tagBDSMThe Cowboy Way Ch. 02

The Cowboy Way Ch. 02


Tori headed for the bathroom as soon as she got home. She couldn't stop grinning. She had just had her first D/s experience. She couldn't believe Jack was a Dominant. She had always had an attraction to him, but never thought anything would come of it. She absently rubbed her backside while she hunted for some clothes. She pulled out a set of shorts and top, not planning on going anywhere else this evening she could be comfortable.

She walked into the bathroom and turned on the water, when she heard her phone ring. She dashed across the bedroom to grab the phone from the nightstand.

"Hello" she said a little breathlessly.

"Tori, it's Jack, are you all right?"

"Hi Jack, yes I'm fine, I just dashed across the room to answer my phone"

"Good, I was just calling to make sure you were OK from our little session this evening."

"Yes, I'm fine, in a little bit of shock that it happened, but I'm not sorry it did."

"Are you interested in continuing this new aspect of our association?"

"Yes Sir I am" she replied without hesitation.

"Good, that pleases me to hear that. Would you be willing to do something for me, for the next time we meet?"

"Yes Sir."

"I would like you to write down your thoughts when you masturbate. What things turn you on, what you would like to experience? I would like you to enjoy what we do as much as I will enjoy doing things to you and having you please me."

"OK, Sir" Tori sat on her bed just listening to Jack's voice. It had such a rich deep timber to it, that she felt like her insides were melting listening to him.

"Next time you are here, we will talk in a little more detail about things. I don't want to scare you away after only one time with me"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good, then I will see you next Saturday" Jack hung up the phone quietly, smiling to himself. He had a good feeling about Tori, that she would prove to be a very good submissive.

Tori walked back into the bathroom, and checked the water. Ice cold. She started the shower and climbed in. Maybe the cold water would cool off her body, as she suddenly felt warm.

After washing her hair Tori, picked up the soap and slowly started lathering up her body with it. Using slow circling motions on her breast, making the nipples turn hard as pebbles. Slowly she ran her hands down her body to her pussy. Where she stroked her clit, building the pressure she felt between her legs. Just when she thought she would orgasm, she pulled her hand away taking deep breaths; she laid her head against the tile wall in the shower. Once she caught her breath, she rinsed off and climbed out of the shower, quickly drying off and getting dressed.

Tori sat down at the computer, and signed online. She needed to talk to her friends; to find out if what she was feeling was real or if she should stay away from Jack.

Tori was relieved to see that one of her long time friends was online. She knew Rebecca would help her sort out all these strange feelings she was having.

Hey Tori, how was your riding lesson tonight?

Hi Becca, it was ummmm interesting. Have you got a few minutes to talk?

Sure, I've got nothing but time. Lol Actually Sir is out at the moment so I do have a few minutes free what's up?

You'll never believe what happened tonight. You know I've been taking riding lessons for a while now. Well I know how to ride a horse so I told Jack I thought we should discontinue with the lessons. He agreed that this would be our last lesson. He had me go up to the loft in his barn, where he had all sorts of interesting things hidden. He had some whips and crops and all sorts of things.

What???? Your telling me that Jack is a Dom?

Yes, well if he isn't he gives a very good imitation of one. He spanked me tonight Becca, but only after he asked for permission. He called me when I got home to make sure I was all right and he wants to see me again next week. I'm so antsy right now I don't know what to do.

Take it easy Tori, start at the beginning and tell me what happened. Tori relayed the entire story to Becca then sat and waited while Becca absorbed what she had just told her.

Well, it sounds like he knows what he is talking about. I think you should just be careful, and next time you go out there make sure someone knows where you are and when to expect you back.

Don't worry, I'll be fine. I've known Jack for a long time. I trust him completely. But I will let someone know where I am if it will make you feel better.

It would. I need to leave Sir is home. Take care of yourself and I'll talk to you soon.

Becca signed off leaving Tori with her thoughts. Tori sat there just staring at her monitor for a few minutes. She went into the chat room that she normally hangs out in and after a round of hellos; she just sat there. Her mind was full of all sorts of thoughts. She felt so free when Jack had stood in front of her and put his cock in her mouth. That was pure heaven for her. She wanted nothing more than to please him, and since he called her to see how she was she supposed she must have.

Everyday for the next week she wrote down her thoughts and feelings when she masturbated to the point of wanting to cum but she managed to control the actual release. She thought that by Saturday morning she would go crazy.

When she got to Jack's on Saturday evening she was visibly nervous. This was different, she wasn't here for a riding lesson, she was here for a lesson in submission. Sometime during the week she started looking at it along the lines of being taught. It made her feel a little more at ease with the whole thing.

Jack was standing outside the barn like he had been last Saturday, a slow smile spread across his face as she walked towards him. She was wearing an incredibly short pair of shorts, and a tank top that barely covered her.

"If it gets much hotter and no rain, we are going to end up in a water crunch early this year" Jack commented as she stopped in front of him.

"Yes it is unseasonably warm "Tori smiled tentatively. Jack seemed more imposing now, but it didn't frighten her it excited her. They walked into the barn, and Jack shut the door. Go ahead and head up to the loft, please remove your clothing and kneel like I taught you the last time. I'll be up in a minute. Tori climbed up to the loft, and took off her shorts and top. She went to the area where Jack had her kneel last week, and knelt with her hands behind her neck looking straight ahead.

Jack smiled as he came up the ladder. She followed his orders so far, but he wondered if she would object to other things. That was one of the things that they would have to discuss before long. Right now he just wanted to get her used to obeying his orders and enjoying the pain and pleasure he could provide her.

"Very good Tori, I'm pleased to see you follow orders exactly" Jack walked towards her stopping directly in front of her.

Tori wanted to look up at him, but didn't want to risk upsetting him. The only thing Tori could see in her line of vision was a pair of black leather chaps. She glanced down and saw spurs on his boots. She couldn't imagine what he would be doing with spurs on. Her heart started beating faster. She could just see the gold trim on the spurs. She prayed he would not use them on her. He walked away from her and she could hear the spurs jingling. She took a hard swallow.

She saw him pick up a piggen rope, and a dogging bat. He walked back in front of her. Gently he stroked her hair.

"Put your hands out in front of you wrist together"

When Tori put her hands together in front of her, he took the piggen rope, and bound her wrist together much like they do the cattle when they have roping contest. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled up, bringing her to her feet.

"If at anytime you need to stop, I want you to say Red, is this understood?"

"Yes Sir" Tori's heart was pounding fast in her chest, almost as if a hummingbird had taken flight there.

Jack tugged her hair to get her walking. He led her over to the saddle again, just as he had the first time.

"I'm going to do a few different things to you tonight. Nothing that will harm you. Remember your colors and give them to me at anytime."

"Yes Sir"

Still leading her by her hair, he laid her across the saddle, face down with her hands still roped together in front of her. He stroked a hand down her naked back. Feeling her soft sigh. He gave her a quick hard smack on her ass, then walked over to the wall where he had several crops and straps hanging. He grabbed his favorite crop, that had then end like a whip, left a nice little red stripe, but not a lot of pain afterwards. He also grabbed a paddle, and a strap. He'd start out with his hand and see how she reacted. Work up to the strap and crop. He stepped up behind her, pulling her legs apart and binding them to the eyelet's set in the stand for that purpose. He admired the way she looked draped over the saddle. Her already wet pussy lips gleaming in the light. Her smooth calves and thighs tense and waiting for the first smack. He wanted to prolong her wait just a little more before he started. So he stepped in front of her and pulling her head up by her hair smiled down at her.

"So Tori, tell me what types of thoughts you had while you played with yourself this week? And did you ever forget yourself and cum while you played?

"Umm, well Sir. A lot of the time when I was playing, I would picture myself over your lap. You would have my hands tied much like they are tonight, in front of me. You would spread my legs wide and sometimes tease my clit, laughing to yourself at how wet I would be already. Then you would start to smack my ass usually with your hand first. When it was pink, you would switch to something else. Sometimes it was a paddle; sometimes it was a belt. I've never felt either one on my bottom, well maybe when I was a young girl, but not in a long time. Then you would turn my bottom a nice shade of red. And I'd be wiggling in your lap from both the pain and the pleasure. Then I would be almost ready to cum, and I'd stop. When I would be thinking about all of this, I would be playing with myself."

"Well, I think I may be able to make some of that a reality for you. You didn't answer my second question though."

"Only once did I forget and cum while I was playing Sir." Tori whispered this, she felt bad for not following his orders too not cum.

"Don't look so sad little one. I'm still proud of you. You've done a very good job so far." He stroked her hair. He walked back behind her, and gave her smacked her bottom repeatedly. Jack then picked up the paddle, this was just a small round paddle, and he shifted his position a little and let the first hit land solidly on the center of her bottom.

"Oh" Tori cried out but said nothing more.

Again Jack smacked her bottom, this time getting into a little bit of a rhythm alternating between once side and the other. Her skin was now turning a light red color.



Jack, switched from the paddle to the strap. He knew this would sting, so he kept the full strength out of his swing. He didn't want to harm her or frighten her.

Jack gave her several smacks with the belt. Tori said nothing just wiggled her bottom a little.

He increased the swing a little. Again several smack.

"Yellow" Tori hissed out the last stroke.

"Good Girl"

Jack eased off again, but continued to use the strap. Tori's bottom was now a very bright red. He picked up the crop, and brought it down on the center of her bottom. So the edge landed against her anus. He started off softly, then increased the swing.

"Yellow" Tori had tears in her voice.

"You've done very good. I'm very pleased. We aren't done yet though. Can you handle some more?"

"Yes Sir"

Jack undid the fasteners on her legs, and pulled her back so she was standing but still leaning forward on the saddle.

"Don't move" Jack walked away from her, and then came back a moment later.

Jack pulled her legs back a little farther, then gently spreading her ass cheeks he took his index finger, which he had lubricated and inserted it into her anus. He felt her instantly tighten.

"Relax, concentrate on the feeling not the sensations"

Tori tried to do as he requested. She forced herself to relax, and after a moment or two she started to feel the pressure building between her legs. She could feel the moisture on her pussy lips, knowing Jack had to be able to see it. After a few minutes of stroking her anus with his finger, Jack inserted a small butt plug. He knew he would have to slowly get her used to this. He pushed the plug in fully, then lightly smacked her bottom. He could see her muscles clenching and unclenching around the plug with each smack.

He glanced down and saw she was very wet, he wondered how quickly she would beg to cum at this point. He ran his hand down her leg, and then back up. He reached between her legs, and gently opened her lips a little wider; finding that little nub he knew would put her over the edge. He brushed his finger over her clit he watched her shudder. A smile spread over his face. He knew she was close. He rubbed a little harder, concentrating on the center of her clit. Moment's later Tori were begging in a strangled voice to cum.

"Please, Sir, please let me cum. Please Sir."

"Now" he rubbed her clit fast, feeling her juices slide down his hand, the sweet smell rising up to greet him.

Tori came hard, breathing in uneven breaths she whispered "Thank You Sir."

Grabbing a handful of her hair he forced her down to her knees.

"Turn around."

Tori turned so she was facing him again. Still breathing a little heavy, but feeling more relaxed than she had all week.

"You've done very well so far little one. I'm very pleased. I know the plug in your anus is a little uncomfortable, but that is preparing you for something that will happen shortly. Rest for a moment, I need to do a few things for the last part of this lesson. "

Tori stayed where she was, feeling a little overwhelmed. She never imagined she could feel this way. What she thought getting spanked and paddled would feel like didn't match reality at all. She liked the reality much better. She glanced cautiously to where Jack was across the room, preparing something. She knew she would still feel the soreness in her bottom tomorrow, but that was OK. That would be her reminder that she was a submissive.

Jack walked back to stand in front of her again. He reached down and grabbed her left breast. Pulling on the nipple, squeezing the nipple, making it hard. He put a clamp on her nipple tightening it a little, until he heard her hiss out a breath. He repeated the procedure for her right breast. When the clamps were on, he attached a chain to the clamps, and tugged to make sure it was secure. Tori winced, but remained silent.

Jack reached down and grabbing her still bound wrist walked her over to a chair, He pushed her forward so she was braced on her arms. He wiggled the butt plug back and forth making her moan taking it out slowly. He stepped between her legs and slowly and carefully entered her anus with his throbbing cock. Tori moaned. Jack grabbed her hair, pulling her head back, and slowly started to stroke in and out of her anus. She could feel the leather of his chaps rubbing against the back of her legs, feel the pressure of him sliding in and out, the more he stroked, the faster he got. Soon he was fighting his own orgasm, then with a slap on her ass, he exploded inside of her. He held himself there for a moment, then slowly slid out of her.


Tori were thankful for the chance to get off of her feet, as she wasn't sure she could stand any longer. Jack went and cleaned himself up, then walked back over to Tori, undid her wrist, and pulled her to her feet. He gathered her close, and just held her for a moment.

"How do you feel?"

"A little dazed, but generally good Sir."

"Are you feeling well enough to drive home?"

"Yes Sir, it isn't that far, and I'm sure I can make it home safely."

"I want you to phone me when you get home, just let my phone ring twice then hang up. I'll give you a call later tomorrow to check on you."

"Yes Sir."

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