tagNonHumanThe Costume Party

The Costume Party


It was a Halloween like most any other, but that would change with one simple phone call from my best friend Charlie.

"Hello," I said blandly as I grabbed my phone.

"Cheer up man! It's me Charlie!"

"Oh, hey man. What's up?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing. You got big plans for tonight?"

"Well, hopefully anything that keeps me from sitting around here and answering the door for a million little rug rats."

"Then I have the perfect opportunity for you," he stated proudly.

"I'm listening."

"I just got invited to a costume party over on Broad Oak Drive."

"You mean, the Broad Oak Drive that is part of that gated community at the Country Club?"


"And you said it's a costume party?"

"Yeah, so you in or what?"

"I'll have to rig up something, I guess."

"Man, I'm going as a Roman senator," Charlie replied. "You know, white bed sheet for a toga and some sandals. Piece of cake."

"Well, then we'll have to go as a pair of Roman senators."

"Fair enough. I'll be by in twenty minutes."

"Thanks man, I'll be ready."

Charlie was right on time and we both had a good laugh as I climbed in his Accord. We both looked ridiculous and we knew it. We made it across town in less than twenty minutes and found ourselves at the huge wrought iron gates of Broad Oak Estates.

Charlie rolled down his window and tapped the red button below the speaker.

"Welcome to Broad Oak Estates, can I help you?" asked a friendly voice through the speaker.

"Yeah, we are hear for a party at 1317 Broad Oak Drive."

"Can I have your name, sir? I need to check the guest list."

"Right, Charlie Thomas and guest."

"Thank you sir. Enjoy your evening."

The gates began to glide open and we just smiled. Charlie drove straight ahead along Broad Oak until we spotted several cars in front of a huge red brick house. The cheapest of the cars appeared to be a Corvette and suddenly his Accord seemed completely out of place. We did not care one bit and he pulled in behind an idling limousine. We could hear the music from the backyard, but followed the marked path to the front door.

Charlie and I are in our mid-twenties and he had been invited by his new girlfriend Lisa. Her parents were the ones hosting this party. He rang the doorbell and we waited a few moments.

"She told me this would be a party we'd never forget."

"It'll have to be pretty good then to override of those from college."

"We can only hope," he replied as the door opened wide.

"Hey, Charlie," Lisa said with a big grin as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and planted a big kiss on his lips. I couldn't help but notice how absolutely gorgeous she looked in that witch's costume.

"Where's mine?" I asked jokingly.

"We both know Charlie doesn't share well," she chided playfully. "Besides, you can probably find a taker for a good Roman like yourself. Now, come in and join the party."

We stepped in the front door and looked around. The decorations seemed to cover the entire place and there had to be at least one hundred people in the great room at the front of the house. I saw a mischievous grin on Lisa's face as she gave Charlie's arm a little tug.

"What's up babe?" he asked.

"Oh, I was wondering if I could show you some of the other decorations."

"Alright, where?"

"Please excuse us," she said to be as she pulled him toward the stairs. I just smiled and began looking across the crowd.

There seemed to be a pretty good mixture of old and young. I could not see many faces, but assumed ages based on the costumes. Some of the women were dressed like Elvira, which was fine by me. Most of the guys were wearing fairly traditional outfits. A few of the women were in some pretty outrageous getups caught my attention.

One of these was a woman dressed in all tan, complete with face paint and a little matching mask. She must have seen me looking at her in her form fitting outfit and gave me a little smile. Before I could even walk her way she made her way over to me and handed me a beer.

"So, a Roman huh?"

"Good guess," I replied as I looked over her body. That was when I realized she wasn't dressed in all tan. Instead she had simply painted her entire body a tan color, with what appeared to be brush strokes meant to look like fur. I could just make out a very skimpy bikini as the only clothing on her. I was impressed.

"You like?"

"Like doesn't cover it," I answered with a smile and I felt a little twitch under my toga. "What are you dressed up as?"

"Well, I'm a cougar of course," she replied, once again flashing me a very sexy smile.

"Of course you are," I replied.

"Follow me," she instructed with a coy smile.

She turned to walk away from me and I noticed that her perfectly shaped ass swayed quite seductively as she made her way through the crowd. I was glad my toga was hanging loosely around me as I started to feel a little more stiff.

My body was on autopilot as I simply drifted along behind that awesome ass. I did not even care what was in store for me, but I hoped it involved something like what my buddy was probably enjoying upstairs.

We made our way through the crowd and to a set of French doors, where a man in an executioners costume was standing. He appeared to be guarding the doors.

"He's with me Roger," she said as she motioned in my direction. The big man looked me over quickly and then stepped out of the way. I followed quickly behind her, not wanting to have to confront anyone like that.

"Well, Mr. Senator, you caught my attention and hopefully I have yours," she said as she turned to face me. I was once again captured by the long locks of wavy brown hair hanging on her shoulders, her big brown eyes, and of course the amazing curves the rest of the way down her perfectly shaped body.

"You couldn't have my attention any more," I replied.

"Oh really?" she asked with a mischievous look on her face.

Before I knew it she dropped to her knees and slid under my toga. I heard a little sigh of approval just before she took me in her mouth. My knees nearly buckled as the sensations immediately got the best of me. I had decided to wear nothing under the toga just for the hell of it and it paid off.

I stared at her ass, which was all that stuck out from under my toga, as she continued to give me the single best blowjob I had ever had. I gently placed one hand on the back of her head through the sheet and enjoyed the bobbing motion she was maintaining.

I couldn't help but look around a notice that two other couples were completely nude and fucking on patio chairs, their costumes strewn about the ground around them. One other couple was sitting in the hot tub and the guy gave me a thumbs up as I noticed he was getting a hand job from the still costumed woman next to him.

My attention was brought back to my situation as I felt my balls begin to tingle. I put both hands on the back of her, just to make sure she wasn't going to quit on me.

"I'm gonna cum," I said as she continued to suck.

Seconds later she reached up and grabbed my sack and gave a good squeeze, sending me over the edge. I filled her willing mouth with my cum and shudder with immense pleasure as she seemed to pull every last drop out of me. It was all I could do to keep myself standing as she climbed out from under my toga.

"Tasty," she said with a grin as she licked her lips.

"That was amazing," I said softly, as I tried to regain my composure.

"Cougars give the best blowjobs," she replied.

"And Senators have powerful tongues," I answered quickly as I swept her up in my arms and carried her to the nearest lounger.

"Oh my..." she said as I knelt between her legs and pulled the bikini aside.

"I appears they didn't paint all of you," I commented before jabbing my tongue into her already wet vagina.

She was moaning almost immediately as I licked and sucked her most private areas. Her pink lips were so smooth and her clit so hard that I could hardly imagine stopping. I did manage to reach up and slide my hands under the bikini to feel her magnificent breasts. They were not huge, but made a nice handful for me.

Her nipples were rock hard and I somehow managed to enjoy them without losing my true focus. My tongue continued to dance all over her, enjoying the taste of her juices.

Finally, I brought my right hand back down and pushed one finger into her.

"Yessss....," she said with approval.

I took her clit between my teeth and teased her as I began to saw my finger into her. She was already loosening up, so I pushed a second finger in. She did not need to tell me I was doing it right, but instead wrapped her legs around my head.

She pulled me in closer as I sucked and pulled at her clit and lips. My fingers continued to stretch her in anticipation of my next step. Her body began to shake as my tongue brought a small orgasm through her.

"Oh, get inside me now!" she commanded and I was happy to oblige.

I crawled up and hovered over her for a moment when I felt her hands deftly guide my penis to its destination. She smiled up at me as I pushed into her. Her body gave no resistance, but instead readily accepted my manhood.

"Fuck, that's amazing," I said with a sigh as I buried myself completely inside her. I held myself there as we enjoyed the fullness of our union. I felt her squeeze me and I returned with a flex of my own. She just smiled and leaned in to kiss her.

She accepted my kiss as I pulled back and little and pressed forward again. I began a steady motion of thrusting and retreating.

I lowered myself so our bodies pressed together, enjoying the warmth of her breasts against my chest. Her tongue snaked into my mouth as I continued to pump into her with a slow and steady pace.

We continued this for the next few moments until she looked me directly in the eyes and I knew she had a request. She could have anything she wanted at this point.

"Let me ride you," she said huskily. I continued to stroke into her and smiled.

"Anything you want," I told her as I reluctantly pulled out of her. The cool night air was a drastic difference from the warmth I had just left.

I stood up and took off my toga and sandals as I waited for her to make room for me. She seemed to enjoy the fact I was now naked and slowly stood up from the lounger. I watched her body as it moved so fluidly up to make space for me to lie down on the chair.

I quickly took my place and she watched to see that I was paying attention, although how could I not have been, when she removed the bikini. This action revealed only the very small portion of her body that had not been painted.

The anticipation of what was coming sent me into a bit of a trance as she walked alongside the chair. She smiled down at me again as she threw her leg over the chair to straddle me. It only took a few seconds for her to drop down onto my raging hard cock. Her warmth was amazing and I took my turn moaning my approval.

She began grinding her hips on me and squeezing me from the inside. This little dance continued for the next several minutes until she planted her palms on my bare chest and stared directly into my eyes.

"Cum inside me," she stated.

"What?" I asked, just wanting to make sure I heard her right.

"Cum inside me, NOW!" she ordered, sounding very powerful.

It was almost involuntary. Her hips grinding on me, her muscles squeezing me, and her sexy smile looking down on me all worked together to push me over the edge for the second time that night.

My seed exploded into her and she threw her head back with a scream of pleasure.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes," she yelled.

The waves of ecstasy washed over me and it felt like I could cum forever. Eventually though, I came back down to earth as she fell against me. I put my arm around her to just hold her as I continued to enjoy being inside her.

It was at that moment that I noticed the other couples standing closer to us, watching us. They began to clap lightly, which was a little strange for me. My partner sat up, keeping me inside her, and smiled at me again.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"I have chosen you," she replied.

"Chosen me?"

"Yes. You are my new mate."

"I'm what?" I asked with surprise.

"Lisa told me about you a few months ago and I studied you for a few weeks. I watched you playing basketball, watched you at work, and just generally got a feel for what kind of man you are."


"Once I was sure you were worthy, I told Lisa it was time."

"Time for what?"

"Oh, my dear, every few decades I choose a new mate. I still enjoy my old mates from time to time, but I truly love the virility of a young man."

"I'm confused."

"Ben," she continued, pointing over her shoulder at the grinning man who had been getting the hand job in the hot tub, "is no longer my mate. We will most likely still enjoy sex from time to time, but he will no longer be allowed to impregnate me."


"Well, yes, why else would I need a mate if not for procreation?"

"I still don't..."

"You will understand with time. You should call me Venus from now on," she said, as she leaned in to give me a kiss I couldn't begin to refuse.

She climbed off of me, leaving me naked for everyone to see. My mind was still in a daze as I tried to figure out what was going on.

"Now, I have to allow Lisa her reward. She was the one who brought you to me."

At that moment, Lisa stepped out from behind Ben and walked towards me. She was completely nude and looked amazing. She had slightly larger breasts Venus, but had a very familiar smile. What was even more amazing was that I began to harden as I watched her approach.

"Hello," she said with a grin as she straddled me. Before I could even comprehend what was happening, I was inside her.

She groaned and grunted as she slammed herself down onto me over and over again. I held her hips as best as I could, watching her breasts bounce wildly as she fucked me. The feeling was fantastic, but not quite what I had felt with Venus.

"I'm going to cum," I said a few minutes later and Lisa looked up at Venus, who was standing nearby.

"You have my blessing," Venus said and Lisa ground down onto me again, welcoming my seed into her.

She thrashed as her juices flowed out onto me and I could not help but thrust up against her as she came. Finally, she collapsed on me, smashing her wonderful breasts against me.

I smiled with my extreme pleasure and looked at Venus.

"You will be a perfect mate, Sam," she said with a grin and walked away. I was pulled back to my current situation as Lisa began riding me slowly again.

"Shall we have another go?"

"I don't know if I can."

"Once you have been chosen by Venus, you will have no trouble in that department."

"So true," Ben commented as she turned to walk away.

"Besides, I need to make sure I conceive tonight."

"You what?"

"Shhh," she said, putting her finger on my lips as she began to fuck me all over again. Her juices made it so easy to slide into her and I simply settled back to enjoy myself.

We had sex seven times that night before she was worn out. I never even felt tired.

Over the next few days, Venus explained everything to me. She was, or is, in fact a goddess. She came to earth with a few others like her many years ago to establish a new race. They each chose a human mate and conceived children that were half man and half god. These beings live nearly a thousand years and never show any aging once they reach twenty-five years old.

Lisa was in fact the first child that Venus had with Ben. These half man, half god beings could reproduce with humans to produce children that retain the nature of the new race. Lisa and I bore one child from that first night and Venus and I have had seven children.

Halloween is only a few days away and that is the night that Venus will select my replacement. It has been an amazing thirty years and I know that it is my time to retire, so to speak. I look forward to seeing who my daughter, Patricia, has chosen for her mother and to becoming a grandfather for the first time.

If you are headed to a costume party for Halloween, perhaps you will be lucky enough to be chosen by Venus.

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