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The Country Retreat


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The Country Retreat, Chpt.#1

Cast-----Jill, suck slave--- Bob, Trainer---Me, Don---Neil, trainer---Marta, Mistress---Jim & Pat, erotic couple

Well where should I begin? It was a dark and stormy night, yeah it really was. The rain was coming down so hard that I decided to get off the interstate for a while.

I exited Interstate Route "87" just past Oweggo New York and pulled into a little roadside bar. They had draft beer and it was dry inside so all was well even though the place was empty save for me and the barmaid (Jill).

I had no more than sipped the foam head on the beer when she asked if I was on my way to the "Rod and Gun Club" and would I give her a lift as her car was under the weather. I told her that I wasn't going there but after looking at her great little body offered to take her there.

She laughed and said no, "You really wouldn't want to go there unless you're already into that scene." I protested that I was familiar with guns and just wanted to give her a ride anyway.

"Oh no, it's very expensive for outsiders and they don't want just anybody to visit" she replied.

"Well Jill now that my curiosity is aroused you just have to tell me what this club is all about, you can't just leave me dangling" I said.

She smiled and handed me a Swingers magazine opened to a small ad she had circled.

("Our country Retreat is open to all who are interested in the Slave and Master lifestyle, Expensive at $500 a day, 5 day minimum but very private and erotic, call 607-000-0000 during business hours.")

"So Jill what's your involvement there" I asked?

She told me that she took the reservations when she was on duty at the bar and also liked to participate as a slave, she was really flushed as she talked but I could see that she also was excited as she said, "You see there are many visitors and most of them come around the weekend but there always have to be some locals on duty so it's never empty."

After we chatted a little more I had found out that she was my age and married to a man 33 years old that had sent her to the Retreat for slave training shortly after they were married. Of course that opened up the next logical line of questions about what did she learn?

"I learned that my place is to serve men the way they liked to be served. I'm a slave to the Masters and Mistresses and exist to serve them" she said.

"Well Jill, just what are you really good at I asked."

She blushed crimson again and told me that she was an accomplished suck slave.

After that confession I blurted out, "Why don't you prove it and blow me?"

She turned around, drew me another beer and told me to move over 3 stools. As I got on the other stool I noticed that the front bar panel was missing, she knelt down behind the bar on a little padded step, unzipped my paints and began sucking my cock.

She wasn't kidding, this slut was good but I reasoned that I had better make my move with her soon. I'm no stranger to sex and I fancy myself a gentleman so I asked if she wanted me to cum in her mouth, her answer was to suck deeper and harder until I grabbed her head and held it on my cock.

I soon spurted gob after gob of sticky cum into her mouth. She put her head over the bar with her cheeks puffed out with semen and looked me in the eye as she swallowed, licking her lips with a cummy tongue. She ducked under the bar again and licked my sticky cock clean then zipped me up.

"The bar front is modified like this so I can service the local Masters as they drink, that's what a suck slave does and I love it, thank you for cumming in my mouth sir, I can't get enough cock" she told me.

I decided there and then to write a check against my trust fund and spend some time at this Rod and Gun Club they called a retreat. She said the bar closed in just a few more minutes and she would take me there. I had just cum but was still hot as hell. I had to learn more about this sex club in the middle of nowhere.

It had stopped raining as we pulled out and Jill was obviously impressed with my big car and the ease with which I wrote out the big check. I asked her, "Tell me all about the club and how you got into it Jill?"

She began telling me the club's history. "The club was built before the war by a rich man who wanted to have a very, very private retreat in the middle of his 1000 acres of woods; it's so far into the dense woods that we really don't need the alarms and alerts that have been set up all over the area. When the owner died he left it to his only son who lived in New York City and was into the Dominant lifestyle. The rest is kind of history as Tom the owner and overall Master discovered that this place is the one he dreamed about."

I was very interested as she continued. "That was 8 years ago and now we are an established club thought to be the best retreat of its kind in North America. We get visitors from all over the World. Inside the club there are always Slaves for a Master or Mistress to pick from, we are kinda like the welcoming committee. There are also a lot of couples that belong to the Club that want to be either Slaves or Masters. We even have people that live out here at the club full time in the role. I love serving as a slut slave and want nothing more than to learn all the different ways to serve."

She continued, "Inside the club almost anything goes especially in the training rooms, the only rule is no one can get really harmed. Many Husbands consign their Wives to the Club to be trained as slaves or in specific skills. Of course there are many rules, as an example, I am not allowed to wear clothes inside of the clubhouse nor are any of the other slaves"

We had now entered a hard paved dirt road and Jill told me to stop at a small cottage a couple of miles off the main road. This couldn't be the retreat, it was very small?" This is where I leave my clothes Sir, come on in." As we walked into what was one large room, Jill went to the corner and began stripping in front of some lockers while I stood before a naked older woman kneeling with her head down." She will suck your cock while you wait Sir." I looked down and just nodded, a second later and the fiftyish woman was blowing me with great gusto, I was soon hard again watching a good looking slut undress while getting a great blow job.

Jill finished quickly with leather wrist and ankle cuffs strapped on with a wide collar holding her head high. God she looked luscious with her clean shaved cunt and slave cuffs.

"Ok slut let's go" I told Jill as I pulled my cock out of the older cunt's mouth.

It was quite surprising how long we were on the road before we came to a clearing just big enough to hold a large building with a brick wall around it. It looked for all the world like a medieval walled village. I followed the signs and parked on the side of the wall close to the gate.

At the gate a man that Jill said was one of the handlers let us in the gate. He immediately instructed Jill. "Ok slut you know the drill, kneel and get in position."

I was amazed as Jill scampered to comply getting on her knees with her face on the ground and her ass high. She put her wrists behind her back and the handler fastened a short chain between them connecting her wrist cuffs. He took out a wide paddle and proceeded to whale into her ass with 10 very hard swats. Jill didn't make a sound until the tenth hit, then said, "thank you Sir".

"Get up and report to your station now" he said. It was very awkward for her to get up from her prostrate position without the use of her hands but she squirmed and wiggled to her feet and ran to the biggest building.

The handler told me to wait while he called for my escort. It seemed only a moment when a man dressed in a toga like white robe came out for me. We shook hands and headed into a different building than Jill had gone to. I was left in a fairly dark room that my eyes were not yet acclimated to. I could barely make out a person sitting on a large chair with the window light behind him.

"Hi, so you're the new member Jill called on, we've been expecting you, my name is Bob, why don't you take that seat" he said. I could see now that he was also wearing the same white robe as my escort had but his was open and there was a girl kneeling between his legs licking his balls and slowly sucking on his cock. She had her wrists chained behind her back like Jill and was only using her mouth on his cock.

As she sucked the man began talking to me. "I hope you had a pleasant ride out here, there's something very erotic about seclusion eh. Let me tell you a little about our retreat. We devote ourselves to the ritual beauty of a person giving themselves willingly to their Masters as a slave. Some of our members like to be slaves and some like to be Masters, here we make it all possible. A Master or Mistress can enjoy the total Mastery over a slave while the slave revels in total submission; it's a way to serve and be served like it was in antiquity."

I was mesmerized as he continued talking. "For a person with a slave mentality nothing quite beats the feeling of being owned and serving his or her owner without a thought. Of course it's 100% consensual and people's limits are respected but you would be very surprised at just how flexible a person's limits usually are. As soon as I tire of this little slut nursing on my cock I'll take you on a little tour so you can decide."

I wondered what I had to decide but guessed that I would soon be told. Bob said he was one of the slave training Masters and his job was to enhance the skills of new slaves.

Bob chuckled as he said, "Enhance, I guess that's MBA speak for the development of better sluts like this one; When she came to us she was scared to death of sex, even with her husband. He enrolled her here and just look at her now, she can't get enough cock. I'm pretty well setup in the cock department so I'm kind of like a cocksuckers Olympics for these pigs, if they can swallow my meat they can handle anyone. Look I'll show you what I mean"

Bob pulled his cock out of the slave's mouth and wow, was he right. He had a 7 inch cock that was impossibly wide with an enormous, pinkish, purple head. I had never seen anything quite like it and I guess I was staring a little too long. Bob tipped the girls head up, patted her cheeks and told her she was a good cocksucker and to get back to her station now; she just beamed with the compliment, kissed his feet and scampered off. "She's not quite a natural but it won't be long before she'll not feel right unless she has a cock in her mouth, it's like an addiction for some of these sluts, let's go eh."

He stood up and straightened his robe telling me that since I wasn't yet either a Master or slave I should strip to my jockey shorts before we toured.

Bob continued his story, "The majority of our members whether Master or slave contribute a lot of money to keep us in business and private, it's a lot like an exclusive country club. This place is great because it was really planned and built to be a very private sex club; just note how open it is yet in bad weather we simply shut those heavy glass doors. Many of our members bring their own slaves for additional training or just to interact and show them off."

Bob continued, "If a member arrives alone though we always have some staff of slaves and Masters either paid or volunteers that can be enjoyed. There's also a kind of resume with photos on all our members and slaves so a particular person can be requested and everyone is aware of the skills and desires of everyone. Our membership is worldwide and so large that coming here you can be sure it will be busy."

There was a small courtyard between the buildings and even though it was starting to get dark I could see there were a set of stocks and posts like you would tie a horse to. The building we entered was very dimly lit; we were in a small vestibule like room and there was a book on a counter. Bob told me that this was the book of the members that were on site right now while the complete membership book was kept in another building. "Let's go see what's going on eh" he said.

The Compound tour, Chapter#2:

I felt self conscious in my jockey shorts as we entered a large dim room. The first thing I saw was a girl strung up so her toes just touched the floor while a robed Master paddled her bare ass with a wide wooden paddle. On the side wall a robed Women was lounging on an unusual couch while a slave girl tongued her cunt. The couch was a kind of hammock like seat that had the bottom cut out so the crotch area was wide open and accessible to the slaves tongue. We went over to watch and now that my eyes were used to the dim light I could see the slave working her tongue into the Ladies cunt and that there was a male slave kneeling on the side.

Bob said, "may I" and lifted the sluts face out of the smooth shaved cunt so I could see better. The beautiful hairless cunt was wet and the puffy pussy lips glistened with saliva, I confess, it looked yummy. I couldn't take my eyes off of it and that must have been apparent to Bob.

Bob smiled and said, "Why don't you take a taste of the Mistresses cunt Don, you know you want to."

Bob was right on point; somehow he knew I wanted a bit of this. I bent over to tongue the Mistresses twat and was quickly corrected by her, "no, no boy get on your knees in front of me and keep your hands behind your back; you'll find its better like that."

She was right it was very erotic falling to my knees and tonguing her puffy, smooth cunt lips. After a while Bob told me to get up so we could continue our tour. "My name is Mistress Marta boy; when you're ready to serve just ask for me." The young girl was lapping her cunt again as we left.

"I can see your first experience with a Mistress was fun for you eh. Don" Bob said. I didn't answer but had to admit it was hot kneeling there with my face between her thighs, still wet from another tongue. I was hard as a rock. Bob said he just about had time to show me the training room and a family cottage before he had to get back.

The training room was large with a few partitions; in the first there were 2 slave girls being taught the proper positions for a slave. They were being taught by another slave who demonstrated the positions while a young Master corrected them with a riding crop.

"Hi Neil, have them run through what they know for us, would you" Bob asked?

Neil said, "You heard them sluts, start from the top." The 3 of them now stood with their hands behind their heads, legs spread, tits out and eyes lowered. "This is the slave presentation position; it allows a Master to see the slaves cunt and tits at a glance. OK position 2 now girls"

In unison the three of them scampered to position 2 which had them prostrated on their knees with legs spread wide and face pressed into the floor. "No, no you dumb cunts turn so your ass is presented." I had to admit that the 3 Asses sure looked inviting to me. With their asses so high you could see their cunt crack at the same time.

Neil continued, "Get into position 3 now." They were soon sitting on their haunches, knees spread, mouths open and hands resting on their legs; they averted their eyes and looked very demur and inviting.

Bob commented, "We have other areas where novice slaves learn the proper cock sucking and ass worship techniques, you'll see them all."

As we headed to the family cottage area a slave girl came to Bob and knelt (in position #2, I noted), "please Master may I pee" she pleaded. He told her yes and she followed us to the corner of the room, "squat slut" Bob instructed.

The slut squatted over a hole in the floor and put her hands behind her head, tottering a bit as she steadied herself then looking Bob directly in the eye, "you may pee now." The piss gushed out of her into the hole while she held eye contact all the time. Bob reached down and put his hand into the piss stream then bought his wet fingers to the sluts open mouth and rubbed his fingers on her gums, telling her "Suck pig." She cleaned his fingers off and left.

Bob said "You probably didn't know that slaves can't do nothing without the express permission of a Master, not even piss. We always rub a little taste into their mouths right on their gums as a part of the training, after all they may yet end up as toilet slaves and a little taste of piss never hurt anyone."

What was called the family cottage area was really a series of rooms and small apartments open to the Masters and Mistresses to reserve and use. Just as in the rest of the building there were no doors but the rooms were tucked away out of the traffic flow.

Bob smiled at a robed man appeared, "Hi Jim, boy I am glad you're in today. I've got a new member that I'm showing around and you're the only couple on site so how about a little tour for Don here?"

"Oh sure Bob, glad to meet you Don, I'm Jim and my wife is Pat." Jim was about 45 years old with just a start of a thickening around the waist and balding. Jim continued, "Your just in time, we just called down for a slut we selected, the nice thing about this club is that you can tryout different slaves while your own trains and improves with different Masters. A lot of slaves like the variety that serving a couple offers and like most couples we really enjoy having a personal body slave."

At that time I didn't know just what a a body slave was but since I didn't want to seem stupid, I didn't ask. Jim and Pat were now entirely naked, not even a watch. I just couldn't stop staring and must have looked like a real rube as Jim spoke, "I can see that you're interested Don; we're about to fit someone into our new seat, want to help?"

I was still in my dazed-surprised state but managed to nod yes and followed them into another room. There was a pretty elaborate sunken tub and shower setup with a toilet in the corner. The device they were installing was a wooden platform set close to the ground with a series of cuffs and straps attached.

Jim spoke to me, "Don, why don't you lay down on it so we can adjust the straps correctly. I lay down on the board with a raging hardon tenting out my jockey shorts. What a feeling it was as they strapped my wrists and ankles making adjustments as they went; I could see how this was erotic for a slave. Soon I was completely restrained with my cock as hard as a rock.

Neil said, "I don't know what's holding up that slut I ordered; why don't you come with me Bob, Pat can finish up and it's always better to be alone for the first time." What did they mean, better to be alone, first time, I wondered.

Pat continued to make adjustments asking me if I was comfortable as she fastened a wide leather belt across my chest, I was immobilized and becoming more than a little nervous. "Now lets try the chair shall we, she asked?"

Pat placed a wood box over my head with a soft, lined cutout for my neck, it was a soon adjusted to a tight but comfortable fit. "Oh look at how nice this adjusted; its perfect. Now let's try the chair on top" she said with a little smirk.

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