tagBDSMThe Cowboy Way Ch. 04

The Cowboy Way Ch. 04


The next morning Tori awoke with a start. It took her a moment to figure out where she was. She smiled to herself as she remembered the play party the night before. She went to get up to go to the bathroom and found her hair wrapped around Jack's hand. She sighed to herself, then tried to move again with no luck.

"Sir?" she spoke softly not sure if he was awake or not. When he didn't reply she spoke a little louder. "Sir?"

"Hmm." was the only reply.

"I need to use the washroom, and you have my hair wrapped around your hand" Jack tugged her braid.

"So I do, and what would be the proper way to ask me to release your hair?"

"Please Sir, would you release my hair so that I may use the washroom?"

"You may use the washroom, but I want you to come back here when you are finished." Jack unwound her hair from his hand.

"Yes, Sir. Thank you." Tori scrambled off the bed and went into the washroom. She ran her fingers through her bangs as she answered nature's call. She turned to look in the mirror before she walked back to the bedroom. Her back and ass were a light shade of pink still. She smiled.

When she got back to the bedroom Jack was sitting on the edge of the bed. Jack just pointed to the floor at his feet. Tori knelt in front of him.

"How are you feeling this morning little one?" Jack asked with a smile.

"I'm fine Sir."

"Good. I'm going to give you a choice here, once again because you are new to this. You can go home after we have breakfast, or you can stay here and you and I will play a little more. I need some help exercising one of my horses." Tori's eyes went wide. "Don't worry you wont have to do anything but sit on the horse, while I walk it in circles, playing with the whip."

Tori hesitated in answering. She wasn't sure she understood him correctly. "Sir, I don't have any clothes to ride in with me, and umm what exactly do you mean by play with the whip?"

"You don't need clothes little one. There is no one else here. You can ride bareback, with nothing on. In answer to your second question, I'll be using the whip on both you and the horse. Don't worry you will be safe and the horse wont bolt and try to throw you. I'll give you until after breakfast to make your decision." Jack got up from the bed heading towards the door.

"There is a robe on the inside of the closet door if you would prefer to wear that instead of roaming around my house with nothing on. While we have breakfast, you can ask any questions you may have about what we have done so far or any concerns you may have thought of."

"Yes Sir" Tori pulled the robe out of the closet, not feeling sure of herself enough to sit down to breakfast without it. She knew without him saying so that this would not always be an option for her.

Jack made coffee and the breakfast. Tori figured a bachelor living alone must know how to cook a little. He made small talk with her while he moved around the kitchen with minimum fuss. He didn't waste any movements. Soon Tori had a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast in front of her.

"Eat up" Jack invited as he sat down next to her.

Tori ate in silence, not sure what she should say. She had questions about their association; she didn't want to term it a relationship, but was afraid to ask.

"So, do you have any questions at all?" Jack looked at her curiously.

"I do, but I'm not sure how to ask them" she replied quietly.

"Tori, we really haven't talked a lot about this, so lets at least start here and we can work on things as they come up. For right now I will be your Master or Dom whichever you prefer to use. We can keep things between us as simple as friends, or we can explore where things may go otherwise. I don't want you to be afraid to ask me questions."

"There are several things you need to remember. You may be a submissive, but you are not a doormat. As your Dominant I have a duty to you to protect you and make sure you are safe. You do have say in what happens. There may come a time when I will ask you to do something that truly frightens you or you just don't want to explore. You will have to tell me if that happens. I'm not a mind reader."

"I believe as a Dominant, I have to take into consideration your feelings, and thoughts on things that affect your well being. D/s isn't just about being whipped, flogged or spanked. It's about a total power exchange. What I mean by that is if we take things farther than just play partners and develop a relationship between us, then I would be totally in charge of your well being. "

"I'd decide what you should do, when, who you should associate with. But, before I could make decisions about any of that I would need to know what your thoughts were. I'm not going to take all of your friends away from you. I'm not going to tell you to turn over your paycheck to me. For one we don't know each other well enough, and for another I don't think that is important unless we were to become husband and wife. Yes, there are husbands and wives who are Dominants and submissive. They just make their relationship work in a vanilla world."

"Some people would say you were crazy for enjoying the things we have done. That is because they don't understand that you need this to make you happy. "Jack stopped to drink some coffee.

"That makes me feel better, knowing I do have some say in what happens. I was always under the impression, that whatever the Dominant wanted he got. It's nice to know that it isn't always that way." Tori gave Jack a shy smile.

"With that being said, have you decided what you would like to do? Are you going to go home or would you like to stay a while longer?"

"I think I would like to stay."

"Good, I'll explain what we will be doing. First of f, like I said earlier, you will be on the horse naked. I'll have the horse on a lead line, and we will just be going around and around in a circle. Sometimes at more than a walk, but nothing you haven't done before and that you wouldn't be able to handle now. I will occasionally use my whip on you, hitting you in various places, you will have to be careful to not yell out and startle the horse. If I miss you and hit the horse, the horse will forgive me." Jack said with a grin.

Tori smiled and laughed.

"Yes I know it is warm outside, but when we are done you can come in and cool off in the shower. Does this appeal to you at all?"

"Yes it does. I've never been on a horse bareback before. I imagine it will be unusual especially being naked."

"Well, lets go outside then and get started. Wait over here by the fence and I'll get Starlight." A few minutes later Jack came back leading a beige colored horse to the fence.

"See she's harmless" Jack stroked the mares nose. Tori reached up and ran her hand down the horse's neck. A slight tremor shook her body, partially from excitement, partially from fear.

"Grab a hold of her mane, and I'll give you a leg up" Jack cupped his hands so Tori could put a foot in to get up on the horse's back. "Oh, before I forget, you need to put this in before we can start." Jack pulled a little egg shaped object out of his pocket and handed it to Tori. "Insert that into your pussy and make sure it is all the way in. "

Tori did as instructed but wasn't sure what the little egg was for. Jack started Starlight out at a slow walk, after a few moments Tori heard the crack of the whip near her and she almost leaped off of the horse. Jack let out a soft laugh at the look on her face. He took the horse to a canter making sure Tori was still comfortable. He reached in his pocket and turned on the remote control for the egg. He started it off very lightly. He could see the look of confusion cross Tori's face. He increased the speed a little more as the horse continued to canter. He cracked his whip again, this time catching Tori on her back, lightly. She flinched, but didn't make a sound. Her clit was becoming very aroused as Jack kept increasing the speed of the egg. Tori found it very hard not to wiggle, while Jack increased the horse's speed. Occasionally Tori would feel and hear the crack of the whip upon her flesh. She was finding it more and more difficult to remember what she was supposed to do while the horse was trotting around in a circle. Her clit was on fire and she wanted release so badly.

"Please Sir, May I cum" Tori called out as the speed in the egg hit high.

"No, you may not"

Tori almost cried in frustration. Jack could see it in her face and almost laughed.

A few minutes passed and again Tori asked for permission.

"Yes" was all Jack said and Tori visible trembled upon the horse's back bouncing out of sync with the rhythm. Jack slowed the horse down and stopped her. He reached up and pulled Tori off the horse and she crumbled at his feet. She was totally weak from her orgasm.

"Are you okay?" Jack asked as he knelt down next to her.

"Yes, Just a little shook up is all" Tori gave him a weak smile.

"More intense than you thought it would be?" Jack just grinned at her. "Why don't we go inside and clean up then if you want to you can head home."

He helped Tori to her feet and made sure she was steady before he headed towards the house. Once inside he directed her to the bathroom.

Tori started the shower and was surprised when Jack stepped into the bathroom and stripped. He climbed into the shower and motioned for her to join him. She stepped into the shower stall with him not sure if she should be behind him or in front of him. He dunked his head under the shower spray sending water everywhere. Jack grabbed the soap and handed it to her. Surprised Tori took it and worked up lather in her hands, then she tentatively touched Jack. This was the first time she had really been allowed to touch him other than having his cock in her mouth. She ran the soap over his chest down his stomach, and hesitated at touching his already aroused cock. Tori glanced up at Jack, and he had a smirk on his face. He was watching her intently, seeing how she would react. Tori swallowed hard and continued to wash Jack's body. She washed his cock and balls, then moved on as quickly as possible. She wasn't that comfortable with washing someone else, but she did find it somewhat enjoyable.

As she washed his back he leaned forward and let the water and her hands relax him. When she finished she wasn't quite sure what to do next, so she stood there waiting for him to say something. He turned around and took the soap out of her hand, then proceeded to wash her body. Slowly making her ache for more at each touch. As he stood there washing her breast he leaned in and gave her a kiss that took her breath away she had to grab on to him in order to keep from sinking to the floor. He deepened the kiss letting the soap slip out of his hands. He reached around and cupping her bottom brought her up against him. She let out a soft moan, as he moved from her lips to her neck. She let her head fall back in complete surrender to him. His lips moved over her wet skin, heating it where it had once been cold. Sending shivers chasing up her spine leaving her weak. His hands roamed up and down her slick body, caressing and molding. By the time the water turned cold, both of them were completely aroused and wanting. Jack opened the shower door, and pulled her with him. Jack simply picked her up and carried her to the bed. Where he laid her down and swiftly entered her. They both quickly became fully aroused and were soon searching for release.

"Please, Sir, please may I cum" Tori begged as her body trembled.

"Now" Jack's ragged voice ordered as he released his hot seed inside of her.

It took several minutes for both of them to breathe normally again. Jack was collapsed on top of her. He pushed himself up enough to roll off of her and drag her to his side.

"Now that is what I call a hot shower" he chuckled in her ear.

"Yes Sir it was, but I really need to get home. I have stuff I have to get done today before I go back to work tomorrow."

"Okay, little one. You may go, but I would like you to call me later tonight to let me know how you are feeling."

"Yes Sir, I will."

With that Tori got up, and found her clothes from the night before, got dressed and headed home.

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