tagBDSMThe Cowboy Way Ch. 05

The Cowboy Way Ch. 05


Tori got home from Jack's and hurried inside hoping she didn't run into any of her neighbors. She was dressed as she was when she left last night, and she didn't need anyone asking any questions. She hurried into her apartment, and headed to her bedroom. She pulled her robe out of her closet, stripped out of her outfit and heels and headed to the kitchen.

She listened to her messages, making a mental note to call her girlfriend back later. She started some spaghetti sauce for supper, thinking she could take left overs to work with her. She cleaned up her living room, putting away some magazines and straightened the cushions.

While she worked she thought about what had taken place that weekend. She found herself thinking differently about Jack. He had always been a buddy, since he had started teaching her how to ride a horse, but now she was having other feelings for him. She was coming to respect him as a Dom and possibly more. She wandered back into the kitchen to stir the sauce, and see what else she could make with her spaghetti. She found some garlic bread and some sausage she could add to the sauce. She cooked up the sausage and added it to the simmering sauce. She wandered around the house her thoughts on Jack.

She checked her sauce once more, then grabbed a book hoping to take her mind off of Jack for a while. Tossing all these thoughts around in her head was just making her more confused. She curled up on the couch and opened the book, but she just couldn’t concentrate. Her thoughts kept drifting back to when she and Jack were in the shower. She wasn’t sure if the heat and longing she felt with him was more than just the heat of the moment or not. She didn’t know how he felt either. Tossing the book aside she went back to the kitchen to stir her sauce. She put water on to boil for the noodles, just as the phone rang.


“Tori, its Jack. How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine Sir. Just making some supper” Tori felt as nervous as a schoolgirl talking to her first crush. She smiled to herself.

“ I was wondering if you’d like to go out Friday night? To a local bar do some dancing.”

“I umm sure, that sounds like it would be fun.” Tori’s palms began to sweat. She couldn’t figure out why this invitation had her so worked up.

“Are you sure you’re all right?” Jack questioned.

“Yes Sir I’m fine. Just have something else on my mind at the moment.”

“Okay, if you change your mind just give me a call. Dress casual jeans and shirt are fine. I figured we could go country dancing if that is all right with you?”

“That sounds fine to me.”

Jack wanted to see how she was in a more relaxed setting. He knew how she reacted to him when they were alone, but he wanted to see how she would be in public. He figured some dancing and that being among a lot of people would be a nice casual evening. I’ll pick you up around 7 p.m. is that OK?”

“Yes, Sir that will be fine.” Tori hears the water boiling and dumps noodles into the water. They say their good byes and hang up.

Tori shakes her head and decided to not think about it any longer. She would just take her relationship with Jack one step at a time.

Friday evening, Tori dressed in a long black skirt that fell to her ankles, and a yellow peasant blouse that she left off of her shoulders. She placed a gold choker around her neck and a simple pair of gold earrings in her ears. She pulled her long hair up into a ponytail, knowing that if she danced she would get too warm with it on her neck. Checking her appearance in her full-length mirror she nodded. She wanted to look good for Jack. She wanted him to be pleased by the sight of her. She paused for a moment. She couldn’t remember when she wanted a man to be pleased by the sight of her. She always dressed for herself. She always felt better when she looked good. She lightly sprayed her favorite perfume on and walked into the living room just as Jack knocked on her door.

She took a deep breath as she opened the door. She smiled and motioned Jack inside.

“You look lovely this evening, Tori.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Tori smiled shyly. She turned and picked up her purse from the kitchen table.

“ Are you ready to do some dancing, and relaxing?”

“Yes Sir, I am.”

They walk out to the truck, and Jack opens her door for her and waits while she climbs inside. He makes sure she gets all of her skirt inside before he closes the door. He walks around to the driver’s side, and climbs in. He starts the truck and they drive in silence for a few minutes.

“How was your week?” Jack asked as they got on the freeway.

“It was good, nothing exciting happened. How was yours?”

“Same thing for me, just keeping the ranch running. Getting ready for a few of the mare’s to become mothers. Hoping for some good strong racing horses.”

“ Sounds like your everyday is a little more complicated than mine. I have enough trouble keeping up with all the details of my work. I’m not sure I could run a ranch.” Tori laughed softly.

They arrived at the bar, and Jack opened the door for Tori, and helped her out of the truck. They went inside and were immediately assaulted with the smoke and beer smell that is so prominent in a bar. They managed to find an open table in a far corner.

“Would you like a drink? Some wine or something else?” Jack leaned close so he could be heard over the noise.

“Just a Sprite would be fine. I’m not much on drinking”

Jack got up to make his way to the bar. He figured they would have a long wait for a waitress with this many people in here. Jack walked up to the bar and ordered soda’s for both of them. While he was waiting a friend of his walked up next to him.

“Hey Jack, how are you?” Bill slapped him on the back.

“Doing OK Bill, and yourself? I haven’t seen you in quite a while.”

“I’m doing OK, trying to keep my submissive in line like usual.” Bill laughed as he indicated the woman standing behind him.

“Hello Lisa” Jack looked over Bills shoulder.

“Hello Sir.” Lisa replied quietly.

“ Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve got myself a new submissive as well. She’s hiding in the corner at our table if you’d like to join me. I’m sure the women can chat while we talk.” Jack led the way back to the table with Bill and his lady following him.

“Bill and Lisa, I’d like to introduce you to Tori”

Tori stood up. “ Hello Sir, and Lisa.” Tori glanced at Jack wondering if she had made a mistake in saying that. But he just stood there smiling.

“Hello Tori, Lisa why don’t you sit here by Tori and you two young ladies can talk while Jack and I talk about Ranching.”

“Yes, Sir.” Lisa sat next to Tori and the two of them talked quietly.

They decided to go do some line dances since the men were involved in a conversation about ranching.

Both of the Dom’s watched them as they made their way to the floor. Both girls had men watching them as they made their way to the floor and joined in the line dancing. The two of them danced and laughed through a couple of songs. As they walked back to the table, two of the guys who had been watching them on the floor stopped them.

Bill and Jack kept a careful eye on the exchange. They saw both girls shake their heads no, and start walking away.

The girls came back to the table and sat down, before either one of their bottoms hit the chair Bill was questioning Lisa.

“What did they want?”

“They wanted to know if we would join them for a drink, Sir. We told them no” Lisa replied quietly.

“Is that all they wanted?”

“Yes Sir it is.”

“Maybe we should get going, the two of you on the dance floor may cause nothing but problems” Jack spoke up.

“But…” Tori stopped at the look in Jack’s eyes. “Yes, Sir.”

The four of them left, the men deciding to go back to Jack’s place since it was closer. The drive home was quiet, neither Jack nor Tori had much to say.

When they pulled up to the house, Jack finally spoke. “ Go out to the barn, you and Lisa can stay in there and talk while Bill and I take care of some things.”

“Yes, Sir” Tori replied quietly. She wasn’t sure if Jack was upset with her or not, but felt it was best to not question him. Bill and Lisa arrived moments later and Bill sent her towards the barn where Tori was already waiting.

“I’m up here Lisa.” Tori called down from the play area. Lisa climbed up the steps to the loft.

“Oh wow, I never knew he had all of this here.” Lisa said in awe.

Tori laughed. “I imagine my eyes were as big as yours when I first saw this place. I like it though lots of room.”

“I can see why.” Lisa laughed. Lisa walked over to the wall where all of his floggers and clamps were hanging. She casually picked up a clamp and opened and closed it. She had a dreamy look on her face. “ I’ve always wanted to put clamps on another female.”

“Oh, ummm.” Tori stammered. She watched Lisa closely; not sure that Jack or Bill would be pleased if the two of them were to be caught playing.

“Oh come on. Neither one of them will know what we are doing. If I know them we can play for a little while before they come in here. They are discussing ranching. That will take them a while.” Lisa pleaded with Tori.

Tori took a deep breath, looked around nervously, and nodded her head.

Lisa walked slowly towards Tori. A small smile on her face, she could see that Tori was nervous, guessing that Tori had never played with another woman before. She circled around Tori, looking her up and down. She stroked her head from behind, causing her to shiver. As she walked back in front of her, she stopped and grabbed both of her nipples through her blouse and pinched them hard. Tori winced, but didn’t say anything. Lisa smiled; she was enjoying watching Tori’s reactions. Lisa slowly started to drag Tori’s top off of her shoulders, leaving it bunched at her waist. Tori stood there mesmerized by the look on Lisa’s face. It wasn’t like watching Jack, but she still had the desire to please Lisa the same way she always pleased Jack.

Lisa lightly smacked each of her breast with her hand, then squeezed her nipples again.

In the house Bill and Jack watched the scene unfolding in the play loft. Both had small smiles on their faces.

“Let’s let them play for a bit, I’d like to see how this unfolds.” Jack suggested to Bill. Both men sat back and enjoyed their cigars and cognac. Jack was glad he had put the security system up in the play loft and the rest of the barn.

Back in the play loft Lisa now had Tori standing in the center of the room naked. Lisa, slowly stroked Tori’s body until Tori was wiggling around in response to her touch.

“Open your legs for me” Lisa purred in Tori’s ear.

Tori’s legs opened, even though Tori could not consciously remember doing so. She was totally in Lisa’s power. She never expected to feel this way with another woman. When Lisa’s hand touched Tori’s clit, she was stunned at the feelings going through her. She never expected to enjoy having another woman touch her. She had always thought of it as taboo, but Lisa’s fingers stroking her clit were quickly bringing her to an orgasm.

“Don’t wait to ask for permission with me, just let it happen” Lisa knowingly told Tori.

Moment’s later Tori had a hard orgasm. Her whole body was shaking and trembling she had to grab Lisa’s shoulders to keep herself upright. “Oh gawd” Tori sighed as her orgasm subsided. Lisa leaned in and touched her lips to Tori’s. Tori hesitantly responded. It was a different feeling, than kissing a man, one she wasn’t used to. Tori slowly relaxed and reached out to touch Lisa’s breast. Gently squeezing, kneading her through her blouse. She slowly pulled her blouse off, exposing her naked and perky breast. Tori just had to taste them. She pulled one nipple into her mouth and sucked greedily. Then she did the same to the other. Lisa’s hands were never still; they were constantly touching Tori. Tori slipped her hand under Lisa’s dress, finding her wet and warm clit; she started to stroke it. Making Lisa moan much the same as she had moments before. Tori watched Lisa’s eyes glass over as she stroked her to an orgasm. Both girls were spent and relaxed as the men walked into the room. Tori dropped to her knees as Jack walked into the room, his face a mask of his true emotions.

“Just what have you two been doing here?” Bill asked.

“Umm, playing Sir.” Came Lisa’s soft reply. She also had knelt when the men came into the room. Her eyes were downcast and her hands were behind her back. She couldn’t tell by the tone of Bill’s voice if he was upset or not.

“ We can see that. Did you have our permission to play or to cum?” Jack questioned.

“No Sir.” Came the reply from both girls.

Tori was shaking. She had no idea how to tell what Jack’s mood was.

“ I don’t know Bill, do you think we should just let them get away with this little act of disobedience? Or should we give them both a little punishment?” Jack was standing directly in front of Tori his hand resting lightly on her head. He could feel her nerves, making her shake. He smiled as he looked at Bill. Bill moved to stand in front of Lisa, mimicking Jack’s stance he could also feel Lisa shaking a little.

“I think we should give them a little punishment. Seeing as we knew what they were doing in here all along”

Both girls looked up in confusion.

“ You both provided us with a very nice picture on the monitor.” Jack casually picked up the conversation. “ We know exactly what you two were doing in here, and yes we let you get away with it, but I still think a bit of a punishment is in order”

“You saw us?” Tori whispered. She never realized that Jack had a video camera set up in the loft. Knowing this gave her a slight thrill and a slight bit of fear.

“Don’t worry. Little one, no one else will ever see it. I wasn’t recording, I just had it on monitor. I wouldn’t ever do something like that without your knowledge or consent”

Tori took a deep breath. “Thank you Sir.”

“Stand up, ladies” Jack quietly commanded.

Both girls stood, their eyes still downcast. Slightly trembling before their Master’s.

“What should we use Bill? Hands, paddles, crops, straps, a combination of all of them?”

“ I think I’d prefer to use my hand and a paddle on Lisa.” He gently swatted Lisa’s bottom.

“ That sounds like a good plan to me, but why don’t we make this just a little more interesting for these inquisitive ladies. Why don’t you spank Tori, and I’ll spank Lisa”

Both of the girls let out small audible gasps. Neither one of them had been touched by anyone other than their Master.

“Now that would truly make this a punishment. That sounds like a fine idea to me. Why don’t we let the girls watch each other get the spanking, while they are being spanked. We can do over the knee spankings with the chairs here and each girl can watch the other.”

“Excellent idea. Tori go get me two paddles and the two chairs”

“Yes Sir.” Tori rushed to do as he asked. Inside she was a bundle of nerves. She took a moment to realize that Jack had promised to never hurt her, so she quickly realized that he wouldn’t let Bill hurt her either.

Lisa still standing in the center of the room was having similar thoughts. She took several deep breaths to calm herself.

Tori came back with the chairs and paddles then stood next to Lisa once again.

While Tori had been getting the paddles and chairs, Bill and Jack were having a quiet conference on how many smacks to deliver to the girls. They decided on thirty, fifteen with the hand and fifteen with the paddle. They walked back over to the girls, Jack took Lisa’s hand and Bill took Tori’s. They led them to the chairs, they pulled the girls over their knees so that each girl could see the other girls bottom getting spanked.

“We have decided on thirty strokes for your little act of disobedience. Fifteen with the hand, and fifteen with the paddle” Jack told them quietly. “ Are both of you ladies ready?” Jack asked but didn’t expect and answer.

The look of terror on Tori’s face nearly undid Jack. He knew Bill wouldn’t hurt her. He brought his hand up just as Bill did and the twin sounds of smacks echoed in the room. Fifteen times the men brought their hands down upon the bottoms of the ladies across their laps. Both of the girls bottoms were turning a nice shade of red. Then both men picked up the paddles and even though the girls could see that the paddles were being used now they both jumped at the first smack. Tori felt as though her bottom was on fire by the time Bill got to the tenth smack with the paddle. Lisa was struggling not to cry out as the paddle continued to connect with her bottom. The last five smacks were given harder than the others had been, both girls were fighting the need to vocalize the discomfort they were feeling.

After the last smack, Jack and Bill stood the girls up and had them walk back to their Master. Jack just pointed to the floor where Tori knelt in front of him. “ I’m sorry Master.” Tori whispered as she knelt at Jack’s feet.

“Excuse me, did you say something?” Jack leaned closer to Tori.

“I said I’m sorry Master. I didn’t mean to disappoint you.”

“ You’re forgiven Pet. When we are alone I’ll want you to service me, and since you have already had one orgasm tonight I think I’m going to deny you the release you are so desperately craving right now. “

“ Yes Sir.” Was all Tori could manage.

Bill was having a similar conversation with Lisa. They prepared to leave, Lisa getting dressed slowly as her bottom was still a little tender. She finished dressing and turned to Tori, and gave her a hug. “Don’t worry everything will be fine. I enjoyed all of it” She whispered in her ear.

Tori could only smile.

They walked Bill and Lisa out, then headed for the house. Once inside they headed for the bedroom. Jack had Tori undress him, then had her suck his hard cock until he exploded inside her warm mouth. His hot cum dripping down her throat while she drained his balls. She licked him clean then knelt before him, her head bowed.

“Come to bed Little one. “ Jack requested softly.

Tori climbed in, and laid down next to Jack, not sure if she should be touching him or over on her side. So she just laid where she was. Jack reached out an arm and pulled her close. Trapping her beneath his arm. “ Go to sleep” was the last thing he said before he drifted off to sleep.

Tori laid awake for a while, her body still aching for release and her ass still smarting from her spanking. She eventually got her body to relax enough to fall asleep. When she awoke the next morning she was still trapped by Jack’s arm. She smiled and snuggled closer.

Jack woke up and kissed her forehead. “Morning.”

“ Morning Sir. I really need to get home. I have so many things that have to get done today. Would you like me to make you some breakfast before I leave?”

“No, that wont be necessary. Will you be able to come back later today. For dinner?”

“ I’ll have to see how much I can get done. I’d enjoy that though. I’ll call you later and let you know if I can come back. Is that OK Sir?”

“That will be fine, and since you’re leaving I’m going back to sleep for a little while.”

Tori smiled as she climbed out of the bed and got dressed to leave. By the time she came back into the bedroom to say goodbye Jack was sleeping again. She quietly let herself out and headed home.

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