tagGroup SexThe Couple's New Toy

The Couple's New Toy


Todd walked down the empty road searching for any place that might have a phone he could use. It was a cold, dark and rainy night and he couldn't believe that he was stuck out in the middle of nowhere. It was just his luck that he would buy a used piece of junk truck.

Everything had been going fine up until he got lost in the backwoods looking for some out of the way strip club. He had wanted to have his brother's bachelor party somewhere in Raleigh but had ultimately been voted down by the rest of the guys. Apparently this strip club they wanted to go to offered more than just stripping for the money and they were all for a little action.

Todd had every intention of meeting up with the gang for supper, but he got hung up at work and ended up trying to find the club on his own. Pulling the address up on Map Quest he printed off some driving directions and headed out the door. That was the last damn time he would use Map Quest, it had him so turned around he could swear he passed the same tree three or four times!

To make matters worse, his engine began to overheat. Pulling off the side of the road into a ditch he found that matters were even worse than he had originally thought. Now he was lost in the middle of nowhere, on a dark rainy night, with a blown engine and no cell phone. So...cursing loudly he began his trek down the road on foot.

Todd figured that he had walked about two miles before he saw the first sign of life. In the distance he saw some lights on at a farm house set off the road quite a distance. He figured it was at least another half-mile walk, but since he had made it this far he might as well continue on.

He was soaked through to the bone and shivering from the cold as he walked down the driveway leading to the farm house. He knew that he must have been a sight to see, his hair plastered against his head and his shoes sloshing with water. He stepped up to the front porch and rang the doorbell.

The front porch light snapped on as the door opened partway. A man stood there looking back at Todd holding a twelve gauge shotgun. Todd swallowed hard, explained what had happened with his truck and asked to use a telephone. Thankfully, the man lowered the shotgun and slowly opened the door to let Todd inside.

"I'm Paul," the man said, extending his hand in greeting. "C'mon in."

Todd took the man's hand and said, "Thanks. My friend's call me Todd. I hope I am not inconveniencing you?"

"Not at all, the wife and I were just getting comfortable for a night in front of the tube. American Idol's on and that is Ann's favorite show these days. I hate to tell you but the phones on the fritz, no thanks to this damn weather. Cell phones don't get no reception out here either. But you're welcome to come in out of the rain."

"Thanks," Todd said smiling. "I'm about damned soaked to the bones out here."

Paul just smiled and opened the door wider. Paul looked to be in his early 40's, with a shade of gray forming on his temple and in his beard. He was solidly built, and Todd had no doubt that he could take of himself if he needed to. Todd was taken a little back when he realized his host was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and a t-shirt.

"Who's there?" came a soft voice from the living room. Todd turned and saw a petite woman joining them in the foyer. She looked to be around the same age as her husband, with shoulder length brown hair tinged with shades of gray. Like her husband, she was dressed for the evening, wearing nothing more than a loose hanging purple cotton gown. "Lord, but aren't you soaked through and through? Hmmpf, you better come in and get out of those clothes before you catch your death."

A look of surprise must have flashed over Todd's face. "Don't worry; you can wear one of Paul's clean robes. By the way, I'm Ann. You call follow me, I'll show you to the bathroom."

Todd looked around the house as he followed Ann. Doing everything he could not to watch her hips swaying side to side with each step. For some reason he didn't think it was right to watch his hostess' ass as she walked, even if it was nicely shaped.

Ann led Todd down the hall to the bathroom, and ushered him inside. "I'm gonna go get you that robe. Take everything off and let me have them so I can put them in the wash. You can start with those wet shoes they are traipsing water all over my floors."

By the time Todd had his shoes off, Ann had returned with the robe. Shutting the door, he began stripping the remainder of his clothes. The clothes were literally plastered to his skin and he was happy to be free of their weight. As he got down to his underwear, he paused, wondering if he needed to shed those as well. They were just as wet, but he wasn't certain how proper it would be to have nothing on but a robe in some stranger's home.

"There's some towels in the cabinet, you can use one to dry yourself off." He heard Ann say through the closed door. "Make sure you give me all of your clothes, I don't want any wet spots on my furniture."

With the decision made for him, Todd slipped has soaked underwear off. While drying himself off, he wondered as to how he was going to get home. Better yet, how long would he have to stay with his host's before he could leave? With questions on his mind, he slipped the robe on, tied it and left the bathroom.

Ann was waiting patiently outside the door waiting to receive Todd's wet clothes. "You can make yourself comfortable in the living room; the couch is where I sit. Idol's 'bout to come on and I don't want to miss a second of it."

Upon entering the living room, Todd noticed that he had very little choice where to sit. Paul was leaned back in the recliner. The couch was spoken for. So that just left the loveseat and ottoman, which was long, deep, and cushy. As he made himself comfortable, ensuring his robe was not open he heard Paul say, "Todd, as soon as your clothes are dried I'll run you wherever you need to."

"Thanks, and I really appreciate everything you've done for me."

"It's no problem."

Ann came back into the room and lay down on the couch, turning up the volume of the TV set. As Ryan Seacrest's voice came over the TV set, Todd noticed that Ann had pulled her leg up next to her body. Intentionally, or not, she had created a vantage point right up her nightgown.

Todd shift uncomfortably as he realized all he could see was bare leg going all the way back underneath the nightgown. He could see no evidence that Ann was wearing any panties. He shifted slightly in the seat to try to get a better look, and then had second thoughts. It wouldn't do to get caught peeking up her gown.

For the next hour Todd tried his best to concentrate on the TV. However, his eyes were drawn back over and over to the area between Ann's legs. Finally, she shifted slightly exposing her bare crotch to his eyes. Todd swallowed hard as he realized that he was looking at her bare pussy, covered with thick brown pubic hairs. Todd tried to keep from looking for too long of a time. He shifted his body again, allowing him to have a peripheral vision of Ann's legs spread for his viewing pleasure.

As he continuously glanced back and forth from the TV to Ann, Todd began to notice that her legs were spreading wider and wider. At the same time, his cock was getting stiff with arousal. At some point during the program, he completely tuned out the TV and instead focused his energy on watching the area between Ann's legs oblivious to everything else around him.


Todd looked up to see Paul standing next to the loveseat. More importantly, he saw Paul's rock hard cock jutting out of the top of his boxers. The head of his cock was absolutely huge and at least an inch of his shaft was visible over the band of his boxers. Todd swallowed hard and glanced over at Ann. Making eye contact, he caught a playful twinkle in her eyes.

"See something you like?" Paul asked, his deep voice booming in Todd's head. "Don't know why I bother to ask, since you were nice enough to show us how you felt."

Todd looked down to see his robe had fallen open slightly, his own stiff cock jutting out into the open. Glancing back at Ann, he was surprised to see her stand up and remove her nightgown. Todd sucked in his breath sharply as her small, firm breasts popped into view. She had the longest nipples that Todd had ever seen, and at the sight of them he almost began to salivate.

Ann crossed the room to where Todd was sitting. She placed both hands on his robe and pushed it open, revealing his hard cock in its entirety. A wicked look came over her face as she licked her lips like a child that just found their favorite piece of candy. Crawling between his legs, she put her mouth mere inches from Todd's stiff pole.

Todd caught a movement next to his head and looking over he found himself looking at the largest cock he had ever seen. It was easily 9 ½ inches long and 2 to 3 inches in diameter. All of a sudden, Todd felt inferior next to this huge piece of meat waving back and forth before his eyes.

Todd suddenly felt a warmth come over his shaft as Ann pulled his cock between her lips. She slid her mouth down slowly sucking his cock deep into her throat. She used her tongue expertly, letting it circle his cockhead and tickle down the underside of his shaft. When she had the whole length of his cock in her mouth, she began slowly bobbing her head up and down while applying just the right amount of suction.

Ann took her time with Todd's cock, sucking it in long slowly strokes. She let her tongue slide up and down the underside of his cock applying pressure with each bob of her head. As soon as she had her first taste of pre-cum, she pulled her mouth off his cock and began running her tongue over his cockhead. "Mmmm" she said as the pre-cum coated her tongue.

She slid up Todd's body and shoved her tongue into his mouth. Todd almost jumped at the taste of his own pre-cum sliding over his tongue. Restraining himself, he kissed her back. He could feel her pubic hair pressed against his cock, tickling it as she slid further up his body.

Finally, he could feel her pussy lips sliding up his shaft. She reached down between her legs and grabbed his cock. Positioning it just inside her moist opening, she slid down his shaft engulfing him with her wet pussy. As she started to ride his cock hard and fast, Todd looked over at Paul.

Todd looked on in amazement as Paul wrapped his fist around his meaty cock and began pumping it back and forth. Paul caught Todd looking at him and winked back a huge smile on his face. The next thing Todd knew Paul's cock was inches from his face the huge cockhead pointing right at his mouth.

Ann continued to ride Todd's cock as she watched her husband get closer and closer to Todd's face. Paul was stroking himself hard and fast keeping in rhythm with Ann's bucking hips. His cock almost touching Todd's lips, and his huge balls swaying back and forth with each stroke.

Todd looked on as Paul stroked his cock before his very eyes. He was in Heaven as Ann's pussy slid effortlessly up and down his shaft. She would stop every few seconds and do something to tighten her pussy, massaging his shaft expertly with her pussy walls. It felt like she was trying to milk him for everything he had as her muscles squeezed him as tight as she could.

A huge drop of pre-cum formed on Paul's cockhead. As he continued to stroke his cock it was knocked loose and fell across Todd's lips. Instinctively, Todd stuck his tongue out and licked the fluid from his lips. The act of sucking another man's pre-cum into his mouth triggered a lust from deep inside. Parting his lips, he reached out and pulled Paul's thick cock into his waiting mouth.

As Ann rode his cock, skillfully massaging his shaft, Todd began running his tongue over Paul's thick cockhead. Paul stepped closer, letting his cock slide farther and farther into Todd's mouth. When his cock was halfway inside of Todd's mouth he began pumping his hips back and forth letting the meaty shaft slide between Todd's inexperienced lips.

Ann began riding Todd's cock faster and faster, slamming herself up and down his thick shaft. Paul's breathing was coming more quickly as pre-cum oozed rapidly from his cockhead. All three of them were near the breaking point.

Todd's cock began to swell as Ann began moaning loudly, an orgasm quickly approaching. He couldn't believe that he had this monster cock between his lips, but lost in the moment he continued to suck it for all he was worth. Ann slammed herself down on Todd's cock one last time and screamed. "God, I'm cumming!"

Todd lost all control, his own cock erupting shooting huge jets of cum deep inside of Ann. As he began to cum he moaned around the shaft that was firmly between his lips. Paul let out a loud "Uggh" and began shooting his load into Todd's mouth.

Todd swallowed all he could, then pulled his mouth of the huge cock only to receive a jet of cum across his face. He swallowed and lay back on the loveseat. He couldn't believe what had happened between them.

Ann slid off of his rapidly deflating cock, a mixture of cum and her juices running down her legs she collapsed against his chest. "Can we keep him?" she asked.

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