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Dear Diary,

Today is 5th January, my parents returned to work today, so now I can start my holiday. Last year was a big year for me. There was my sister's wedding, my 18th birthday and the hard work I did to complete Year 12 at school. Of course the house seemed very busy with the Christmas-New Year festivities that my parents created. Now I can chill out in the quietness, although the summer heat makes relaxing difficult.


That is where my story starts. It is a strange one; I try to avoid telling it because I find it confusing, even now. I still feel embarrassed when I think of my naiveté at age eighteen. This day started out to offer some peace and quiet in the house, the first time since the end-of-year school holidays. The summer was hot with constant reminders on radio and TV to stay prepared for bushfires and the threat of water restrictions as the water storages dwindled. I was home alone, so in an effort to be comfortable I chose not to wear underwear; just a loose T-shirt and very skimpy shorts. My parents both worked so I had the house to myself all day and I had been looking forward to catching up on things I let slip by.

I sat down in front of the television to look at some DVDs. I particularly wanted to see my sister's wedding album, consisting of some 400 photos on a DVD arranged in two files. The main file was the wedding service, followed by all the events and happiness of the reception, until my sister and her new husband left in a limousine, a going away gift treat from by mum and dad.

The second file was not to my mother's liking, but she was persuaded by the photographer, who told her it would be nice to have a record of the wedding preparations and all the work behind the scenes. Mum reluctantly agreed, but I had some misgivings about getting my clothes off and getting dressed in my bridesmaid's outfit in front of a camera — it just wasn't me! So, for my sister's sake, she saw it as a normal part of the wedding day, probably aided by discussions with her work colleagues who urged her to do it — "You won't get a second chance, Kaye. You should do it. You will regret it later on." And so it was.

Kaye's wedding was four months ago now and because of my Year 12 studies at senior school and the Christmas-New Year family activities I hadn't found time to sit back and enjoy the wedding DVD privately. Today was that day! I sat down with a large glass of ice cold cola, ice cubes floating in it and the remote control at the ready. I enjoy time alone, especially after the mad panic for those final exams, hoping for a good result. So, you can imagine my surprise at hearing the doorbell chime, which brought me back to reality.

Outside, I saw a courier delivery van, so I guessed the driver was at the door with a parcel for one of the others in the house. How wrong I was! It was my brother-in-law, Harold (we call him Harry). I opened the door and greeted him. He didn't have a parcel. He said,

"Good, I thought you'd be home. I just called in to say 'good day' and see how you were." To avoid my obvious surprise at seeing him and his unexpected interest in my health, I quickly said,

"I thought you were a delivery man delivering a parcel when I saw the van outside."

"No, I delivered a parcel in the next street over that way," he gestured vaguely with his finger, "but a cold drink would be good. The air-con in the van can't cope with hot days like this."

"Of course, what would you like? I have cola or lemonade."

"I'll have what you've got, it looks good," so I prepared his drink. "What are you watching?" he asked me.

"Oh, nothing much, just the wedding photos of your marriage to Kaye," I answered dismissively.

"Oh good, I haven't seen them since we went back to work after the honeymoon," he told me. "Go on, press play, so we can see them together. It will be a reminder of that day", he urged.

I pressed play and the photos started to show and change slowly. There was the wedding group, Harry, my sister Kaye, me holding the bride's train and my partner Steven, who is my cousin and the same age as me. The other two were Harry's best friend, Sid, and his wife, Sally, as Best Man and Matron of Honour, respectively.

"That's a great shot. Stop it there, Carol. I want to have a good look at it," Harry loud voice commanded me to pause the image. "Gee, that's great, isn't it? The wedding party all looking smart and ... sexy." His voice sounded excited, so I asked him,

"Why do you think that is sexy, Harry?" I couldn't see any displays giving him a reason for his surprising assessment.

"Well, look at Kaye, her breasts thrust forward, and you, look at you, your lovely breasts firmly pressed against the front of your dress. She has a lovely body, I guess you do too," he suggested.

I felt embarrassed by his brashness, so I looked directly at him and said,

"Harry, we are just standing there, watching the photographer. I can't see how that is sexy."

"She was sexy too," he added. There was no doubt the photographer was a well-presented woman, whose attire fitted in with the dress styles of the guests at the wedding. I had to admit I admired her dress choice on the day, too. I saw Harry looking directly at me, he asked me,

"Are your boobs the same as Kaye's? Hers look great when she walks around the house without a bra on."

I didn't know how to answer his question, so I thought carefully. Of course, I knew what differences there were between her breasts and mine; we compared them often enough as younger teenagers. We even played with each other's for amusement. I can recall a story that Kaye told me one day about another student who claimed to have the largest breasts at school. Kaye described the event as, 'she flopped her big tits out of her bra in the playground to prove hers were the biggest of our group'. I don't think anyone ever doubted that, but that was when Kaye and I decided to check out each other whenever we were alone. I enjoyed those little intimate times Kaye. But I wasn't going to give Harry the satisfaction of an answer.

"I don't really know," I said, "she is older than me, so I guess they are bigger."

It was then that I suddenly realised that I was alone with Harry, without a bra ... and without underpants. I wasn't ready for Harry's next question. He asked if I would show him my breasts so he could see for himself. Again, I didn't know what to say, but I shook my head. I was embarrassed; no-one had asked me that before. Well, I had been asked a similar question before, but in a different context and I was much younger. It was my cousin, Steven. Many years ago, we were playing outside, alone, when he asked me to show him my vagina. I had recently discovered I had some pubic hair and was kind of proud that I had enough to say I was growing up. It was Kaye who told me when she had pubic hairs staring to show she knew she was growing up. There were reddish hairs around my vagina. She assured me that they were signs that I was also growing up, so it was with some sort of pride that I showed Steven my 'pussy', as he called it. But that was then, now it was Harry asking a similar question about my breasts. To avoid an answer I pressed play on the remote control and thankfully, Harry didn't persist with his request; we talked about their marriage, about Kaye and how they were settling in together at the photos changed in sequence.

We continued watching images of the wedding and chatting about people in the photos, some of his friends, but mostly family members who had assembled for the first time in years just to see who Kaye had chosen for a partner. Harry put down his glass and said to me,

"You know, it's normal looking at breasts these days, because they are always shown on TV programs and no-one mentions them. Girls walk around on topless beaches and don't think it's naughty. It's just natural," he told me. I could see his reasoning, but I still felt it was wrong to show my breasts to my sister's husband. I looked directly at him, but didn't speak.

"Carol, I am part of the family now, so it is all right for you to show me. I just want to see if they are like Kaye's, so how about a quick flash?" I didn't feel right about it, but he said he is part of the family, so I pulled my top up and down quickly, flashing my bare boobs at him. I was proud of their shape and size, I knew they looked good and they were firm; I wasn't wearing a bra and my nipples were pointing straight out. I did the pussy thing for Steven when we were kids, and I had to admit the way Harry asked, I really felt sexy and it seemed so natural to show him. He is family, now. Perhaps that would end his curiosity.

He finished his drink and stood up to leave, saying,

"I have to go now; I have more work to do. More parcels to deliver, but before I go, can I have another look at your boobs, please?" I didn't answer, but I was looking down as I followed him to the front door, wondering if it would be a crime if I did let him see them again. Just before he opened the door, he asked me,

"How about a quick feel, so I can compare them with Kaye's?" I lifted my top up and stood there, exposing my breasts for his attention. He had a good feel which made me go all wet and sticky and I knew my nipples were erect; they hardened when he touched me. I liked him feeling me, so I didn't stop him or pull away. He was gentle. He had smooth, sexy hands and moved them rather sensuously. In a way, I was sad to see him leave, because I was feeling like I had never felt before. He was the first man to touch my body and I liked it. It was difficult to go back to the DVD and see the wedding photos, which would be an anti-climax after what I had just experienced. I thought it was a-once-in-a-lifetime experience for me to keep in my memory forever, but not an experience to share with my diary.

A few days later I heard the doorbell chime again. Just as before, it was Harry making an unexpected visit. This time I wasn't so unsure of how to manage him, but I am ashamed to admit I was hoping he would ask for a feel of my breasts again, although I was not so forthcoming as to suggest it to him. It was an emotion that he had stirred in me that I still recall fondly and more wonderful than I had known before, so I was more upbeat about his arrival and I probably showed it.

"Hi Harry. It's nice to see you again. Do come in. Would you like a drink?"

I made him a cup of tea and he joined me in the kitchen where I was having breakfast. I was wearing a track suit and the cords on the pants were hanging loose. It wasn't long before he told me that Kaye had shaved her pussy and that it looked really sexy. I don't know what prompted him to tell me that, nor did I suggest it in any way. He said he liked shaved pussies and asked me if I shaved mine. I shook my head, but it wasn't enough for him, he said,

"Show me." I didn't want to, but I knew he would like mine with its reddish hair, so I was thinking I would do it because he was family and that it would be OK to show him. After all, it was Harry that said he was family. I remember showing Steven when he asked the same question many years ago; I showed him, so why not Harry? Perhaps, it was illogical, but that was how I felt at the time. Maybe his hands would get me worked up like they did on his previous visit.

To cut a long story short, I didn't show him, but instead, he stood up from the table, unzipped his trousers and pulled out his dick, and told me that Kaye likes feeling it and sucking it and he thought I would like to feel it too." Well, that much was true. I knew about them now, but I hadn't touched one from an older person, just Joe Cunningham, from school. And I didn't suck his, I just squeezed it. I had also seen photos in magazines that Kaye smuggled home on weekends, loaned by girls who had far more knowledge of sex than either Kaye or me. So, I was not surprised at seeing it, or of him showing me, but I was acutely aware that I was looking at the penis of my sister's husband. Would she have approved of such intimacy between me and her new husband? I tried not to think about it.

I stood up from the table and told him to follow me into the lounge room where we would be more comfortable. I don't know what I had in mind, and in hindsight, I can't believe I had suggested it. Now, we were in the lounge room, Harry's penis was still hanging out, long and interesting as he sat beside me on the settee. My first thoughts were that it was not unlike the ones I had seen in those books Kaye borrowed, but curiosity made me go further.

"Can I touch your cock, Harry?" I asked innocently. I guess you know Harry's answer, so I made a move to hold it. When I took hold of it I gripped it to feel its hardness and I liked its warmth and throbbing feel in the palm of my hand. I could feel the veins and little ripples under its sheath.

Harry looked at me with a wide smile and asked, "Would you like to jerk me off, Carol?" I was shocked and I had to admit that I hadn't done that before and I didn't know if I could do it properly. Again he smiled, "Very well, allow me to instruct you on giving a man pleasure." He stood up and unbuckled his trousers and allowed them to drop to the floor. Next his small undies were down below his knees and I was looking at his long, hard dick, with a pair of decent-sized balls dangling beneath. He had a crop of dishevelled dark hair around his rigid cock with some growing upwards towards his navel. This was all new to me, but very much like what I saw in the books that Kaye had, although they were in black and white. I can tell you that it was much better than seeing photographs in books. I hadn't realised until now that a hard-on was much larger than a flaccid dick. I didn't speak, my hands were clasped in front of me and my mouth felt dry, but my heart was pounding as I looked carefully at his penis that he shares with my sister. It didn't feel right, but I was still intrigued by it large size.

Harry took my hand and curved my fingers around his manhood then proceeded to move my hand up and down on his shaft. I was fascinated by his foreskin sliding back and forth, revealing a large reddish-purple knob. I felt embarrassed and excited at the same time. I looked towards Harry's face and saw his eyes watching my hand movements. He looked up at me and smiled,

"You're doing well for a first-timer, keep moving slowly. I don't want to end in a flash, I want to experience you and for you to feel the joy of pleasing a man for the first time." Without saying a word, I smiled at his apparent consideration of my needs. It was a new experience and I wanted to get as much pleasure from it as I could. He may be my brother-in-law, but it was a man's cock I was holding and I was getting a lot of pleasure from just being able to do it for the first time in my life.

"How much longer do I need to stroke it for, Harry?" It sounds like a stupid question now, but it all very real to me then. It was a new experience and I wanted to learn what I could for the future.

"Keep going, my pet, I will tell you when to stop, you are doing fine and I am enjoying it every bit just as you are." I was looking at his other parts, his balls, his tousled dark hair and how it partly covered his scrotum. I can use those words now, but at that time, they too, were new to me. I became adventurous and used my other hand to cup his balls to get a feel of what they were like. Harry looked down at me, now sitting forward on the edge of the seat cushion, and told me,

"My balls are hanging lower today, because it is a hot day. In winter, they huddle up close to my groin to keep warm," he told me. I thought he was joking and I laughed. He mistook my nervous laughter for me seeking more information, I am sure.

"No, it's true! They try to maintain a certain temperature to keep the sperm alive." Again, I looked at him and smiled, I asked him,

"Will I see your sperm doing this?" My lack of knowledge on these matters seems silly now, but I could see Harry was taking great delight in explaining these things to me. I wondered if he had to tell Kaye about all that, or did she already know? About now I was feeling a tingling sensation in my vagina and I was getting moist down there. I remembered that I wasn't wearing panties and I wasn't going to stop now to put them on. This was too much fun! I could feel Harry's cock getting harder, and I could now feel little pulses as I stroked it.

"It won't be long now before I come. Let me get my handkerchief from my trousers." Instead, I reached down and fumbled with the crumpled garment around his feet and found a pocket with the handkerchief and offered it to him. What possessed me to do it for him I do not know.

"Thank you, my sweet; we don't want my semen on your parents' furniture do we? We want to keep it to ourselves, don't we, Carol." There was a quiet moment while Harry waited for the climax to reach him as I made long strokes with my hand. He put his hankie in front of his cock and watched for the rush of his manly juice to come spurting out in small pulses. I was delighted to see his pearly fluid land on his hankie, another first for me. Kaye had told me about it from the photos of spurting cocks in the books she brought home, but it was much more exciting and sexy to see it happen when you were the cause of it — and in colour! Again, I felt a little trickle down the inside of my thigh. I was getting off on just this first experience.

When his spurting had ceased he wiped the end of his cock with the handkerchief and sat beside me again. His semen was also on my hand which I wiped off with a tissue from my pocket. His cock was going soft and shrinking now and but I was fascinated at its change of size. I looked at my brother-in-law and told him,

"I have never done that before, but I think I like doing it. Did you like it? Did I do it properly, Harry?"

"Yes, you did it expertly and I hope we get to do it again. What do you say about that, Carol?"

"Oh, yes, I would like to, but shouldn't we keep this our secret and not tell Kaye?" I was feeling guilty now. Not because I did it for the first time, but because he wanted me to do it again.

"No, we must never tell Kaye. She wouldn't understand us, I know that. It has to be our secret."

Harry stood up and pulled his underpants up. I watched as he tucked his limp penis back into its place, he pulled up his trousers and buckled his belt. It looked like nothing had happened, but I could still feel a lot had happened to me — I was still wet and sticky down below. He sat down beside me and took my hand so gently in his, kissed me on the cheek ever so lightly and told me,

"You have seen my dick, it would only be fair if I could see your pussy, wouldn't it?" He looked directly at my face waiting for my answer. I didn't know what to say, should I let him see my pussy, or say 'no' to him again? I knew that his comment made sense, I had my fun with him, and so I guess it was natural for him to want to see my pussy, that could also be fun. I stood up in front of him and offered him the loose cords of my tracksuit pants, which he readily accepted. I was hoping he liked my unshaven pussy after what he told me about my sister's latest coiffure.

He slid my pants down and because I was without undies he saw my crop of curly, reddish hair and he was delighted. His eyes lit up as his fingers ruffled through my hair. He told me it looked lovely and then started to push a finger into the small space between my legs. As soon as his finger touched my clit I immediately relaxed and he was able to insert two fingers in me and made me feel really warm and excited.

"I can see that holding my cock made you warm and fuzzy too, didn't it? Harry asked me. I was slightly embarrassed at being not in pristine condition after what we had done, so I looked downward, feeling somewhat embarrassed at his observation.

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