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The Cottage


Tony considered popping his own metaphorical sexual cork for a couple of minutes before reluctantly abandoning the idea. The four small bedrooms, adjacent living room, and small kitchen of the a-frame cottage had walls, but no ceilings. Any sound at all would carry up to bounce off the sloped wooden roof and down into the other tiny rooms to disturb the light sleep of the other four occupants, and the sound of the quickly spinning and slightly off-balance ceiling fan was no guarantee of privacy. Tony knew that there would be hell to pay if his girlfriend's mother heard any sound that might be interpreted as sexual. Jenn's overprotective mother "Call-me-Janet" had made it abundantly clear, before she retired for the night and began snoring contentedly and chastely in her double bed, that she expected both of her daughters to sleep alone – a verbal mandate which was subsequently emphasized by assigning sleeping quarters. One daughter on the foldout couch. One daughter in the end bedroom. Mom in the middle. Boys on the other side. Have a nice night. See you in the morning.

Dammit. They hadn't seen each other for two weeks and he was desperate for an evening of purposeful debauchery, to whatever extent Jenn's somewhat conservative sexual outlook would permit. This rented cottage was to be their haven – theirs, and that of Jenn's sister Tina and current paramour. The unexpected addition of "Call-me-Janet" to the roster was the only civil response possible after Janet called from the airport and announced her surprise visit to her two "prodigal daughters" after months of professional travel abroad.

As he lay quietly in the end bedroom, farthest from Jenn who had reluctantly retired to the room on the far side of the cottage, Tony could hear Eric, Tina's boyfriend, breathing deeply and knew he was sleeping soundly. How he could sleep when a fine piece of physical and mental ass like Tina was on the couch not twenty feet from him was a phenomenon Tony simply couldn't understand. Knowing that Jenn was less then thirty feet away in the humid summer air was almost more than Tony himself could take. His appreciative penis had lain semi-dormant all evening, an ample bulge in his jeans that Jenn had, more than once, cradled in her palm when "Call-me-Janet" was occupied elsewhere. Now that it had been freed from its denim prison, it was awake and expected to be fed. The fact that Tony had nothing to offer the unrepentantly hungry crotch-monster mean very little to the vertical shaft of precum seeping flesh that twitched persistently in a triangular tent under the thin linen sheet. Knowing that even an involuntary precum stain would frustrate Jenn, who preferred to maintain the illusion of virginity where her mother was concerned, he lifted the sheet and lowered it past his testicles before releasing it to fall across his thighs to prevent the inevitable watermark on the sheets in the morning. Tony wondered what "Call-me-Janet" would say if she knew how much her lovely and publicly chaste daughter Jenn richly enjoyed the sensation of a professionally applied cock as it worked its way into the tight, slick purse of her cunt.

He listened attentively for a moment. Eric was asleep. He heard Jenn stir restlessly and knew that she was suffering from the same symptoms. The foldout couch squeaked as Tina adjusted herself on the uncomfortable sofabed, and Tony grimaced quietly as she clicked her new tongue stud against her front teeth – one of a matching pair, the other of which was lodged in Eric's mouth as he slept. Tony couldn't imagine what would motivate them to get matching piercings, aside from Tony's comment that their mutual oral sex had never been more satisfying. Slowly, over the course of ten or fifteen minutes, Tony fell asleep while his erection continued to slowly throb in time with the beat of his heart.

A small sound woke him. Although knowing that something had happened to wake him, the damp, dark air in the cottage failed to provide him with any clue as to the cause. More than a minute passed before another tiny noise – only audible due to it's proximity to his head – caught his ear. It was the soft sound of his bedroom door sliding open on a carpeted floor. With a sleepy grin, he knew that Jenn had tired of her solitude and had come to relieve him of the burden of semen that had built to an almost intolerable level in his testicles. His partially turgid penis surged quickly into a full blown erection, and he waited, motionless and silent, to avoid adding any volume to the soft noises of her illicit entry into his eight-foot-square chamber. Janet's snores, Eric's deep breaths, and the soft sound of Tina's sleeping breath could be heard just over the cyclical hum of the ceiling fan, and Tony knew they would have the cottage to themselves if they could avoid waking the others. Knowing that Jenn would have planned her nocturnal mission to the letter, he waited, content and quiet, while the door paused, a slim body passed into the room, and the door quietly closed until, with a soft snick, the latch closed and the room was resealed.

It was only moments until he felt a soft bump on the edge of the bed to his left side, and knew that she had arrived at her destination. Her fluttering right hand touched his side and traveled up his chest to his neck before lifting towards his mouth and pressing two fingers firmly against his lips – a reminder of their unconscious audience. He nodded his head against the pressure of her fingers, and the hand withdrew. He felt the fingers of her left hand brush his thigh briefly, traveling across his skin for guidance, until she found the shaft of his cock and, fingers trembling, wrapped themselves around his girth near the base of his cock. The fingers of her right hand wrapped themselves around the next three precum-soaked inches as she began to softly stroke him towards a painfully full erection.

Every muscle in Tony's body clenched involuntarily, and he fought to control his breathing, as she pumped his cock upwards once to force the remaining precum from the top of the plump knob at the head of his penis. She lifted her right hand and pressed her fingertips gently into the soft flesh, softly rubbing the slick, sweet fluid into his skin before it could waste itself by tumbling down the shaft of his cock into his pubic hair. She released her soft grip on his penis and Tony sensed her raising herself at the side of the bed.

He heard the soft noises of flesh moving, then felt pressure on the foam mattress to his left as she knelt on the bed beside him. He felt pressure yet again on the foam mattress, this time between his legs, as she placed her left palm between his knees. The soft skin of her right knee brushed his left thigh as she swung her leg over his stomach, and he felt a wash of soft heat on his stomach as she placed her right knee on the mattress to his right and settled above him, on all fours, facing away from him with her head above his knees and the wet warmth of her thighs above his navel. The scent of her open thighs washed up across his face, and he inhaled deeply but quietly to imprint it on his mind. The clean smell of soap from her evening bath mixed with the heady natural scent of her fragrant thighs and he resisted the urge to lift his hands to her ass to guide her to his cock. The skin of her taut stomach brushed the slick head of his cock as she moved above him and he resisted the urge to press himself upward against her.

She leaned forward, towards his feet, with her left hand outside his left knee, raising her thighs and moving herself down the length of his body until her pussy hung over the vertical shaft of his twitching pipe. He felt her rock slightly to the left, and knew, without seeing, that she was reaching under her body with her right hand. Moments later, her warm, slick, precum stained fingers grasped the head of his slick warm cock and held it motionless underneath her body, gently imprisoned in the cavity of her tiny fist.

She leaned backward slowly, lowering the warmth of her thighs towards his cock, until she felt her own hand with the swollen skin of the lips of her pussy. He felt her tremble at the touch, and she paused for a moment before softly opening her fist on his cock – not enough to release him, but enough to permit his precum-oiled head to pass through her fingers. She stroked the top three inches of his head and shaft to spread their natural lubricant evenly over his skin, before leaning backward another two inches and gently guiding his cockhead as it slid upwards through her fingers towards her waiting pussy. The slick head of his cock pressed upward, and the moment in which it passed from her fingers to her pussy was marked with a wonderful wave of warmth and purpose that swept through Tony and left him trembling until his cock slipped shallowly into the slightly deeper mouth of her pussy directly under the channel that led upward into her vagina. He heard her sigh then, a soft sound of satisfaction, as the lips of her pussy flared around the head of his cock. He noticed, with some satisfaction as the sensitive head of his cock was caressed by the shallow slit of her pussy, that she had shaved herself completely bald – in contrast to his mental image but to his profound delight. Jenn had often been reluctant to explore the more assertive possibilities in her sexuality. Their sex was fulfilling, but usually consisted of a "normal" missionary position after the fifteen minutes of cunnilinguis Jenn needed to come. As the warmth of her thighs washed down onto his stomach and the wet, fulfilling heat of the distended lips of her pussy embraced the head of his cock, he hoped that both her shaved pussy and the new position she had chosen meant good things for their sex life when their brief vacation together ended.

The muscles in his neck were rigid with both pleasure and effort as he fought down his urges to give a voice to his pleasure. Thankfully, she paused for a moment, her hand still guiding the head of his cock, before pressing herself downward any farther. The head of his cock was only lightly kissed by the lips of her pussy and already the sensation was overwhelming. She held him there, as the pleasure washed through him, and waited until the muscles in his legs began to relax. When he finally lay quiescent beneath her, she curled her hips subtly downward by arching her back, to bring the tight channel of her cunt into a nearly vertical line above the cuntfucker held loosely by her right hand and gleefully weeping pussy, and lowered herself a fraction of an inch until the plump head of his cock was held firmly by the powerful ring of muscle that guarded her vagina. Taking her hand slowly from his cock while she reassured herself that she had him firmly embraced in the gate of her cunt, she placed her right hand once more outside his right knee. Tony held himself rigid and motionless on the bed, a great ball of foam mattress clenched powerfully in each fist, waiting for what would come next.

She began to slowly rock backward and forward, just portions of an inch at a time. With each fluid backward motion, the soft head of his cock pressed more firmly against the powerful, elastic muscles of the tight portal of her cunt. He heard her moan softly, almost inaudibly above the sound of the ceiling fan, as the warm sensations of gentle penetration flowed repeatedly through her body. Tony refused to press himself upward into her, giving her the power to control how quickly she took him into her body. She began to press herself subtly downward onto him with each gentle rocking motion until, after torturous seconds in which the head of his cock gently kissed open the gate of her cunt only to be withdrawn once more, the tight ridge of flesh that defined the head of his cock popped past the gloriously tight ring of muscle and lodged the head of his penis just inside her vagina. Tony struggled not to shout his encouragement into the damp air of the cottage, silently slapping the foam mattress with his left hand before gripping it once more, and he felt her trembling above him as she struggled with her own body. They were, after long minutes of gentle preparation, finally and properly fucking.

She continued to rock gently backward and forward, but now pressed herself even more firmly, however gently, down onto his stiff flesh to take him inside her cunt. He felt the tight walls of her cunt give way for the head of his cock, and lay nearly motionless, eyes closed and mouth agape with astonished pleasure, as she took him, inch by inch, into her vagina. Thirty ecstatically torturous seconds later he was buried to the hilt of his cock in her body and she spread her knees farther outward on either side of his body, pressing herself open for him, then pressing herself even farther down on his cock until she had taken every slippery inch of him inside her and the tight, hirsute bulge of his testicles pressed against her pussy. Only then did she press her knees into the foam mattress and lift herself almost completely from the piston of his cock before lowering herself once more onto him with a measured, deliberate control that was utterly maddening. It was such a change from their normal fuck – such a glorious and incredible change – that Tony knew he wouldn't be able to last more than a few minutes. She fucked him, slowly and thoroughly, clenching her cunt deliberately on his cock with each downstroke to quicken his orgasm, and in less than a minute, to his silent humiliation, he was ready to come. Just seconds before her efforts would have produced the first violent surge of semen, he reached upward with his hands and gently touched her asscheeks, softly pressing her upward, to warn of his impending orgasm. He desperately wanted her to come before he emptied his testicles into her.

She held herself above him then, half-speared on his cock, until the sensation of his impending orgasm began to withdraw. He pressed gently downward with his fingertips, and she followed his lead, lowering her thighs slowly onto him until he was once more fully buried in the remarkable depths of her cunt. Tony couldn't remember her ever being so aggressive or so deliberate. She lifted her hands from the mattress then, throwing herself upward until her torso was vertical above him, knees bend at his sides and her calves tucked tightly to the sides of his stomach. She lowered the fingers of her right hand and pressed the first fingertip inside the slit of her pussy, just above the seam of their joined flesh, to find her clit and join him at a mutual summit from which they could both launch themselves into the heady oblivion that they both craved. He felt her fingers brush the edge of his cock occasionally as she quickly stirred herself towards her own orgasm. Desperately trying to control himself inside her, while the weight of her open thighs and the subtle rocking motions of her hips as she masturbated while impaled deeply on his flesh held him dangerously near orgasm, Tony knew, with a sinking heart, that he wouldn't be able to hold out – Jenn had taken him too far too fast and, if he knew his girl, her orgasm was still a distant thing. He grit his teeth and vowed to hold out as long as he could before he filled her with semen, hoping that he could maintain his erection after his orgasm until she came. Amazingly, it didn't take long at all.

Only a brief minute later, he felt her vagina begin to tighten and pulse around him – not with the controlled and measured clenching she had given him moments before, but with the random and powerful compressions of a blissfully engaged cunt that was gleefully approaching an orgasm. Almost simultaneously, he felt the fingers of her left hand purposefully brush his lower stomach, just above the blissful pressure of her left asscheek on his thigh, clearly communicating the imminent nature of her orgasm. Astonished, and pleased beyond expression, he gritted his teeth powerfully, struggling to wait for her before he sent his sperm into her body until she was over the edge of her orgasm. Just moments later, as the fingers of her right hand skillfully continued to play the bud of her clit and the head of Tony's cock kissed her cervix, he heard her gasp and felt the powerful, rhythmic clenching around his cock that unquestionably proclaimed her orgasm. The fingers of her left hand pressed more heavily down onto his stomach as she leaned backward slightly to press his cock even more deeply into her cunt, and she raked her fingernails roughly down his stomach in bestial encouragement. He needed none. He tilted his head back, choking on his own pleasure, blissfully abandoning the last vestiges of his control, and just seconds later, as her cunt continued to gleefully pulse on his painfully stiff flesh, he came inside her.

Distantly, he felt his testicles rise into his body. The heat began at the base of his cock and spread quickly through the head before arcing upward through his stomach and chest. He gripped the foam mattress with both hands as the first torrent of semen leapt upward through his cock and flooded her pulsing cunt. She continued to rock gently forward and backward through her orgasm, pressing his cock deeply into her body and gripping him firmly inside her as he exploded. She felt the first gush of semen inside her cunt and gasped once above him with the fulfilling knowledge that his seed was inside her. Having had a four second head-start, the initial glory of her orgasm began to fade as the second stream of semen burst inside her. Tony felt her right hand abandon her clit and close on his testicles, encouraging him to empty himself inside her gleefully burdened cunt. She flexed her hips quickly above him and pressed herself downward onto him, tightening the muscles of her cunt as he continued to flood her with spurts of ropy yellow semen. It flowed out of her already soaked cunt, around the edges of his cock, as she fucked him through his orgasm. Seconds later, as she harvested his semen, with a final surge, he was spent.

She remained motionless above him until the last whispers of pleasure had faded from both of their bodies. Tony listened carefully to the slumbering noises in the cottage. "Call-me-Janet" continued to snore relentlessly – and had probably provided them with the auditory camoflauge they had needed to complete their hedonistic act. Two other bodies breathed deeply, undisturbed by the hedonistic and utterly shameless act that had just taken place.

After a minute she lifted herself slowly until his semi-turgid cock slid out of her body in a rush. Tony imagined the satisfying image of her well-pleased, gaping cockhole leaking his semen as she turned slowly and quietly on the foam mattress to embrace him. He moved quietly to his right to make room for her on the small bed. She turned her back to him and snuggled in front of him to his left. He cupped her right breast with his right hand, comfortable and content.

After a minute, she lifted herself, turned her body towards him, and caressed him gently. She turned her face upward toward his, and he lowered his lips until they could kiss. For a moment only their lips made contact, but the kiss slowly, almost dreamily, escalated until they opened their mouths and lovingly accepted the tips of each others' tongue. Tony could feel his cock begin to renew itself as the kiss grew, and found himself hoping she wanted more. Feeling his cock press against her leg, she dropped her left hand to his cock and gently stroked him as he grew, her cuntsap and his own semen providing the lubrication she needed to turn her tiny fist into an illusory vagina. Tony blinked, astonished but again well pleased. Jenn had usually found bodily found bodily fluids mildly repugnant, washing them off quickly after sex to avoid prolonged exposure, and here she now lay reveling in them. Astonished again at her newfound sexual appetite, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation.

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