The Couple Next Door Ch. 02


I just stood there.

David finally looked up, spotted me.

"How's it going, Bud?" he grinned. He never missed a beat. I turned and walked out.

I went outside, grabbed Dana's hand, she got up and I headed across the yard to my house. I led her inside, back into my bedroom. She was naked, smiling. I stripped my trunks, pressed her back, entered her in one smooth motion, no foreplay, no nothing. Just a plain fuck, just like that. I actually pounded at her, as her hips lifted to meet me. Halfway through I felt hands on me, it was Joan. She leaned in and began to suck on one of my nipples and I shoved myself into Dana as hard as I could.

Then I must have passed out, the next thing I remember was light streaming in my window. I looked around, Joan was sleeping on one side of me, Dana on the other.

I sat up, my head spinning, feeling sick. I made it to the bathroom but barely, splashing myself with cold water, trying to clear my head. My mouth felt like cotton. I looked down, there were marks all over me, that had been some session. I actually remembered most of it.

I climbed in the shower, turned the water on full blast and stone cold, shivering as the cold water poured over me. I was preparing to get out when the screen pulled back. It was Sally.

She was naked, she stepped in with me, adjusted the water to warm. She grabbed a bar of soap, began to scrub me. She didn't say a word. We washed each other until our skins turned pink. Then we stepped out, grabbing towels and drying each other off.

I looked at her, her eyes were right on the edge of tears. I just reached out and held her, that did it, tears flooded down her cheeks.

Not our lifestyle. Not our lifestyle at all, we both knew it. Bit of a mess, I was guilty, she was guilty. I wanted to know, I knew about David.

"Did Charles..?"

She knew what I meant.

"Yes, he did."

Two in one night, hell, two in one bed. I knew that Sally had only had one lover before me, and that was a fumbling around in a car in high school.

I knew that somehow we needed to get control, not of the lifestyle next door, but of ourselves.

Sally and I walked into our bedroom, Dana and Joan were still there, awake now.

"Time to go, ladies." I told them. They looked at each other, got up and pranced naked from the room. I had to admit they both did still look good.

"Thanks!" I called out.

Sally smacked me on the shoulder, laughing. We both reached for the covers, the sheets, the pillows, we stripped the bed and remade it, throwing the old bedding in a pile. I knew that would go into the trash.

Sally hopped onto the bed, lay back nude, then smiled.

"Well, come on! Let's get things back to normal!"

I lay down beside her, taking her in my arms. I didn't mind normal.

I didn't think I would mind normal at all.

But I wondered if it really could ever be done.

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