tagRomanceThe Cottage

The Cottage


It was her cottage. That is what she told family and friends when the came visiting. It didn't have the hustle and bustle of city life, nor did it have the nosy neighbours of village life. It was perfect for her.

She had bought it a year ago, having saved for what felt like ages. It was worth it though, it had a flower garden in front and a porch in the back. She had flowers in the spring time and a cool place to read in the summer time. A fireplace kept her warm in the winter and she could watch the leaves change in the autumn.

At last she felt at home and although, at times, she felt lonely, for the most part she was happy.

"I heard Matthew divorced his wife." Her mother was visiting and over a cup of tea, she was bringing her up to date on the gossip in the village.

"Hmm, is that so," she said, distractedly.

"Yes, he asked after you, he did," her mother continued, going into a play by play recount of her and Matthew's encounter. She suspected her mother was elaborating some parts as she doubted Matthew would have remembered her as nothing more than the bookworm who wore glasses.

"I gave him your number," her mother said.

"What!!! Why did you do that?!? Really, mother, sometimes you go too far!" she exclaimed, tired of her mother butting into her life.

No, she didn't have a husband, not even a boyfriend, but that didn't mean she was not happy. Her mother had no reason to worry that she would become that odd cat lady. In fact, she hated cats. It's not as though her mother would never have grandchildren, the truth was she already had four from her two siblings.

"I thought the two of you would have a go at it, seeing you are single and he is newly single," her mother replied to her question.

She sat back and sighed, "When did you convince him to call me?" she asked dejectedly. What's done is done. All she could do was deal with the phone call and move on with her life.

"Tonight, around 7:30, you should have had dinner by then and would either be watching TV or reading a book," he mother gaily answered.

"Is my nightly schedule so predictable?" she asked, sadly.

The older woman patted he shoulder, "I can set by clock by you, love."

It was about 7:15 that evening, when she was debating if she should take the phone off the hook that it rang. She had been staring at the phone and the unexpected ringing made her jump. With shaky hands, she answered the phone.


"Hello, is this .........?" a deep, husky voice asked.

"Yes, this is she. Is this Matthew?"

"Yes, I got your number from your mother and she insisted that I call," the voice on the other side of the line said.

"I am so sorry about that, she can be a bit much. How about this, let's agree that you called and we talked for say about an hour and a half. We agree to talk again but in the end, we just keep putting it off. Do you think you could go along with that story?" There was silence on the line, "Matthew, are you there?"

"Um, so you don't want to talk?" he asked quietly.

"Uh, well, uh. Do you want to talk?" she asked a bit shocked by the turn of events.

"I would, if you don't mind," he responded.

"I, uh, I don't mind, really," she pulled the phone over and settled into her favourite chair. "What would you like to talk about?"

"What have you been up to since you left school?"

The ended up talking most of the night. He found out that she went on to university, got a job as a clerk for one of the local barristers and had bought a cottage. She found out that he had married his childhood sweetheart and after eight years of marriage, he found out that she had been sleeping with his best mate. He lost his wife, his friend and a bit of his pride.

The had agreed to talk again and he gave her his number so she could call him as well. Over the next couple weeks, they chatted on the phone and a couple times she had coffee or dinner with him in the village.

It was a month after they first conversed that she had invited Matthew over for dinner. The morning was a whirlwind of cleaning, followed by an afternoon of cooking and pampering herself.

At 7:15, the doorbell rang. She opened the door to find Matthew looking very smart in tan pants and a dark green turtleneck sweater.

"My, my, my, don't you look good," she said stepping aside to let him in.

"You look lovely, as well, " he leaned in to kiss her and she moved to the side so that he kissed her cheek.

Although the had been spending a lot of time together, she didn't believe that he was interested in her. Most of the times they spoke, the topic of his ex-wife came up. She believed he still loved the ex-wife and she did not want to be the rebound, nor did she want to invest her heart only to have it broken.

She led him into the dining room, offering him a glass of wine. Then she went into the kitchen to get the food that was being kept warm in the oven. She slipped on her oven mitts and opened the oven. As she bent over, she felt something hard against her ass.

She turned around quickly to find Matthew standing very close. There was lust in his eyes and when she looked down, she discovered what was pressing against her ass seconds ago. She looked up, "Matthew?" she squeaked.

He stepped closer and snaked his arms around her waist, reaching down with his hands and grabbing her ass. He pulled her closer to him, grinding his erection against her. "I've wanted you for so long," he growled.

She looked up at him, a mixture of confusion and shock fluttering across her face.

"I was the one who approached your mother. I made it so that she gave me your number. She believes it was her idea that we meet," he said planting kisses on her face.

He then kissed her on her lips. First gently, then increasing in intensity. She wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. Her mouth opened and the twining of their tongues sent sparks through her body.

At last, they came up for air. He kissed her along her neck, nipping at her earlobes. He traveled lower, kissing her shoulders, pushing the straps of her dress down her arms. As the dress began to fall away, an alarm went off in her head.

She pulled away, stepping back into the stove, holding her dress in place with crossed arms. "No, no, we can't do this. You still love your ex-wife. I am not going to be your sloppy seconds."

"Sloppy seconds?" He growled. He undid his pants and pulled down his pants and underwear. "Does this look like it wants a sloppy second?" His thick throbbing cock pointed at her. It entranced her, she reached out to touch it, only to lose her dress.

There she stood in her underwear in her kitchen, stroking Matthew's raging hard on. It had been years since her last sexual encounter and that was a very uneventful affair. Plus it did not star a delicious specimen of a cock like the one before her.

Before she knew it, she had knelt down and started to lick the head of Matthew's dick. It jumped to her surprise and a little pre-cum dripped. This turned her on. She took the cock in her hand and started to lick it like an ice cream cone. She discovered that when she licked right below the head, it drove Matthew wild. She soon took as much of the delicious cock in he mouth as she could and milked it for what it was worth. Every now and then she would fondle his balls.

She had developed a rhythm when she felt the dick start to grow even more and then Matthew released a loud roar and cum filled her mouth. His dick was deep in her moth and she had no choice but to swallow. The cum had an interesting taste, she wasn't sure if she liked it, but it was a new experience.

When she, at last, looked up, she saw a spent Matthew bracing himself on the kitchen counter. Reality rushed back in and she stood up quickly.

"Matthew, I don't normally do that, I don't know what I was ...." He placed a finger up to her mouth. Then he kissed her, she was sure he was tasting the cum in her mouth but he didn't seem to care.

He stepped back then proceeded to remove her underwear. Unclasping her bra and slipping her panties down her hips, letting them fall on her dress. He then lifted her onto the counter and opened her legs wide, exposing her hot, wet womanhood. This time, it was Matthew who knelt down.

He burrowed his face in, using his fingers, he opened her lips, then licked up until he found her throbbing clit. Between licking and stroking, nipping and sucking, Matthew drove her to near ecstasy. It was when he dipped his fingers into her honeypot and stroked her g-spot while suckling her clit that she lost all sense of reality. She screamed his name and gripped onto the edge of the kitchen counter until the last of the tremors subsided.

She looked down to find Matthew looking up at her with a lazy grin and her juices all over his face. "Did I do all that?" she asked quietly.

He chuckled a little bit, "I guess this is your first time squirting."

She groaned in embarrassment, he stood up and kissed her. This was the first time she tasted her juices. Tonight was the first for many things. She wondered what was to come next.

As he made his way down her body, he stopped to suckle and nip at her breasts. Her hands roamed his body making their way down to his manhood which she thought would have been flaccid. To her surprise, it was hard and getting harder. She opened her legs wider and scooted to the edge of the counter. Matthew looked up at her.

"Are you sure?"

She nodded, pulling his cock to the entrance of her hungry cunt. Slowly, he pushed it in, it had been a while and she was tight. She released a moan when he was completely in. He felt so good. He started to thrust. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he returned to sucking at her nipples.

The exquisite tension began to increase, her tightness drove him to go faster. He nipped and pulled at her nipples. His pelvis bone rubbed against her clit with every thrust. He felt her coming, the walls of her vagina quivered and twitched, sending him over the edge just as she was going over. Their voices melded together into one voice of pure ecstasy.

He slumped into her, panting. She stroked his back as the last of her orgasm milked his dick of the last of his cum.

It took him a while to recover and she let her legs fall down. He pulled out, his dick dripping their mixed juices.

"Are you hungry?" she asked, trying to return some normalcy to the evening.

"Very," He replied. "No, don't put back on your clothes," he said as she reached for her underwear.

"What and eat naked?" She asked in shock.

"Yes, if you don't mind," he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Um, okay, only if you are naked too," she said.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

They are the still hot dinner in the dining room without any clothes. It was hard to make small talk as Matthew couldn't keep his eyes off of her breasts and his hard on growing as the meal progressed.

"What's for dessert?" Matthew asked as she took up the empty dishes. He reached up and stroked her breast, rubbing his thumb over a nipple.

Through a moan, she replied, "Ice cream with whip cream and chocolate syrup."

"Why don't we have it in the living room but without the ice cream."

She knew where his mind was going with this request. His stroking her breast had ignited a spark in her and she couldn't wait for the living room. She replaced the dishes and in a deft move, she straddled Matthew and sank down on his now hard dick.

She braced herself on the back of the chair and rode his thick cock. This time it was all about her, she controlled the speed and the rhythm. He begged her to go faster but she ignored him. It was only when she found the angle that gave her the most pleasure that she sped up. By his moans, she knew he was incredibly close to coming. Two more thrusts found them reaching their zenith.

He grabbed her hips and ground them down, pushing his pelvis up to meet her, trying to go deeper. His cum painting the inside of her cunt in a steady spray.

"God, you are.......... I can't even find the right word," Matthew said into the crook of her neck.

"I don't normally do this," she said at last. "In fact, I haven't had sex in years."

He pushed her back, looking into her eyes. "I know, I can tell by the tightness of your sweet pussy. Plus you were surprised when you squirted earlier on. That means no man has ever made you come so hard." He leaned in and kissed her softly.

She got up and collected the dishes and disappeared into the kitchen. She reappeared with the whip cream and the chocolate syrup in her hands. "Are you still up for dessert?"

"I will be if you let me lick it off of you," he replied with a growl.

She led him into the living room and served him her special brand of dessert. Over the course of the night they had sex in every room and in every position.

She awoke the next morning to the sound of a ringing phone. Matthew was on top of her, his now flaccid dick still inside of her. She reached for the bedside phone and answered it.

"Hello... oh hi, mother.....yes, we had an enjoyable dinner......what's that?....yes, I think I might be seeing more of him..... oh, mother, it's quite early, let me call you later..... yes, he is a handsome man...... we'll talk later. Bye mother."

She hung up. During the course of her conversation, Matthew had woken up. He had a smile on his face.

"What are you so happy about?" she asked cheekily.

"So, you will be seeing more of me," his smile grew wider and he had a twinkle in his eyes.

"I doubt I can see any less of you now, plus what I've seen so far makes me want more," she said, kissing his neck and nipping at his earlobe.

She now knew how to turn him on and she felt him growing hard and big inside her. "Do you fancy a shag for breakfast, love?" she asked with a bad cockney accent.

"That sounds lovely, me love," he answered in an equally dreadful accent.

The spent the day together and Matthew spent most nights in the little cottage until they thought it best he move in. A year after they first conversed, Matthew proposed to her. Her mother loves to tell anyone who would listen that their being together was her doing and to keep the peace they never said otherwise. Nor did they mention that they had made love on every bit of furniture in the cottage they called home.

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