased with Stewart's reaction as his eyes immediately dropped down to her chest and fixated on her two perfect, nearly spherical globes.

He could tell by their shape that they were fake, but that didn't matter.

She seemed to have read his mind, because she played with them, while asking, "You like what you see?" seeing Stewart smile and nod, she continued, "I'm glad. A lot of guys don't because they're not...You know, real. Unlike Monica, I needed a little help with mine. I was born flat as a board. I guess big boobs don't run in our family," she paused to giggle as if she made an inside joke, and then said, "I really like playing with them. I like getting' my nipples all hard so I can run them all along my boyfriend's hard cock."

She lowered herself onto the floor and sat on her knees. Then looking up at Stewart, she asked, "You want me to tease your fat cock with my boobies?"

"You know I do darlin', rub those big titties all over my dick."

"Well hold that big thang for me. That's right, stick it right out in front of me."

Stewart held himself at the base, and pushed his cock forward. Xavier leaned into him and slowly ran her nipple along the sensitive underside of his shaft, paying particular attention to the area just below his swollen head.

Stewart's cock-head turned several shades of purple as Xavier continued to flick her hardened nipple all around and about the sensitive gland. When a small bead of pre-ejaculate emerged, she ran her nipple across it, smearing the bead around his head. She coaxed more of his fluid out until a larger bead stood glistening on his head. She picked the large droplet off with her nipple and held her breast out, saying, "Suck on my boobie."

Stewart hesitated. He wasn't keen on sucking his own discharge off her tits, no matter how badly he wanted to play with them in his mouth.

She saw his hesitation and look of mild disgust that passed across his face. Pouting, she said, "Please Stewie, it really makes me hot when guys do that...Pretty please."

Xavier's sultry pleading was most persuasive, particularly on a stiff cock. Stewart preformed the necessary mental calculus: oh, what the hell, no one can see me; I probably ate worse shit at the barbeque joint down the street; plus, if it makes her hot...

He just licked her nipple at first, and finding there wasn't any taste except for a slight saltiness, sucked her breasts with increased enthusiasm.

Stewart noted her reaction almost immediately, as he could discern an immediate increase in Xavier's arousal; augmented by her deepened breathing and her increased playfulness as she pushed his head further between her breasts.

Her rapacious mood changed, however, when he slid his hands down to her midsection with the intent of undoing her pants. Stewart felt her pull away from him, as she sat back on her heels.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm still spotting," she answered with a look of embarrassment, "I thought it'd be over today, but I still have my period."

Stewart, not to be dismayed by a little blood when he was so close to getting laid, tried to soothe her concerns, "That's all right honey. That never bothered..."

"No Stewie, I could never do it when I have my period. It just makes me feel all 'oogie' inside."

Stewart just sat back in his chair, frustrated that the good fucking he had been fantasizing about was continually eluding him.

Seeing the dejected look on his face, Xavier pouted again, and said, "Don't be such a grump. It'll be over by tomorrow, promise. In the mean time, there are plenty of fun things I can do to you that will curl your toes."

She started slowly, kissing and softly sucking the head of his cock while running a finger up and down along the underside of his shaft. Stewart started moaning with pleasure almost immediately.

"Xavier giggled at his response, and said with a sultry whisper, "I told you I'd curl your toes."

Her tongue danced all about him, licking down and along the shaft, and then spending time washing his scrotum before dancing back up and flicking at his head. She never really stimulated any spot long enough to initiate Stewart's rapid climb to climax, only enough to make his cock jump with subtle pleasure.

Every now and again, she would spit on his cock and slather the natural lubricant down his shaft and onto his balls, but always being careful to avoid his head with her stroking motion. The head she reserved exclusively for her tongue, flicking at it quickly sometimes, or sometimes licking at it more coarsely before moving her mouth further down his shaft.

It was a slow and wonderful tease that had Stewart already arching his back in sexual anticipation. Blowjobs from Felicia had always been quick affairs; and although they felt good, Stewart always got the impression that Felicia preformed them out of a sense of duty rather than with enjoyment. This wasn't the case with Xavier. Stewart could tell that she loved the taste of his cock. She loved playing with it with mouth and hand; teasing it lovingly as if to draw the act out for as long as possible in order to savor it to the fullest.

When she felt she had given him enough torment, Xavier pulled him fully inside her so that her nose almost touched his stomach. There she would hold him while running her tongue across his now overly sensitive shaft. Then she would withdrawal, a slow glide back up his shaft with her lips tightly sealed around him. She would hold his cock-head in her mouth, flicking her tongue all around the bulbous end. She did all this while staring into his eyes.

She continued this long, slow suck for a while. Sometimes though, she would pull him all the way out and stroke his shaft as she had done before, making sure to slather more of her saliva about his member while verbally tantalizing him with sultry banter.

On one such interlude, when she felt Stewart was nearing climax, she asked, "Stroke yourself Stewie. I want to watch you jerk it."

Stewart mumbled through a fog of sexual bliss, "No, baby, keep sucking that thang."

"Please Stewie," she continued to beg, "I got it all slicked up for you. Jerk it while I suck on your balls. It makes me so hot."

Stewart reluctantly complied, but Xavier scolded him, "No, not let that. Real slow like."

"Come on baby," Stewart whined, "Just suck on my cock. If I wanted to jerk off I would have told you to stay home."

"Please!" she begged, as she started to lick and suck his now tightened balls.

Stewart, the wolf, was hungry. The thing about a hungry wolf is that you can get it to perform tricks with the right persuasions, and Xavier knew those instinctively.

In short order, she had Stewart massaging his own balls while he stroked himself. Every now and again, she would say a few words while licking his cock-head or spitting on his fist, all done for show in order to keep him hungry. However, after getting Stewart to do the dirty work himself, Xavier mostly just played seductively with her breasts while telling him how hot she was getting watching him jerk off.

When she saw he was about to come, she leaned forward while cupping her hands below her breasts, saying, "Come on Stewie, blow that load all over my boobies."

It had been a long time since Stewart really had any type of sex play culminating with a good orgasm, and what with all the sexual teasing that was done to him over the past few days, he didn't disappoint.

In the end, Xavier sat back on her heels with thick strands of semen hanging precariously off her breasts, and nearly the whole upper part of her chest was covered with the sticky substance.

Stewart sat back heavily in the chair, sated but still disappointed. The whole endeavor with Xavier had been like eating cotton candy, a sweet treat to be sure but hardly filling.

Xavier did give him one last show. Picking off one of the heavier strands that were still hanging from her breast, she dribbled it onto Stewart's cock and proceeded to suck him. She did this a number of times until Stewart finally went soft.

"You certainly made a mess," she said with a giggle, and then got up and went into the bathroom to clean the rest off.

Stewart was still slumped in his chair when she came out. She put on her halter, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, and started to head for the door.

"Hey wait," Stewart said after her, "Where you goin'? Give me second, and I'll have some more for you."

"I can't stay Stewie. I've a late lunch date with some friends, but I'll call you later. Okay?"

She didn't wait for a response as she closed the door behind her.

The 'call later' turned out to be late Sunday afternoon. Stewart was having a miserable day up until then. Felicia said she was sick, and spent the day curled up in bed. Stewart was concerned for her given that she even missed church that morning. He asked her if she needed a doctor, but she declined, saying all she needed was some bed rest. After that, Stewart thought she was faking again so that she wouldn't have to perform for him in bed, and so he sulked in the living room watching sports until Xavier's call.

The call didn't put him into any better mood. He tried to arrange another hook up with her, but she said she was still spotting. She also indicated that Monica wanted to do some things with her, so she probably couldn't get away until Monday.

Stewart slammed the phone down in frustration. The wolf was very hungry.

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