tagLoving WivesThe Corruption of Mary

The Corruption of Mary


As I cleaned the breakfast dishes and made sure the kids lunches were ready, I smiled at the three bags lined up neatly by the bench. My children were all getting ready for school, and my husband, James, was gathering his things getting ready for work.

The kids came out from their rooms, and I kissed each on the cheek as they collected their respective school bags and headed out to the car.

"Don't forget to drop your car off at the tyre shop, will you honey?" said James as he kissed me on the cheek and picked up his briefcase.

"I won't, honey. I will head there straight after the gym. The car is booked in for eleven o'clock. I figured I'd drop it off and do a spot of shopping while I wait for the new tyres to be fitted. Now don't forget it's roast lamb for dinner tonight, so try not to be late."

Watching my once sexy husband walk out the door, I sighed.

For fifteen years we had been what most considered to be the ideal couple. I was tall, blonde and well shaped. James was athletic and successful. The kids attended private school, and I was Secretary of the PTA. Our house was lovely, in a quiet neighbourhood, and we owned two lovely cars. James drove off in his BMW X5, whilst my Mazda sat in the garage waiting for me to have the new tyres fitted later that day.

I sighed once more.

Something was missing. The spark had gone. Our once wild, unbridalled passionate sex was a thing of the past. These days it was a rather quick, infrequent exchange of bodily fluids, which usually left me having to use my toy the following morning to relieve the sexual frustration.

I wiped down the sink and walked in to our room. I stripped off my dressing gown, and took a long, hard look at myself in the mirror. I studied the curve of my butt and the swell of my breasts, and wondered why James no longer found me attractive enough to want to fuck like we used to. I sighed once more as my fingers reached for my nipples and I pinched them slowly, recalling the hundreds of times over the years of our marriage that I had climaxed on James dick as he slowly rode me to orgasm. I still was sure I was in good shape, but something was making me wonder if I was indeed no longer sexy. As the heat built in my loins, and the frustration of a woman who was a week without a climax began to take over, I quickly stopped rubbing my nipples and dressed for the gym.

My white shoes, black shiny leggings and red crop top were skin tight, and I knew I looked good in them. I grabbed a hoodie and carried it with me, just in case, as the autumn air was beginning to cool. I locked the door and jumped in to my Mazda, opening the sunroof and turning up the radio as I backed out of the garage and headed for the gym.

At the gym I immersed myself in the workout, but my eye kept catching the new guy working out on the bench press in the heavy weights section. He was massive! His face was rugged, and he had acne scarring all over his lower cheeks, but I couldn't take my eyes of those muscles! He was wearing a singlet, and as he pushed the barbell up and down, and I worked the leg extension machine, I found myself fantasizing he was lifting me up and down on his penis.

I was embarrassed to be having such thoughts, but I couldn't stop! My pussy started to tingle and my nipples were throbbing as he stood and wiped the sweat off his face before moving to the bicep curl machine.

I realised I was getting sweaty, and my hands wanted to pinch my nipples and thrust into my pants, but I was in the gym and there were several other members working out too. I jumped onto one of the bikes to cool down, and put in my headphones to try to take my mind of the mental images he was conjuring up in my mind, but it was no good. As I slowly pedalled and listened to some Chris Isaak, the only thing I could think of was being pumped by the muscleman! I was hopeless. Grabbing my towel and finishing my workout, I towelled the sweat off my brow, and went to the change rooms to freshen up. Looking at myself in the mirror, I adjusted my hair, reapplied my lippy, and sprayed some perfume in all the right places, before heading out to the car and driving to the tyre place.

Arriving shortly after, I put my sunnies on my head and walked to the office area with my keys, holding my clutch purse. I put my hoodie on, but was still in my gym gear, and I felt I Iooked pretty good as I walked in. I'm only 39, and as I said before, my body is still in good shape. I'm five foot ten inches tall, and my legs are rather long, so in black, shiny tights, they look even longer. A wolf-whistle from one of the guys in the workshop grabbed my attention just as I opened the office door, and I smiled back at the young man in overalls who was watching me walk in. Behind the counter of the tyre shop office, I was surprised to see a rather tall, handsome black man. His name badge told me he was Rupert, and once more the blood rushed to my loins as I studied the muscular arms under his short sleeved shirt and the amazing dark eyes.

"Hi there. You must be Mrs, Roberts, booked in for new tyres all round at eleven."

I was impressed.

"Yes. That's me. My car's in the parking area. I thought I'd do a spot of shopping while you work."

"No problem, Mrs Roberts, but if you'd like to wait, it will only take about forty minutes, and the boys will have you up and ready to go?"

I wondered two things: firstly, should I wait given it would only take that long, and, secondly, I wondered what it might be like to be made 'up and ready to go' by the men in the workshop. I scolded myself for such thoughts, the image of my husband and children leaving the house that morning still fresh in my mind. What was happening to me? Why was I starting to have such strange reactions? Why was my pussy throbbing as I stood there looking at this handsome black man in public?

"OOoh, well, in that case, is there somewhere I can make myself comfortable?" I asked.

"Sure is. Right this way."

Rupert indicated I should follow him and we entered a rather plush little waiting room. On the table were the morning's papers, and a few assorted magazines. A coffee machine was on the wall, and a TV was showing the morning news on the wall.

"Make yourself at home, Mrs, Roberts. I'll let you know when the car is ready, ok?"

I smiled and thanked him, my mind wondering what lay beneath the trousers he was wearing. I made myself a coffee, and selected a magazine to read as I relaxed and tried to take my mind off the dirty thoughts I had been having all morning. Suddenly my mobile phone buzzed. It was James, and a text told me he was called to an interstate meeting at short notice, and would be dropping in home to pick up a few things later that day before heading off for three days. I sighed once more, realising any chance of making love had just disappeared for another three days at least, even though we hadn't really made love in weeks, and the only orgasms I had enjoyed were at my own hand. I sipped my coffee and the yearnings began again.

As I flicked through the pages of the magazine, the coffee was warming me up inside. My mind drifted back to the gym, and to my mysterious muscleman. I caught myself dropping one had to my loins, as my hand snuggled in between my legs on the couch. I glanced around to make sure no one could see me, then gave myself a little play, adjusting myself in the leather couch as I began to enjoy the feeling.

Suddenly the door opened and, as I snatched my hand away from my crotch, Rupert's smiling face was there. I'm sure he saw me, but he was very professional!

"Ma'am, there's a slight problem with your car. The boys have snapped one of the mounting rods on the back wheel. It's ok, we will fix it, but it will take a few hours as we need to get a replacement part."

"Ooh dear. How will I get home? I need to pick up the kids from school, and my husband is away on a business trip."

My mind was buzzing wondering how I was going to manage this unexpected problem.

"It's ok. I can drop you off at your place, and when the car's ready, we will drop it off for you. After all, it is our fault! It's the least I can do."

"Well, ok. That might be good" I answered, before ringing James to let him know what was happening.

In my mind I was secretly hoping that James might be home when I got there, collecting his things for the trip. I was also hoping that I might seduce him before he left, given that he was going away for a few days and that the kids were all at school. It seemed to be the perfect chance to rekindle some of the passion that had escaped our lovemaking. Alas, when I called, he had already left and was on his way to the airport. Once more that day I sighed and my pussy again twitched with frustration.

Ten minutes later I was in the car with Rupert, and heading for my home. He was a very polite fellow, and I couldn't help wondering what he would be like in bed. After all, I had never even seen a black penis, let alone been in bed with a black man.

"So tell me, Rupert, are you married?"

I cursed almost the moment I asked, realising that my question would have come out as being rather forward!

"Well, no, not at present. I did live with a girl for a year or so, but we went our separate ways just before Christmas. Tell me about you. Where is your husband off to for his business trip?"

I must have blushed, because for the first time I realised that perhaps Rupert had offered to bring me home because I had told him James was away on business. My mind began to race. Had he planned the whole thing with the car? Was it REALLY broken? Did he want to get me home just to try to fuck me? Why were my nipples stiffening right there in the front seat of his car as we drove towards my home? What was I doing?

"Ummm, he's, Queensland. They have an office there, and sometimes he has to training and some management stuff up there."

He smiled at me, and I am certain his eyes flashed a little at me. I didn't know what to do! I looked out my window, trying not to give him any more reason to flirt with me, even as my nipples started to swell once again.

Arriving at my house shortly after, Rupert pulled into the driveway. An awkward silence. My mind was racing. This timid, sheltered mother of three, who had married her childhood sweetheart, was having trouble focussing. I wanted to get out of the car and go inside, yet my pussy was telling me to ask him to come inside and fuck my brains out. I knew I should just thank him and tell him I would see him when he dropped the car off later, but my nipples wanted to be sucked by this handsome black man.

Luckily, he was the total professional, and before I could say anything, he said,

"Well, we shouldn't be too long with the car. It's almost twelve now, and I'll make sure I have it back here in time for you to pick up the kids from school. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, but we'll sort it out for you as soon as possible."

I was off the hook, and got out of the car and unlocked my door, before going inside, breathless. I had come THAT close to asking him to come inside. Or had I?

I went into my ensuite and bent over in front of the mirror, resting my hands on the sink as I looked at myself. I was shocked at how flustered I looked, but also marvelled at how good my body looked in my gym gear. My nipples were clearly visible as my hoodie had fallen open, and I wondered what Rupert had thought as I sat there in the car with him, my nipples on show.

Stripping out of my now quite sweaty gym gear, I lay on my bed for a moment to relax and gather my thoughts about what had gone on that morning. The kids had gone to school as normal. Their dad had rung to say he was going away for a few days. Their mum had done a workout, and had got the tyres replaced on her car. Simple. Nothing sinister or wrong in any of that. I managed to convince myself that my carnal thoughts I had been having all morning were just that, thoughts. As I lay on the fluffy doona, my hands reached for my boobs and I began to play with them. It felt good, a tension release, and before long my mind was playing tricks on me again. I was fantasizing about being fucked by Rupert, or the gym guy with the acne scars. It mattered little, for the goal was the same. My mind wanted me to have these dirty, naughty thoughts about men other than my husband, and I could do little to stop it as one hand dropped to finger myself, finding my pussy indeed rather wet and juicy as I pushed a finger inside me.

This had to stop.

I jumped up from my bed and quickly turned on the shower, lathering up my body and cleaning off all the sweat, and, secretly hoping to wash away all the dirty, nasty thoughts I had been having. An hour later, wearing jeans heels and a tank top, in the kitchen, I was making myself a sandwich. Looking at the clock I noticed it was ten past one, and I sat down to watch some TV as I waited for the car to be dropped off before collecting the kids.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and there, standing with my keys in his and, was Rupert. Behind him was a second man. I recognised him in an instant. It was the young man who had wolf-whistled me when I arrived at the tyre shop! I opened the door, and Rupert was all business.

"Hi Ma'am. Car's all done. Sincere apology for the inconvenience. I've decided not to charge you for the labour, just for the tyres as a way of making it up to you. Besides, Rick here told me I shouldn't ever charge a lady as good looking as you for labour anyway!"

I know I blushed straight away. It was a very forward comment, and the meaning of it was not lost on me. My mind and pussy both told me this was an opportunity not to be missed. The built up sexual need in my body had gone on long enough, and the moral guardian inside my head took a back seat to the aching need in my hungry pussy. I will be forever shocked at what I said and then did next.

"Well, Rupert, and Rick, why don't you both come in and Ill make you a drink as a way of saying than you?"

They did not need to be asked twice.

Once inside, I walked in to the kitchen and busied myself making some cool drinks, as I showed the guys to the barstools opposite me.

"So, the car was easy to fix?" I asked, wanting to seem interested.

In reality I wanted them to tear off my clothes and take me, right there, and give me the orgasms my body has been yearning for months.

"Yep. It was really easy Mrs Roberts. We're actually all pretty good with our hands and tools", said Rick, before we all stared at each other and laughter erupted at what he had just said.

"Well......I am sure I will just have to take your word for that!" I said, passing them the long glasses of juice across the bar, exposing just a hint of cleavage as I did so.

My mind continued to race, but my pussy started to get the better of me, and my next move sealed my fate that day.

"So, tell me boys, just HOW good are you with your hands and tools?"

I was shocked hearing the words come out, but at the same time, it broke the ice and released months of pent up sexual energy from my body in an instant.

Within a minute I was standing between Rupert and Rick, their hands all over my body as they undressed me. My own hands dropped to their crutches, and I almost blacked out with arousal when I felt two hard cocks simultaneously for the first time in my life.

"Umm. Mrs. Roberts. Like.....are you sure you want this to happen?"

In all honesty, I wasn't. Logic told me to say no, but there was a higher power taking control of my body. My nipples were swollen and aching. My pussy was wet, and my clit was throbbing. My husband's face flashed before my eyes for an instant, before I involuntarily made my decision. I took Rupert's black face in one hand, even as my other hand stroked the penis of his colleague, and I kissed him. Deeply. My tongue invading this black man's mouth as the passion in my body exploded and consumed me with arousal and opportunity.

It was the confirmation these two studs needed that I did indeed want them to both fuck me. And how.

I kept kissing Rupert, my eyes closed as my mind tried not to focus on the wrongness of hat I was doing, and I knew I was about to do with these two studs. Rick meanwhile was busy undressing me as I played with his cock. His hands were practically tearing my clothes off my body, as I managed to keep pashing Rupert and fondling his cock despite being undressed.

Rupert broke our kiss, and I opened my eyes. I looked down and noticed that Rupert's cock was now exposed, poking lewdly through his fly. It was massive. I looked longingly at the large, shiny brown head of the amazing appendage, and knew I was in for the fucking of my life. Suddenly my attention was snapped away, as Rick, the whistling youngster, had disrobed completely, and stood in my kitchen with his erection pointing at me like an arrow. His cock was not large, but then I WAS comparing it to Rupert's, I guess. His entire body was hairless, and I guessed he must have waxed. His muscles, while not large, were well defined, and his abs were to die for. I reached forward, allowing my breasts to crush into his chest, as my hand dropped to cup his balls, and I kissed him with my mouth and my tongue, lashing his teeth as his hands dropped to fondle my own ass cheeks.

We stood there getting it on, our bodies entangled nicely, with my boobs squashed against him, so tight that I could feel his heart beating with my nipples. Behind me, now naked, Rupert moved in and positioned his black mamba of a cock between my cheeks, and I was now sandwiched between my interracial lovers in my very own kitchen.

We moved together well, and once more I closed my eyes and let my lovers take control of my body, which was rapidly heating u as the two men fondled, kissed, touched and probed my body with their hard cocks.

Just as I started to moan and groan with pleasure, I felt my body lifted up, and I was placed on the kitchen bar on my back. I opened my eyes and was pleased to see that Rick was positioning himself between my legs, and his tongue was about to lick my aching clit. Behind my head, Rupert was pointing the black mamba at my face, and I knew what he wanted. He wanted this white, married mom to start blowing him while his white boy mate licked her cunt.

I did not disappoint.

I reached back, tilting my neck downwards until I reached his amazing cock. Then, with a great deal of difficulty, I managed to get some of the huge head in my mouth and start sucking. I licked, slurped, sucked and tried to force more and more of it down my throat as the young Rick licked my clit wonderfully.

I reached round and gripped Rupert's rock hard black ass cheeks and sucked his cock for all I was worth. After a short while I managed to get about five inches of his dick in and out of my throat, and I began to really enjoy the feeling of having my face and mouth stuffed full of his black cock. His mate, Rick, was now fingering me while he licked me, and I was in sandwich heaven with these two studs as they made love to me on the bar. My legs were wide apart, and I pushed my cunt down on his fingers every time he pushed them into me. I knew I was going to cum soon, and I wanted it to be special, so I began to force more and more of Rupert's monster into my throat. Then it happened. I orgasmed between my two studs. My pussy walls started to vibrate first, and my eyes jammed shut as the climax took hold. My moans turned to screams, and I went wild, my legs thrashing against Rick's face, his fingers showing into me crudely as I jammed my throat full of the black cock.

It was wild and mind blowing in intensity, and I managed to make my orgasm last almost a full minute as the two men pinned me between them by cock, fingers and tongue.


As I started to cum down from my amazing orgasm, Rick pushed his cock into my still quivering pussy. I was shocked by the force with which he fucked me. The young stud just pushed it in and then kept pumping. Hard. Fast. Relentless. Just the way I love being fucked! The bonus was that I new his black, huge cocked mate was there, ready to jump in and take over the moment he was ready to take a break. I just lay there, eyes closed, and enjoyed the total submission of being fucked and fucked and fucked by the young stud.

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