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The Country Fair


It is a lovely fall day. We are staying in a Bed and Breakfast in the country and have had a lovely weekend so far. Our hostess tells us that there is a county fair today and we might enjoy going there. So, midmorning, we start out walking. It is only down the road and the day is so lovely. I am wearing a full skirt and cotton shirt, my sweater tied around my waist. We walk down the path, holding hands and just quietly enjoying each other. We arrive at the fairgrounds around 11 and I take you immediately to the food booths.

This is the most fun about carnivals! We buy an elephant ear and eat it together, our fingers and our mouths all sticky from the honey. We share a Coke and walk around watching the people. We smile at each other, enjoying a whole day away from beepers and phones, away from all those people who claim our time. It is just us. We look through the exhibits, the canned food and the crafts, exclaiming our amazement over the variety and the beauty. Before we leave this building, I excuse myself to wash up. I come out of the bathroom and hand you something. Ah, my blue silk panties. You smile and slip them into your pocket and we continue our walk. We nibble lots of good food, corn on the cob, sausage on a stick, caramel apples, custard. We hit every food booth and share many of the delicacies being offered there.

Finally, I am tired and so full. We sit on the bench for awhile, just watching all the people around us. We busily make up stories about them for each other, laughing at our cleverness and the sheer joy of being together. We sit on the bench and watch everyone walking by. Then you want to try your skill at the games. We walk over to the midway and you purchase whatever is used at that booth to show your expertise. At the second booth, you start winning and we walk away with a huge stuffed animal. It is my very first gift from you. You are so proud, so skilled and wonderful. Then we see a little girl, a redheaded child, my weakness. She is walking around with her parents, empty-handed. I look at you, right into your beautiful eyes, and you nod, smiling. I offer her my huge blue dog. Her eyes light up and she looks to her parents. They say it is ok, she can have the dog if she wants. She takes him. He is nearly bigger than she is, which adds to the charm of the present.

As we walk, we enter the 'ride' area; swirling, noisy, gaudy rides. I have to tell you my fear of them, of being off the ground and being swung through the air. The only ride I can tolerate is the Ferris Wheel and even that is a love-hate relationship. It terrifies me but less than the others. You smile and tell me it is ok, I am with you, I am so safe, nothing will hurt me. I know that is true.

It is late afternoon and I am tired. I want to be in our big canopy bed with you, your arms around me, listening to your heart and making it beat faster. But you are having fun and not ready to leave. We continue walking and we arrive at the Ferris Wheel. The greasy-haired attendant is calling us over. You go over and chat with him, coming back to me with tickets in your hand, smiling. Smiling at what I deem to be certain death. He stops the ride and we walk over and enter the little car. The attendant smirks at us and fastens the safety bar. My fingers grip the metal as we start to move, slowly at first, stopping frequently to load.

Then, too soon, the ride is full and the wheel starts rotating. We move at a steady rate and I can see all the carnival from here. You start to rock the car, but stop when you notice how pale I have become. You realize I really AM scared. You put your arm around me and pull me close to your side, kissing my cheek and my nose, whispering gentling sounds in my ear, reassuring me. Now, I can relax. I know I am safe, you are so close beside me. You feel the tension leaving me. We start to talk about the joy of being so high above the world. You kiss me, leaving me dizzy and breathless. I am doing okay. Now the wheel starts to slow.

I am almost disappointed. We exit the ride and begin to walk again. It is getting dark now. We have sampled most of the junk food, even repeated a few of them. We sit on a bench and I rest against your shoulder and ask nicely, "Please, could we go home now? I just want to lie in your arms and sleep." I dimple at you and smile sweetly. But you say just a few more minutes, you are not quite ready yet.

I rest my head on your shoulder, my eyes closing, thinking about the walk home, the incredibly long walk home and how absolutely tired I am.

I am mentally adding up all the indignities. The fact that my feet hurt, I have eaten way too much junk food, I am getting cold, AND you have my panties in your pocket but don't seem to care. The list of complaints and abuse gets longer and longer. Then I feel you kissing my eyelids and I feel your soft, warm breath on my face. I hear you whispering how much you care. Now I am smiling and so glad to be with you here at the carnival.

It is fully dark now. The brightly-colored lights on each ride glow and the children are staring wide-eyed at the beauty of it all. The darkness covers the seediness of the carnival, making it a fairyland of wondrous possibilities. We are walking along, holding hands, smiling and giggling. My feet don't hurt anymore. I am so happy to be here with you, to be your girl, and have you for my fellow. You stop and smile down at me.

"One more ride and we will go home," you promise. I will do anything for you, go anywhere with you. You lead me to the Ferris Wheel, same greasy-haired attendant, same sneering smile. But I don't care, I am with you and I am safe and loved and very happy. You purchase the tickets and lead me to the car. #20. The attendant checks the safety rail and attempts a smile, and a wink, and pats the car as he walks off. We move as before, slowly, stopping to load. Finally we pick up speed. The night is cool and the sky seems so close. We are spinning past all the nuts and bolts that hold this death-trap together and my fears starts to return.

But you smile and I relax against you. Then, as we reach the very top, the car lurches to a stop. Just as I knew it would, my life is ending tonight on top of the world in this god-forsaken Ferris Wheel! I can see all the rusty bolts loosely in their casings, the grease slapped around them. I can feel the whole structure swaying in the breeze. I know that I am going to die.

We are going to die. God, I don't want to, I am enjoying life too much now. I have you and you are what I have been looking for all my life. I am so scared. I hold the rail, my knuckles all white. You have your arm around me, soothing me, talking softly to me. You pull me to your body, to my haven. You pull me onto your lap. I bury my face in your neck and, unbelievably, my body begins to respond to your nearness. I feel my hips swaying gently on your lap. I start to kiss your neck.

Your arms tighten on me and you pull me across your lap, so I am facing you. We begin to kiss, so softly at first, then the kisses of people who have no tomorrow. I am arching my back against you. My nipples are hardening in the cool evening air. I feel your desire for me as your cock hardens in your jeans. You reach under my skirt and release your cock. I lift myself and then settle on your hard length. You fill me completely. I stay still for a minute, loving the feeling of you in your home. Then I start to sway, moving back and forth, up and down. As I look over your shoulder, I see the car behind us is empty. I lean over further and I see another empty car. I settle slowly into your lap and look into your eyes. I see such passion there, such need. I kiss you, licking your lips with my tongue, sucking your lower lip into my mouth, memorizing your taste. I turn my head and kiss that little curved area below your lower lip, my lips fitting there perfectly.

As I move slowly up and down on your hard, wet cock, you stop moving. I cry out, "No, I am almost there, don't stop!" You begin your deep stroking again. This time I am moving toward my climax so fast. I am there. I feel it. I start to close my eyes, lose myself in you and your delicious cock. And then, the sky is on fire. The most amazing colors and patterns I have ever seen. They are right above us and beside us. I am coming so hard and the colors are all part of this magnificent orgasm. My world is exploding within me and around me.

I am surrounded by the most beautiful colors and displays. This is a present you have given me. Then I feel you swelling and exploding inside me. We hold each other as the sky slowly grows dark, with only stars to light the night. You smile at me and ask very quietly, "Forgive me?"

And the Ferris Wheel starts its descent.

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