tagNovels and NovellasThe Courtesan's Journal Ch. 2

The Courtesan's Journal Ch. 2


Every so often Eleanor would challenge me to seduce one of the maids. It wasn’t long before I first succeeded. I chose one of the servants, a chambermaid, whom I knew was of a looser nature than the others.

I followed the maid as she snuck out of the house to the stable to meet her lover. After some time kissing and petting each other, they sank into the hay. The maid took the stableman’s pants off, and then jacked him to orgasm. I waited until he had pulled her loose nightdress over her shoulder to bare her breasts and began noisily sucking on her breasts before I disturbed them. The stableman leapt to his feet, trying to right his breaches. I bade him go, even as I ordered the maid to follow me to the drawing room.

By the time I had locked the drawing room door behind us, I had my plan firmly in mind. I gave her several drinks from my grandfather’s old scotch, as I explained that I understood that women had needs to be filled and asked her to tell me what the stableman had done to her. She began nervously, but soon warmed to her task. It wasn’t long before she was feeling very warm, very relaxed and very excited. When she shrugged, the nightdress slipped over her shoulder, baring a large breast.

I covered it with my hand, asking her quietly if this was what the stableman had done to her. She proceeded to tell me in explicit detail what the stableman had done.

“Ah, yes, that’s the way. Suck it right into your mouth, hard like.” The maid writhed and buried her hands in my hair; I increased the pressure from my mouth.

“He’d take his teeth to my tit, biting me,” she breathlessly reported, and I obliged her. “Aye, mistress, bite me harder.” I obediently nipped at her, bruising her large pale breasts.

“Then what did he do?” I asked her, murmuring against her breast.

“He’d put his fingers up me.” I drew up her nightgown and gently pressed my finger into her wetness. She bucked against my hand and whimpered. “Aye, right up me snatch, but his hands are bigger than that…”

I pressed several more fingers into her, watching her bite her bottom lip. “Ah, aye, give me more!” She implored, grinding her hips against me. “I likes it hard and fast…”

“You are a slut, aren’t you?” I asked her, amused by her gyrations. I did not mean this in a derogatory sense, but rather spoke in her street vocabulary.

“Aye, I’m a slutty bitch,” she agreed, raising her hips faster. “Then that dirty bastard would stick his prick in me mouth.”

I reached behind the couch, where I had hid a phallus early that afternoon. I quickly pressed it against her mouth with my free hand, and she sucked it greedily as I continued to violently thrust my fingers.

When she had thoroughly wetted it, I plunged it into her vagina. She screamed “fuck me, aye, fuck me, now!” I thrust it quickly into her, sparing her nothing. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, as she gasped loudly.

The maid was very foul mouthed, cursing a blue streak the entire while. My eyebrows rose several times as she surprised me with inventive combinations. She raised her knees over my shoulders and began to shake.

“Mistress, fuck me harder, I love a prick in me snatch. I’m going to explode, don’t stop now, mistress.”

I needed only a few minutes until she screamed, coming so powerfully I had a hard time keeping her on the sofa. When her eyes began to clear, I pressed her belly against the sofa and thrust the phallus back into her. She moaned and rubbed her clitoris against the sofa arm. I ordered her to continue telling me what the stableman had done to her and when she would not I smacked her sharply on her ample bottom.

“Ah, I likes that. Harder now, mistress,” she gasped before she continued to tell me each and every thing any man had ever done to her. Although her social circles were limited as a chambermaid, I should not have been so shocked to learn that the servants had quite a fair litany of experiences to which they shared most generously with each other. My grandmother’s travels, it seemed, had broadened quite a few horizons. I was mildly surprised by a few of her stories and made a mental note to try a few of them out on her and Eleanor at some later time.

My proposition was probably the first she had received from a woman, but her passionate nature was more than up to the challenge. Making love to another woman was an odd experience and I felt like I had betrayed her. Eleanor had always taken the upper hand with me, and so being the aggressor was wonderfully foreign to me. I left the maid to go to Eleanor and was surprised to find her awake, lying in bed having a drink while she waited for me. She insisted that I tell her everything and I was actually shocked when she was turned on by my seduction story. I continued the tale, watching hotly as she masturbated with a phallus before bringing me to orgasm with her mouth as I completed the tale of the maid’s seduction.

My studies with my tutor were judged complete and I was to be sent off to a private school to continue my education. Grandmother dismissed Eleanor rather perfunctory, and I was heart broken to see her go. Eleanor and I wrote each other constantly. I told her tales of my continued seductions of the maids and she wrote back about her masturbation scenarios. It wasn’t long before she started to find new toys and those stories were enough to drive me mad. Eleanor was always able to find work as a tutor or instructor and so did not lack employment opportunities. I was excited to read about her travels with a wealthy family for the entire summer.

My Grandmother remained blissfully unaware of my dealings until one evening when she walked in on me and one of the aforementioned chambermaid. I had the older woman bent over a side table, her skirts over her back, one hand holding the collar of her uniform so that she could not avoid my thrusting hips. We had agreed to this scenario earlier in the day, when she had come to my room an hour before I began my day.

I had pulled her breasts over her bodice and bit them hard enough to leave bruises. She was leaning on both arms, bracing herself on the table. At each thrust, her large heavy breasts swung back and forth. My own skirts were tied up on either side of my waist, as I was wearing the harness Eleanor had helped me make and had strapped on one of the largest phalluses in my tiny collection. The chambermaid was cursing in the coarsest gutter language I had ever heard at that time, as she demanded to be mounted harder and faster, interrupted only by her hoarse groans.

“Fuck me snatch faster now, mistress, ye know I likes it nasty,” she gasped, harshly. My Grandmother covered her gasp with a frail hand at the maid’s words.

Never pausing in my thrusts, I smiled at my grandmother and sharply slapped the chambermaid’s round posterior. She jerked, gasping then begged me to do it again to which I readily provided another sharp swat to her posterior.

“Aye, mistress, I’m a nasty bitch,” she gasped, writhing. The combination of the large phallus and my careful administration of pain threw her over the edge and she screamed beautifully, causing my grandmother to pass out on the DuBois rug.

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