tagLoving WivesThe Costume Party

The Costume Party


Micki and Bill began their new lifestyle months ago as told in "Best Friends for Dinner". When we got home from that first night Micki was hot as hell. It was as if a fire had been started that would not go out. She wanted to hear about what her best friend Jeanne and I had done together and was even willing to talk about her night with Jeanne's husband Bob.

After we exchanged stories of our night with Bob and Jeanne, Micki asked if I ever wanted to do it again. I said, "You tell me first." Micki admitted that she wanted to be with Bob again and when I asked her what do you mean by "be with Bob again", she answered: "Bill, I still love you with all my heart, and I don't love Bob, but I do love his cock and I want to fuck him again.

It made me so hot to know that another man wanted me and to think about Jeanne being with you made me jealous and excited at the same time." I asked Micki: "Would you ever like to make love to someone other than Bob? Would you like to do this again? Micki looked into my eyes for a long time before answering: If you want to, I would be ok with it, but now I am happy fucking just you and Bob."

For the next two months we got together with Bob and Jeanne every weekend and fucked our brains out. Always in separate rooms, but I would always sneak a peek or a listen to their passionate fucking and so would Jeanne. Jeanne and I were both voyeurs and sometimes we would spy on our mates together and at other times individually. Once I even fucked Jeanne from behind as she kneeled in front of their door.

About two and a half months after our first swing. Bob and Jeanne had a Halloween costume party and couples were supposed to dress as "celebrity couples". Micki and I dressed as the "Flintstones". Micki was Betty and I was Barney. Micki decided to be a little risqué and had fashioned her outfit so that the top was a little tie halter with no bra. She wore sheer to the waist pantyhose and a micro mini skirt on the bottom. If she wasn't careful, she would show cheek and perhaps more. I wore tights and a typical caveman Barney top.

Bob and Jeanne went as Anthony & Cleopatra. Bob was in a toga and Jeanne was wearing a diaphanous flowing gown that looked the part. When Jeanne moved it was obvious she was not wearing a bra and there were no visible panty lines.

Most others were dressed similarly. One couple came as Superman and Lois Lane, another as George and Martha Washington, and my secretary Cyndi and her husband Dave came as Bonnie & Clyde. Cyndi is a beautiful blonde, about 5'1", a very perky 34 B and has a tiny tight butt from all the gym time over the past two years. She looks a little like Pamela Anderson. Cyndi had just turned 30 and she and Dave have a 6 year old son. Cyndi is a real MILF and is always teasing in the office and telling me how stale her marriage had become. So I invited her to the party, but warned her that it might get pretty rowdy and risqué. She said she hoped so and winked.

Mike and Bridgit Funk came dressed as a Pimp and Ho. Mike was dressed in a wide pin striped suit, while Bridgit looked hot in a latex bustier that pushed her tits up so much you could see the hint of her aureoles. She had a matching latex mini skirt, black fishnet hose held up by garters sticking out from the skirt and 6"stilletto heals.

The party was great, with lot's to drink and eat, dancing and lot's of flirting. I danced with Jeanne and held her close. She said she felt something hard and didn't know that Barney packed a gun. As we danced into a dark corner of the room, I could not resist letting my hand drop to her butt. I whispered in her ear that she was a naughty Cleopatra to go without underwear. Jeanne answered: "That way it will not take you as long to undress me and fuck me later, unless that little slut secretary of yours gets to you first.

I looked around the room and saw that Micki was dancing with the Mike the Pimp, while Bob was dancing with Bridgit, the Ho. As the song ended, I went to get a drink with Jeanne. When we returned, we sat on a sofa and watched the dance floor. All were dancing but us.

I saw Mike lead Micki to the dark corner of the room and pull her closer to him as she looked up into his eyes. They were just swaying to the slow music and Mike was holding her with both arms low on her back, but sliding down. Soon they rested on her ass and he pulled her even tighter. They were both leaning back bent at the waist which pressed their thighs tightly together.

Micki leaned into Mike and pressed her breasts into his chest and rested her head on his shoulder. Mike was massaging Micki's ass and they had stopped all pretense of dancing. While I couldn't make out what was said, I could see Micki look up and say something to Mike as she tried to move his hands. It was a feeble effort and he leaned to her ear and said something to her. Mike again began to play with her ass as he slid his hands beneath her short skirt. Micki turned as if to look around to see who was watching, then turned up to Mike and they kissed. I could see his hands massaging her ass and then one hand moved between them to feel her braless tits through the sheer light halter top. Then his hand dropped below her waist from the position and movement of his hand, it looked like he was inside her pantyhose playing with her pussy. I could see her part her legs to allow him better access. When I saw Micki shudder and grab Mike by the neck and kiss him hard, I was certain that he had found her pussy and was finger fucking her. She broke away from Mike and smiled. They said something I could not hear and they walked to the bar in the other room.

While all this was going on Jeanne was watching too and stroking my cock through my Barney Rubble tights. Jeanne leaned in and whispered: "I bet Mike fucks Micki before the night is over. He has a huge cock you know." I looked at her and asked how did she know that? Jeanne said that she had danced with Mike earlier and he had pushed her hand to his cock and tried to feel her pussy and wanted her to sneak upstairs with her, but she had refused.

Micki and Mike were at the bar in the family room, but with the music on and the distance, I had a hard time hearing anything they said. Micki was on a bar stool and mike was facing her and standing close between her spread legs. Mike had her short skirt pushed far back on her thighs and I could see that the crotch of her pantyhose was wet and torn and the lips of her pussy were swollen and glistening in the light.

They drank and talked at the bar for about ten minutes or so, all the while touching one another openly. Micki's face was flushed from the drinking and from the petting and finger fucking by Mike. They got up and headed toward the stairs. I wondered if he was taking her to a bedroom and which one? I waited where I was for a few minutes and then went upstairs acting as if I were going to use the upstairs bathroom. I was scouting the upstairs for an indication of where they went. All of the sudden, I was nervous as all get out. Why did Mike want to get Micki upstairs, alone?

I noticed a dim light in the corner bedroom and checked to see if anything was visible. As I looked in, trying to focus on them, I could see Micki and Mike and they were in a "69" on the large bed. Mike was totally naked and Micki was as well, except for her pantyhose. It was a lot different watching now, they had music on, but it wasn't that loud, and I had to make sure I was quiet. I could make out slurping noises and an occasional moan telling me that Micki was clearly turned on. She was about to get hotter

I could see that Micki was on the bed on her back, Mike had moved between her spread legs. I had to imagine that he was rubbing that big mushroom head around her open pussy trying to get everything set to drive that big dick home. I heard Micki start moaning and telling him how big his dick was, she was breathing pretty loud also. I could tell by the movement he had his cock all the way in and was beginning to fuck her. She was telling him to go slow and easy and let her get used to it. As he continued to work it into her obviously stretched little pussy I could see him tunnel into her hot little hole.

As I stood transfixed on the images, I watched as he put her legs over his shoulders and started to plow her. She was screaming pretty loud by now, and making noises like I haven't heard in a long time. Mike was fucking her good and grunting himself also. He worked her around onto her knees and worked his cock into her from behind and literally had her screaming again in minutes. He rammed his fatty in her hard, and I could hear her telling him to "fuck that pussy" and "gimme all of that wonderful cock" as he continued slapping his balls against her mound on every thrust. Mike lasted a good long time with his stroking, I could tell by his panting that he was ready to come any minute, and he started to let go. He asked her if he could blast in her pussy and she cooed "yeeeeeessssssssss baaaaaby" and he started to shoot. She was coming also because she was thrashing more than he was.

They continued their mating for a few more minutes before laying down to rest. After a few minutes Micki got up and got a wash cloth and cleaned him off. They made some after fuck talk and she told him she had better get going, because "Bill might be looking for me soon". They kissed a bit and she left the room.

I barely beat her down the stairs and was coming out of the family room when she came in. I asked her where she was and she looked me in the eyes and said "I'll tell you later. I am a little hungry want to get something to eat." I told her that I just had something and was going back to the group in the living room and that I'd see her there.

Part Two

When I got to the living room I could see Bridgit sitting on Bob's lap facing him, her latex miniskirt up around her luscious butt. They were in an obvious deep french kiss and the way Bridgit was shifting and rubbing her butt into Bob's lap it looked like she was sitting on more than his lap.

Jeanne was sitting on another sofa with Cyndi, or should I say "Bonnie" of "Bonnie & Clyde" and "Superman" of "Superman and Lois". Jeanne was sitting between "Bonnie" and Superman, who had a hand high on her one thigh and Cyndi had a hand on her other thigh. Superman was kissing Jeanne, so I sat down beside Cyndi. She surprised me with a kiss; an open mouth kiss, with a deep probing tongue. Cyndi said: "I've wanted to do that for a long time. Let's all go up stairs and play." We were off in a flash.

Jeanne and Superman took the first bedroom and Cyndi and I went to the second room, which happened to be the master bedroom. As soon as we closed the door, Cyndi stepped into my arms she looked into my eyes and said: "I can't believe I am here with you and I am not sure I should be. I hope this does not ruin our work relationship, but watching what everyone else has been doing tonight has me so horny I need to be with someone, someone I trust." I held her close and she turned her head up, obviously inviting a kiss. As I kissed her for the second time, she opened her mouth and started deep french kiss. Her tongue was everywhere and she pushed her hips into mine. I looked into her eyes in the dim light and asked her what she wanted. She said: "I want you to make love to me; Dave hasn't touched me in months. Please take me, kiss me, lick me, and fuck me.

Cyndi quickly shed most of her clothes and stood before me in just a tiny sheer white thong. I dropped to my knees and could see she was wet through her nearly transparent thong. I leaned in and kissed her swollen pussy and tasted her wetness as she moaned and ground her pussy into my face over and over. I pulled her thong down and off and pushed her gently back onto the bed and licked and sucked her puffy lips. I was surprised to find that she had pierced the hood of her clit and wore a single gold ring there. Her clit was huge for such a small woman and must have been nearly a half inch long. I sucked it like a small cock and when I pulled on her clit ring with my teeth she raised her hips of the bed, shuddering and shaking and moaning as she came for the first time.

I continued to suck her juices and licked her everywhere from her clit to her anus and held her tiny butt cheeks in my hands. Cyndi pulled me up and kissed me as deeply as I had ever been. She began to stroke my cock as she said: "I want this in me now; I need fucked hard all night long. No one has ever made me come as hard as you just did while eating my pussy. I climbed up onto the bed and lifted her legs up and placed her ankles on my shoulders. I looked into her blue eyes as I rubbed my hard cock up and down between her lips and then slapped her clit with my cock. She stared back at me as I pushed gently into her an inch at a time, until she had all of my 8 inches. I could feel her cervix as I pushed hard into her small pussy.

My god was she wet and so very warm and we kissed as I fucked into her. As I fucked her I rubbed her clit with my right hand and occasionally pulled gently on her clit ring. She told me she was about to come and to please come with her. She screamed: "Fuck me, fuck me harder, fill me with your cream, I want to feel all of you inside me, Oh, yes, yes, nghhhh, now, now." And I shot deep inside my secretary for the first, but definitely not the last time. I rolled to my right and Cyndi rolled with me telling me to stay inside her as she kissed me and sucked my tongue deep into her mouth.

After lying together coupled at cock and cunt for 15 or 20 minutes, I needed to use the bathroom. As I was going down the hall I heard the unmistakable voice of Micki in the third bedroom. I could not resist the temptation to peep and there in the room with the lights on, was Micki laying on the bed with Mike's head between her legs obviously eating her cunt while Bob was on her right, alternating between sucking her breasts and kissing her. Micki appeared to be out of her mind with lust and told Bob to go get Stan and Bert, two black guys that were at the party, because she wanted to experience an interracial gang bang.

When Bob got up to leave, Mike began to fuck Micki again and she clearly loved it. Soon Bob returned with Stan and Bert. Stan was about 6 feet tall and had a 10 inch long cock and Bert was 6-2 and had the largest cock I had ever seen. It was a full 12 inches and was as thick as my wrist. Bert quickly moved above her and was trying to feed her his dick. She licked around his head making stroking actions on the underside, as she does to me when she gets really turned on. Micki was trying harder by wetting it with her saliva and trying over and over to get the big head in. Bert was enjoying her actions though and was holding on to the wall. I could see her work her mouth around this big monster like a starving person at a buffet.

Stan dove between her legs and munched on her sloppy pussy, while Bob and Mike each sucked her nipples. Micki was in a seemingly constant climax as she sucked and was being sucked. Each of the three guys had eaten her pussy. The sight above was breathtaking; each guy had had some form of "his" way with her. As she slurped up as much shaft of each black or white cock as she could, Bob motioned for Stan to fuck her. Stan was moving into position as Bert started to rub her clit One thing was certain though, he had the second biggest dick at 10 inches. It had a bulbaceous head and a veiny shaft. Stan eased his dick into her very wet hole and began to fuck her pussy as Bert rubbed her clit. She looked happy with all of the attention she was getting. Stan probed her pussy for about three minutes when Bert started to make her come. Bert had her "under his thumb" so to speak and brought her off like he had done it a million times.

Micki continued fucking Stan while she tried to swallow all of Bert's colossal cock. She thrashed around a bit and cooed some, but like usual when she is sucking a cock, she did not come. Stan came though and shot his load all over her tits and belly. Bert moved to be the next one into her stretched and dripping pussy.

Just then I felt a hand on my cock and breasts in my back. It was Cyndi who had heard the noise of wanton sex and had come to see where I was. She whispered in my ear: "Micki sure seems to be enjoying herself. I never imagined she was such a slut. If I had only known, you could have been fucking me for months. My god that's hot watching her sucks one black cock while getting fucked by another."

Bert was slow and deliberate in his actions because he knew Micki had never been fucked with anything as large as his black pole. Probing his cock in between her pussy lips and up and down to get her fully lubricated, she was on fire and begged him to fuck her. Bert entered her slowly, an inch at a time to allow her to adjust to a cock nearly twice as big as mine. He got almost ten inches into her when she yelled that he was entering her cervix.

Bert pushed hard and Micki screamed but kept raising her hip to swallow his cock. She had it all and was beginning to come. Bert kept pounding her for another ten minutes and Micki must have come at least five times.

By now Cyndi was on her knees in front of me deep throating me and playing with my nether hole with her fingers. Micki, heard me moaning and looked up. She just smiled and beckoned us to join the five of them on the king sized bed. Micki was covered with jism, it was everywhere, in her hair, on her face, her tits, and dripping from her cunt, yes tonight it was a cunt. I shuddered and came hard shooting into Cyndi's delicate full lipped mouth and she swallowed it all sucking me deep as if she was starved.

Cyndi had been rubbing her pussy as she sucked me, but now, Stan had move behind her and was rubbing her wet lips and asshole with his very black fingers. She let my cock slip from her mouth and was on all fours on the carpeted floor as Stan rubbed his long thin black cock between her already fucked lips. Cyndi looked back at Stan, then into my eyes and asked: "Can Stan fuck me Bill? Please!" I asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted Stan and Bert and anyone else that wanted to fuck her. She said: "I want to be a slut like Micki, if it's ok with you." What would Dave say, I asked. Cyndi said: "I don't really care what Dave thinks, as long as you are ok with it. I am yours now, if you and Micki want me, I'll do anything you want as long as you promise to kiss me, eat me and fuck me like you have tonight."

As I told her she could fuck Stan she kissed me deeply and when she moaned into my mouth as we kissed, I knew Stan had started to enter her wet but tight white pussy. She quit kissing me and reached back to hold Stan's cock and control how fast he penetrated her tight white cunt. She kept moaning, groaning and screaming as she adjusted to his size. I looked at her beautiful white cheeks with the tan lines from her bikini contrasted with Stan's black cock with her hand firmly around it. Slowly he would push another inch of black meat into her and pull it out and I could see her lips pulling back with his cock all wet from her dripping pussy. She was so wet; she was literally dripping on the floor.

Micki and I ended up taking Cyndi home with us that night, but that is another story.

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