tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Costume Ch. 01

The Costume Ch. 01


"You've gotta be kidding me," I said as I looked from the bag to Beth's gorgeous eyes, then back to the bag again. "You can't expect me to wear this! Your friends will be there."

"I didn't here you complain when I told you what my costume was going to be." came her reply.

It had been three weeks since I last saw Beth. She was away at college and I was stuck in our hometown working at my families business. It was good money, but it had been too long since I had seen my girlfriend. The plan was that I was to drive all day Friday to Beth's where we would get ready to go to a Halloween party that her friend was throwing. She told me she was going to be a naughty nurse and that she didn't know what my costume was yet, but she would have one for me when I arrived. Her roommate worked at a costume shop and they would pick something. The thought of Beth in her naughty costume made me almost get myself killed driving to her place. My plan was to make love to her as soon as I got there. Two things seemed to thwart my plans. One, I was late. And two, her roommate was home.

"Sorry Frank, but it was all we had left in the store at such short notice," Beth's roommate Sarah said as she gave a sexy smirk to Beth. "Now, we are running late. Let's get dressed!"

So with that, Beth grabbed the bag and pulled me to her room while Sarah went to her room.

"I think you are going to look great!" Beth said as she started to undress. She stood in bra and panties when I walkd up to her and passionately pressed my lips and body to hers. I slid my hands down her back to her satin covered cheeks and pulled her tighter into my rapidly growing erection. "Besides, if you play nice, and make me happy, you will get a big reward later," she said as she reached around and grabbed my hardened cock. "But for now, let's hurry and get dressed."

I reluctantly left her and and went to my costume. Looking at it, I decided it wasn't too bad. The girls had decided I go as an Olympic swimmer. The only thing in the bag was a gold medal and a red, white, and blue speedo. It dawned on me that Beth may just be more revealing than I, after all guys wear this to the beach. So facing the door, with my back to Beth I disrobed and put on the speedo. It wasn't so bad. A little snug, but hey, guys wear this to the beach I kept telling myself. I was putting on the medals when there was a nock on the door followed by Sarah immediately barging in. I jumped and turned quickly to hide my front because my bulge had not entirely died down from the kiss earlier, and that is when I first saw my Beth as a naughty nurse. She looked incredible. Her breasts were showing an insane amount of cleavage and her skirt was sooo short. I thought I had better look away from her if I didn't want to get an erection in my speedo. So I felt turning to Sarah wouldn't be bad, because my bulge now was better than if I got rock hard. I turned to her and new I was in for a long night.

"Wow, you look like a real Olympian," Sarah said. "How is my outfit?" Her outfit was incredible. She was wearing a French maid outfit, consisting of a sjprt skirt and a top that revealed as much cleavage as Beth's.

"Great!" was all I could muster as her eyes wandered up and down my costume.

"You now," she began, "there is only one thing wrong with your costume."

"What?" I asked.

"All of that hair. Swimmers shave their legs and yours could use a shave"

"Well, we are running late, so I don't think I have time."

"You don't have time but WE might," Beth replied. I had no idea what she meant by "we" but I did know that I did not want my legs shaved.

"That is a great idea!" Sarah said "we'll each shave a leg and be done in no time. Besides, the party is just down the block. Grab your razor and meet me in the bathroom" and I then watched her ass in that short skirt as she sauntered off down the hall. I tried to protest, but Beth warned me again about doing what she wanted and she gave me a kiss that I had to break in order to keep from getting hard. She giggled and dragged me to the bathroom.

Once there, Sarah was waiting with the crème, her razor and some towels. I was told to get in the shower and Beth grabbed the spray nozzle and started to spray my legs with it.

"Careful not to get the suit wet, Beth. It isn't really a speedo, just a costume piece, so it does not have a liner, and may be see through when wet," Sarah teased as she stared directly into my eyes, smirking as she noticed my fear.

"No way,' Beth said as she then hosed down my entire back side. "Oh my God!" She shrieked and giggled. "You're right. His ass is see- through!!" Se was nearly rolling on the floor laughing as Sarah peeked back and said, "Wow, now I really like this costume."

The girls continued giggling as I stepped onto the towel and they started to shave me. Beth on my right leg and Sarah on my left. I tried not to watch as they were bending over, because both were affording me with incredible views of their breasts hanging and their asses in the air. Things remained calm until they reached the top of my thighs. Both were spending a lot of time in the back, saying they wanted to enjoy the view before I dried up on them. When they did the front, Sarah stopped so Beth could handle the areas close to the suit. Beth was having troubleso she stood up moved behind me and said that she needed Sarah's help.

"He's, umm, too much in the way," she said as she pressed against my back. "I'm gonna hold him outta the way and you shave close to the suit, ok?" I couldn't believe what I just heard. I glanced as Sarah who started to grin, and before I knew it Beth reached around and grabbed my bulge and held it up. Sarah dropped to her knees and started to shave my inner thighs. So here I was. Beth's breasts pressed into my back while her hand was grabbing my bulge and holding it to the side, while my girlfriends roommate was on her knees in front of me. Beth then started to lightly squeez my bulge ever so slightly. It was slight enough for me to start to harden, but not enough for Sarah to realize what she was doing.

"Done with that side," Sarah announced. Beth then took the opportunity to move my package to the other side, which she did with more hand squeezes and movements than were necessary. Beth then used her other hand to start to carress my ass. I flinched and Sarah yelled that luckily she was done or I would've been cut.

"Just seeing if you were dry," Beth said as she released my bulge and stepped away leaving me with a ¾ erect cock in tight speedos with two gorgeous nearly nude women staring at me.

"Time to go," Beth said as I watched two gorgeous asses leave the bathroom.

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