tagFirst TimeThe Coruption of Karlia Genovesi

The Coruption of Karlia Genovesi


The full moon shined down on the canal, bits and pieces of its light reflected from the waves brought on by the evening breeze. Karlia Genovesi looked back up the marble stairway to her father's palazzo she had just descended. She made sure that she was not followed, her bed packed with pillows to imitate her sleeping form, and the second decanter of brandy she got from her father's cook she gave to her nurse had been enough to leave the poor woman snoring loudly, as she crept out of her room. The sound of chirping crickets were the only sounds she heard while the rest of the palazzo slept as she made her way outside and down to the side of the canal. She did her best to wait patiently, looking over the water and straining her ears to hear the sound of her lover's approaching gondola.

She first saw him at mass two Sundays before, as she was sitting in her family's pew, after receiving communion. Her father was one of the richest men in Venice and paid well for a pew near the front of the cathedral San Pietro de Castilo. This assured him that they where they were among the first to receive communion each week and afterwards they would wait, her father impatiently, while all the other parishioners filed to the front to receive their wine and host. Karlia would often spend the time people watching, observing the other parishioners as they waited in line to receive their communion. That was when she first saw him. She was taken by his beauty immediately. His long curly, blonde hair cascading down his muscular shoulders straining against the material of his shirt and his angelic face drew her attention, and led her to wonder who this handsome young man was with his fair hair that set him apart from all of the other men receiving communion.

The next week she secretly wrote him a letter and carried it to church hidden in the folds of her dress hoping that she would see him again. Throughout the service she waited nervously only to feel a surge of relief as she saw him waiting in line for communion again. She was not sure, but she thought that he smiled at her as he passed her family's pew. After mass, as she filed past the pew where he was standing, waiting to exit the church, she discretely as she could, dropped the envelope with the letter at his feet. In the letter she told him how she had seen him the week before, likening him to an angel fallen from the heavens, and how she wanted to meet him. This brazen advance, something a girl of her position would normally not dream of making, had been prompted by her father's recent plotting to marry her off to Vinchenzo Nunzio, the son of one of his main rivals. He felt that the marriage would smooth the way to a merger of the business interests of the Genovesi and Nunzio families. Vinchenzo was hideous in Karlia's opinion. Short in stature, he was hunched over due to a birth defect and his dark complexion did nothing to improve his looks. The thought of marriage to him was abhorrent to Karlia, and the thought of eloping with this handsome man seemed as if it may be a salvation from what her father intended.

In the letter she also told him about a chink in the garden wall at the back of her family's palazzo, telling him that if he was interested he could slip her letters through it. The next day she woke early and snuck out of her room, careful not to disturb her still sleeping nurse, and went down to the garden at the back of her family's palazzo. Looking at the wall at the edge of the garden she found a letter that had been slid into the crack. Hardly believing her luck she slid the letter out and read it.

Dearest Karlia,

I was amazed to get your letter. For weeks I have watched you spellbound by your beauty and I dared not approach you, fearing your rejection. But when you dropped your letter at my feet my heart jumped. What could you want of me, I wondered. Reading your letter I was thrilled that you shared my feelings. Now my heart beats only for you and I long to be with you. I have dreamed of the joy your company would bring to me and hope that we may be together soon.


She was thrilled when she read this letter and was careful to hide it from her nurse and family, reading it over and over again in secret. Awaking early each day of the next week, she snuck down to the garden and retrieved a new letter, left during the night, from the crack in the wall. Each day the letters seemed to grow more confused and desperate as Enrico begged her for an assignation, telling her that he would take her away to his villa and they could enjoy a midnight supper. Although willing to give in to his advances almost immediately, she played coy and after a week of reading his missives she agreed to meet him, leaving a note that she would secretly meet him on the canal Friday night at midnight.

Impatient for his arrival she was down at the canal side almost half an hour before midnight. She spent her time pacing up and down the short walkway at the canal side waiting what seemed like an eternity for Enrico to make his appearance. She stopped her pacing when cathedral bells struck midnight and as the pall of the bells faded she heard the sound of an approaching gondola breaking the water. She looked down the canal and in the moonlight saw a gondola approaching. As the gondola came to the quay side where she stood she saw that it was empty save for the gondolier.

"Where is Enrico," she called out to the gondolier.

"Singnorina, my employer has told me to collect you and bring you to his villa. That is all I know. Come aboard and I will take you to him."

She could feel her heart beat harder as she stepped aboard the gondola. The mystery of the unoccupied gondola thrilled her and thinking that he had his own villa raised her hopes that maybe he was rich, rich enough to afford his own villa, and maybe rich enough to win her father's approval. She was near swooning as the gondolier paddled down the canal. It seemed to take forever until the gondola pulled to the side of the canal. As the gondolier secured the boat to the landing, she jumped out of the boat and ran up the stairs leading away from the canal, the skirt of her dress flying in the air as she ran. When she reached the top of the stairs she saw the villa, its white walls resplendent in the moonlight. She quickly crossed the courtyard, its pavement surrounded by arbors and lit by torches posted into the ground.

She approached the front door of the villa, painted a deep red, and knocked. She only had to wait few seconds and the door opened to reveal an older man, clothed in dark red livery.

"Ah Signorina Karlia, master Enrico will join you in the dining room. Please follow me."

She followed right behind the servant as he led her into the villa. The door opened into a luxurious sitting room with many red velvet covered couches. As she crossed it she took a moment to take in the sculpture and paintings on display, marveling at the good taste she thought they showed. He must really be rich to afford such fine art she thought. The servant led on to the dining room which was lit with candles both in sconces on the walls and candlesticks on the table. She sat down in the seat that the man pulled out for her at the side of the table. The table was impeccably set with sparkling silver and ivory white china.

"Master Enrico will join you in a minute," said the man before he bowed, walked around the table, and disappeared into a doorway. Karlia looked around the room as she waited. Just like the sitting room the walls of the dining room were coved with art, which consisted mostly of landscape paintings showing the Italian countryside, all remarkably well done, she thought.

She was still looking at the paintings when Enrico walked into the dining room. He was dressed in a black suit, with a white shirt and tie, his long blond hair vibrant against the black background of his jacket. He sat down across the table from Karlia.

"Thank you for coming, my dear," he said, smiling at her. "Welcome to my villa. Please make yourself at home."

"I am so happy to be here, with you," she said. As she spoke, his servant began serving dinner setting bowls of soup in front of both of them. Karlia picked up her soup spoon and tried the soup. It was delicious she thought, a chicken and vegetable soup flavored with rosemary and garlic.

As they ate their soup, Karlia asked him, "What is your business? You must be very successful to be in this lovely villa."

"Thank you," he responded. "I am a trader or at least I was. I did very well and am retired now. I sold my interest in the business to my partners and have retired here to Venice."

Karlia was surprised that someone so young would be retired, because he did not appear to be older than forty. He must be very rich to retire so early, she thought.

Trying to make conversation she asked, "Where are you from if you're not from Venice?"

"From Napoli," he said. "I ran my business out of Napoli, but, uh, traded with ships throughout the Mediterranean." She failed to notice the somewhat ironic tone of his answer.

After the soup bowls were removed Enrico's servant brought the main course, slices of prime rib with potatoes and carrots. They started eating and as they ate they talked, Enrico asking her questions about her father and his business. She told him what she knew, which was not much. While they ate Enrico's servant remained by the side of the table, continually filling their wine glasses whenever they got empty and by the end of the meal, having little experience with drinking more than one glass of wine, she was quite intoxicated.

After they finished their meal and the servant was clearing their dishes, Enrico invited Karlia into the sitting room for a glass of brandy. Karlia accepted and unsteady on her feet followed him into the sitting room, where a huge fire was now blazing in the fireplace. They sat down on a pair of deep chairs facing a small table and Enrico's servant brought in a tray with two glasses of brandy and placed it on the table in front of them.

"Here you go, my dear," said Enrico handing her a glass off of the tray.

She took a sip of the brandy and swallowed. It was very fruity tasting and she was surprised how smooth it was, not burning her throat as she swallowed. She took another swallow and marveled at how warm and comfortable it made her feel. By now she was very inebriated and as she went to put the glass back down on the table she let it go an inch or so above the table and the glass fell to the marble table top with a clank.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Good," she said, not really sure what to say, but not wanting to reveal how drunk she was.

He took a sip of his brandy and looked across the table at her, as if judging her. "You seem to be a proper young woman, but that's just a charade you put on so your papa won't punish you."

Affronted, she complained, "I am a good girl."

"If you were, you wouldn't be here."

She wanted to protest, but no words came to her. She knew he was right; she would not be here if she was the young woman that she pretended to be for her nurse and parents.

Without another word he got up out of his chair and stood over her. Reaching down he grabbed her arm and lifted her out of the chair. Still holding her up, with his other hand he grabbed the collar of her dress and ripped the fabric, exposing her corset. She started to protest, but her words came out of her mouth slurred and unintelligible. Smiling at his power over her he inserted his hand under her corset, loosened it and pulled it down to reveal her breasts. With her breasts exposed, he ran his fingers over her nipples and pinched them. They responded to his attention by getting instantly hard. She was stunned in open-mouthed silence as waves of pleasure seemed to shoot down her spine in response to his pinching her nipples.

"Looks like you aren't such a proper little girl are you?" he asked. With his hand he ripped her dress open and let it drop down to her ankles. Then he pulled her corset down till it was around her ankles and wrapped around her feet, so she could not move them apart. Next, with an evil smile, he slid his finger in under elastic waistband of her underwear, fingering her virgin cunt. "No, you are nice and wet, no way for a proper Venetian girl to be." She was surprised at the wetness she had not noticed when he pulled his hand out of her underwear and the wet fabric rubbed back against her skin. Where did that come from, she wondered.

He pulled down her underwear and pushed her back over the arm of the chair, spreading her legs, still pinned together at the ankles with her, now ruined corset. Holding her steady he opened his trousers and pulled out his cock, already fully engorged. She was amazed at the size of it. Although she had seen pictures, erotic drawings that she had hidden away from her nurse and parents, this was the first real cock she had ever seen. She was surprised how enormous it looked, at least ten inches long. Guiding it with his hand he slid it into her pussy. She cried out at the pain as her hymen broke, but that only drove him on. Soon he was fucking her hard, slamming his member into her, shoving her ass down into the arm of the chair.

After a few seconds the pain subsided and she felt something else as he continued to ram his cock into her, the feeling of pleasure deep in her loins. She could hear his breathing getting faster and her breathing seemed to be rising up to match his. Then a faint moan escaped from her mouth, and it she continued moaning as she felt the pleasure of his penetration as he continued to fuck her.

"No you aren't a proper girl, are you?" he asked in raised voice, his rod still pounding in to her. "Really you're just like one of the whores who sell their bodies in the Rialto, or at least you will be when I am finished with you."

"No, no, no, I'm not a whore," she cried.

"But, you moan like one," he replied, his excitement seeming to increase the rate of his penetration. As he continued she felt something building up in her loins. The waves of pleasure that permeated her crotch seemed to be building to a crescendo, and then all of a sudden the waves broke free from their barrier, like a rogue wave, cresting over a breakwater and flooding her body. She felt him respond with a moan, his cock disgorging his seed into her canal.

There was silence between them as his cock spumed into her. After a moment, her body leveled off she felt him slide his cock out of her. He stood over her pulling his still shiny and slightly red tinged cock back into his trousers. Karlia was speechless as he regarded her.

"I'm glad that you enjoyed that," he said.

"I did?" she said almost asking herself, after a moment when she finally gathered her wits.

He looked to the clock on the wall over the fireplace. "It will soon be dawn. Go back to the canal. I left instructions for the gondolier that brought you here to wait so that he could take you home. You should go now, before you are missed."

"But, when will I see you again?"

"Soon, don't worry my dear. I'll see you soon." He bowed over her and placed a lingering kiss on her lips, his tongue sliding in to her unsuspecting mouth. When he had finished, she pulled up her underwear and gathered her torn dress and corset about her. Bowing her head she backed out of the room, only turning to see his liveried servant holding the door to the courtyard open for her. She blushed in shame wondering if he had watched his master take her virginity. She crossed the courtyard quickly and as he had promised the gondola was waiting to take her back to her father's palazzo.

She heard the bird calls of the approaching morning as she snuck back into her room. She disposed of the torn dress and blood stained underwear in the back of her closet, got into her sleeping gown and slid into bed, just in time to hear the first cock crow announcing the arrival of day. As she closed her eyes she tried for feign sleep she realized that she would have to hide the absence of underwear from her nurse when she dressed. But she dismissed this thought as she waited for her nurse to wake her, in favor of dreaming of her handsome new lover.

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