tagBDSMThe Cost of a Debt Ch. 05

The Cost of a Debt Ch. 05


The first four chapters of this story can be found in the Nonconsent section. Thanks very much to everyone for their suggestions and comments. Enjoy!!!

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Chapter 5

Alex walked to her bed and laid her head in her hands. She started to get nervous. She reached for the envelope and directions that Brian had given her. Before she looked at it, she took a deep breath to prepare herself. The directions read:

"You are to go to the tattoo and piercing shop at the corner of 12th and Main St. They will be expecting you at 1:00 pm. Give them the attached envelope. You are to do everything that they ask of you...no exceptions.

You are to wear a white tank top and a mini skirt that you were brought this morning. If you do not have a white tank top, you are to wear a tank top that belongs to your beloved Annabel. It is probably in your best interest not to wear a bra, as your nipples will be quite sore after the procedure."

She knew that she had to go through with it, fearing the repercussions of not doing it. Alex looked down and began to rub her nipples. They were still sore from the previous night. She could only imagine how painful they will be later this afternoon.

Alex put away the clothes she had on this morning and started to look for a top and skirt to wear. As her luck would have it, she didn't have a tank top. She walked into Annabel's empty room and hoped that she left some clothes behind. Alex opened up her dresser and sorted through a handful of tank tops that she had. She was able to find one at the bottom of the pile. She pulled it out and walked back into her bedroom.

Alex put on a skirt that Brian had brought her this morning. She pulled it up to her waist and the skirt ran to the middle of her thigh. She didn't know if she was supposed to wear a thong. Figuring what she has been made to do before, she wouldn't risk it. She would go with out any underwear.

She then pulled the tank top over her head. Alex had a curvier body than her daughter. She was also a little taller, and obviously had bigger breasts. Because of this, the tank top was snug but didn't cover all of her abdomen. This made Alex look like she was in the middle of a mid-life crisis, wearing something a teenage girl would wear. She tried to pull the top down as far as she could, but it wasn't helping. Her nipples were showing through.

Alex looked at the clock in her room and noticed that she had about half an hour to get to the location. She had some serious butterflies in her stomach. She gathered her things and walked out of the house to her car. She was just thankful that the neighborhood was still pretty quiet when she walked out of the house. She pulled out of her drive way and drove down the street.

Alex had known where the shop is located, although she never has stopped, let alone gone in. The thought of getting a piercing had never really appealed to her. The only things she has ever gotten pierced were her ears. But this would all change within a few minutes.

As she pulled up to the location, she noticed that the front of the store was relatively empty. She was slightly relieved. Alex pulled into the first parking space that she found. She quickly gathered her things, got out of the car, and then walked toward the shop. Alex approached the door and saw that the light was on, but no one was at the front counter. She reached for the front door and pushed it in. As the door opened, the doorbell went off. Alex continued to walk toward the front counter. A young man emerged from the back.

"Can I help you," the man asked. He fit the mental picture of what Alex was expecting. He was in his mid 20's with a goatee, pieced ears and a tattoo on his forearm.

"Yes, I am here to get pierced," she said softly. Alex then handed him the envelope and then started to blush as he opened the envelope.

"Ah, yes," the man said. "I am glad that you made it. I was wondering if you would show up." He then motioned for Alex to go around the front counter and go into the back room. The man then walked to the front of the shop and locked the front door and put up the closed sign.

Alex walked back behind the front counter and into the room. Once in the room, she noticed that the room was served as the office for the shop. But her eye was immediately drawn to the dentist's chair in the middle of the room. The man walked into the room soon after and closed the door to the office.

"Please have a seat in the chair," the man said.

Alex hesitated but walked over to it.

"I know that the chair is somewhat intimidating," he said. "I bought the chair from a dentist who was moving out of the area. It's easier for me to have customers sit here and lay out for tattoos and piercings."

Alex took a deep breath and sat down in the chair.

"Before I start I need to ask you a few questions," he said. "I take it that you don't have much experience in getting things pierced, right?"

"Besides my ears, no," Alex replied.

"Yeah, that's what I figured," he said. "Well, basically, a nipple piercing is very much similar to that of an ear piercing..."

As he went over the nipple piercing process and different types of rings available, Alex began to tune him out. All she could think about the butterflies in her stomach and the pain that she would be feeling. She really didn't care about the different kinds of rings she could buy.

"Okay, now I will need you to take off your tank top," he said.

Alex obeyed and took it off.

"Beautiful," her piercer said. "Now, I want you to focus on a spot on the ceiling and just stare at it until I tell you to look down. You will feel a pinch, but if you focus on the ceiling, you won't notice it quite as much." He then reclined the seat so that Alex was staring straight up at the ceiling. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

Alex could feel him fondling and pinching the tip of her right nipple. Within seconds, she felt him pinch and pull her nipple, and then inserting the piercing needle through her nipple. The pain was sharp, but not excruciating. Shortly there after, Alex felt him put the ring through her nipple. Her body got tense and her fingers dug into the armrest as the needle penetrated the nipple. After he put the ring through, she was partially relieved. Alex knew that he was only half way done, so she kept her eyes closed.

She heard him walk around the chair to sit on her left side. Like her right side, she felt him fondle and pinch her nipple. This time, she prepared herself for what was next. He pierced her nipple and then inserted the ring.

"Okay, my work is done," he said. "What do you think?" Then he raised the seat so that she was back in a seated position.

Alex took another deep breath and looked down at her breasts while the piercer gently wiped her nipples with pieces of gauze. Both her nipples had been pierced with inch long nipple bars with small cubes at the ends of both bars. She stared at them for a few moments.

"So what do you think," he asked.

"I...am not sure," Alex said still looking at her breasts.

"Well, your nipples are going to be really sensitive for a few weeks," he said. "Basically, you don't want to wear any tight fitting clothing for a while because you could cause some irritation and possible infection. This includes bras, as wearing those will irritate the piercing. You also want to be sure that you keep the bar as clean as possible."

She remained silent. Alex was still looking down at her breasts. She would have to walk around braless for weeks. Both of her nipples looked irritated. She reached up and touched the bar on her right breast.

"Unlike the other rings that I sell, you cannot remove the bars," he said.

"I thought you said..." Alex said before he interrupted her.

"These bars are specially designed by the Club and have a locking mechanism inside," he said. "The only way that you can get them off is if you have the key to unlock them."

Alex continued to look down and examined each bar. They would mark the Club's ownership of her. What started as something that she thought was a game, is turning out to be something a little more serious. This was taking over her life. "So do you have any other questions," he asked.

"Uh...no, no I don't," Alex replied.

"Okay, so your piercings are done," he said. "Again, you don't want to wear any tight clothing or bras for a few weeks. If you have any problems, feel free to come back in..."

Alex agreed. She then stood up and picked up her tank top. She was about to put the tank top back on before she was stopped.

"Wait," he said. "I will need you to stand there while I take a picture."

"Do you really have to take a picture," Alex asked.

"Yes, I like to take pictures of all of my unique tattoos and piercings after they are completed," he said. "Now against the wall."

Alex walked over to the corner topless as she waited for him to get the camera. She stood there again looking down at her nipples. She was humiliated.

"Okay, here we go," he said as he took his first photo. "I like to get both close ups and regular shots."

Alex stood there as he focused and shot pictures. She had no idea how the photos would come out, nor if her face was in any of the photos. At this point, she was becoming impatient and just wanted to leave. She knew that it would not be in her best interest to show her feelings.

"Okay, I'm done," he said as he put down the camera. "Seeing that you have been such a cooperative customer, I will give you a reward. Pull down your skirt."

Alex didn't know what he planned on doing to her, but she was weary seeing that she would be standing there naked in front a total stranger.

"May I ask what the reward is," she asked.

"No, you may not," he replied.

Alex reached for the zipper on the back of her skirt and began to unzip the skirt and pull it down.

"I want you to take three steps toward me," he said. Alex obeyed. She stepped over her skirt that was now on the ground and took an additional two-steps forward.

"Very nice ass," he said as he too took a walk around inspection of Alex. "Bend over."

Alex bent over like asked. She was again humiliated. Within moments, she felt the sting of a slap on her ass.

"I would have never guessed that your ass is 37 years old," he said. He then spanked her ass again, this time, just a little harder. Shortly soon after, she heard him walk to a cabinet and pull something out. He walked back behind her.

"So, do you like it up the ass," he asked referring to the writing on Alex's behind.

"I don't know," she replied. "I don't remember when that was written on my ass."

"You don't," he said surprised. "Do you at least know who did it?"

"Yes, sort of," she replied. "I have it on video tape."

"Really," he said. "Well hopefully one day I will be able to take a look at it. Okay, now this is going to be a little cold."

Alex prepared herself to become his sextoy for the next few hours. She then felt him apply and wipe on a cold liquid on her butt. He continued to wipe her ass for a few minutes.

"Okay, now I am all done," he told her.

"You're done," Alex asked.

"Yes," he said. "Brian had called me a few days ago to make the arrangements. He said that if you were cooperative, and if I felt like it, I could take off your markings off of your ass. He figured that you had done enough for now. So please get dressed and you are free to go."

Alex put on her tank top and skirt and grabbed her bag as quickly as possible. She walked quickly to the office door and walked to the front area. As she reached for the front door, Alex noticed that it was pouring rain. She opened the door and tried to walk as fast as she could to her car. Although she parked close, it seemed to take forever to get to her car in the rain. Once she got to her car, she put her hand inside of her purse to look for her keys. She couldn't find them. She put her purse down on her trunk continuing to search for them, but they were not in her bag. Alex looked into her car to see if she had locked them inside, but they weren't in there.

"Damn it," she thought. "They must have fallen out at the tattoo place." She walked back to the shop. While she was walking back, she came across a few men who were trying to run to their destination, but made sure to slow down and take a look at Alex in her white tank top and short skirt in the pouring rain.

Alex got to the tattoo shop and reached for the door. The door was locked. She tried to turn the knob and push in the door. The door would not budge. Alex started to knock on the door. She stood there waiting for an answer. No one came to the door. She was starting to panic and become frantic. Alex then tried to look through the windows to the shop. The lights were on, but she couldn't spot anyone inside. She started to knock on both the window and the door hoping that the piercer was still inside. There was still no answer. She continued to pound on the door, but she was giving up hope.

Alex was drenched and was cold. Her nipples and piercings were definitely showing through the tank top. A few more men ran by and stared at her breasts. A few cars passed by and honked at her. Then the door opened and Alex ran inside.

"Sorry, I was in the bathroom," the shop owner said. "I see that it's a bit cold outside isn't it."

"Yes it is," Alex said. "Did I leave my car keys in here?"

"Yeah, you did," he said. "I tried to get your attention when you left, but you ran out too fast. I was going to go out and give them to you, but first it's raining. Second, nature was calling."

"Thank you," Alex said as she took the keys out of his hands. She was clearly annoyed at this point. She turned around and walked out of the shop again and ran to her car. As she got in and drove off, she couldn't believe that she had actually gone through with this.

Throughout her drive back home, she thought about the fact that she couldn't take off the nipple bars even if she wanted to. She would have to get someone from the Club to take them off for her. To a certain extent, getting pierced with the nipple bars was similar to being tattooed or branded. They marked the Clubs ownership of her and her submission.

Alex's heart nearly stopped when she pulled up to her house. She spotted her husband's car was parked in the driveway. Although he was supportive and encouraging when she asked him for permission to get pierced, Alex really didn't know how he would respond. She pulled into the driveway right behind his car. She was about to find out his true feelings.

Alex walked up to her front door and walked in her wet outfit. Fortunately for her, Mike was asleep on the couch. She quickly ran to her bedroom and changed into dry clothing. She still had to be careful about what she would wear because of the sensitivity of her nipples. Alex found a loose fitting t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants to wear.

Alex returned to her sleeping husband in the living room. She sat down on the edge of the couch as Mike woke up.

"Hey there," Mike said to her while waking up. "Hi hun," she replied. "I missed you."

"I bet you have," he said. Mike then sat up on the couch and gave a kiss to his wife.

"The better question is how do they look," he asked enthusiastically.

Alex gave him a smile and stood up to walk towards the center of the living room. Once there, she winked at Mike and lifted up the t-shirt and showed off her piercings. Mike was clearly excited.

"Wow, they look great," he said smiling. "I still don't know what got into you, but hey, who am I to complain." He started to laugh and walked towards Alex and kissed her passionately in the middle of the room.

"Be careful, they are still very sensitive," Alex said as they broke away for a breath.

"Don't worry," he said. "Remember, I am a pediatrician. Sensitivity has become second nature."

"Oh really," Alex said not believing him.

"Yep, that's right," he said. "In fact, let me take a few moments to show you."

Mike bent down and picked up Alex and carried her to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, the two of them started to make love in their bed. Despite the fact her nipples were swollen, Mike loved sucking on her breasts and playing with the piercings. Each time that he would bite or suck on her nipple, she would moan because of the erotic pain that he was inflicting. The ironic part was that while Alex watched her husband sucking on her breasts, all she could think about was the Head Master and her handler, Brian.

As they continued to make love, all she thought about was the sexual escapade she had gone through less than a week ago. She had been at the mercy of at least three different men and she had clearly enjoyed it. It was never really something that had ever crossed her mind, but now she knows the power of her sexuality. Alex was thoroughly enjoying the amount of power she had over Mike. She would later fall asleep in his arms until her alarm clock woke her up.

The next few days were uneventful. The swelling in her nipples has gone down, but they remained fairly sensitive. Alex still was not able to wear a bra, and she had to be careful on what she wore to work so that it wasn't blatantly obvious. Whenever she would walk up and down the hallways at school, she noticed a few students looking at her chest, but she realized that she was being too self-conscious.

After her initial meeting and inspection with Brian, she had to figure out a way to fit in a third workout day in her busy work schedule. Going to the gym has been a challenge as she has not been able to wear a sports bra. Alex knows that on a number of occasions, people at the gym could see her nipples and piercings through her t-shirt. There wasn't much she could do to prevent that from happening. But it was quite shocking for her to see that men, or rather boys who were half of her age began to stare at her the moment she would walk into the gym.

She has also started to shave her pussy, much to Mike's benefit. He never complained about the "new" Alex, but in fact enjoyed this change. The only thing was that he never knew what really prompted this change in her personality. Alex continued to shave her pussy on a regular basis because she would never know when Brian or the Head Master may ask her to show off her pussy to them.

On Thursday of that week, Alex received a phone call from Brian. She received the phone call during the middle of the day while she was teaching the class. When she heard her phone vibrate, she picked it up and excused herself so that she could take the call. The sound of his voice made her heart race. She looked down at her miniskirt and button down blouse, hoping that if she had to meet him, she would be acceptable.

"Hello Alex," he said. "I apologize for disturbing you in the middle of the day, but we need to get you prepared for your next adventure."

"Next adventure," she asked.

"Well, I mean this evening," he replied. "You haven't made plans, have you?"

"No, I didn't but," she said.

"That's great," he said. "Your presence has been requested by a member."

"Excuse me," Alex said in a surprised tone.

"We can talk about this later," he said. "All I need you to do is pick up an envelope with your name on it in the faculty mailroom. You are to follow all of the directions listed. Do you have any questions?"

"No," she said.

"Great," he said. "Now get back to work, you have a classroom full of students that is waiting for you." The two then hung up the phone. Alex walked back into the classroom and continued to teach her class. At the end of the class, she briskly walked out of her class and down the hallway to the mail slot. She opened the door walked over to her mail slot. As promised, in the mailbox lied a rather bulky manila envelope. She pulled the envelope out of the mail slot, and her name was written across the top.

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